Coss Exchange Review

Coss Exchange Review

hey everybody crypto mentor 99 how you doing and I mean that how you doing it's April 22nd 2018 early afternoon and I've been wanting to do this video for a while I'm dedicating this video to the trade box I'm dedicating this video to the trade box why am i laughing because my wife just opened up the door knew I was doing a video and then shut it missus crypto mentor 99 so the trade box sent me an email said hey check this out so I checked it out I'm gonna do a video on it trade box thanks for sending it to me and I got your email that I responded to this morning about the other issue about the question that you had that you had for me so this is costs cos s I believe I'm pronouncing it the right way and at first I thought this was just an exchange like a crypto exchange but it's way more than that and I actually signed up this morning and shameless plug if you want to use my referral link below fine if not that's okay too so get a load of this at first I thought it was just an exchange I guess I already said that it's a payment gateway they're gonna have store signed off they would have a crypto services they're gonna have prepaid cards tip that's awesome hip-hip-hooray on that they're going to have crowdfunding did i say that it was gonna be a wallet so if you're a merchant you can accept crypto currencies at your store how cool is that there's gonna be an instant conversion on the exchange state-of-the-art security well look at this this is new so when the trade box sent me this maybe a week was it ten days ago maybe a week ago so it went like April the first the cryptocurrency went live April the first the exchange platform went lied April the first the payment gateway went live April the first and the new currencies everything's brand new I like brand new so yeah this is much more than an exchange and I'm just gonna say it's one-stop shopping and this is why this is important to me and this is why I opened up an account not just for the referral link but many of you know I'll try to make this short so at Thanksgiving I had more crypto conversations with people in the Thanksgiving weekend of 2017 than I had in the last two years of my life people were crawling out of the woodwork calling me from other states old friends because if you knew me and my sphere of influence not that I'm the smartest but people kind of come to me for advice I'm a leader type my guests hey crypto mentor 99 where you think about this or have you forget people sign up on coinbase yada yada yada but remember when cliff high said that at the end of the year beginning 2018 there'd be a huge influx of people into these exchanges and some of them you couldn't even be able to get on because the backlog was going to be so so long remember that and if you haven't that's okay so frankly my strategy moving forward so I don't get left out in the cold for lack of a better word I join multiple exchanges okay because I don't want to be caught going oh in fact I think my son I haven't checked with them lately but he couldn't get signed in or register on bit tracks and I sent them an email like two weeks ago even though I see them once we can like dude check out vid tracks again I think you'll be able to I think they opened up registration so there was a time where these cryptocurrencies shut down their new account registrations you get the point so anytime I get a chance no matter where it is in the globe if I get a chance to join a crypto exchange I do and this one costs it's new okay you could click on the white paper here but it's kind of a lot of I'm just gonna call it crypto services so I'm on board I'm gonna start using it again if you want to use refer link below cool if not that's ok too but yeah take a look at this and let me know what you think the trade box brother thanks for sending this to me we'll definitely be in touch and yeah I'm gonna go do another video have a good afternoon and we'll be in touch see you later everybody bye bye


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  • CryptosAndTokens says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! This is Rob from TheTradeBox, but I feel like this is a appropriate account (new) for crypto related stuff.
    Btw, don't forget that COSS also provides: Token Based Fee Split Allocation program as well as trading promos for more token allocation!
    Thanks and looking forward to meeting and seeing more videos in general from you!

  • i had COSS since last year nov17, i think it went as high as $2.90 and i was making alot of money, but then it went down to 32cents. now waiting for it to come up again.

  • Exchange options are a good idea. Bittrex has an interesting new platform now looking more user friendly. Their previous interface I had challenges with their deposit addresses of various tokens so obviously it is corrected. Mahalos.

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