Conversations at Blockshow Americas. Also a dog

Conversations at Blockshow Americas. Also a dog

I actually saw you on YouTube talking with… Forgot who it was was, Tommy Lee? No! Bobby Lee. Bobby! So what brings you to this conference, if not just to play our video game? Honestly to learn blockchain. I just know Bitcoin and Etherium Yes, that’s the only thing I know about it — is it was anonymous and then I was like Oh now people are using it to make money. That’s kind of interesting So you really think blockchain is going to take over everything in a few years? Isn’t it already? Is it? I feel like it is, yeah. So as soon as we get past the FUD stage and the real companies with the real utility will rise to the top Then we’re gonna see another flourishing of the blockchain. Once it gets to that level. I can see it being perfect So do you yourself like own any Bitcoin or Ethereum. Not yet Yes, I actually got it before it was a trendy thing. Do you plan on it? I’m still waiting for my first salary to invest at all. Well to be honest I purchased steroids a long time ago So do you own any Bitcoin and cryptocurrency yourself? Absolutely, of course Well at the moment, maybe one Ethereum is more affordable for me than one Bitcoin And I was just like, oh there’s more to it than that. And now I’m like really amazed like woah, oh it’s a point It’s a coin. It’s a coin. I mean, I’m pretty sure I can make a coin if I wanted to. Nice talking with you. Thank you Well, I love Coinelegraph I love this company, I love this company. This company I think is the best Because the best thing ever happened to America. Cointelegraph is really cool. Thanks for the shoutout I’m so happy. I’m so blessed. Do you own any Bitcoin? What do you think about blockchain? Is it really the future of technology? Do you think that bitcoin…


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