Competition is Good Even For Crypto [VLOG#104]

Competition is Good Even For Crypto [VLOG#104]

this bottle I’m telling you what if
you’ve never seen the Costco liquor it’s massive like its massive. Cryptoslo
cryptocurrency news and investing CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys happy Tuesday yeah it’s Tuesday so nice long weekend I
got to go and have a little break noticed there was probably no content
this weekend but I’ve got a bunch of editing to do and I’ll have some pretty
cool things I’m gonna put up for you guys about the weekend went to a heavy
metal show and it was actually in a like literally like an old castle if you’re
familiar with the movie Shawshank Redemption
it’s where the concert was so that was pretty cool it was pretty cool so
today’s topic competition is good so I met up with my buddy this weekend and he
brings me a bottle of Costco Kirkland vodka
well does that have to do with anything has to do with a lot this bottle I’m
telling you what if you never see the Costco liquor it’s massive like its
it’s like twice the size of the normal jumbo gray goose bottle and I was just
like dude how much this cost and he’s like $19.99 oh it’s like what
20 bucks 5x filtered beautiful bottle how in the
world can they deliver such an excellent product for so cheap and the reason is
because of free market so I was interested I was like today I have
bourbon this man he’s like yeah and I was like wow man I was like Costco Wow
it just shows you when there’s competition how superior of a product
could be delivered at a good value to the person so fast forward I go okay
that makes me wonder why doesn’t Costco sell liquor everywhere in every state
every Costco everyone’s like if you go to Florida stop the gospel
and I was like okay cool and anyways so I look it up there’s 17 US states that
cause goes not allowed to sell their liquor and it’s because the government and I was just like wow so basically as
a customer with the monopoly in place in them
controlling everything only certain people get rich the customer gets an
inferior products you know why would I pay $50 for Grey Goose which I thought
was a super duper premium product when I can get a Costco bottle twice as big
just as good and it actually might even be Grey Goose in the bottom and it’s
it’s because of these monopolies so how does this all tie in the crypto its eyes
into crypto in a really good way because it shows you that even though regulation
is needed with crypto currency it’s a horrible idea an absolute horrible idea
for the government to have their own cryptocurrency
because they would not be able to deliver a high quality product to the
people in a manner that was free-market they would never be able to do it there
would be massive overhead you know every time you would send a million imagine
it’d be like everything else the government runs every time you’d set
points there’d be a u.s. coin fee a crypto and whatever whatever fee
they’d have ten fees on every single crypto transaction that you send and it
would absolutely destroy the efficiency of the crypto and the whole concept of
free market so think about that I mean that’s kind of a tricky area that you
know as we move forward this crypto journey you want regulation definitely
to keep people from getting wrecked but the actual running of you know of a
company in essence a centralized entity running a decentralized product project
meeting the government would be running in a centralized fashion a decentralized
currency it just it honestly I don’t think it would ever work just because
the government interests are never it’s never centered around efficiency and
it’s always it’s usually so focused on fairness that it just completely blows
out all efficiency and free-market it usually come in and in 10x whatever
government does you know you know we’ve seen this time and time
again you know look at when they tried to design the healthcare website you
know they spent a bazillion dollars it was broke did work and crash the first
like the first couple days it was online you know and then then you had a couple
dudes in a coffee shop they wrote something up that using API and it
worked three times better than the government’s massive project that you
know crashed couldn’t even handle like they don’t use the experts of the people
and it just it just shows you that free market is important
consumer control is important for something to work out so that’s today’s
thought next time you’re in one of the states that allows it I’ll put that up
on the thumbnail pick you up some Kirkland’s best Costco liquor at
one-third the price with twice the quality. This is cryptoslo, if your not talking gains, then were not talking


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