Community Awards | Bitcoin and Friends

Community Awards | Bitcoin and Friends

Welcome to the Episode Two Community
Awards. I’m your host, Bitcoin. Apologies as I
have a bit of a cold. The developers are working on that and it should be fixed shortly. The community award goes to the cryptocurrency projects that contributed the most to bring Episode Two to life. Without further ado, drumroll please. Ladies and gentlemen, fans of every shape and size, the results. Coming in it at [burp]. Mhhhhmmmm… Coming in at third place, it’s library credits under the ticker LBC For those of you who aren’t familiar,
LBRY is like a decentralized YouTube. Thanks library community. Coming in at second place is Ethereum. Very fitting considering she’ll be my love interest on the show. Be on the lookout for the scene where the atomic swamps happen. That’s particularly interesting. Oh and Vitalik, we’re still waiting for you to volunteer to play Mitalik. All you gotta do is pick up the phone and call: 1-800-bitcoin, is my number. And finally, coming in at first place, is Bitcoin. Me. Very fitting because I’m always on top.
I’m not a bottom despite the big “B” on my belly. Anyhow, thanks to the communities who donated to Episode Two and made it a reality. Until Episode Three Community Awards, that’s all folks. Oh and one last thing. Uh, for those rude people in the comment section who said I sound like a beta cuck. Whatever that is… You can go suck on a full node.


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