Cold War 2: US v China?

Cold War 2: US v China?

Life getting too peaceful? A new Cold War will fix that! Proxy battles and a new arms race The confrontation is growing between the US and China. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell Good news for all of you watching who thought the world was getting too peaceful. Steve. The US State Department has approved a possible 8 billion dollar fighter jet sale
to Taiwan. Don’t let the headline fool you. It’s not a single 8-billion-dollar jet, decked out with leather seats and a solid
gold interior. Which would make it too heavy to fly. It’s actually up to 66 new aircraft, most likely Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets, as well as 75 General Electric engines. This comes only one month after the State
Department approved a two billion dollar arms sale to
Taiwan. The Trump Administration has proven to be a staunch supporter of the island nation. The Chinese Communist Party, of course, does not consider it a nation. They claim it belongs to China, and has threatened to conquer Taiwan by force
if necessary. As of last year, the Chinese military had 2000 ballistic missiles pointed at Taiwan. Of course, US military support has played a big role in preventing an invasion. And just last week, Taiwan increased military spending to the highest it’s been in a decade. Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party is not happy about the US weapons or arms
sales. The Chinese regime is threatening sanctions
on US businesses if the deal goes through. Congress has 30 days to object to the deal, but they’re probably not going to. Because no matter what differences Democrats and Republicans may have, both sides can agree on one thing: standing
up to China. The good news is, no matter what differences the US and China
may have, both sides can agree on one thing: We’re in another Cold War! If you ask China, the US started it. “If [America’s] outdated views don’t change, if they’re forever stuck in a cold war mentality, I’m afraid to say that Sino-U.S. relations will continue to face problems.” And if you ask the US, China started it. “By their own terms, and what Xi Jinping
himself enunciates, what they’re waging against us is fundamentally
a cold war. A cold war not like we saw during THE Cold
War. But a cold war by definition. A country that exploits all avenues of power
licit and illicit, public and private, economic and military, to undermine the standing of your rival relative to your own standing without resorting to
conflict.” And if you ask China *and* Russia, they say the US is starting an arms race. See, at the beginning of this month, the US withdrew from the Intermediate-Range
Nuclear Forces, or INF, Treaty. It was an agreement between the US and the
Soviet Union that prohibited flight testing or possessing intermediate-range ground launched missiles. But, Russia kept violating it, and China never signed it, so it was only the US that was out those ground launched missiles. Until this week’s missile test. That missile was similar to the nuclear-capable Tomahawk cruise missile. So even though Russia and China are saying
that the US is starting a new arms race, it’s more like the US is playing catch up. Just like our pals in North Korea! North Korea has fired two projectiles off
its eastern coast. And this time – it says it’s shutting down peace talks with
South Korea too. And you thought the world was too peaceful. Steve. And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from a fan who supports the show on the crowd funding
website Patreon. LT Straven asks: “Does anyone know just how much money china has flooded into their economy to try and keep things running smoothly followed by just how much longer they can
continue to do such acts before things crash?” That’s a good question. It’s a little hard to know for sure, since the entire Chinese economy is very opaque. I mean, for years, what looked liked GDP growth and economic production was local officials building unnecessary infrastructure. But we do know the number is at least hundreds of billions of dollars. At the beginning of the year, in a single day, the Chinese central government poured $83 billion dollars into the economy. A few months before that it was over 100 billion. Of course the real question is what is this going to do to the Chinese economy
overall. These massive injections of cash can keep the economy going in the short term, but sooner or later, there’s going to be a reckoning. But no one knows quite when that will be. It seems like the Communist Party’s strategy
right now is to try to wait out the Trump administration, and hope that a new US president is elected
in 2020 who will go back to business as usual. But like I said, China is one of the few bipartisan issues
right now. The Chinese regime might find that no matter
who wins in 2020, they lose. Thanks for your question. And thanks to everyone watching. We could not make this show if it weren’t
for your support, either on Patreon, or just sharing the show with your friends
and family. So thanks for watching China Uncensored. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time.


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  • The irony is that making them overspend is the best way to take then down. They do it on their own already but if you press them a little it shows how unstable their economy is.

    I also find it interesting how many jobs are fabricated out of nothing. On the CGTN channel they were showing all these great jobs… 3 women carrying rifles patrolling an empty 3kms of coastline for no reason… or 5 guys with rifles patrolling another 3kms of rail line in the middle of nowhere in Tibet… or a couple guys guarding a tunnel again in the middle of nowhere. Its completely unsustainable to pay people to do absolutely nothing on such a large scale. I wonder how many people are employed in these "jobs".

  • Antero. Jr Sarreal says:


  • Communist China would not of lasted so long if it weren't for the open trade agreement under the Clinton administration! They've been sucking us dry ever since!
    Russia is only a proxy threat. China has been attacking us for over 25years. Just look at anything in ur posession. 9 out of 10 it's made in China. Look at the steel market the past 10years. It all but crashed. Why? China has flooded the market with cheap steel in order to slow production down at our own mills. Steel is everywhere but it is poor quality steel no one wants it. Sometimes the coils go straight to be recycled thus driving the price of scrap down. U can't make money off of it like u used to. Small steel plants just die off because they can't produce enough volume to make a profit!.
    But this is our chance to rebuild our industrial complex with better state of the art in technology and environmental development in mind. We will lead the world in example for generations if we fight now. Fight for our rights fight for our jobs fight for our sovereignty fight for freedom!

  • Ali Labeeb Alkoka says:

    Unfortunately the United States of America is in an endless cold wars around world all of the times with other countries. Russia and China just tend to be the favorite ones!

  • The Chinese wont just hope someone displaces Trump… they will most likely fund, and use their PLA hacking apparatus to help that a-hole… I hear beto is pretty cheap, but bernie is already in the ideological bag.

  • i want nuclear war . and battle of armageddon in israel

    JESUS is coming soon and will the reborn roman empire at the battle of armageddon in israel . JESUS second coming as prophecied in daniel and revelation also about the judgement of woman on the dragon 1948 AD ISRAEL and defeat of the roman empire in its divided state (US & EU ) at the battle of armageddon. the forfillment of prophecy of daniel 2 prophecy the stone ( JESUS ) smiting the foot of the statue of kingnebuchadnezzer dream the fourth conquers the fifth kingdom who establishs the kingdom of GOD the kingdom that remains forever .

    here is the scripture about israel
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  • It's like telling your ex wife that she can't buy a new car even if she is paying the bill on her own………..makes Zero Sense!!!

  • Here's a love song from the U.S. dedicated to the CCP.
    "You keep saying you got something for me
    Something you call love but confess
    You've been a'messin' where you shouldn't 've been a'messin'
    And now someone else is getting all your best

    These boots are made for walking
    And that's just what they'll do
    One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

    You keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin'
    You keep losing when you oughta not bet
    You keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin'
    Now what's right is right but you ain't been right yet"

  • DhenBern Goldban says:

    Un & Al-ASSAD and we'll have an All-Stars.

  • CBP at LA/Long Beach Seaport Seizes Over 52,000 Illegal Gun Parts from China

  • I saw a really good analysis about HK and this US-China Cold War today!




    旅遊零售過去十幾年都很旺市,當中主要是中國支持的,不少人賺到 EASY MONEY, 令很多人認為,香港繁榮要靠中國,現時示威越發升級,中國遊客少了,不少人就要生要死,又話咩拖香港去死。

    首先說一說香港的經濟結構,金融業佔約 19%,專業服務佔 12%,外貿轉口逾 21%,已經接近一半,旅遊零售加在一起,卻不到 10%。


    道理很簡單,中國一直自稱 14 億龐大市場,對全宇宙而言,是很吸引。但中國經濟全數在共產黨操控之下,小市場大政府是國際通商的一大忌,尤其是面對威權政府。

    所以,過去幾十年,其他國家只有透過香港做中轉站再與大陸做生意。以前在港英年代,當然沒有問題,政府是英國的,但人民普遍親中(當時香港有不少愛國的市民,黃皮膚,黑眼晴,最少大家也同意自己是中國人,在 2008 年京奧或之前,香港市民普遍也會當中國隊是自己國家隊)。



    直至1997年香港主權被中國收回時,中國改革開放進行中,國際間的經貿對其十分重要,加上,當時香港 GDP 佔中國 4 分之1, 因此,中國與國際(名義是英國,不過,美國不同意,是沒可能達成中英聯合聲明的)成了一個 DEAL,這個 DEAL 就是一國兩制,



    國際間的這套玩法,其實到今天仍然沒有變,雖然,香港 GDP佔中國已跌至 2.7%,但中國有 8 成的外資,是由香港流入的。

    2012 年後,或許大陸對港政策有變,於是香港政府配合,全面親中,結果香港個「中立」開始退卻,中國政府仲要加把火,大大聲同全宇宙講,香港係我個場之餘,而家個規則由我定,我話點玩就點玩。國際開始審視這個中立,即是說,政府親中,但有沒有可以反對政府的力量,如果有,還是可以玩下去的。


    不過,立法這邊開始收皮,比個例子,香港立法會只有一半是普選的,餘下一半可以說是委任無疑(這個是 COMMON SENSE ,不要說不知道)。還好,過去泛民在普選那一部份佔優,保留了一定反對的權利,對國際來說,這個制衡還 OK ,頂得住政府的力量就可以。所以以前很多人說,泛民是歐美的代言人,泛民或許不是這樣想,但歐美真是這樣看的。可是這幾年間, DQ ,老人配票等機制,開始打爆了這個反對力量,時至今日,立法會已不能制衡政府。老實說,今年區選,不要太有指望。










    事實上,貿戰打到而家,中國經濟好唔掂,有幾唔掂唔多講,咩地方債,資金缺口,產業淘空問題唔在講,單係佢 2019 年上半年,唔計港澳,全中國省份中,只有一個地方政府是沒有財赤的,那是上海,其餘的,財赤規模,由幾百億人仔,到 3900 億以上都有。呢 D 錢,係要揾錢填的,其中,外資是很重要。




    而暫時美國沒有做,為什麼,是因為香港出現了反制政府的力量,那就是示威者了,所以,你可以看見,外國媒體 9 成 9 ,係企響示威者那邊的,或許是有同情成份,或許是價值觀相近的原因,但事實上,那是國際間開始落注在示威者身上,示威者成為了可以反制政府親中的代表,就好似港英年代一樣,現在政府親中,但市民普遍親歐美。

    說到這裡,不要說什麼示威者被利用了,沒有示威者擋住送中,香港已經收皮了,同埋,要知道香港從來也是靠比人利用而發達的。香港已成為了整個冷戰間的第一個爭持點,示威者嬴了,香港有一絲機會在這場掙扎求存下來,但示威者輸了,就要預了香港會被國際第一個對付, 當然, 如果覺得中國加香港打無雙可以贏到,ok, u win。其實玩成咁,香港成為第一戰場咁X有榮譽,多謝林鄭啦,佢係第一個響呢場超級大賭局中落 BET 的。

    同一眾朋友戲言,如果林鄭係英國特務,她會是黑暗兵法之皇,但如果佢真心親中的,佢個 ON9 程度,我真係唔識形容。


    什麼中國好,香港好,收皮啦,香港個金融中心地位,從來唔係中國比的,係靠全宇宙 Endorse 的…..


  • I hope more people realize, no matter how we think about Trump, he is the only man who can fight, would fight, and is fighting with the evil CCP now!

  • imortalone_prestome says:

    yo yo check out my books: impulsive people lead everyone to get involved in war 🙂

  • Referring to the Cold War between the USA and the USSR is a conceptual mistake. Back then, none of the so-called Super Powers wanted to expand their territorial footprint. Cold War = Status Quo. Today's PRC wants to dominate the World : the Belt & Road initiative (the 21st Century neo Colonialism), the ever increasing military budget, and the nationalistic propaganda. That's only the start folks!

  • Michael Ralston says:

    It's not a cold war, it's already a hot war:

  • We should thank these kind of videos to make western people think China will collapse very soon, thanks for doing this for the last 30 years, great job. Please keep on doing it, until we are the world leader.

  • Madhu Sreedharan Pathirapilli says:

    Trump is a businessman. He knows china cant keep its bubble too long. if the current situation prevails.

  • مهدی مهدی says:

    Caris Tell to China A am K King Kill you China Remember Don't pla.y wood me one BO.Y ☀️👁👁🔼🌍📗💤⚡🦁🦅

  • America: China you’ve stolen and cheated for decades and have gained trillions. I’m sorry we can’t allow that anymore.

    China: We like lying, stealing and cheating our whole economy is based around it. We can’t live with out it.

    America: whips out the Trump card.

  • you're lucky that China did not throw everything at Taiwan soon as the deal went through that should have led to a nuclear war right there and if you're not careful and keep on f**** with the Chinese government they'll probably use a dosing Nova chalk to take you out does you know there have a bad habit of adopting Russian tactics have a great day

  • Narayana Narayana says:

    My support to America!

    Chinese should change their illegal arrogant attitude.

    The main thing is we have to capture chinese places so need many countries supports.

  • Mitchell Alexander says:

    Legend has it that Donald Trump can outright declare Global Total Economic Recession by forcing U.S. businesses to operate only in the U.S. or in other news ban them from functioning in China. He probably won't do this until after his reelection though because to do it before then would be literal political suicide!

  • Lol…u guys are so silly why dont we just take #globalpole of who wants a 🔵🌍 blue world or a 🔴🌍 red one? then the one superpower will be in charge! end off discussion no war needed #cold or not 😉

  • chris you and your crew are sooooo brave , wish there were more people outspoken like you , unlike the PMPT (paid media prostitutes and trolls) , that spread propaganda for their masters.

  • Oochali Channel says:

    Yee Chris Chappel who looks like agent smith! Let's nuke all of Asia!! first of all, 2.5 trillion worth of oil will be taken by US oil companies, then billion people there out of which about 600 million will be obliterated and their institutions crushed. After another couple of nukes dropped on China, they can never stand again. Mandarin will be obsolete and they'll start speaking English, have democracy and their land and resources owned by US and some European companies but will be sovereign on paper but not really. They are about to be an endangered people. Bye bye. Enjoy Chinese food while it's still prevalent hahaha. This will go down in history but then US will throw bones or leftovers to China to ensure there is no public opposition and there will be American and french bases everywhere. Same thing that happened to Japan and ussr will happen to China. Any Chinese here can tell your close ones to evacuate and go to Vietnam or something. Just dont come to the West or they may end up in a concentration camp. The next halaucaust is on but this time in Asia. How sad! We can eradicate India and Africa also.. too many people. Nuke all those SoBs right Chappel?!

  • Are you SURE that "no matter who wins 2020 election China looses"? Because from where I'm sitting, you guys in the US have some people who are openly communist throwing their name in the hat….

  • There will be alway’s political disagreements between,russia,the us,china,north korea and iran etc,,,back then that was not different,in thd future it will be not different either,also now they all want to have a piece of the pie in syria,could this lead to WW3? only time will tell but as president S bush did said in his speach from 1991””it’s a big idea a new world order”and so if he said that,that new world order will come,only time will tell when it will happdn,be prepared!!!

  • Tube Clean GmbH .Compri Tube Clean says:

    That's the only Thing the USA can sell…Military Equipment but they are not really the best but the most expensive. For example 100 bill for one F35 Jet???? and 130 bill fo a drone???? Russia has the better jets for the half Price and many other Things.

  • What we see in the HongKong, is exactly what can happen to the western world, if no one stands against China. There won’t be any democracy and freedom. We are happy, that there is one man witch standing against them. But he needs more support from the western leaders.

  • Joseph theVagabond says:

    Let the War begin!!!

    The fire that falls from the sky, to me, WILL BE MOST WELCOME as "falling rain"; as that sign of the IMPENDING return of Jesus Christ to Judge the Living and the Dead! The SOONER THE BETTER. Let these end times remain short… or, all the Faithful may be lost!

    HOah! Deus Vult! Semper Fidelis! Come, Lord Jesus, Your suffering Catholic Faithful await Your Return! Vive, Cristo Rey! Men of the Faith; Keep Steadfast in maintaining the FIRES of YOUR FAITH! My prayers to you, all Genuine Catholic Faithful in Communist China, and the entire world!
    Joseph theVagabond, <RWG> <SSWG> <1PCWSWGod>

  • Woxineau Crows says:

    Love your reports man so funny~there is NO COLD WAR ahead it has been on for 20 years<<<<<Military here and it really never has ended sadly~

  • We ought to set up a full military base on Taiwan. China must be kept in check. They are the new greatest nation-state threat to liberty worldwide.

  • my idea for America to keep balance on China

    1. give Japan right to build weapon back. I think both Kim and Xi would dancing on fire, yelling everyday every single time they see Japan invented some crazy cool stuff again.

    2. keep eyes on countries of belt project. they're corrupted, rolling in debt and there's many freedom fighter being forced to shut up. what about help them

    3. if America or big country can help these small country make nessesary products and can take even 1% of China's customer, that would help them. I think everyone want products that not "made in China" I think it will be good investment. main power of China come from low cost factory.

    China is cancer of many countries, Trump should be more serious (and help Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Uighur and Mongol be free too, that would be perfect)

  • We're facing a new age of totalitarianism lol. Once Nazis, we now have the #Chinazis
    Don't say what the Chinazi doesn't like folks , you'll all end up in contentration camps and a D ranked citizenship which you'll never be able to travel or get good education!!! Long live CCP!!(say it or else you'll die)

  • wow, talk about a biast view on things, your never American by chance are you o.O ???!!!.
    Silly man, go fry an egg on your hot headed opinions!!.

  • Dark Vadertrauebrein says:

    This war against China will have to start sooner or later, if it doesn't it will be the end of the western wolrd and the end of civilisation. China is the real evil Eempire (it has never been Russia), it has to be destroyed ! The more we will wait the more painful it will be.

  • Dark Vadertrauebrein says:

    Chinese army is just BLING BLING, a real military confrontation and they are decimated in less than a month ( they are even not a major nuclear power, their nuclear capability is just intermediate).

  • Starting a cold war on China will not stop China, the biggest economy right now, from growing away from you! And if you want regime change, you better invade Beijing!!!! But then you would risk getting a hydrogen bomb upp your ass!!! lol!!!

  • Oh Good Lord, I pray that whom ever Trump picks for National Security director can keep that heroin that China is sending our way OUT, also has good relations with Saudi Arabia. Win win!

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