Coinbase Boosting Buying Limit to $25K Per Day

Coinbase Boosting Buying Limit to $25K Per Day

everybody crypto mentor 99 how you doing you know just before I started this video I was thinking when was the last time I did a video on coinbase I've done videos on coinbase but not recently and I can't even remember in the recent past reading an article on coinbase until then that's why I'm doing this video this is on coin desk and I'm gonna throw my two cents in at the end which i think is kind of funny not my two cents the article coin base is boosting it's crypto buying limit to twenty five thousand dollars a day okay let's stop right there the only reason that anyone would do this but in this situation coin base as if there was going to be a need for it up until now maybe there wasn't a need for it or there was a small need and they didn't want to do it and now there's gonna be a larger need and they're gonna be forced to do it well that's for us but hey they'll make more money it's always about the money it's usually about the money cryptocurrency startup coin base will lose its daily purchase limits to allow for instant trading following user bank transfers the companies at Tuesday currently according to the startup clients have to wait five days to use those funds to settle but that's about to change with the coin base reasoning that when someone makes a decision to sign up they don't want to wait days before they can start buying cryptocurrency see coinbase went on to know while we do support incent transfers and wire transfers and debit cards purchases by a direct debit from your bank account can take days to appear with this update customers will receive an immediate credit for all funds being sent from their bank account UB they can then buy sell crip domes to and from their us wallet right away but they cannot send funds off the coin base platform until their funds obviously episode daily purchase limits are being lifted to 25 grand the only customers who have completed the site's identity verification process will have access to these changes so if you want to do it fill out their identity verification process and boom you'll have your limit to 25,000 coinbase is still in the process of adding these changes for its non-us customers only a matter of time so anyhow let me know what you think about this but yeah there's a reason that they're doing it because people wanted it they needed it and coinbase saw an opportunity to increase the bottom line nothing wrong with that someone will you know like if a store wants to carry a certain product and make a little bit more money why not you know it's about the need being bad and about the money anyhow crypto mentor 99 appreciate y'all and thanks for being part of my crypto family see you later bye bye


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