CoinAdShare Launches Saturday - Full Overview $20 Bonus

CoinAdShare Launches Saturday – Full Overview $20 Bonus

hey what's up guys got a new video for you going over coin add share is the second video I've done on coin add share you're gonna want to check out this first video that I did and that's titled replacing crypto get round and crypto go around this new platform coin add share is from the same admin as crypto get round and crypto go around okay so this is coin add share make sure you check out that first video so you can understand more about what's going on okay but this is going to be launching in just a little bit over 24 hours which is going to be Saturday okay right now it is 10:33 p.m. Thursday night so at 12 a.m. which is Friday midnight basically so first things Saturday it's gonna be launching you'll be able to purchase all of the ad packs right now you can only purchase these $50 ad packs and in the first video which from again make sure you watch that so you can understand what's going on you've only been able to purchase these $50 ad packs by emailing the admin and then she was giving you a payment addressed well now you can just purchase these $50 ad packs straight through the platform okay so everything's pretty much ready to go at the platform it's gonna be launching on Saturday okay so you can use Bitcoin aetherium litecoin you can also use Bitcoin cash and USD tether you can use a couple other ones also okay so yeah and then once the launch happens you're gonna be able to purchase these $10 ad packs and also the $2 ad packs so again right now before the lunch you can only purchase the $50 adpacks okay now once the lunch happens which is Saturday you're gonna be able to purchase all of the ad packs okay and it explains the earnings for each one all right you also get these advertising credits okay it's a revenue share these are ad packs so it's an actual product advertising product that you're purchasing so when you purchase your ad packs you do get these advertising credits here okay also for now the ads that you're able to post they won't get approved until the launch happens okay so you can buy your head packs but you'll want to wait until the actual launch happens until you post your ads okay so let's go ahead and do login I'm going to show you the inside and just show you the basics of what's going on okay okay guys so I just logged in and the first thing you see is a login ad okay you see that timer that was just counting down then you just got a click skip ad and that will take you into the platform now when you purchase and if you're purchasing any ad packs when you purchase your ad packs you actually get credits for login ads so this is a great ad because every member that logs into the platform sees this login that so when you buy your ad packs you get credits to post this login ad okay so that's really great this is always a real powerful ad to purchase and you get this when you do purchase your ad packs okay so just click on skip ad and then it takes you right into the platform okay so here we go pretty basic back-office if you've been in any revenue shares in the past then everything will be pretty familiar for you okay so just shows the ad share summary right now I currently got seven of the 50 dollar ad packs so I've got a total of 350 dollars put into the 50 dollar ad packs now as we just saw on the previous page the homepage the 50 dollar ad packs they pay 200 percent total okay at three and a half percent per day okay so let's whip out the calculator here so three hundred and fifty dollars okay and I'm earning three and a half percent per day so times three and a half percent equals 1225 per day is what I'm earning and as you can see here it's 24 50 so I've earned two payments so far two days worth of payments okay which is pretty good all right so that's how those ad packs are calculated so I'm going to earn basically double my money on the $50 ad packs they pay two hundred percent that's 100 percent principle that you get back and then that's a hundred percent profit all right and I believe it's like 56 days something like that let's see that's what about the calculator again so I'm gonna be earning a total of 700 right and I'm earning 1225 a day so that's do seven hundred divided by 12 25 yeah fifty seven days is how many days it takes to earn the full 200 percent another way of doing that is two hundred percent okay so we can just put in two hundred divided by three and a half because it's three and a half percent per day equals the same number 57 days okay so 57 days is not bad to double your money all right so that's the math behind the ad packs in what you're earning what you're earning total and per day all right hopefully that makes sense if you've got any questions just leave a comment below and you can always email me directly at GDD in Vegas at if you got any questions or if you're wondering about something just reach out to me and I'm always here to help you out okay so you could see I've got my website credits banner ad credits text ad credits and login ad credits I had a lot more but I posted the ads and right now the ads are not running live because the launch has not happened yet so I've got the ads posted everything's just not live yet until the launch happens that's why my credits are pretty much used up and all over the place because I've posted some ads okay you can also surf to get credits okay come up here to surf ads and then you can get advertising credits that way too for those of you who don't purchase ad packs okay it's just kind of a free way of getting advertising credits if you don't buy ad packs you can come up here to surf a heads and you can earn credits okay that's what the statistics are all about so I've got two days worth of earnings which is twenty four and a half dollars I'm earning 1225 per day okay and having withdrawn yet can't withdraw until the launch happens okay you can also use a solid trust pay or perfect money let me see here let's go to my wallet let's click on add money it looks like perfect money is what you can use right now Bitcoin and perfect money okay that's if you want to load funds onto the site you can also just come here to the ad shares okay which are the ad packs screen just directly purchase it through the processor and right now you can only purchase like I said at the beginning you can only purchase the $50 ad packs right now until the launch happens so it's a little bit over 24 hours until the launch does happen again it's 10:42 p.m. Thursday night and this is gonna be launching Saturday so once then law once the launch happens you'll be able to purchase the $10 ad packs and the $2 ad packs that's why they're not showing here yet okay so you would just enter however many you want to buy okay and then the payment option I can use Bitcoin I can either use my main balance or you can just go directly and use the processor and then same for perfect money obviously if you buy your ad packs using perfect money you're gonna be earning in perfect money okay so let's say I wanted to use a Bitcoin aetherium litecoin Bitcoin cash or tether I can just come here to processor okay and then I would just click on buy now okay just click on okay and then it just shows the exact numbers click on confirm and submit and then it brings up the coin payments now this a lot of people get confused with this this is just the payment processor that the platform is using you do not have to accurately send your payment from coin payments wallet you can send your payment from any wallet that you have wherever you store your cryptocurrency and whatever wallet like Exodus or block chain or coinbase you can make your payment from that wallet this is just an API this is the payment processor that the platform uses to get the payments processed okay so that does not mean that you have to use the coin payments wallet to make the payment a lot of people confused with that so you would just put in your first name last name and email address that way when the payment is processing it emails you your transaction number and all that stuff so you have the information for the transaction so you always want to put in your email that way when you go to complete checkout and you send your payment in you have the the hash number the payment ID member and all that information so it's always good to put in your email address you have to okay so you would just choose which coin and then you would just go to complete checkout and then it gives you that QR code or the payment address for you to make the payment okay so you just fill in this information you come here you actually choose which one you want to use okay and then complete checkout make your payment and then it takes you know a few minutes to process and then you have your ad pack so let me cancel return the sellers store so that's how that works you can either load money into your account and then you can purchase the ad packs from your balance or you can just purchase your ad shares directly using the processor everybody who has used revenue shares in the past and is familiar with these type of platforms it's going to be familiar for you you'd know exactly what to do if you're a beginner this is your first time and you're not sure exactly how it works again leave a comment below or just email me directly at jdd in Vegas at just let me know what you need help with and I'm here to help you okay so that's pretty much the basics of the platform you know when you first get signed up you're going to want to go through everything to get familiar with you know what's on the platform here go through your account overview go through the general settings you'll want to go to your cash out settings and get that set up okay click on my wallet there's the wallet balance you can add money to your account there's a transfer money I think you can transfer to another user like a fit so your family member or a friend you can transfer money I believe that's what that is let's see yeah so you can do it from whatever balance choose the amount there's the receiver username say you want to send it to your brother or sister or a friend just put in their user name and it'll get transferred to them that's pretty cool then there's withdrawn money there's also an exchange that's on here too okay which um let's see I think it's not set up until the actual launch but if we come up here to the crypto exchange you can do exchanges from these from Bitcoin solid trust pay so it trust paid a Bitcoin and so on and so on so there's an actual exchange on here as well so it's not just advertising it's not just the revenue share yes I have this little crypto exchange section as well okay also you can come up here there's telegram groups there's Facebook groups these are from actual members from different countries okay so you can actually set that up too if you have your own telegram group or Facebook group look more into that you can contact support directly using the support here there's the fa Q's okay there's no testimonies yet there's no payouts yet here's the plans okay again right now there's only the $50 plan once the launch happens you'll see the $10 and the $2 one up here you just click on details okay again the $50 had pecs you double your money okay so each $50 AB pack you're gonna get back a hundred dollars that's what two hundred percent means a hundred percent back is your principal okay that's the $50 and then other hundred percent is your profit so for each $50 add packet you get back $100 and it pays at three and a half percent per day okay so it's really great all right so it's come back to home okay and then we just have to click on this button here since I was already logged in and again when you first log in you're gonna see this login ad okay and then you just wait for this timer to count down and I like they have that on a timer because if you're somebody who purchased ad packs and you posted one of your login ads you know that members are gonna be seeing your ad okay so these login ads are really powerful okay and if you purchase ad packs you get a certain amount of login ads okay let's click on skip ad and it takes us right into the platform okay and then under the manage your ads section you know this is where you get your websites for your website credits you got my banners for your banner credits my text ads for the text ad credits and then the login ads my login ads for the login ad credits okay and then you can also just buy ad credits separately from the ad packs if you want to really do a lot of posting because you actually get a lot of credits with your ad packs so yeah this is a great platform guys you get a lot of advertising credits for the ad packs the returns are really great and make sure you watch this a first video okay because again the people the person who is running this platform is the person who it was running crypto get round okay this one here and then also crypto go around which I've done plenty of videos on and these have always paid well and I show that in this video here replacing crypto get round a crypto go around they've been really great platforms I've done very well with them so far the payouts are always within 20 four hours and I know that that's going to continue on with this platform right here okay I still have the referral section the promotion tools you know like all the banners and splash pages so yeah it's about to launch and there'll be more stuff added on – with time of course but you know I just wanted to go through the basics right now with you show you through the platform just so you can understand what it's all about and I think this is pretty much gonna do it guys it's already an 18 minute video but if you have any questions just leave a comment below email me directly jdd in Vegas at if you're ready to sign up there is a link below in the description for you just click on that link get yourself set up you'll want to come in here to my account you know just go through these get everything set up there's no kyc so you don't have to worry about getting your account verified so it's really simple and then just get yourself started on one last thing before I go I just want to show you this email that was sent to me the Queen and she is launching in two days claim your twenty dollar bonus so there's a bonus that you can get let's just go through this really quick says we are about to start a new journey and seriously I don't want you to be left out for no reason coin ad share is launching this Saturday you still have the chance to get in as a founder see below the founder advantage so we can earn $1 extra on every active downline that you get get a $20 bonus upon purchase of the founder position today again the founder position is a $50 ad pack I'm pretty sure that's what that is okay so create create an account now again the link is in the description below for you once you're all signed up you can just send your username after you purchase the $50 ad pack send your username to Elizabeth and that email is admin at crypto get round calm okay remember she's the same person who runs crypto get round and crypto go around okay so yeah she's got history really solid platforms payouts have been great and fast so if you want to get your twenty dollar bonus just purchase the fifty dollar ad pack on coin ad share of course send her the username and then you'll get a twenty dollar bonus okay and this is the email here okay so yeah I'm glad I remembered to go over this because that's really great a twenty dollar bonus alright guys so now that's going to do it appreciate everybody watching and it's always take care


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