CNN goes crypto crazy, Stellar gimmick, Bitcoin defiance vs Ripple compliance, Treasury threat?

CNN goes crypto crazy, Stellar gimmick, Bitcoin defiance vs Ripple compliance, Treasury threat?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
September the 10th 2019 strong AB unique B’s Geiger well the bitcoin having hype
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your home for bitcoin insider information hello my elite friends you
can see that i wearing a new shirt that I got today at the event that I spoke at
the D&D event here and Tel Aviv block cane week it’s still going on we’re
gonna talk about who was there in in a little bit and links to if you’re town
it’s it’s still going on it’s great lots of fun and I hate another yet another
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B alt I tweeted out stuff about the event when I was at the event actually I
had my laptop with me and aoudi came up to me said you still own a laptop I’m
like this is where it this is where the magic happens man he was uh he was
surprised he was even surprised but he got it so I said I’m living a life man
I’m saving I save I don’t I don’t I don’t spend my Bitcoin I just use what I
have here so reg tech reg tech regulation
technology that’s short for I guess that’s a term I learned today
that’s a term that’s been floating around for about a year or so or more
than that and the reason I don’t know about this is I don’t really care about
regulation very much and I’m not into ripple type of innovations but Jameson
lop during his talk which it was a good one
he mentioned rank tech and I I I was inspired I I looked it up the main
functions of reg tech include regulatory during reporting and compliance Oh
so you’re creating technology that makes it easy for those three things very nice
to be compliant for reporting for regulatory monitoring great you know
just to make your money off the government I guess that’s hey this is
where the big boys play you can do that if you want to do that some people
really value their wealth in dollars they want to get paid a lot of dollars
if by any means necessary work for the government make compliant coins and
Jameson didn’t get into the compliance I mean he was talking about defy and his
definition of defy was defiance and let’s just focus on what
bitcoin is in terms of defiance bitcoin is defiance while ripple is
compliance that’s what I got from all this okay and there’s a lot I you know
I’m not picking on ripple here there there are a lot of other coins that one
a bit be compliant that want to be kyc coins a lot of people want to make kyc
innovations okay they want to make compliant they want to be they want to
make compliant innovations that’s their prerogative I like to be in a Bitcoin
overlay because we’re defining the the traditional paradigm okay of fitting in
and being compliant because no one can stop Bitcoin cannot be stuck if you
defiance personified although it’s not a person it’s it’s defiance in the flesh
although it doesn’t have a physical flesh you get the point
defiance versus compliance hey maybe there’ll be a new saying in mine I don’t
know but in inspirational stuff today Jameson
lop and I linked to the various definitions of lovely reg tech hey but
people are free to do what they want to do in this world that’s that’s it that’s
their thing and people are free to get in the Bitcoin also into the overlay so
let’s talk about some mainstreaming new here does a if anyone still watches CNN
I obviously don’t have K polar I occasionally check and you get
different perspectives and stuff but they’ve got something called crypto
crazy week over at their show called first move it’s it does anyone watch
that I mean if people watch that if people were really watching first move
which is a money show a finance show on CNN this week they are talking about
cryptocurrency is crypto crazy week I say that’s great they have the crypto
crazy hashtag I’ll use that hashtag to promote this very video so people can
you get a bitter get some insider information on Bitcoin they’re not gonna
get some it’s you know in five minutes sound bytes or two minutes I have to
sell bus whatever crypto crazy is gonna be about there they already have their
second show where they’re doing they’re doing crypto crazy mentions I link to it
below I try to put a positive spin on everything frame it in a positive way
they’re gonna wake up some CNN type people to Bitcoin and maybe they will no
longer be CEO than inside people but at the very least things they’ll just buy
Bitcoin and I hate mainstreaming is gonna happen I thought it was
interesting they’re using crypto crazy hashtag I thought that was pretty funny
stellar has a gimmick oh and Nick Carter commented on this this gimmick guy I
gotta get to stellar credit I’m speaking compliant aren’t they a compliant coin
too I mean they aren’t they like just like ripple I don’t know check out the
turret of Meester video that I link to below
it’s one of my import of my new series of videos that it’s going to come up
come out occasionally the Bitcoin focus videos he actually mentions a stellar
back in the day and now stellar is is back in the news because they’re giving
away too how many is this how many stellar are they giving away to built is
it 2 billion of them yeah two billion stellar airdrop now
this is if you sign up for some product that I don’t even know the whole darn
thing I don’t care it’s something I’m not gonna gonna do but what the
interesting part behind this it’s marketing they had a press release they
clearly sent the coin desk and a bunch of our other a bunch of other
publications saying that they were giving away a hundred and twenty million
dollars worth of stellar now Nick Carter correctly points out that the coins are
being released over the next 20 months vesting monthly over a linear basis you
cannot claim they will in their totality be worth a hundred and twenty million
dollars because you do not know the price in twenty months he’s absolutely
right about that but they knew to say a hundred and twenty million dollars is
going to get a lot of it’s gonna get them press and the press blindly
reprinted it because they are not worth a hundred and twenty you don’t know how
much they’re worth twenty two billion Stella if you value your wealth and
stellar and I don’t know anyone on this planet does and by the way when I did
the when I was on stage with Rudy and yeah and Yanni today and we were talking
about ripple I said I have never met anyone that actually likes ripple
because that’s a ripple fan but because you D was mentioning they have this big
following on it only on Twitter which is totally fake and but one person did
raise their hand and say it said something about that they liked it or
something you what so there you go I saw I saw a real Ripple person in the flesh
today but but going back to stellar and I questioned if they’re real well they
apparently there are real star fans I haven’t mentioned but it’s an interest
it’s a good gimmick on that part if you can fool the coin desk type of media out
there and I met lead today lady who writes for them and she seems
like a nice lady I think I’m gonna mean a Thursday night I’ll talk to her again
but and she was it’s there was a presentation about the honesty of the
media and she seems like she wanted to be very honest and do a lot of research
but she this this article was and she was kind of ripping on some publications
for kind of from read publishing press releases well her publication they
didn’t she didn’t write that article but they didn’t go deep into this and this
is why I rip into coin desk if it’s a lot of fluffy stuff this is a fluffy
thing they bought it hook line and sinker
but good for stellar if you could if you can get your promo that way making it
look like you’ve got this very uh and Matt Nick’s Nyx’s I mean they’re they’re
increasing the amount of seller on the market by ten percent or something
clearly that’s uh that’s like an increase its value or it’s not gonna
maintain its value its inflate very inflationary very inflationary uh right
there on their parts but but temporarily who does this is a marketing ploy and by
pumping a little bit at first but to worth the hundreds no it’s not worth a
hundred we do not know what it will be worth in over the next twenty months
during the various times that they’re they’re letting it out there I do get
bit get big coin you don’t want to be uh you want to be a bag holder for salary
yeah it’s gonna be worth more twenty months short it’s okay again check out
the links below all sorts of new videos including the one about the the NFL
which was a Bitcoin focus video of mine here we go and I’m speaking of coin desk
here’s an article of theirs speaking to reporters in Geneva Switzerland see gala
Mandor mandala Kerr Under Secretary of Treasury for terrorism and financial
intelligence we have such an under second such an
undersecretary in the United States Treasury and for terrorism and financial
intelligence said whether it’s Bitcoin etherium Libra or Libra our message is
the same to all these companies anti Ahmad anti money laundering and
compatible financing of terrorism has to be built into your design from the
get-go so very interesting she calls them all companies that Bitcoin
aetherium and Libra are companies and they have to they have to combat
financial terrorism that has to be built into their design okay now does she
really get this did she make a mistake is the theorem really a company and her
mind there’s a lot you can take into this clearly Libra is clearly Libra is
going to have to bow down and be compliant to the Treasury to Treasury
and the Under Secretary if this becomes official policy now again she is just
part of the Treasury and the the Senate and the Congress and the president could
change the prerogative of the Treasury and make different laws and whatnot but
bitcoin is not a company Bitcoin will not be able to be compliant in this way
it’s just not me there’s no no compliance coming from Bitcoin on this
it is there are no choke points in in Bitcoin okay
Jamieson was talking about choke points also there no choke points anyone can
use it okay there’s not no no piece of it they
can get chopped off and that that this this type of person cannot use it if
it’s coming from this country no we’re gonna cut no that’s that’s not
in Bitcoin otherwise it’s not a cut it’s not a company now theorem you can’t do
that apparently I mean since they have yeah we won’t get to that aspect of it
obviously Libra can do that but very interesting that she calls them all all
three of them companies our message is the same to all of these
companies Amit maybe she misspoke there who knows pal that like button alright
best guest in the space a new show every day conviction Bitcoin a new shirt no
relation yesterday I talked about 5 negative 5% interest rates that will one
day come to banks and I thought about a little bit more today these you’re gonna
be paid to take out a mortgage basically in the future in the next decade well
once once rates really get below 109 interest rates once we get negative
interest rates so all sorts of people are going to be incentivized oh no
they’ll there’s negative interest rates I’m getting paid to to get up to get a
house that’ll boost that price of houses so if you already own a house I guess
your value of your house will go up but of course so all these people will flock
in the housing when they should be flocking in the Bitcoin but don’t be
fooled BB this is the tightest is my chance to
fit in oh all those foolish people and people will be also refinancing I guess
and the banks will love it because it will seem like it will seem like people
are getting paid a little bit there because the negative interest rates look
they’ll be all sorts of they’ll be all sorts of fees the fees will probably go
up but you’ll still be able to default on your freakin mortgage okay you’re
still gonna be able to do that so the backs are gonna love to repossess those
babies okay tell me a lot more repossessions the banks will do just
fine under when everyone starts getting excited about the negative interest
rates can pay to get a house don’t fall don’t fall for people don’t fall for
that FOMO on housing that will come that will come because and go and in the
photo and the FOMO on refinancing you it’s it’s a way for the banks
in Italy it’s fine these big boys play you have to understand what finance is
all about if you don’t pay just because it’s a negative interest rate if you
still skip your payments they’re gonna get they’re gonna take that house back
from you they’re gonna take a collateral on that loan all right
and another thing we have people today they are 72 years old 75 years old are
they the most tech-savvy people are are they the most diversify do some of them
just have regular savings accounts have some sold their stocks already in their
401ks they’re just in the cash and in regular back yeah there are plenty of
people like that old ladies whoever and that’s great they have savings account
they’re doing it the old-fashioned way in ten years they’re going to be 85
years old and more and more of them are gonna be alive than we’re used to and in
ten years it’s possible in the Year 2029 that we will have negative 5% interest
rates on savings account and they’re gonna be 85 they will be stuck in this
okay so for for all of you people who think oh people are gonna flock out of
savings accounts eventually certain people will be able to do that young
people will be able to do that if they want to if they’re not lazy well they
they probably don’t have savings accounts in the first place but for
traditional savings account holders in ten years some of them are just gonna be
too old to move they’re gonna be stuck in savings accounts and so the banks are
gonna do great off of these future negative interest rates and you know
watch yesterday’s show when I talk about negative 5% interest rates is something
that I never really thought about and it’s going to happen eventually and they
just prep yourself for it get in the Bitcoin that’s your safe isn’t save as
an account and but there are no negative interest rates only you’re not paying
anyone to take care of your Bitcoin for you you better not be at least you’re
not paying anyone to take care of your wealth
like so many 80 something’s will be in the 2020s oh well hey dudes if you’re if
you’re some of these now you can still learn how to use Bitcoin don’t get stuck
as an 80 year old in in that system so I did go to the Bitcoin embassy tonight
after hanging out all day at the D&D event which was a blast meeting some
really cool people and it’s flattering when people recognizing stuff it’s it’s
cool and but so tonight at the Embassy Jimmy sang you know Judy tells me you
come to the Embassy Jimmy song is speaking there and I’ve never met Jimmy
in person so I took a nap after because I got up very early today I took a
little nap and so I do not get to the Bitcoin embassy at 7:30 tonight by the
time I got there standing room only people coming out the door so I didn’t
really stick around that long because I come get inside I talked to some people
outside didn’t get to say hi to Jimmy and everything but hey great turnout so
so many people from out of town are in town for blockchain week I’d like to
tell the blockchain week below so you can still come into town I knew
Christian is coming into town tonight tl bbw calm it is linked to it is still
going on seems like everyone is got a big smile on their face that’s come from
come from out of town below if you want to see what it looked like on stage
today when Yanni and Judy and I were all on there there is a tweet that I already
retweeted but it’s linked to below you guys should retweet it it says retweet
this alright guys i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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4 thoughts on “CNN goes crypto crazy, Stellar gimmick, Bitcoin defiance vs Ripple compliance, Treasury threat?”

  • James Haggenmiller says:

    14:30 There are already negative rate mortgages in Denmark.

    Germany is getting close. I had a friend just get offered 0.88% for a 325k mortgage.

  • Changed My Name Again says:

    A Choke Point?

    The Bible describes a future choke point of any and all monetary transactions. Ultimately, the choke point will be with the Antichrist and his mark etc. Please read below carefully:

    Rev 13: 16-18 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    Rev 14: 9-11 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

  • Shitting on alts is worst than shooting yourself of the foot. Atleast they’re helping push for mainstream awareness and adoption!!

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