CM Talk | Die Zukunft von NEO 3.0 und die deutsche Autobahn – Gründer der Kryptowährung im Interview

CM Talk | Die Zukunft von NEO 3.0 und die deutsche Autobahn – Gründer der Kryptowährung im Interview

okay hello it here so I flew him from crypto Monday on the spinning of them web dry summit in Bali India’s Ibrahim eh boo nopales Mehta his own scientists the locations in the near phonemes Eve is indium funkhauser Lean on Me Shatter Gardiner Patiala Suckerfish kibosh phone and interview meeting guna there could to be O’Neill once wada Hong FA on yeah I had some inside games problem off and blocking was again in deutschland master the Slovaks a loose leash that certain rights of could see price and victim from neo I’m not met since my hands oh gosh are greedy and weak known for vanish witness on for alum bus in a tube is not passive psychokinesis video on fish passerby [Music] okay hello da Hong Fei welcome welcome to Germany welcome to Berlin how are you doing I’m doing great this is a very this is my second time in Germany and I enjoyed being here that’s nice to hear so are there any special things you like about Germany do you like the food the drinks or something I think the most the most part is the the car the Autobahn yeah last time I rent a BMW here and I draw and I drove on the Autobahn over 200 kilometers power so that’s a very special experience yeah yeah well very interesting it’s a very unique part of property of German Autobahn okay so let’s start the the interview a bit you are here at the web 3 summit and the small question what is the web story summit for you interesting and what are you looking for to see and learn here I think the vision of web serie is very promising at News team at on Jen’s team we use a word more generic word caught ngi next generation Internet and I’m personally I was involved with two projects new and ontology a new is for digital asset ontology is for digital identity so I believe these are the building blocks for the next generation internet so ngi and web 3 or other names that I think they share the same vision they just use different terminology great and this brings me to my next question actually most of the people in Germany you know knew especially from its high rise in 2017 obviously many people were interested about the project could you outline what happened since 2017 to today and how the new ecosystem evolved with new actually is the the first public blockchain originated from China we started in 2014 that’s almost 5 years ago and between between 2014 to 2017 we’re like in steve’s mode so we’re silently developing a lot of building a lot of things and then in 2017 we did a rebranding from hand shears to new that caught attention from the more global like communities and then together with with a frenzy of all the crypto currencies in 2017 so we saw a a price very quick a price of the token price of new but then alongside with other cryptid crypto currencies we saw a dip we saw a drop and for the last a year or half a year the industry is is gaining momentum again and we saw the market is recovering and there are more we there are more attentions on the blockchain industry on the public blockchain industry and actually I talked a lot of I just talked a bit about the market but actually at our core team we don’t really care that much about the price that much so what we are focusing on for the last two years is to improve stability to improve scalability of new then and for the for the past six months we are working very diligently on a new version of new it’s called news three and you will be launched in maybe half a in another six months or maybe in a year time it will be a completely new version of new and we build a lot of things from scratch and I have very strong confidence in this new version okay so many insights and thanks for that you mentioned the scalability could you give a brief overview what is the approach for neo for scaling second layer solutions shardene similar to cerium something along these lines the scalability of new itself is not bad comparing to Bitcoin is serious or are the other major public blockchains but we don’t think in the future that every BAPS will be leaving will be directly built on top of layer 1 and the new protocol we most of the BAPS probably there will be built on top of layer 2 solutions and personally I believe a generic general generalized stage hello is probably the solution to to achieve higher skies report to have better privacy preserve so currently we are working with cellar there are various state solution providers who are working with them to see how cellar can fit into the new ecosystem and how how we can have a build a stage handle solutions for a tap developers yeah thank you very much and also of course our German audience knows the new ecosystem knows two tokens a new token and the new guest token yeah and one is derived from holding the other could you explain a little bit why you decided so you as a new development decided to go this direction maybe a bit about the token omics of these two and yeah let our audience know new is the first in the world to have a deal with token design we have the new token nu nu is the governance token you can say that it’s the stake of the system when you on a new you are holding the stake of the of the blockchain so you can use it to to vote for consensus notes and in the future with new three you can vote for more things so you use that to do on chenkov iners and gas token is the utility token you use gas token to pay for transactions to pay for deployment of a small contract so it it’s the stake and it’s a utility that’s that’s a major difference and we we according to our plan according to our design we hope that the utility token the gas can be more stable then then the steak token but it turned out it turned out that everything in crypto industry is very volatile yeah it goes up and down so the gas actually goes up and down with new token almost at the same percentage yeah so we’re we’re thinking how to improve it we don’t have a solution yet but we’re working on it that sounds very interesting did you ever consider to have a stable design token for the gas talkin yeah that’s what I’m talkin about yeah we we do think that because the gas is used to compensate the computation the storage all those resources but those resources are are paid by by Fiat in in real world so we are working on how to stabilize the gas token or the utility took interesting and you mentioned also this I’m on shine governance and because my next question is regarding the state of decentralization in new back in 2017 and when new it was at as high rise and I remember there were seven validator notes and also there was a high concentration in the Asian area could you outline how the decentralization evolved since then and what would be the future outlook currently there are at at this moment I believe there are about a few hundreds if not a thousand fou notes running on the internet for neo but there are only seven consensus notes because the consensus mechanism we use is called DB ft so if you hold new token you can use it to vote for consensus notes which seven will be will take part in the consensus process in the past the several consensus notes used to be controlled they’re all controlled by neo foundation but we have already like voted other people into the consensus circle now we are with our test net new a new foundation only in control it’s either one or two consensus notes the artists five or six consensus notes are in community developers are in some organizations and with men that we have to consensus notes in third parties one is by I believe it’s by Swiss come and the other one is is run by city of Zion yeah and we we are on the process of decentralization but we paused a little bit because we’re working on you three so with news three we were it’s a it’s a major upgrade and it’s at list is a hot folk so we need to move things really quick we need to make decisions more quickly so we decided to pause the decentralize process before we finish new three so after news three the decentralization will be speed up yeah thanks for that and question popped up in my mind for the new token holders right now when news three becomes more and more concrete and and is about to launch do these people do these holders have to do some action or will there be some migration and automatic migration or do we already have a hint for them what they should do they they won’t need to do something because news three is a different architecture it’s a more simplified or unified architecture so you the user probably will need to move their token from the new to blockchain to the new three block yet and luckily we already had a interoperability or cross-chain protocol solution now so new – and new three will probably coexist for for a while so people can send their new – token – news Reblochon and when most people had had done that we will have some we will wind down the new – blockchain and new three will be the like the main block if they’re all very interesting exciting news so I guess our German audience will be looking very much forward to it and you mentioned this cross-chain activity and put your outline maybe also your activity with ontology and what you’re trying to achieve new is currently working with ontology we’re working on the I just mentioned the cross chain protocol so new and ontology will be linked or will be talked to each other for the first or two blockchains talk to each other so it’s a different approach than other cross-gender protocols it’s linked it’s to link to existing public block chains together a new is is the digital asset protocol ontology is the digital identity protocol and so I believe in the future a DAP probably will be linked to a digital asset protocol as well as the digital identity protocol so there are serving as different modules of the next generation internet yeah here at the Webster II summit and we see a lot of releases also from the polka dot polka dot who are also running a lot of blockchain inter ability interoperability frameworks and protocol development and do you see any chance of collaboration or do diseases more on a competitive level how’s your opinion about this I I just listened to the speech from from the WebSphere foundation I think we’re targeting we’re trying to solve two different problems popped out the the problem pocket try to solve is if there is a developer he wants to have a certain level of freedom of unguent governance but he probably cannot develop her a big enough community to to secure the blockchain to for miners or for consensus note of validators so that’s the problem a problem for a partner try to solve so the these kind of developers can join the pocket protocol and be a power chair nectar to the relation but what we are trying to solve the problem is if there are two existing or multiple existing public block chains how can they talk to each other so we are walking on that solution it’s a it’s our say it’s a compliment yeah well thank you very much then recently we shout on our news website there was a rating in China giving a different score to different public block chains and yeah interestingly US was number one and Bitcoin was far below I think 11 or something like this and actually neo and ontology are in a good top 10 position 7 and 8 and what’s your opinion about this kind of rating is it important or is it like negligible from your opinion what what can you say about this the proper the correct name for the rating in Chinese is a if I translate it into an English is a it is public blockchain technology rating things like that so they really emphasize on technology innovation and adoption so I think the reason why youth is ranked top is because there are many the usage the transaction level is pretty high because of some betting gaps or maybe I don’t know and the transaction throughput the TPS of years is pretty high I think they emphasize on that part too so as its that that’s the reason why use is ranked very high and bitcoin is pretty pretty low is because there are not so many new things new development with bitcoins very stable yeah and new and ontology is somewhere between five to ten and I think this is also very special for German audience that you can give us some insights from China because for us of course what’s happening there always feels a bit far away and we have to rely on the news and and so on and what is your opinion what do regular people in China’s think about Bitcoin it’s because usually it’s a stateless money now and no one can control it it’s also very open and indecent really what do you think is your opinion of the general audience in China I think the general Chinese people say don’t look at Bitcoin as a money or currency they they more look consider it as an investment vehicle so they invest in Bitcoin and hope the price will go up so there they’re looking at Bitcoin as as an investment and the Chinese government or the regulators are really outside the government is a very King on digital digital currencies or be more specific central bank digital currencies I think we will see China China will probably be the first in the world to issue to create a central bank backed digital currency we will see that I think very soon very interesting and these insights a final question maybe because we were talking a bit about the broader ecosystem of cryptocurrencies what do you think about Bitcoin versus is cerium and do you feel a theorem is like a competitor to neo or do you think they can co-exist and maybe you can give a small outline of these three projects yeah so every public public blog has I think there there are some cooperative or collaborative part and there are some competitive part when a developer tries to build it up he definitely he or she definitely need to choose between a cerium or neo or maybe pocket or other protocols but I I do think those public box chains will coexist for a very long time because the design is very different a serum today is still using a proof of work so you do mining and with new the consensus the DB of T is a PFT style consensus a serum the throughput of the serum is pretty low but the decentralisation level of a serum is very high the throughput of new is is better but the decision decentralization live level is lower so I think it’s a it’s a trade-off so people can choose from people it’s always good to have different options and different block chains adopting different governance model different level of decentralization itself is kind of decentralization yeah if if every blockchain is using proof of work I don’t think it’s good for the for the future yeah yeah thank you very much this was my last question and the home phase was an honor to have you here thank you very much for your insights I wish you and I stay here in Germany and Berlin at the Webster II summoned and yeah you have some final words for German audience maybe let me think yeah this is my first time attending the web 3 summit I think I believe this is a second web’s resubmit I wish I will be back next year actually I would hand ngi conference in house Enki next month in September so at new at on Jan we are really working hard on to imagine the next generation Internet and to build it out


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