Cloud TOKEN - Crypto Wallet with Daily Rewards ENGLISH Presentation

Cloud TOKEN – Crypto Wallet with Daily Rewards ENGLISH Presentation

hello and welcome to this short but powerful presentation in this video I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about a very exciting blockchain project perhaps one of the most exciting projects that we've seen here in just the last three years and we're gonna touch on things like the technology state of the art the transparency 100% transparency and some of the big big names behind this project it's called cloud token and in this video I'm gonna show you how this mobile app is going to pay you about 8 to 12 percent per month to simply Hottel your crypto in your own wallet ok let's talk about who are we and let's start with Ronald I lead tech of cloud token Ronald is a serial entrepreneur who over the last 25 years has developed new technologies for social media payment platforms mobile wallets smart phones telco systems IOT solutions which is the Internet of Things and blockchain technology in fact he's the winner of innovative blockchain project of the Year in 2018 he is also the CTO of bit beta now bit beta has built out bit beta systems which is the fourth generation blockchain or ledger technology very important to know that they have already built out the payment platform and Ronald and his team are developing things like the app they're responsible for the artificial intelligence behind Jarvis and the arbitrage trading technology which are going to see firsthand in this video as well as the payment platform such a huge huge name an influential name in the blockchain space next we have the world blockchain forum this is the largest blockchain forum anywhere in the world with a calendar of events throughout the summer in New York they are a new york-based company they'll be doing events in London Dubai Shenzhen Singapore and their events are so large that keynote speakers like Roger vert and John McAfee will be giving speeches about crypto and blockchain and Bitcoin at these events now why is this important to know well Shang Zhou who is one of the creators and cofounders of the world blockchain forum is also a strategic marketing partner and investor in cloud token now him and his group they have such a key position to be able to see all of the projects that come out in the blockchain space and to really identify at a very early stage which ones they're going to back and invest in and then use their platform the wbf to really springboard and even showcase these projects to get them in front of the eyes of millions of investors the wbf identified plus token smart wallet tech a completely different project and assisted that project that grow from 40 cents to 61 dollars in fact today it's sitting at somewhere around $79 a token in just 10 months and we're so excited because we have this project right we have cloud token today at just 30 cents guys we get the opportunity to start collecting start stacking start receiving these cloud tokens at just 30 cents what an amazing opportunity and we believe that this token has the potential the potential to go up 100 times in value in just the next six months ok let's talk a little bit about our unique tech and Jarvis Jarvis is an AI software it's an artificial intelligence it's it's fully automated AI trading tools and so what you're looking at Jarvis is is arbitrage trading and simply put that means buying the same coin like Bitcoin buying it low and selling it high and making a profit in fact what they're doing is referred to as triangular trading which involves three coins at the same time but what you're looking at they're on the phone on the left is in order history on the right hand side is our crypto wallet for the arbitrage trades and I'm going to talk to you a little bit more in a minute about how that actually works and how we earn you know the eight to twelve percent per month but what I want to touch on here is the transparency and so this is this really is the first company that we've seen in three years that actually shows us the trades and shows them live as they're happening so they're kind of going through that live feed there and on the right hand side that is the actual team that is developing Jarvis and the artificial intelligence software that's doing the trades and so we get to see firsthand complete transparency for the very first time very very exciting stuff guys okay and also part of our unique tech is this cloud branded payment card now this is a live tech demo that I'm going to show you this gives us the ability as members of cloud token to be able to actually spend our cryptocurrency our cloud tokens see one of the first questions we get or you're probably thinking if you're new to the crypto space is okay I'm getting all of these cloud tokens every day how can I actually use them what value are they to me how can I spend them in the real world again this is not future tech this is live right now and I'm going to show you a demo but we're going to have a cloud token branded crypto card that allows us to convert our cloud token crypto to fiat and spend it in the real world check this out so this is an actual demonstration she is there at a regular City Bank ATM she inserted her cloud branded crypto card is able to actually take out cash this is an amazing piece of technology and like I told you bit beta has already built out this Plamen payment platform this is not something they're working on which is a very important key fact and so let's see what happens here wait for it I hear it you can hear the cash counting and that card is converting her cloud token crypto into cash where she can go and withdraw it you can withdraw it you can it's a MasterCard you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted and again this is technology that we have access to right now okay one more important video regarding the tech and the cloud token branded card that I would like you guys to see is when you talk about needing to create mnemonics for a wallet and private keys and all that sort of stuff well let me show you how it works that's actually built into the card through the chip so first they're gonna go ahead and link that card to the account or wallet and so there's an another little demonstration so they're gonna use the chip on the card to actually create the private key now that the card is linked to the blockchain through that private key they're gonna go ahead and log out of the account and then test the card for access they're gonna scan that chip it's going to recognize the key and there it is success again all of this technology this is one of the things we love about this company is the technology already exists and so this is Bank level security guys and so let's just sum up the vision for the future of cloud toking a comprehensive service platform for digital assets with three functional sections right cloud token intelligent finance the consumer mining and arbitrage trading and the past 10 which is economy payment ecosystem we're bringing this there are that we're not the only company there are other companies that are trying to bring this to market I believe that we will be the first and and and that's a big deal guys and so we're so excited to be a part of this project at such an early stage ok so for the last few weeks we have been in sort of a pre-launch phase but coming this weekend we are open for business this is the official launch event which is out in Bangkok Thailand happening in in in just a couple of days May 12th and we're gonna meet some of the principal owners behind cloud token Ronald I and his team will be there to talk more about and demonstrate the technology to the audience in fact the event they had to upgrade the venue because it sold out so fast and so many people want to be a part of this event so this is very exciting this is happening and so let's just talk a little bit about why cloud token right why should you be excited to get involved where there's no packages to buy there's no membership fees or monthly auto ships if you're familiar with network marketing there's no contract you know you can withdraw this is your wallet you can take out your cryptocurrency at any time you can earn passively without sponsoring or recruiting if that's if that's what you want to do you know cloud token generates revenue from the arbitrage trading they don't take them we put in to pay other people again our cryptocurrency is completely wick liquid you know take it out at any time and then this token guys pay attention this token has the potential to increase in value 100 times over the next 12 months that's going just from 30 cents to 30 dollars remember the previous project that wbf and Shang Zhou got involved in went from 40 cents to $79 in 12 months okay now let's talk about the money the exciting part right how do we earn but first a little income disclaimer see cloud token nor I will and cannot guarantee that you will make these levels of income that you're about to see and you have to accept the risk that the earnings and incomes differ by individual C with any business your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity or business experience your expertise and most importantly your level of desire there are no guarantees concerning the level of success that you may experience everyone's success depends on their dedication desire and motivation so how do we earn there's two ways to earn with inside of cloud token first is through Jarvis the AI trading arbitrage arbitrage technology so you're gonna deposit some crypto into your account right you're gonna deposit into the cloud wallet from that deposit you're gonna earn 8 to 12 percent monthly on your capital and you're gonna have the ability to withdraw or cancel at any time again that cryptocurrency is yours and it is liquid so I'm it's going to give you a little example hypothetically holding 1,000 USD in your cloud token wallet your account growth is going to average 10% a month so that's $100 a month now your account of balance is adjusted daily so that would be about 3 dollars and 33 cents a day now hypothetically speaking remember we're paid in cloud token right now cloud token is 30 cents so a $1,000 deposit with 10% is going to be receiving about 10 or 11 tokens a night those tokens come every single night into your wallet now if cloud token increases just 10 times from 30 cents to $3 that has your account growing in value of $1,000 a month understand that's how you earn way number one now second is through the benefits of sharing yes there are benefits in sharing this project with all of your friends and the masses so we're gonna call that's Jane right Jane gets started Jane funds her wallet with a minimum of 500 USD in any of the available coins you see to participate in this part of the plan the sharing you have got to have them you have got to maintain a minimum of 500 USD now Jane is going to receive on average 10 percent per month again paid out in cloud token now Jane goes out and she tells Bob about this project and Bob says hey I'm in so Jane is going to receive a 100% matching bonus on everybody that she brings down on level 1 now Bob goes out and tells Sara ok great Sara wants to get started now Jane is going to have the ability to receive a 50% matching bonus on level 2 but in order to do so Jane is required to have a minimum of 2 direct personally sponsored people on level 1 very very simple and every direct referral on level 1 opens another level so if you want to earn the 5% down on level 3 you're gonna need three sponsored directs on level 1 if you want to earn the 5% on level 4 you're gonna need 4 directs on your level 1 and that continues down 21 levels and again very important in order to maintain this you have got to continue to keep a balance above 500 USD to remain qualified for the matching bonus and that's why we're telling everybody if you're gonna participate in this part of the program to put at least $600 worth of Bitcoin or aetherium in there because as Bitcoin and the market fluctuates so will the value of your wallet so let's take a closer look here right so on level 1 let's just say you go out and you bring in three people you know they put in a thousand ten thousand and five hundred there's your 100% match so $100 $1000 plus $50 that's coming in on a residual every month again no monthly fees no auto ships on level two you have some people that put in a thousand five hundred and two thousand so on level two you have the ability to now earn 50 plus 25 plus a hundred very simple math so right there just at that depth you're looking at thirteen hundred and twenty-five dollars a month paid in cloud tokens and again that will continue down 21 levels so let's explore future possibilities right this is where it gets real fun hypothetical accumulation of cloud tokens over the next ten months so let's say over the next ten months you are able to generate twenty thousand cloud tokens pay attention guys because this is powerful stuff we're launching at 30 cents but let's say that price of cloud token again just goes up 30 times 30 times in the next ten months your account just grew to a $200,000 $200,000 in profit and it gets even bigger there's the ability to receive rank promotions within the company there's an ability to receive extra percentage on every level so you can see just kind of a simple breakdown of how that works these see rank promotions have give you the ability to actually earn up to 20 percent on every level as a well as the top rank which is a c5 where you're now going to be able to earn five percent company revenue in the entire company revenue share and so there you have it guys cloud token now what you're gonna see on this page lo this video probably a testimonial video I suggest you watch that below that you're gonna see a button to take you out to the site to download the app right to your phone you're gonna see a referral code to punch in you're gonna see a button for some app instructional videos on how to set up your security and how to make your deposit and activate your Jarvis and everything you need to get started and join us in this amazing amazing blockchain project thanks for watching


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