Are Central Banks Guardians of the Economy?

Have investors been watching too many superhero movies lately? Forget guardians of the galaxy, I think investors think central banks are guardians of the economy with all these superpowers to defeat any threats to the economy, but that’s not really how it works. Central banks like the Fed have one power and that’s to ease financial conditions, mainly […]

Comedy Actors Roundtable: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle & More | Close Up

(upbeat music) – Hi, and welcome to Close Up With The Hollywood Reporter, comedy actors. I’m your host Lacey Rose, and I’m here with Timothy Simons, Sacha Baron Cohen, Henry Winkler, Don Cheadle, Jim Carrey and Ted Danson. Dive right into this, okay, we’re gonna start with– – Hi, Lacey. – Hi, Jim. – Thank you for having […]

Cash Explosion November 3, 2018

♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Week in and week out for 31 years, we’ve been able to show you what winning the lottery looks like.>>ALISSA: Sometimes it’s wild.>>TINA: Double. C’mon, Double.>>DAVID: Now I know that…>>TINA: C’mon, Double. [LAUGHTER]>>TINA: C’mon, Double. Bonus!>>DAVID: Alright. What’s behind the ten?>>TINA: Bonus! [TINA SCREAMS]>>DAVID: $5,000! Tina, that’s $9,900!>>ALISSA: Sometimes it’s […]