Can XRP Fail?

hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo channel in this video we're gonna engage in a little critical thinking exercise a couple topics specifically the one that I'm most interested in delving into is the idea of a Canon XRP fail and the the subject was broached by none other than Galvatron and and some some recent […]

KCN China's central bank opens digital currency research institute

the People's Bank of China PBOC has opened its neo cryptocurrency resource lab according to the coin – truly Yelchin the former deputy director of the PBOC s technology department will serve as director of the Neil D Foreman facility Research Institute has seven divisions with research interests including blockchain and syntax a recruitment notice issued by the […]

The $99,000 Bitcoin, 20 xRapid Partners, Major Tezos Partner & Bitcoin Backed Currency

hello everybody welcome back for another video hope you're all doing well and that you're all having a great day to start things off we have some very ridiculous Bitcoin pricing news a physical bitcoin is selling on ebay for 99 thousand US dollars the seller claims it is a collector's must-have it is a Casillas brass token […]

Code is Not the Law: Blockchain Contracts and Artificial Intelligence

great thanks very much so back in May of this year a new online entity formed it was called the Dow short for decentralized autonomous organization and it was kind of like an online investment entity run by this thing called a blockchain contract and it was the darling of the New York Times The Wall Street Journal […]

Protecting Sensitive User Data in Web Services

>> Thanks for coming. I'm very happy to introduceFrank Wang from MIT. He's at PhD student ofthe MIT CSAIL advised by Nickolai Zeldovichand James Mickens. Frank works atthe intersection of systems and appliedcryptography. And today he's goingto be telling us about his dissertation workon protecting privacy in Web services. >> Thanks. Hi everyone, I'm Frank and I'ma PhD […]