Litecoin & Bitcoin Technical Analysis 5 waves look complete – Downside Now – Targets inside.

alright welcome to the gym a vault racional glad you're here I'm gonna do a quick update I'm getting ready to take my family to a fair and I'm gonna give you a quick update about what I think the markets now doing if I had to guess our five waves are complete very quickly our 1 1 […]

#EOSIO STRONG! #EOS42 David Packham Interview – #Chintai, #CHEX, #WAX, #WORBLI, #TELSO, #EOS

welcome one and all to n blue crypto I'm Michael blue your host I've got a special guest today we've got David Packham and he is the founding block producer of a OS 42 he was the veteran behind the EOS main net and they're the guardians of the EOS blockchain now to add to that he is […]

Bitcoin BULLS Saving The Day?! (Critical Region!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns crypto cave trying out some new software today as always making it more exciting because bitcoins moving once again and we got plenty to talk about want to follow up from yesterday's video and livestream as some trade ideas actually staring us right in the face once again and I'd also […]