BITCOINS BAKKT PLATFORM NOT APPROVED BY CFTC! New group of investors about to buy Bitcoin!

what is going on guys Chris here so listen we've got some interesting news from the chairman of the CFTC as to why the back product has not been approved yet and here's what's even more interesting than that I've done some research about what impact fact ledger X and fidelity digital assets would truly have on the […]

BITCOIN Bull Market Beginning? 14 WEEK RSI Saying YES, Golden Cross, Litecoin Analysis, BTC PRICE

in this video we're gonna talk about something that Bitcoin hasn't been able to do since last summer during 2018 when Bitcoin was over eight thousand US dollars we're also gonna be taking a peek at like lining the charts we're gonna be taking a look at this article that kind of details the 14 week RSI and […]


olá seja bem vindo mais um crime do gráfico eu sou falsa botelho e aqui a gente tenta saber o que vai acontecer com essa escrita sair usando a nossa análise técnica simples vamos começar olhando o sp vamos lá vem comigo ufpe que eu tenho dito várias vezes aqui no canal que eu entendo está revertendo essa […]