Cash Register Showdown Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Barbie,Compare 3 Cash Registers By WD Toys

Cash Register Showdown Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Barbie,Compare 3 Cash Registers By WD Toys

welcome 2wd toys Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cash Register Vs Hello Kitty Cash Register Vs Barbie App-Tastic Cash Register Wow guys I getting great episode for you guys today today its cash register showdown Anna and now saw have dropped three cash registers for us
to compare also says the best deal on is the barbie
one and anna says the best one is the many
mouse 1 well guys I’m gonna lie I’m gonna have
to let you guys decide which one you think is best I give you my opinion later but I will let me guess check out all three and
then you decide which one you like and at the end the
show we’re going to have another special
guest he first appeared in Toy Story 2 and he’s got four legs and he’s very and brown and now that’s probably too many clues
blot I don’t wanna make it too hard we gotta
have fun okay Wow if you don’t know who it is you will see at the end the show okay
let’s get started now first the law I have full episodes reviewing everyone at these cash
registers if you wanna check that out go ahead and go to my channel and check
out the full review today we’re just comparing the three to see which one we think is better okay let’s start with the many
mouse while okay this one it did not have and LCD display is just the sticker and it doesn’t say the price I mean if
you push it Seattle plaque it talks which is nice thank you me killed and also I like %ah drawer pops up if you push the button
but the other thing that wasn’t that good
about it is it didn’t have room for the cash see i mean you can’t put the cash in
sideways or long ways you can just fit in the
kleins if you wanted to put the dollar bills in
there you’d actually have to fold it which I really don’t want to deal I mean
it has a nice credit card you could to be a deadbeat when you go to ski and it and the wand to get the price it’s not
connected I mean it doesn’t make any noise or anything you have to make noises yourself so
you’d have to point at something is a beat beat me which is not that great I’m it doesn’t
add anything up for you basically you have to use your imagination I mean
it is cue by me yep hi I like other once more so I’ll last
check out the next one the next one would be the Hello Kitty one okay so this is a nice option on this line
see if you turn the key the register pops open it did have a nice credit card hello kitty it’s got cool money Klein money I like the dollar money till
it’s got tense with Hello Kitty on both sides and it’s got 5’s with Hello Kitty on both sides so that that’s nice but there is ones I like better but this this is a fine line this is a
fine line it actually has a LCD display and every time you push a
button the boat highlights of so that’s nice and then you have the clear button here so basically this one is a calculator
let’s say something was nine dollars it push 9 and plus continued push eighty continued push he calls give you
the total there seventeen so that’s nice but it
doesn’t say the price there’s another cash register I reviewed
it actually says the price it’s a lot more fun and then nice thing about this too is it
has the light if you push the hell Katie
scanner launched has a light on it and what else has the buttons here on this side for the different foods it has the job sign pad which if you push down see if you push down on it it clears up then you could sign your name and then
you could push down on it again it clears up that’s kinda the and well that’s probably all the options
for this one I mean is AQ cash register it is fun to
play with I we forget to scan the card let’s go
ahead and do that does make a beeping noises see and that that’s kinda neat there okay
now we go to my favor cash register this is the barbie cash
register as kasam really nice options this one you could actually download the
app to either your iPhone or an iPad I downloaded here to my
iPhone so this is a fun app by here we’re just going through a purchase
the end up on okay let’s take a look at it so I haz a scanner here I’m it doesn’t light up home but it does actually sound like a
scanner if you scan something with this sign you
put in like let’s say is three dollars 3 delay see should target three dollars
then you could eat for bigger numbers you just put more
knowing knowing keel 190 no download okay and then out total it
up 30 3 150 she dominos and 50 say she make whole and then this I and II okay to
draw your doesn’t pop pop so that’s the negative against it lot 3 itself final okay and then p it does come it credit cards but but they are plot they are paper so
that’s not the greatest but it is Hill if you scan it it makes a
real skinny noise and then the Sun came up bills to: had fives tens and twenties and they fit into the drawer in nicely
how one else has about this on and then has the Barbie song history here you even throughout the store okay
law it is says difference days it has an
intercom button listen to this the need up but I’ll 3 cleared up I’ll three so that that’s that’s really cool
one that all and then if you own it clear it
transaction also glenn has discount but speaking tour little you are debt-free get and then if you download the app it actually ski ends like thousands are
30 items I don’t have any items here to scan
right now but up this the Barbie app is really cool slow this here if you download it you
could put it right up here and then it has different stores I did a full review on si1 it every
store in December shopping so if you wanna take a look at their he’s got one to create for five-shot and then you’d like click on here you’d pick what you want menu check out now by okay then you’d beleaguered scan your credit card and then here you could actually sign it so that that’s really neat and then you
click it and then you got another star so this this was a relief online because
the app really extends the gameplay site it’s nice to you because you could put
in prices and she actually told you that price okay well I’m gonna let you decide I me which cash register do you like
best like this head and a said the minnie mouse one also said the Barbie 1 if you ask me I really like the party won and the main
reason is the app the app is really cool and it
makes it lots of fun to play with okay well guys it’s time for our surprise guest did you guess who it is I’ll let you
think about it for a minute if you enjoyed the show go ahead and
click on the WD toys but not in the right hand corner and then to bring it to my home page
Rica subscriber okay while let’s see who the
guesstimates up odes Bowl xlvii yeah hey you guessed awry I know you
guessed bull’s eye kid job well bull’s eye has a special
gift for year he’s gonna be bringing it out he was to say something her sister boy
he’s so happy to see is C he stands up on two legs wow okay let’s see what he has for you all Lucky’s curing it as mile cool off okay why I’ll look at this he got your cool
dinosaur eg let’s go see what’s is type BA Wow RC cars surprise egg let’s see what’s
inside the cars egg club like that in just fell apart okay
let’s see what’s inside here up it’s another aide what’s inside this
a old its from cars it’s Graham lever he drives the warns car that is kinda junky car but he likes it he’s happy with it why all that’s cool and there was
something else in here too the see what it is %uh to purple guy
with the sword check him out now he looks fun okay wow that was a good surprise eg okay while kids I mean I have lots of
fun with you and I hope to see you soon Cash Register Showdown Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Barbie,Compare 3 Cash


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