Can TRON ($TRX) Make You A Millionaire? - Realistically

Can TRON ($TRX) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

if you had bought just over $3,000 of Tron back in 2017 and sold at the height of the market in 2018 you would be a millionaire I repeat if you had bought just over $3,000 just three thousand three hundred thirty-four dollars of Tron back in 2017 sold in 2018 guess what you would have mad sick gains of a million and two hundred dollars boom Shakalaka Randall here for crypto love and today's episode we are going to be talking about Ken Tron also known as TRX make you a millionaire realistically can it realistically make you a millionaire like even if you missed out on what happened 2017-2018 if you were to buy Tron today could you be a millionaire so we're going to take a look at all of that stuff today we're also going to take a look at exactly what Tron is where they're coming from the good the bad the ugly the stinky the stuff you don't want to look at the stuff you do want to look at all of that fun stuff we're going to take a look at that before we do guys thank you so much for subscribing what's up shout out to all the new subscribers also shout out to the old subscribers turns out Triton X X still comments here first-ever subscriber for the channel he still comments he's still hanging around also guys the sponsor of this channel is monarch wallet you can hold Bitcoin and 1900 other crypto currencies in your mark while it get returns up to 10% per year and it says safest cold storage so make sure to check that out is free download now now what are we talking about today we're talking about Tron decentralizing the web that's what we're talking about now Tron is something that's basically competing with aetherium use for being the ultimate dab building platform and they're doing a pretty good job I mean they're marketing pretty damn good at marketing every time Vitaly tweets something Justin Suns always right on his tail tweeting something else about what Vitalik says but what are the benefits of Tron well high throughput high TPS high scalability enabling people to keep growing and also high availability for making it available to lots of different people in terms of performance Truong consistently handles 2,000 transactions per second 24/7 that's way more than a theorem that's way more than Bitcoin it's even more than XRP so he's got a lot of transactions going on out there and furthermore lots of notes now today what we're going to be talking about is Kent Ron make you a millionaire now if you would have bought Tron back in 20 September 2017 at the all-time low of point zero zero $1 or a tenth of a cent and then you sold it in January 2018 at the all-time high this peak right here so you bought way back here you sold way up here guess what you would be a millionaire had you have just invested three thousand three hundred and thirty-four dollars that's right would've bought you three point three million Tron would have made you a million dollars when Tron was 30 cents three hundred x-games so we're going to take a look a little bit what type of gains you could be looking forward to in the future and what exactly Tron has to do for you to be a millionaire now I'll be honest guys when Tron came out my first exposure to Tron was there was an airdrop I think was on by Nance or something got airdrops from Tron and I was like was this because all I knew about tron was from the movie that was all I knew about ROM but I'll be honest would change my opinion was this right here Tron bet a few weeks ago I did I hosted a finance charity poker Cup and it was on Tron bet it was playing poker on Tron but actually playing poker on the blockchain and it worked really really good and I tried playing poker on the blockchain and it worked really really good and the cool thing about this is one of the best use cases for blockchain is immutability and also censorship resistance and both of those things are necessary for gambling and also provable provably good mathematics randomness that type of stuff so all of those good use cases for blockchain and Charlie Lee he said the same thing and I know I'm rambling right now but basically this changed my mind because you can go on there you can play your cryptocurrency you can play with Tron and furthermore it's the Tron stays in your wallet until through smart contracts you either gain or lose it so you actually have possession of your money the whole time coolest part about playing poker on a blockchain now if we take a look right now because DAPs are big I mean guys if you remember back to the beginning end of 2017 beginning of 2018 everybody was like oh my gosh what are the platform's what I was saying the same thing so I'm just mocking myself right now but there's some platforms whatever it's gonna be able to burn build more fiddle on there and everybody's like the platform's the gaps that's what's important so we were talking about all types of stuff like a theory like ear like Tron like neo like every single thing and their mother well all I can say guys is scoreboard if we go and we take a look at dapper view which is like that radar and they show you can check out the summary charts of transactions because that's really what's important we have volume we have daily active users we have transactions if we take a look oh Sean's in second it says that he owes here is first with 1.1 million transactions per day whereas John Owen has 600 6,000 eath way down there was only 65,000 but however there is this right here turns out that 75% of us dab transactions are made by box so we can kind of like kick yosh way down there there's somewhere below Tron in terms of transactions in terms of daily active users in terms of volume so because of that Tron right now is actually the number one platform out there more than aetherium more than ers and yet for some reason in terms of market cap it's down below them I don't exactly know but furthermore if we take a look at the top ten apps two of the top ten apps Tron bet and TRX market are both chand apps but and you're gonna stay well that's only one-fifth men but here's the thing if we take a look at the 24 hour of volume 5.9 million dollars for Tron bet that eclipses everything else by about a hundred times so the amount of volume going on Tron bet is insane compared with other taps absolutely in sane so those are some good things about drought you know it's basically the number one platform out there in my opinion my humble opinion the number one platform out there but you know Tron does have some scandal I'll be honest you know you got a look at the good the bad the ugly so although Justin's son is a great marketer he often times gets caught with his pants down like numerous times it's happened so you know in case you guys didn't hear back in April he hinted at a partnership with Liverpool FC Liverpool did not so he received this thing in the mail that they basically mailed to everybody and yeah he said it was an official partnership they said no also the whole bungled Tesla giveaway whoo that was a nightmare and furthermore how had this the very beginning one Tron's white paper plagiarized if you take a look here basically they're white paper you can see all of this stuff copied basically copied I see a boilerplate so really the only thing they didn't plagiarize was the introduction now now those aren't very good things however however there they did just recently lose their CTO so again I know I'm talking about control be a million dollars and I'm bringing all this bad in there but I don't want to leave it in the class because skeletons in the closet is just a really good Grateful Dead album okay the best of skeletons in the closet it's not good otherwise it's not good to have skeletons in the closet so anyways Lucy and Chen their CTO was either he quit or he was fired he listed reasons here in this medium article he said trongs no longer decentralized because of how they use DPOs and super representatives some nodes have more than 90% of the votes so he feels it's no longer decentralized he also says it's not associated with the internet anymore and I agree with him very much so it's more of like a dad platform and furthermore he says Tron has deviated from the spirit and original intention of the blockchain so he shows reasons as why Tron is not being good but let's take a look at some more reasons why Ron could potentially be good alright first thing is hash oh she made a video about Tron he's an etherium developer so he's been developing on a theorem for a while he actually started developing on Tron and he said it's actually very good it's actually better than etherium he says it's great for developers because they have this developer hope tons of information for them tons of documentation so they can learn how to program or how to develop for Tron very simply and furthermore it's very easy for an aetherium developer to convert over to Tron because there's the the theorem virtual machine so anything that runs on the theorem can run on Tron so that makes it easy and plus all the developers when they get tired of a theorem because of paying gas fees and different stuff like that they can go right over to Tron very easily so you know ease of adoption furthermore master marketer Justin son I mean he's he's having lunch with Warren Buffett the guy who hates Bitcoin probably one of the biggest financial moguls out there he's having some of them there he's having lunch with him to talk with him about Tron furthermore he did just graduate from Jack Moss hoop an University he's the first millennial to graduate there that is a very distinguished thing he also went to University of Pennsylvania Ivy League school own United States so he's got a whole bunch of good stuff going for him for Tron and I would say the biggest thing going for them is what I already mentioned here in terms of they're killing it with dabs they're absolutely killing it so that brings us back to the original question posed Kanak Tron made you a millionaire and we're going to answer that let's look at today in 2019 let's say you had a thousand dollars to invest in Tron and right now Tron's at 2.7 cents so you could buy thirty seven thousand and thirty seven Tron well if Tron were to go back to its previous all-time high now I mean past performance is not an indicator of future results but previously back in January fifth of 2018 market cap was sixteen point seven billion dollars so let's just say Tron goes back there what's it's going to do well the price was thirty cents back then that would mean that you would get mad sick gains of eleven thousand one hundred and eleven dollars or you would 11x your money if you were to buy Tron now you can just smash the market by and then just if it went back to its previous all-time high which is possible deftly now not outlandish you would get 11x gains but that's not all folks but that's not all you see because as I showed you here okay and also as I showed you previously like right here Tron really is the king of dabs right now the king of depp's and guess who was the king of dabs before Tron it was called aetherium in case you haven't been around well let's say for instance this is just a hypothetical let's say for instance that Tron gets the market cap that theorem had okay back at his all-time high was a hundred and thirty four billion dollars so if trauma to do that let's take a look the price would be two dollars and fifty one sense it's a market cap one up two hundred three or four billion which is pretty crazy because you get mad sick gains of ninety two thousand nine hundred and sixty two dollars from an initial investment of a thousand dollars certainly crazy that's ninety two x and your money but that's not all because you guys don't want ninety two thousand dollars you guys want a million dollars all right am i right or am i right all right okay so what would Tron have to do to be worth a million to make you a million dollars from your initial investment of about thousand dollars or what what would you have to invest for Tron to to go to a million dollars well if you put $1,000 in Tron you would have thirty seven thousand and thirty seven Tron the price of Tron would have to go up to twenty seven dollars for you to be a millionaire now right now it's at $2 or 2.7 cents it would have to go up to twenty seven dollars that's like outlandish right but you know the future could hold things it's not you Bill Gates has is saying that people think they can do way more than they can in two years and way less than they can in ten years so let's say maybe ten years maybe something like this could happen now if Tron was worth twenty seven dollars that means the market cap would be two point seven excuse me one point eight trillion dollar market cap and you're like well that's enormous because the entire cryptocurrency market cap isn't even a trillion dollars but if we take a look at the crypto growth potential okay now 1.8 trillion dollars is just over the USD in circulation and furthermore it's twice the valuation of Apple one company alone okay now one of the big things that Tron just recently did was their acquisition of BitTorrent BitTorrent has over a hundred million users and those users now our guests are being integrated into the Tron blockchain well they got me anything how many users does Apple have well there are some 588 million Apple users worldwide and 1 billion Apple devices guess what I have I mean maybe like Apple users about five to six times BitTorrent users so while Apple is larger now it's not foreseeable that Tron could potentially do that in the future which mean could potentially you could potentially be a millionaire alphatron all it needs to do go up to 1.8 build the trillion dollar market cap and $27 Tron and then with just an initial investment of $1,000 you would be a millionaire and that how simple it would be so guys I hope that answered your question if you enjoyed that video make sure to LIKE subscribe if you haven't please or also to break my heart my little soft heart and also if you guys want to get into training check out signal profits I use this regularly for very good trading signals from a top trader on training view also the inventor of the Canfield Fibonacci extensions where you can regularly get returns of 9 to 29% furthermore check out the monarch wallet they have their IO going on right now on a lot token thanks for watching guys I'll catch you later peace


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