CAN Bitcoin Go To $20,000 Before 2020?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

CAN Bitcoin Go To $20,000 Before 2020?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns kid okay waking up for a nice and early morning over here in hell ski filling wishing you well on this start to your weekend hopefully you're having a reaction one because Bitcoin has not been relaxing this whole week been going all sorts of crazy and we got plenty to talk about because there are all kinds of opportunities I feel like I've been talking about that I feel like I've said that you know that that one-liner we've got plenty to talk about just about every day this week because holy shit man bitcoin really has been the generous the generous giver of opportunities recently and today no more different in fact today is gonna be pretty massive the next couple day is gonna be pretty massive for price action is gonna really dictate in my opinion how the next year's goes so today we're gonna get we're gonna get resolution and in confirmation on with on what the likely direction is tomorrow probably full confirmation but with all that said I do want to wish you the best the best the hats to the happiest and with and with that I will initiate the teleportation and I will see you in the live scene and there she is there she is on the wrong timeframe let's go to a daily it's actually start off with a higher time frames today or no you know what it's actually start with the lower timeframes just because that's what we were talking about yesterday night on the live stream and we actually see it we actually saw all of our ranges hits island let me go to my bit Mexican shot right here we did see a move back up to the 12,400 ash region as we spoke about yesterday and a rejection that followed as we spoke this well again I don't say these things to come off as arrogant like you know I knew it I told you or I called it or target or whatever would have the fuck that people say nowadays it's just you know this is this is purely for for educational value just so well you can see how these things operate over time and of course as we go over these you know day by day and day well you're probably mean you're probably picking it up pretty damn well by now and Bitcoin just playing around between the fibs no no more complicated than that very very very very very simple stuff right here and getting rejected right the two three six and currently fucking around at the three a to so if we do lose the 380 I'd be looking for a test back down to the to the sub 11,000 region between about eleven thousand and ten thousand seven hundred ish region you know at first passed just like on first pass on this area right over here probably do get a little bit of a bouncy bounce but remember that the medium term time frames we really don't change around until until one of these things happen to one of these two things happen do we take out this level up here to the upside first or badou – or do we take out this level to the downside here first and when I say take out to be fully to be fully clear what I mean is by at the very least of to our total clothes preferably a for our total clothes as it's going to start to set up the next sort of cascade of events so if we do break it out to the upside I would be looking just you know generally for a float back up to our 13900 high technically speaking you know your first order would be about 13,000 even and you know you you know you probably play in the lower timeframes but from a higher time for perspective I'd just be looking for that knelt up is the way that people typically relate that idea and in and you know 13900 not necessarily the be full-on target I mean you know I mean 14400 be the next target after that and then actually 16000 so it just be live with some worked in UHD up side more importantly and in just and just as likely is this 10700 area right here if we do lose this area I would be looking for a move at the very least back down to about 10,000 to fulfil the six one eight Fibonacci retracement typically if you are going to be selling the if you are going to lose a three a two you are the target for the bolts and algos is gonna be the six one eight but right now we're kind of still resolving this to see if we are in a bullish consolidation or a potentially reverse wished consolidation and that's gonna be and that's going to essentially be revealed by which way we break this range if we're just getting really limited between the two three six and the I don't think it Beachwood I don't think it's gonna be the three I think that we do come down here and test us but but but the two three six in the in the not point five then now it certainly be a bullish accumulation of course if we do break the not point five then it becomes a little bit more it comes a little bit more you know open to interpretation and we can certainly talk about some more downside targets and like I said ten thousand give me the first target also can flute with this six one eight also can fluent with this horizontal right here and as you can see if we to go to CME's we do still have that nice gap in price section right around that ten thousand level as well so it's psychological structural and you know mashing up but the ton of technical is there more in just as important if that area does get hit I probably would overall be looking for further downside after it bounced there but I do believe that we'd bounce quite strongly there and likely work our way over time down to like the mid 9000 maybe 8500 but again that's more long-term and you know a lot of things would have to happen for that to even be a top of conversation now let's talk about the higher time frames which are gonna actually be being set in sown later tonight at a p.m. Eastern time and this is where this this is where I really want to focus on this video because it's gonna have massive massive implications and we're gonna relate the low time frame ideas that we just spoke about into this idea and then actually extrapolate it one more one more step further so here we are on the well we can start off on the daily I suppose but daily daily not really telling us too much actually here we are above all major moving averages so it is quite difficult to be bearish based off that but but it is worth mention that we do have daily Stokes headed down and actually getting back below the critical zone right here we could actually confirm a close below here then usually we do get that actual cascade of events you know flowing in that direction we do it would also confirm bearish divergence on that daily as well as we do have lower has an RSI higher Haslem significantly higher has on price action which typically does be get a test around the yellow 21x central food average which is actually right around that low $10,000 target on top of that we do have daily Jul kind of having a little bit of a setup here this is not it's not the best sell signal it's a pretty damn good one but it's not the best the best ones happen when you get something like this right here and let's just look at the reaction yet we went from about I can't pull up prices right there come on baby show to me about 8,500 down to 7600 so a thousand dollar move you know it you know when you get a perfect star as a lining sign and right here we don't necessarily have that so it is a little bit it is a little bit up for interpretation as I make sure that I'm actually recording okay good mics working as well also good and and then that's gonna lead us on into the two day or sorry it is also worth mentioning that the daily has lost the RSI we are trading below the RSI which you know typically is going to put more downward pressure on price action but this is mental masturbation it's the closures of today that I care about on the two day and three day so let's go on over here we got we do have two day stokes headed down so again you know more more higher time from tentacles are pointing down here we do see two day RSI actually bouncing off the exponential but we do have we will be working on bearish divergence nonetheless if if if we actually can confirm below sorry not just confirmed below but you just tick below actually even easier than that just tick below the low of this dildo right here because this is a long-legged doji Dillo or or if you want to call it a shooting star you could call it that as well I don't care what you call it it's a sign of indecision perhaps reversal how you confirm it as a local top well you confirm it as a local top if we take out the low side of it and then we can say that yes we would have bearish evidence masley confirmed between this point and this point and yellow 21 eccentric mood averages all the way down around 9000 or mid 9003 j'en so I would be having a target of that if that were to happen so that the low of this guy is ten thousand three hundred if we just ticked below them I would be looking for at first and move down to ten thousand probably probably bounce there and then you know further continuation over time also of great importance and what I really want to focus on today and this is going to be the again the focus of this stream these next these next couple concepts the troll and your bands so our two day dildo time frame will be closing tonight and the troll injure bands are either going to be are they're going to reject or they're going to accept and what do I mean by that if we start training outside the top 20 bands once again I would expect well the trend to continue essentially to the upside whenever you train outside the Toronto Bands both see the upside or the downside it's an it's insightful of a very strong trend so over here you know training outside extremely strong move from 6,000 to 8,000 over here trading to the downside and just extremely strong move from 6,000 through tough to 4,000 same thing rattled over here on the move up from 2017 parabolic just straight up the whole way training outside the top trendy bands so if we do actually close this next two days little above the top trona band which is eleven thousand six hundred and sixty which is not very far away from price action right now then I would actually be looking for for the continuation the upside we're Prague and see the lower timeframes start to confirm as well above the areas that we spoke about so if we do see a four-hour doodle closing above 12400 it's likely gonna have carry on over into close in our 12 hour or sorry our two day above the top 20 band here and and then I just generally be bullish once again looking for looking well basically looking for us to return to the prior high and Beyond and this is again gonna get extrapolate in just a second here but before we get on to that let's talk about the three day which is you know it's just one degree more it's just it's just another day of trading is really all it is but looking at the three day the top Trender band is currently around right around a hair under about $12,000 so it is higher than the two day that than the two detrol under bands so wherever the to date role in your band is gonna land both these guys because they do and both at both tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and if we do close below the top throwing ban on the three-day total timeframe right here I'd probably be looking for another test back up to test the truck to test the top Tyrande ban tomorrow but I would be looking looking for a rejection there as well so we will also likely can fluently close these three days Stokes to the downside which has not voted too well for for price section in the past you know especially in this range historically speaking a lot of nasty dumps call off this region not only that but we would also we wouldn't we would not confirm a three-day bearish divergence here we'd actually we actually have a lot more to do with that would still say take below ten thousand three hundred but that would imply you know more hefty price action down and typically I like to target the twenty one I spent show on that and that's all the way down around eighty five hundred which is gonna be actually confluent with a massive gap on CME's down here as well coming in back from this this territory and 14th of June so a few weeks ago at 8500 exactly and what's up oh man I can barely read a name but I do want to say hey welcome and good to meet you my friend and welcome to the cave so back onto the charts right here that is what's at stake right now for the two day and three day both closing tonight what's wrong chart there we go and even this is like not not a good shot anymore it's like G Dax is the best one because bitstamp for whatever reason just let go of all their fucking in history what the fuck's going on here man trading me really fucking up I really want that bit are that that stamp chart back anyways so with all of that said those are the two biggest biggest things happening tonight but tomorrow is a big day as well and so I think it's I think it warrants you know a little bit of talking a little bit a little bit of prep talk for this one and those two things that that are any tonight we will have Weibo obviously have clarity on that you know and just well not not a few hours but later today what what this leads on into tomorrow is going to be though weekly monthly and quarterly close let's talk about these and how that's going to shape it if Bitcoin does reject from the top troll and a ban on the to day and three day they were probably also gonna you know be rejecting from the week lead the the top of the weekly troll new ban as well and this gonna start to look like a massive shooting star dildo but if we close anywhere above about 11,000 150 then we're actually still technically training to the outside of it and still always well and good even on this falling flop climax what typically don't like to do but but uh but looking at weekly Stokes here we do see weekly Stokes headed down for the first time since literally early February so these are likely to hold some weight here even with their first cross down I mean it's it's one of those things I would not want to trade against it if this does get confirmed because we do have daily agreeing we do have two-day agreeing we have three-day on the verge of a green and weekly is gonna confirm tomorrow if we basically closed anywhere below especially below 12,000 but I'd imagine be below 12,500 these will still be gaining momentum so do keep your eyes on that because this will have some major mass vacations with the price action and that's the tentacle it's kind of giving us insight into what price section it's more likely to do here so I do actually lean a little bit towards I actually do lean a little bit more towards the downside but let's take this one step further and also I suppose it's worth mentioning that if we to get stifled here weekly our sides still still still in question we don't know just yet it's – it would be too hard to kind of kind of analyze that but now let's go and actually look at a chart of expected moves for right now this is on oh let's go to a daily let's go on a daily and we're looking at this first ring right here the first standard deviation which is 68% chance to happen very very high in comparison to the second standard deviation which is you know 95 sorry 95 percent chance of happening so i meanso take literally less than 5 percent chance you know just trade outside and then the red would be the one the the third standard deviation away from away from price action with regards to volatility and that would be sorry the best way to explain this is this is this is expected moves based off of historic historical volatility essentially using standard deviations anyway it's the third the third ring is what I'd like to say but it's really the third standard deviation here is literally less than 1% chance of happening so that would be quite a quite you know quite a big leap and that's all the way at 13100 for today and 10,500 for today the second ring as you can see is 10902 12,600 and the first ring which is essentially where all of our you know where all of our all of our shit kind of relies right now is between twelve thousand two hundred and eleven thousand three hundred so this is this is gonna come down to the wire here and that's what this does tell us now let's take this out just one step further by going to a higher time for gonna go to the monthly and then and then the quarterly actually so starting off with motherfucker and bit stamps not gonna have the price act motherfucker that's so awful we can go over here to be Alec's index so that that'll be okay let's take this off and we do see actually the monthlies are gonna be are gonna try to test the top or the gender bands there that is pretty damn fucking strong and if we can actually if we actually did close anywhere above 13200 I would be looking for Bitcoin to go quite literally more parable than what you're looking at right now this is moon boy talk I do apologize about this I don't mean to I don't mean I don't intend to cause any FOMA but if we do see tomorrow monthlies close above 13,200 I would be looking for I'd be looking for 20,000 before end of year really we're actually gonna expand on that point in just second looking at monthly monthly Stokes plenty of room to roll here looking very very good very very erect just like we saw in 2015 on the turnaround and bullish meant to mean gained right here same thing with the our aside the our sighs free tuck the the exponential and accelerating into the bullish control zone the first time in a very long time well over a year and the you know you see that the first time after being away from it for a long time is typically a you know typically a damn good time not only that but I think it's also worth mentioning that we will be seen at no I mean pretty much no matter what it convergence on the read 10 simple in the yellow 21s Duntroon average which you know that's a lower period getting close to a higher period coming from the downside so it would suggest that trend is strengthening to the upside and we're actually need a Polish cross relatively soon and again you know just one of those things where I want to keep my eyes on it let's now it now let's bring this out to the star of the show and so this is gonna be that the quarterly chart which is any tomorrow at 8 p.m. Eastern Time as well so major major things happening tomorrow and what do we see here the quarterly chart is actually pushing the top trolling demand right here now we are pretty damn close to it it is coming in around 11,000 let's call it eleven thousand three hundred so if Bitcoin does close tomorrow above eleven thousand three hundred I would say the the chances of Bitcoin getting back to twenty thousand before and if you are extremely high actually if that were to happen again if if if this you know we need to see this first happen and then I can make a statement like that but I'll go out on the limb here and this is one of the few times that I feel it's warranted to be little bit of you know a little bit more on the little bit more on the the chief I'm becoming a fucking permeable for fuck's sake this so ridiculous I mean I can't not look at this chart and be fuckin bullish the thing is that we're dealing with really really big numbers here so the the ranges naturally are gonna be absolutely devastating ly nasty but when you look at it from this perspective you can see this is actually quite orderly with a quarterly chart you know even when this is also of course on log scale you no doubt about that but you can see here hey if we do close above that pivot which our actual chart which were actually very well above it right now I'm not interested in short in Bitcoin I'll put it that way and I'd be probably loves I'd say I'd say 20,000 before before end of year extremely likely I mean shit man even maybe even in the neck in the next three months if we start pushing this top troll into bands that would look pretty fucking right not only that but we do have quarterly Stokes paying down this whole way from January 2018 to basically where we are right now and you can see that Bitcoin you know from this perspective again this is log scale no doubt about that but we basically you know we haven't done too much damage to price section especially with the recent Aven and that's just allowing that also to reset and typically that's pretty fucking bullish so you can't say that we've also been riding this yellow 21 accident renewed average up the whole way and quite powerful as well and that's something that used to using my former life as a market maker authorized hurt on the foreign exchange market a judge of stocks were generally bullshit generally bearish over a long period of time typically I'd do it on the monthly but on the quarterly right here you can see that Bitcoin has never even really coming – never really even come into like major contact with being and super in in big trouble I mean we did have a we'd have a scare here and here but as you can see it held up valiantly and well done by Bitcoin Bulls anyway so that's what's at stake right now so understand the way that the lower timeframes are going to lead into the higher time frames and the macro timeframe so lower timeframes again very very very very very small range of course but it does it does have carry on over into the higher time frame so this is your four hour range between twelve thousand four hundred and eleven and ten thousand seven hundred obviously we do have this this actionable area right here at about 11,500 although I'm wouldn't really be taking trades based off that it's it seeds guys that change them because we trade above this guy if we actually start closing four hours old above this guy today then I'd be looking I'd be looking for those higher targets to be hit based off the our time frames just because then our two days gonna start training outside and that's gonna lead into the monthly very very life he's training outside tomorrow and also the quarterly very likely as well tomorrow by the same token to the downside would would be more in line with a healthy pull back down into the sub 10000 region most likely 9500 sorry ten thousand ninety five hundred and eighty five hundred all areas of interest and for right now you know bitcoin literally right in the middle estranged I'm not I'm probably not I'm not gonna be able to call it here if I had to be in my opinion on it I actually do think that um III think that I think that bitcoin does have a little bit of downside here but again my opinion is fucking worthless man I'm not trading this one and sorry I should for full disclosure I am running a few positions on options here you can see that's running about not 0.31 PNL on these July calls that I sold right just these guys selling them right now the money here just for premium essentially uh selling them a couple days ago just because they're they're fucking wildly price the thing is is that the market makers for options probably have no idea how to price these things and I I don't blame them I don't I don't know how you can price these things it's fucking impossible right now it's we're dealing with a completely new asset and like what you go off of for this I mean shut you know you know using your tools from like other commodities like gold or oil or something like that is knocking is it's just it's not gonna it's not gonna even make sense with Bitcoin right here that's a problem with it so yeah you know I've been doing that and then put on a little bit of a spread with these July 26 expiration obviously with my spa positions here still holding the same futures positions my my my June position did expire yesterday and then I did something very very very very very noob I want to be very open and honest about this very transparent because holy shit Matt I feel so embarrassed but you know my perpetual position that I started at thirty nine thirty that one I fucked up I was attempting to add on to a position on on the December futures guy wanted to put that same June June futures position on to December just rolled essentially and what did I end up doing I ended up buying a hundred thousand perps instead just rushing to get into position because I saw the liquidity there I saw that someone was offering like one hundred fifty thousand contracts and I was like oh shit I'm surprised they're doing this on the December futures I I want to get in right here and that well obviously you can see it didn't go too damn well I did it on the perps and that raised up my average price a ton but that's more of an ego thing it doesn't really change anything at the end of the day you know I probably be paying more in funding right now which is not the best either but I can certainly work around it as time goes on but again you know I'm not gonna snakes all the fucking time and so it's it's one of the it's just another reminder hey don't get ahead of yourself don't fucking front run your own self and take it one step at a time so for right now you know I'm just kind of letting it run I don't really I don't really have any real open Delta's on you know on you know on my on my on my spot positions I guess I'm I guess I'm slightly long like something like almost one Bitcoin long about three-quarters of the Bitcoin long but it's no it's not not real position not not real risk it's the options that I have on right now which I'm just using the topside the range and if we trade to the downside I'll probably put on the I'll probably put on the the strangle but I'm not quite sure to said I want to I want to see how price action unfolds and I really want to see the closure so later tonight because that's that's gonna dictate our pace going forwards here anyways um let's go check out CME's how do they close for Friday because they are not gonna be trading over the weekend and Cimiez closed very good they close very very very very very well sorry it's a red terminology and we do see I mean buy price action standards they did we do see however daily Stokes having a fresh cross to the downside and not so good there would you see daily RS I'm bearish divergence um being confirmed here actually and losing the exponential along the way but we've already had a pretty nasty trade I mean that's a 25 percent retracement you know not so helpful right that's um that's the difficulty with trading counter trend it's like much rather have a bullish you know a bullish divergence signal in a bull market those are the ones that are gonna play out extremely well bearish divergence in a bullish market its mmm difficult man and super fun it's it makes it a lot more difficult looking at the weekly the weekly did close with a nice body on it and we are training still outside the top trone demand for the weekly so I'd have to say based off the weekly this would this would be bullish for for spot underlying charts just because well they're gonna get I mean we're likely gonna get marked off that coming into uh Sunday when they open back up again so that's that's gonna that's gonna likely be a magnet for for for a spot for a spot price action but again I'd rather just let things unfold here but that would be a that would certainly be on the more bullish so I would say that we get pulled back up above 12,000 that's gonna have obviously Karen over into the lower timeframes gonna move that area which has carry on over into the monthly and the quarterly and you know you already know where that's going but I do you think it's also worth mentioning that's a Fibonacci retracement from the ultimate how do the ultimate low does have a lovely set up with the areas that we're looking at that the not 0.33 a2 is coming in right around 10,000 region matched up with this gap on price action I'll smash it up with some horizontal supports and and whatnot you know some in also moving out I think the 21 I spent show on the daily was there as well in spot and then the 8500 gap right here there is an area actually between the 3a 2 and the 2 3 6 I don't have it in right here just because it's usually it's gonna make the things too too too cluttered but but but trust said it is there and that would also be mashing up with that area so downside targets if we were to actually break down here would be those areas and does look to me like Bitcoin wants to sweep this area once again around the low 11 thousands anyways what else do we got so let's go to see how GBC closed the week GBC closing on on an up note actually not bad but getting reject from this horizontal right here island top still in place I'm not a big fan of this actually that would be a little more on the bear side as well weekly did close with a massive massive lug but we did close above the top trona band we are doing this on evolving climax as well this is what makes me very apprehensive usually you see usually see major tops major bottoms being put in on volume flowing flag climaxes what you see right here just major major volume being poured into the market you know and this stands out head and shoulders above everything else really so that that be a little more on the bear son from you as well I do want to check out how the miners are doing this is a mining stock and trades okie seem right at resistance as well you know why do you think that this one is actually bottoming out right here and is gonna be preparing for a move towards about 25 cent I'm not in this I'm not so sure it's ready just yet that's a pretty nasty rejection so far so I'd give it some time but so far you know if I've you know just looking at more secondary type stuff would be more you know that's I guess it'd be a little more on the on the on the on the correction side if you want to call it that and then we can also look at the Bitcoin Long's and shorts which we do have actually over 30,000 shorts for the first time in a very long time and about 20 and a half thousand open longs we do have 3,000 Scots head so it's really twenty seven and a quarter versus twenty and a half so that imbalance is greatly in favor of the shorts and store Klee speaking anywhere above 30,000 shorts open shorts is where is where we do because where we do come into you know into issues with price action that has aligned with the too many people on the bus event right you know because if people have already sold if they have already shorted then you know they have less ammo to use later on as there's only so much in the margin funding pool and looking at looking at this right here you can't say that we're we're certainly above the median for this and historically speaking certainly above forty thousand to open shorts it's like extremely bad but thirty thousand you know does put some pressure on price action so this would be on the more bullish side again all this is mental masturbation the levels are very clear the levels the levels ought to be going off of our 100% you know just note those Jesus Christ man about that very very very very unprofessional but but my point is that you know wit wit you know with that in mind the levels are very very clear those are the things that'll be going off of this is all mental masturbation just for you know really for YouTube fun but yeah shorts getting shots getting out there once again Long's actually below twenty thousand and it's directly speaking when Long's get below twenty thousand that's actually lines up with a pretty big pump so is it possible that Bitcoin just fucking moon shots here and and and and takes it takes us higher and higher actually yes actually yes it is so that's that's I mean Jesus Christ man it's like you can't find anything in this market to agree with each other this is why I'm waiting for this level to get hit and nothing else okay cool so let's go check out the other top ship points really quick we got mister beater all here to 95 to 97 and a half how's he doing um holding up relatively uh yeah came down to our to our to our 290 support once again is bouncing off it but um this this one's difficult here we're still just consulting the prior dildo really it's what's happening if we go down to a lower timeframe I'm sure that we can come up with a similar range to Bitcoin yeah you can in fact you can even adjust this this trendline here and it be and to be more or less the same if we do break back above about 310 I'd be looking for a move just to float you know technically target would be 33:30 but ultimately just beyond just generally bullish by the same token if we do break this guy to the downside I'm gonna adjust it down to about 290 even just to be more conservative then I'd be looking for another move to 25 and we'll reassess if you know if we get down around there but for right now still you know right in the middle this range it's not really too much to be had on this one if you want to be more conservative I would be using this pivot point for the upside about 315 what do our technicals say daily daily Stokes still down what about to day to day Stokes down what about three day three day soaks down weekly down weekly our aside gonna be no no no divergence there three day is gonna be working on some divergence so if we do head further south we'll have met it will have implications with price action same thing with two days well if we even trade below 275 and a half that's gonna be problems probably back down to at the very least 265 and more likely about 250 but again you know it's it's it's it's gonna be running off what Bitcoin does so whatever Bitcoin does you can you can likely expect to be able to follow them but for right now you know just holding it right in this region I don't have a key I don't have a huge bias on price action here I'd suppose this would be a little bit more bearish leaning back down to about 283 but I'll leave it at that what about missus like coin ooh back below 120 mm yeah missus like what ya missin missus like when a mr. Peter will actually look a lot less healthy than than Bitcoin both both these charts looking like they're actually forming a little bit of redistribution especially missus litecoin we see distribution at the top a nice y pop distribution top massive volume falling in on this first leg down so the markdown hit and then we and then right now we're just rican Saudi and so this is look it's looking a little bit more like redistribution here we do see daily dailies really trying to hold it again we can make the same sort of range I'd imagine for for missus litecoin here I pretty you know pretty damn stock standard right here's your support whereas here's your resistance and let's just actually raise it up be a little more conservative top of the range 122 and a half bottom of the range 114 whichever way that we break is gonna be the next big direction if we break to the upside I'd be I'd be looking for a move back to like 135 and probably beyond if we break to the downside I'd be looking for a move likely to actually 100 over time well first talk would be 100 105 then we'd then we talk about 100 cycle cool but yeah anyways what else we got in the other top Chicoine so we got gold over here my favorite my favorite shit coin umm massive rejection right at this level once again 14000 sorry 1425 I am still I'm still bullish on gold a longer term but a shorter term I am probably looking for this guy to have a pullback anywhere around 1380 would would look about right 1380 1385 would look about fine lower timeframes just consolidating to me yeah I just kind of just kind of play in this area out about yeah it does have some work to do but 1385 would would look nice 13 80s region wouldn't look nice I don't think that you get the full and retest of the broken resistance markets aren't that generous especially for gonna fully break out so that it should be quite suspect if we try to DAP back down to 13 70 but for right now 1382 1385 would look at that 10 symbol is getting up there real fast it's getting up there real it's actually at 13 90 right now you know what I'd have to I'd have to pull my opinion away from the lower timeframes just say hey look at the higher time frames make it easy on yourself it's good it's fucking good man I still do have a measure move pointed up a significantly higher towards 15 15 actually Linkwood sneaky oh my god oh my fucking god link is so powerful holy shit so this is what I mean again an example of the strong getting structure link is so damn good again I don't have targets for this thing it's bullish as fuck it hit my most bullish target you know right on this run at 31,000 even overshot it by a little bit it's it's it's overall boss there's no real talks to be had here it's just good it's what it is we do see daily so having a fresh cross me outside holy shit man this thing this thing can really roll here daily our side mmm mm-hmm could be problems at a later time but but still for now okay what about three day and three days just gonna look like one Matt this is this is good this is fucking good Mountain there there's no universe where that is not good we knew ice as we spoke Dutch man I thought I was studying phrase when I said that yesterday but hey there you go what about card ano Cardoni oh not not looking as good so not all alts are in fact most alts are not looking anywhere near that in fact most lots are looking something like this struggling to hold on to lows now this doesn't discount the fact that the dollar parent probably just look fine we can look at it right here don't worry parent looks like it's consolidating so probably move back down to eight cents but I do think that it bounced there and overall I do think that this one does does make a run for you know about note about it but I don't know 12 cents 11 and a half cents over time but right now still consolidated see it's a Bitcoin parent that's getting absolutely shrekt so when bitcoins down bad when bitcoins up bad when Bitcoin sideways good but we need to go sideways for a little bit more what we really need to watch there's a Bitcoin dominus chart here which the Dominus chart is Oh motherfucker they've got they bastards they fucking bastards they delete all the past prior history and now we can't go and back test it but we did have a nice horizontal right here yeah this is this won't even look read the the see I was completely wrong we should be around a 64 read yeah this is unfortunate I think trading is just kind of fucking up today let's see BMB con what's what's being be coin doing again looking looking like it's kind of losing its footing here I don't like these consecutive clothes below the 21 X pencil and I wonder if we're breaking this trendline here no we're not no we're not confirmed below just yet but mmm for our Oh for you know at it you know in this sort of situation I'd actually just lined this one up with the 200 exponential just because I'd put more weight on this as it's more you know it's a calculated type thing where it's a diagonal trendline is very very variable but I would say that the second we break this area right here 33 and a 33 38 cents yeah we're gonna we're gonna see some downside back to about 32 and a quarter and if that does not hold we will be coming back down to about 30 and a half actually but for now I still think that it is kind of holding it I give it the benefit of doubt just in case how if you are charting it like this which is is valid 1 2 3 4 touches that should be valid technically broken were actually just retested it right now but I gave it the benefit of doubt just because the exponential I do put more weight on then then diagnose supporting resistance z cash would see cash during daily daily kind of flagging out did regain the blue three seven cent expense rune average so why do you think that is setting up over time and you do see a nice support ledge being formed right around 106 tested multiple times and continue to hold like a champ I do you think that this one works its way towards 134 Z cash looks looks good here be cash on the other hand not so much again same sort of thing being held back here needs to trade back above for 30 knots for 38 and a half for me to be a believer if we if we fail to do that I mean if we fail especially to get back above 455 and close some dailies about there I would be looking for further downside but same thing here is kind of BM B right we have this trendline formula right here and is this basically just one massive one massive what's it called us any triangle and this is actually a great buy right here perhaps but I'd be looking at the lower timeframes here if we do close for for our deals below 410 I'd be looking for the bearish side of this one to play out and we're gonna be coming back down very likely towards 369 and Beyond 2 3 336 if that would happen above right now give it the benefit of doubt and probably probably like just gonna follow the rest of marking what's is what's most likely tron cash coming back down support I do you think that it tries to bounce here three and a half cent neo what's neo doing neo same thing coming back down to support does it try to bounce here or not it's gonna fall the rest of the market but probably little more downside to 17 dollars even and then try bounce there EOS splits es doing six but six dollars came down to our support right here bouncing off that valiantly right now I do think that I do you think that it's a little more juice in the tank for this guy maybe test back around six 650s region what is the deal with like yeah day looks like all the other ones as well so again it's this trend light we see the same rising trend line form on basically all of them so if one breaks they're probably all gonna break what's most likely to happen and again for our right here any for our double close below 572 and a half and I'd be looking for further downside to next target of five dollars even and beyond ripple me nipples a losing its footing as well but still holding the hunka hold onto the same trendline hate crazy right most this market moves together daily you know is this a great buy or not I mean it's it's it's a trade setup nonetheless no matter which way you kind of cut this cheese it's still a trade setup right if you put it if you place trade here you have very natural stop just right here and you know for all intents purposes well this one still just game is supporting resistance so I'd give it out actually give it the benefit the doubt even with the weekly longer term I do think that this thing does hit 52 cents and 60 cents but for right now and a little bit of a decision phase Manero what's been a motherfucker they got rid of them in our chart to bastards it's gonna do what the rest of the market does upside one 115 downside 88 Jesus Christ man that's awful stellar what stellar doing lost its flying formation so this one was holding its down support its hit our next target after that happened we did we didn't move down to that 10.8 cent region and now struggling here this is this is not looking good actually I usually actually I actually love to be a bar on the white Tron it's simple especially on a daily or higher this one mmm I mean does it end up being redrawn like this maybe but I'm not so I'm not so sure of that just yet look at the weekly for a second week looks bad we look like weekly loss bearish weekly wants to come down to 9.8 sin I I don't like it I don't like that one let's go check out traditional marks really quick 293 so traditional markets looking very very good closing out the month strong and everything getting marked up weekly closing above our top resistance and monthly more importantly is gonna be closing almost damn close to a bullish engulfing but not quite there but overall you know a lot of good things happening here we do see monthly Stokes gonna be gaining more momentum the upside holding the same area for the past 10 years since 2009 weekly stokes gonna be having a fresh cross the upside defending the bullish control zone as we approach as we approach essentially the prior highs I'd use I would have to be bullish on after we I'd have to maintain my bullish stance on on traditional marks here so back on a Bitcoin Bitcoin come on baby you coming down or what what's going on here yep losing a little bit more of its footing so you know short term target of 10 of 11,200 probably does probably does try a bounce on the lower time from there but remember and I'm gonna wrap this bitch up here remember how the low timeframes are interrelated between the medium and the higher time frames and the ranges that be that I really have massive implications with the greater direction on Bitcoin is this right here 12400 to the upside and 10700 to the downside a for our total close above this is the upsides gonna have a cascade of events most likely with leading onto the monthly and quarterly and then I just generally be bullish for all sorts of crazy permeable numbers that I don't want to say right now and if we move to the downside and take out ten thousand seven hundred so the downside to be looking for a move to the six one eight at 10,000 look for a balance there and then we and then we'll reassess but I would tempted we say probably do you have some lower it some lower to go if that would happen but for right now I don't think it's appropriate to to talk about that anyways with all that said I do want to wish you all on this lovely Saturday mornings start to your weekend a weekend of no rest and no relaxation because your goddamn cryptocurrency Magican a money trader so that means well no rest for the wicked my friends anyways with all that said wishing you well from over here from Helsinki Finland take care and see you soon


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  • Daddy Covfefe says:

    (Insert unoriginal hair joke here) Timestamps for comedians:
    1:50 Regions to watch
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    30:45 ADA
    31:26 BTC Dominance Chart
    31:48 BNB
    32:49 ZEC
    33:58 TRON
    34:02 NEO
    34:13 EOS
    34:46 XRP
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  • If we do happen to move down. CME gap would be covered. @Krown do gaps like that in the CME always need to be filled 100%?

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  • Lukas Hougen says:

    If Tradingview history is gone from the chart, just reload the tab and/or switch to a different time frame and back. Works for me.

  • Nano Science says:

    I dont know if i love your TA more or your humor. ANNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYY NEEWWWWSSSSSSSSS GUYYYSSSS?? ANY NEWSSS????

  • Nicklas Baesler says:

    Can bitcoin go to 20000 before 2020 ? LOL is that a serious question ? It could go to 20000 tonight. Will it ? likely not but it just went from 3000 to 14000 in a few months. it only needs 45% to break 20,0000 from 14,000.

  • PlanetMusk Vlog says:

    So you buy call options when price hits the top of a range in hopes of a breakout, but if it rejects rather than breaks out, you add a “strangle” by buying PUTS to offset downward price action? I have yet to attempt this, I usually just let it die at zero. Why not just sell for a loss rather than strangling the position?

  • Michal Jasinek says:

    Fuck man. You are one of few (literally, just 1-3 people) genuine btc traders out there on yt. You know your shit and I totally dig your authentic living/trading style. You must continue doing these streams forever.

  • PlanetMusk Vlog says:

    Tone Vays used to have terrible hair too… until he shaved it off… you may consider taking some wool shears to that

  • My Wife doesn't believe in me says:

    Hey Krown, 15:57 , 20k isn't that ridiculous. Its the psychology of these large numbers that make us think its alot, we should really be looking at the usd value for a satoshi now rather than a whole bitcoin as it would help to make things like 100k and 1mil seem less ridiculous

  • so do I buy just one Btc to start with now or still wait ? thanks a lot! I love you and your videos I have started watching your course

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    Eric where are you staying in Chciago next week ?! would be grate to meet for tea ( you don't drink Alcoholorcoffe :), will you stay for a while , ?!

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    I SuB to Krown's Crypto Cave… day later Krown is a PermaBull on Bitcoin…..My job is done! 😎

  • Hi Krown, many thanks for your exceptional TA & twisted humour. I am wondering if Mrs Litecoin is a precursor for the market? She is having a bounce now, will Mr Buterol & BTC be next? I have been a subscriber since 3K subs & think 30K subs will be incoming soon. Wishing your fine self & Elsa the Super-Finest. p.s. Link has been exceptionally nice 🙂

  • Mario Vandenbossche says:

    Hi Krown, what is your opinion about xrp? is it an oportunity or a bubble? Thank you in advance. Grz Mario ( Belgium )

  • You have kept us all un check the entire bear market. When you channel your inner moon boy, man it gets me fukin happy! 😃😎

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