BTC mining – 8x faster than CryptoTab google extension (CRYPTOTAB BROWSER)

BTC mining – 8x faster than CryptoTab google extension (CRYPTOTAB BROWSER)

ok there so a while ago in the CryptoTab extension it was just 40, 38 or 39 hash power so here in this CryptoTab Browser it doubled, tripled and 4x depending on your CPU of your laptop Hello are you one of those people who want to earn extra income online? If yes, go click the subscribe button and also click the bell so that you will be notified on my new videos in where we can earn from Hello guys and welcome back to my channel and for today I will talk about and share to you one way so that we can mine more or to get more hash power here in CryptoTab so here for everyone who lost faith or became lazy because of the slow mining of CryptoTab Because before it was just a Google extension now this is your chance to have faith again in CryptoTab because it now has CryptoTab Browser so there I will leave below where you can download it and there Let’s start on how to demo this CrptoTab Browser so there If you clicked the link on my description this is what comes out so this is it CryptoTab Browser so Before, if you notciced CrytoTab was just an extension of Google Chrome and there Because of the so many miners and users of CryptoTab They made their own Browser so there so here is the interface of this website so CryptoTab Browser lightweight, and fast ready for mining so here there is download CryptoTab Browser so there it is said we should will try their CryptoTab Browser and they will give us 8x faster compared to the Google Chrome extension so there ok so let’s now try to download and of course, accept and install and there will appear here below if you would like to keep or discard so we will keep it means we will download it so there CryptoTab Browser is 44.9 MB and because I already downloaded it ok I have installed it already and here is our CryptoTab Browser so here it is there so as you can see ok as you can see the hashpower that it gives to us from CryptoTab ok it depends on the usage of your computer or your laptop a while ago I got 150 hashpower per second so if you have noticed other Bitcoin cloud mining they give about 100 hashpower free so here in CryptoTab they give us times 8 compared to the CryptoTab Google extension so there you can see it mines super fast right now and this of course as usual you can see the difference or the mined Bitcoin free Bitcoin within maybe 20 minutes so a while ago I tried to put it in Paint I screenshoot it so that I can see the difference so here is a while ago ok a while ago I had only 22,000 Satoshi and there I used CryptoTab I automatically got + 1000 Satoshi so it is now 23 Satoshi so there that is how fast it is and ok For those laptop it maybe mines faster If it is plugged to a power supply of course it is faster on a computer because umm… it is always plugged to a power supply right? so there so we can see CryptoTab ok for example let’s compare before on the CryptoTab Google extension so I will first close this so that we can see there so were on Google Chrome this is the typical Google Chrome so let’s go to more tools extensions and you can see this is my CryptoTab we’ll just turn it on so ok let’s click CryptoTab here and of course, we will mine MAX! so there you can see in the normal CryptoTab is only 36 or 37, 38, 39, 40 hash power per second so a while ago we will compare it to CryptoTab the CryptoTab Browser gives so high compared to this CryptoTab Google extension so let’s close it turn off cause I don’t like it to be seen or you can delete it so let’s now click this CryptoTab Browser and there here above it is still here let’s turn it on ok let’s try it because it’s generating Bitcoin mining that’s why it quite slow and my internet is also quite slow let’s wait ok there so I while ago in the CryptoTab extension it was just 40, 38, 39 hashpower so there here in CryptoTab Browser it doubled, tripled and 4x depending on the CPU usage of your laptop so if your laptop is new much bigger is your hashpower per second and so there of course the typical Google CryptoTab you of course login your account here so that you can start mining and here put it to max ok so I tried to withdraw again and here let’s watch the payment history there I already got or I withdrew 60,000 Satoshi here in CryptoTab so there actually it is still legit It is really legit and there they just gave us greater oppurtunity so that we can mine Bitcoin without investments so there guys I will put it again in the description below the link and where you can download this CryptoTab Browser so there this is a typical browser you can browse here example: there it is even more faster it loads super fast example: youtube and so on anything it just like any browser but it has its own generator so there guys thank you for watching and as you can see I got a little active on posting videos because ok I’m fixing the new complan of 2,000 membership of there Thank you guys for watching and of course hit the thumbs up and I need your subscription and there Have a great day!


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