Breaking News! Litecoin Official Cryptocurrency Of NFL Miami Dolphins!

Breaking News! Litecoin Official Cryptocurrency Of NFL Miami Dolphins!

Wasco guys you're here with the crypto mug investors and today we're back at yet again delivering you your moonboy nonsense whatever the phrase is James you say it you say it a daily dose of moonboy nonsense and guys I'm telling you we got some moonboy nonsense today if anything it's tops any moonboy nonsense we've ever told you before yeah this is this is premium creme de la creme moon boy nonsense ladies and gentlemen but before we get into it I want to give a huge huge shout out to everyone who has been supporting this channel over the last month well actually since we started cuz there's always been great support but the last month you guys have really really kicked it up again and it's amazing so my love goes out to each and every one of you who's been sponsoring us with donations and buying these t-shirts these finite t-shirts and the mugs you guys been buying up mugs as well to check out those crypto mugs from the crypto mug investors but get into the real news Mike I don't want to hear about mugs no they don't that's true that's true I'm getting distracted guys today so like my foundation I've just tweeted some pretty pretty juicy information okay um we don't even need to real – I'm just gonna tell you let me bring up the article Miami Dolphins guys Miami Dolphins I could not eat it like boy named official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins the Miami Dolphins guys this this is the NFL we're talking about this is huge in this taking these athlete endorsements to a whole new level guys this is premium premium stuff and it's gonna be the stadium itself will accept like coin from fans people are going to be incentive eyes to you like coin guys now if anything can make you feel good when like coins dip in like it is right now then this is it this is why you keep buying this stuff guys who cares about the short-term price what's going on here is a revolution yeah this is great you guys need to go and check this article out I'm gonna link it in the description below give it a read through I'm not gonna read through cuz I'm just gonna Muller all you guys we don't read stuff on this channel often and that's for a reason but this is huge I mean I don't know how many of you went and watched the interview we did the other day with CJ Sepang he plays soccer he's a striker for the Chicago fires you know and we were talking all about litecoin and their relationships they now have with these sports organizations and these sports athletes and apparently at like Quinn summit he was saying they're gonna have a panel for these athletes and he's been invited to go along and this just for many reasons we've said before this is insanely exciting because as we all know if you want to get something out there who better and to get sports teams they idolized and loved and watched by millions and millions and millions of people the exposure it brings you is off the charts guys I hate to do it but I've got to cool you out again smooth operator about a week or so ago you put a comment saying to me something like no one ever buys apart from speculation the only reason to ever buy is speculation that's it and I replied I've got you with a good comment I said well tell that to the glory fans that paid in light coin for perks and I got you and this now oh this is just another level guys what this means in real terms is that millions and millions of people that right now are not aware of crypto currencies don't know anything about it they're about to be exposed to it and better than that guys better than be exposed to they're gonna be bloody well incentivized to use it what more do you want to hear I'm not sure I'm not sure of there's incentives with this one that probably is suppose I write – how else are you gonna promote this new payment things I read through this so fast and then I just called you and got so excited and then we jumped on this and we're doing it I but I'm sure there is this mention of a raffle like I said I'm gonna link it you guys you go go and read this so I don't want to mess this up and get anything wrong for you guys but just the beyond everything the important thing is the exposure is the exposure that once again because because most of the world knows about Bitcoin now everyone knows that so the challenge for poins now is getting to that next level of exposure and some of them are starting to do that like point being one of them and they are actually leagues and bounds ahead of many of the old coins now especially with moves like this with getting the light coming logo on the UFC Octagon map during an enormous fight that's power and they even had Bruce Buffer who's the the commentator / announcer you know who stands in the Octagon and announces the fights he even of what he said was like coin he announced this saying you know do such and so I can't remember it but he gave an announcement about litecoin you've got glory the incentives there is there to be using light coin we've now got the Miami Dolphins we and there's actually many many more and it's hard for me to keep track of we've done videos and lots of the others they're doing the like alternation are absolutely on fire there is no other cryptocurrency out there with a team that do seem to be doing what they're doing in terms of awareness and adoption it's quite remarkable well that's twice that Icahn gets me so excited guys yeah it still ties in with what I wanted to talk about today like Mike's literally just called me about this and we've jumped on but I wanted to talk about the altcoins and the panic we're seeing right now because you guys know even me and Mike sold some of our drunk coins into Bitcoin and I've noticed across the space and across youtubers a lot of people are panicky selling everything for Bitcoin now see and that's not me I've got my big bag of alts and you all know what they are and I'm happy with them and I've been having a lot of deep thought the last couple of days and to me it feels like the bottom of Bitcoin in December and January I remember guys back then everybody in the space knew it was going to 1k it was confirmed it was agreed there was no moon boys left arguing any bull case nothing there was no sentiment left and it was at that moment the bottom was in and I feel like that again guys that this isn't a fact this is my gut feeling but from my couple of years in the market now I feel like wow when I'm when Twitter's are live with hate and fear for the altcoins and every he's now confirmed that only Bitcoin will succeed it makes me want to double down on my alts in this dick and then we get this litecoin news guys like what Lord you need to know to buy like coins someone tell me I think this I think it's a powerful message behind that that that message going around about all coins perhaps dying now and it's just being about Bitcoin I think it takes someone what it should make you do is just truly really think about what you've done and where you are and there's some happy medium in there in my opinion and that's that yet most things probably are gonna die I don't mean physically disappear and go to zero I'm sure that'll exist but as this market enters into new territory there'll be a few things that do that and then they'll always probably be a thousand or two thousand things that are just traded in a very illiquid place for people to speculate on but there's gonna be a few things that make it and I think that's that's what I get from it where everyone's saying you know all coins are dead just by Bitcoin just by Bitcoin I understand that but I think even those people don't truly believe that it's just gonna be Bitcoin there's gonna be other things that do incredibly well but it's just understanding that it probably isn't gonna be the number hundred coin you know it's gonna be a very small few coins that do it so really pay attention to where you are but that's just how I take it personally yeah we both become a little bit more Bitcoin maximalist over time we definitely value Bitcoin more than any other coin in the space I don't think it will offer the most returns but I've also learned that you know what I can't pick the best winner there's gonna be coins out there guys it could be anywhere on the market cap list that could do a hundred x they could do a thousand X seven thousand that we could see crazy moves but to think that you can pick that that's the ludicrous part so what Mia might try and do is we're trying our best to invest and find enough reasons to put our money places and coins like litecoin guys it just gets better and better I need to do less talking myself into that by the day guys we are seeing that grow like Bitcoin group it has a huge community passionate community people are actively pushing for adoption we have great people on the dev side of things there's everything you need in a currency is there and what I like about it is it's not trying to offer everything it's not one of these smart contract platforms gonna kill it gonna dominate finance gonna get rid of insurance companies no it's sound money is very easy to get your head around the concept and when we know there's so many coins out there that are trying to replace Bitcoin the BS vs and a Bitcoin caches they're there to compete and to take it out like coins complimentary it always has been it always will be and that is gonna mean more and more over time and I think over the last six months that's already started to mean a lot more now people are filtered through the junk people have got their heads around the ico mania that happened and they've realized okay like coins legit it's OG it's worth billions it's never had any down time what what could you trust what could you put large amounts of money in or what could you use as a currency like coin outside does what it says on the tin I mean every massive product in the world and in every massive business they have a great marketing strategy marketing is everything when it comes to brand awareness and like kinda killing it there even if it was trying to compete with Bitcoin even if it was and it was claiming it's gonna kill Bitcoin I tell you what you'd be having a bloody you go it but it would because all the new people who are now gonna learn about it because of all this exposure they're very ignorant to Bitcoin in the way we all are cuz they're new so that's what I'm saying if like one really was trying to dethrone it I see you may have more of a case than many other things peeling because it's getting such powerful brand awareness but of course that's not the case it isn't trying to kill it it's trying to work with it and that's that's fantastic because you know it's not just like coin wherever there's like when there's always Bitcoin so they work just amazingly together and you know back to what you were saying before James about all those crazy old coin moves and how all those people trying to guess that good for the what people also need to forget is seem to forget is this and that's that unless you are an experienced trader you might pick an altcoin that is right now I don't know a hundred and fifty on coin market cap and maybe you get lucky and that one really does move it goes crazy are you can I really ever sell that because look what happened before right go back to 2017 all the ico is okay if you'd have bought Bitcoin or bought ICO is what would you have made more money in I cos I cos at that time it was as soon as they had a far far greater percentage return but you know what I don't know many people that took those profits they all bag held him down to zero meaning that I would have just bought Bitcoin although at the peak might have made less where they've only ever held all this time later their bitcoins worth way more money yeah then they're all coins though those icos so what my point with this is if you're like us and you're not trying to actively trade you're trying to accumulate for your future as an investment perhaps like a pension then don't get too caught up in something that could run because those things are very illiquid those things can be print extremely eat you know easily you know and yeah my go up a hundred percent two hundred percent a thousand decks it might do that but unless you're sharp and you're on the button and you know what you're doing if your song is just simply huddling and don't be stupid don't because I know so many people who have that house on next move but then rode that all the way back down whereas if they did just bought Bitcoin yes their game would have been less at one point but all this time later they've lost far less value yeah and they probably have it all back now if they'd have kept accumulating and right but the same Bitcoin here but I think that applies now to some of the other kryptos that are also in a different league it's gonna be a few in my opinion and like going to set himself up to be one of them 100% as you James said it sound money it does what it says on the tin it's not trying to be this overly complicated thing it's trying to be some where you can store your value and Trust in a network that's working 24/7 you said the other day you tried to make a payment in you and yes twice in one day I got shut off by my own bank I was furious guys it's my money is my card there's a bank they're having issues whereas litecoins is working 24 hours a day just doing this thing it's working no employee can mess something up that day no system can crash which acts as a result of you know where you can't pay for something so like Windows what it says in the Tim I think it's just amazing ran done I had the best point I just thought of and then I forgot it well then remember it man yes it yes I've remembered it silver to gold guys you've got to remember that our brains all tick a certain way we all have similar education in school and then no matter what countries you live in you more or less have similar jobs doing similar things we you know we all are on a kind of similar base level at least even though we're different and now what have we grown up being brainwashed into silver and gold guys they have value and have done the thousands and thousands of years and will continue to now in this new blockchain world we have the silver and the gold bitcoin and litecoin and there's enough of us that see it that way and I think because people do see silver and gold together that's why I think people will embrace a bitcoin and litecoin because we're all made the same and we're all used to these things and I think that's just easy I like the way that's very easy for anyone to understand okay right like coins are silver to the gold it doesn't mean that it definitely will play out that way but I think psychologically the way we all tick and the fact that like coin is not going after Bitcoin it's not trying to take out guys it is trying to help and it's in fact a very good testbed for stuff to be worked on before implementing on Bitcoin they go hand in hand guys yeah I'm just really here launching for the 2019 NFL season the collaboration with the Miami Dolphins gives litecoin the ability to tap into one of the NFL largest and most passionate fan bases through in-game branding and advertising opportunities at Hard Rock Stadium as well as inclusion across the team teams various online proper properties and digital content I mean that's pretty cool in there yeah I'm trying to read this while you're talking but I don't get too distracted but definitely give this a read guys it's extremely exciting as we've made our case to you of why litecoin could be the next Bitcoin and again nothing to do a competition what I mean by that is in my opinion it's a coin that actually has the potential to do what Bitcoin did and keep getting ludicrously out-of-control value-wise yeah we did very recently the seventh check out guys why we think like coin could be at 7k in the future and I do think I'm talking about is another video we did and I think I think like me the next Bitcoin that was what it was called because we're seeing this guy's the crazy parts been done it's gone from zero point zero zero zero summing sense to over a hundred dollars guys that is ridiculous look at penny shares there are companies around the world guys things don't grow like that over seven years that doesn't happen and when you look at the passionate community when you look at the price growth I think it's only gonna grow over time who knows if we got a $50 first soon oh I hope we do i whole love to buy some $50 like coins but with news like this right now it brings me back to what I said earlier I think I'm also gonna run soon man we've all been waiting for altcoin season I've been waiting for it and I had this funny feeling that everybody's so bearish alts this could be your last chance to maybe scoop up some gems have you been waiting for some light coins maybe you get in there now if you're after some XRP that's died a death it's time to buy that – not financial advice cause financial maybe a lot of these dogs really do just go to zero and it's just Bitcoin who knows I don't personally think so but obviously the market is a really crazy place right now and maybe there's a lot of people who now think bitcoin is now just creating another descending triangle like it did before and it'll just come all the way back down obviously we have no way to verify whether that's gonna I think what's going on on the ground is too much is this too much going on now compared to last time during the last run as we've rented on to you guys multiple multiple times now central banks are here go back to where we were before that was just people like us okay now fast-forward to here now we've now got banks central banks there's even I was reading today about shale which is a huge oil company looking to invest in a theory based product okay so your oil companies are now here seeing this you've got the tech giants you've got Samsung involved we've got Microsoft though so you've got banks centers banks you've got your Facebook tech giants um what the other one has an oil companies well you guys are calling a top right now really so what I'm saying this is just names the richest entities in the world they're oil tech banks they are all now not secretively openly experimenting using this technology that wasn't here before before we were still under the illusion that people saying is rubbish it's not gonna work it's gonna die and then people like Jamie Dimon from these big banks would come out and say stuff like is useless is going nowhere now now they just do here they're still using it experimenting with it trying to find ways in which they can use this technology so they die from such blue competitors it's a real relief to see that as well because what kept us buying through the whole bear market was we were reading snippets of news it's of information that although we were listening to bankers like Jamie Dimon standing on stage and telling you it's a Ponzi it's running to zero we were reading enough news to realize that you know what these banks are creating partnerships they've got companies under umbrella companies that are investing in blockchain companies and it was all a bit here and there there was no definite but if you were on top of the news like we were you can see that the institutional money was coming and that's why we end up starting a channel and shouting at you guys the institutional money's coming so to be in a position where Mike could just list off all those people I'm have to do it again guys oh my back's getting sore oh damn people who want to sit there and say I'm wrong well I tell you what go to hell because I'm not wrong do the research just go and look it up it's right there online no secrets now there's statements from all of these places and people it's just happening it just is it's a fact blockchain technology distributed the new technology being used you know what this Miami Dolphins news has done to me on a personal level guys I'm gonna double down and buy more and what I mean by that is I do it I do intend to buy more there's a few things I want to buy there's a few things I consistently buy but you know what once again the litecoin foundation have just produced pure gold guys and I speak to some of these guys they're so nice they're so genuine and to see what they keep pulling off over and over again where can this lead guys once they already have these platforms like glory like you have seen like Miami Dolphins like they're only gonna progress from here and that tells me that to be reading this news and knowing these things you would be foolish to not be just backing them like go so I'm doubling down I'm gonna have to adjust my goal amount I don't have to start buying in harder and get sources to impressive it's just that simple and for anyone who says I'll but like coins rubbish it has no use case you know you just twisted you just for some reason being biased in your head the use case is simple there's a community out there of people who like it when I hold it and want to spend it there you go there you go it's so you just for some reason very biased in your mind I'm not telling you you have to invest in it I'm not something you have to like it if you're for some reason one of those people that's just out there to only slander it then you got to really ask yourself some questions just in the morning when you wake up look in the mirror and evaluate yourself say what am i doing what am i doing I'm being serious because it's good stuff happening for it don't have to like it just leave it alone not that I do see my chain to be honest that don't it's very rare I do ever see any haters like Queen I mean how can you Miami Dolphins and guys you know what I'm saying in the pipeline I have um no way to verify this it probably never happened but I see it anyway I see LeBron James okay NBA here wearing a litecoin t-shirt that would be Majan that okay I know that's crazy but look what's happening crazier things have happened but imagine that imagine that guys that would be absolutely insane it really would man and I think the most important thing in business is advertisement that's it guys you know do you how do you sell a product you make people aware of your products and the beauty with litecoin is is not hard to sell this isn't like trying to convince someone to buy something or to get into a scam this is just about educating someone about what sound money can truly be and how it can be decentralized around the world and it can be borderless and you can be in complete control of your funds these are just mind-bending moments for people you know we all get there at a different point but ultimately everybody will eventually wake up to blockchain technology even if it's not for 20 years so when I see a team of people out there selling like coin like they are and when I know that's such an easy sell that anybody would love it if they just thought about ever ten minutes I'm seeing moon ions like coins it's not like like coins now gonna be partnering and sponsoring these sports teams and athletes because they're trying to sell a product it's not trying to sell you a new brand new pair of trainers and it's got to come up with a clever in a clever marketing campaign to convince someone to buy trainers they don't need right now that's exactly what most things are companies are selling you things you don't need it's nice to have them but at the end of the day you don't need them so people have to come up with really good clever marketing strategies in order to convince people and of course they do it they're very clever it's what they do like one's not trying to sell someone that like was just like coins just introducing a new way to store and hold value so it's not trying to take something from you it's not like I've you give us this yeah you're going to lose the X amount of money but we're giving you this shiny new pen or shiny new t-shirt no you just move some funds if you want to into some like go in and out and now you hold it in like coin but I really hope defensives like glory did because I think that's enough to pull population in I think when there's maybe a million people that might go to that Stadium over a period of time a month or two if all those people know that they could get a saving on the ticket or a VIP ticket or cheaper merch maybe at least 10% of them would think yet sorry I'm gonna go through the aggro a lot of people like to save money there like a coupon and if they can you know download a coin base might be a pain but link up their card and do this transaction once they're in we've gotten guys they're gonna love it they're going to understand it and I don't think it will pull everyone in the stadium in overnight course not but when it's gonna be televised events and two stadiums of people that could have use cases reasons to use it to save money I really hope that happens so there's like a 50/50 raffle that has to do with purchasing your ticket with like winning Bitcoin guys please feel free to absolutely attack us in the comment section for not reading this short article before we jumped on the video feel free cuz we do deserve it it's only short but I was just so excited I skimmed through it I did but it was so fast I just had to get onto James and before we knew it we were just recording this video it's like what what it means on a broader scale because what's important and exciting short term yeah whatever doesn't doesn't matter exactly what the article says the bottom line is what the light going foundation are doing is actually remarkable it's not like we're just sitting here licking their ass for fun no guys we are sitting here amazed thinking how do they keep doing this and it's not like they're doing it for no reason guys ever since this team have been getting these partnerships at the beginning of this year look at what litecoins done guys we're in a world where if you're holding the right coins you've been in a bull market for seven months but I tell you 99% of coins in this space have not been in a bull market their prices have barely moved so it makes a lot of sense why litecoins been absolutely leading the way leading the charge oh yeah and you know just before we finish this up I wanted to share this can you see that James yeah cool cool so I came across this earlier guys for those of you who are listening to this you might want I actually watch now because this is a really interesting product that I came across earlier and it's called token card okay and the idea behind this is it's it's a token card it's back by visa but it's linked with the etherium network okay so what you do is you hold all your aetherium as always in a wallet that's your wallet not somebody else's cases working within their decentralized network where you hold your keys your wealth your tokens all of that okay but you can spend that through this token card which is backed by visa so that's interesting and yeah because as it stands right now there are definitely other ways you can spend your crypto with visa like through coinbase for example there's a few other places but you don't hold the keys if you don't hold the key so you keeping your money with not to my knowledge anyway if there are others guys let me know down below but this one definitely I found interesting because with my coin base card for example I have to keep that stuff on coin base which of course isn't ideal because then you're exposed to that company whereas ideally you want to keep your own keys that's that's the beauty this isn't it like we've been explained to you guys lately about the bit file wallet by the way check out yesterday's interview on bit by was the day before actually amazing but my point where that is you get to keep your money yourself go anywhere in the world with it you have access to it nobody else does nothing to harm that okay whereas if you want to spend it now that gets a bit trickier if you want to do it most places okay because most places don't accept crypto yet whereas this I think is pretty cool because you're keeping your money in an a theory and wallet that is decentralized that is yours yet you can go about with your card and spend out of that so I think more products like that are going to be amazing for adoption it'd be amazing to see more of this happen for a lot of the bigger cryptocurrencies that we all like and hold I think how exciting would that be let's say for example you had your light coin wallet you know that you've got to remit by all your like coin stays on that but then there was perhaps something like visa that could convert I don't know how it worked I think we're a long way off that but I do agree that if we could get to a future like that that would be amazing if somehow you could completely be storing your own wealth but somehow have a connection I just with us what Apple it seems to be doing that token token card yes I supposed to tell you and I think more that would be cool and I know many of you are now thinking no these are evil visas bad we want to just use the blockchain right now that's fine but can you just walk into your high street and spend like when in the shop no you can't unless you're doing it through the ways I just described but this why I like this way because you could at least keep it in a wallet where you have the key but perhaps have a convenient way of spending out of that now I don't know the tech ins and outs of that yeah but take a look at that project if that interests you because I thought that was really interesting until the day we get Lightning Network or something like that you know we're a long way off the whole world being able to spend their favorite cryptocurrencies as and wet so we are well guys remember the takeaway message from today and this is not financial advice so do not do what I'm about to say but for goodness sake just buy litecoin just buy it when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and ask yourself what have I done am I am either and I want to be I'm serious take a good hard look in that mirror okay hm-hmm anyway guys as always if you enjoyed this video make sure that you subscribe to our channel comment down below like the video you gotta give us a like you've got so you've just got to do it and you James and maybe pick up a t-shirt oh yeah feeling a bit flash and you've got some spare cash that uses burning a hole in your pocket burning a hole in your pocket if anyone's got cash burning oil in their pocket then maybe buy some litecoin not financial advice true advice but I am a Dolphins sake just buy it Miami Dolphins guys big deal I'll link the article down below so go and check out have a good one guys donations are even better


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