BK Live 🔴Stock Crash Good for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Free Crypto Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

BK Live 🔴Stock Crash Good for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Free Crypto Market Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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We are on Facebook YouTube I believe periscope twitch, you know Just trying to get to crypto word out and help these people make some money if this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is BK known as the crypto traitor and I’m them both of these charts as you’ll soon find out Every day I grace this microphone. My voice is another day you get the profit as a result and to date is no exception So without further ado, let’s make it do it to do and go ahead with today’s a featured Discussion. Um, I wanna make sure The chat is up. There it goes what’s going on? Everybody live in the chat 17 people. What up? What up? Real quick before we get started. You already know We got a lot of resources available free for the people jump on over to Boss a Bitcoin comm scroll down check out the playlist Chart like a boss. If you’re just trying to get set up to make some money. I’ve got a bunch of free videos over there really good content just to get you situated and the Reason I wanted to do this video Is because we are indeed at what I would call a tipping point if you follow, you know, the bobble heads on the street on the on Bloomberg on TV on Pigeon squawking on the street Jimbo to clown and the rest of the game You’ll see that these are indeed turbulent times for the slave labor debt paper Ponzi scheme known as the US dollar right One of the biggest contributing factors of growth that you know They’ve seen on paper Ben this right here the Fang stalks FA ng short for Facebook Amazon Netflix Google through those four subsidies entities The entire stock market has been held up for about two years now If you actually look at the Russell, I did a chart on this a while ago, but if you look at the Russell 2000 the Russell 2000 is down but things are up right and so much that things have gone up so much the top say 20 Technology stocks in the market have gone up so much so far to where they can literally they’re literally holding up The rest of the market the bottom ninety eight ninety nine percent right and This is a major problem. This is a major major major Problem. I’ma jump in the chart in a second But one of the things I think is very important to do whenever we have an opportunity is called sentiment analysis, and that’s really just to jump in feet first and Look to see what the collective eclectic of Big Brother, what do they think over here? Right so you just type in stock market crash and This is the general assessment First of all, you notice right away Business Insider, that’s one of the top publications They’re saying it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna erase twenty trillion with a T trillion We’re like one percent of the entire crypto market is 1% and They’re saying a hundred times over is gonna get wiped off the board, right? And this was just printed yesterday, right? My man Wallbangers say it there is no bailout this time. I would agree Because essentially a bailout infers future trust and commitment and capital from the constituents And I think people are waking up to this game. I don’t know if they’re gonna want to play anymore The street, you know, just put this article out Wall Street market crash 1929 what was it? And why did it happen? What happened? We still don’t know a hundred years later Ten more market crashes. We’re still lost guys. I don’t know someone someone needs to figure this out You know, it’s like a squirrel chasing his tail it Just never you know, never figures out that yeah We just we just keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over again This is why this is why this is why right? Mmm irrational exuberance right they have different metrics and different indicators you can use But at the end of the day there’s two things happening, right The first is That the world as a whole The entire Populace population Has printed more money than it has to back up in value 63 trillion with a T dollars worth Carlos is still supporting with 100% Appreciate it. Thank you Each one reach one reach one teach one, right 63 trillion dollars, right? Borrowed money and believe it or not these four companies over here I might go through one of their annual reports or a 10-k 10-q just to show you but they can actually borrow money to Go buy up other stocks, right? They get loans and say 1% And then they buy up their own stock and shoot it up 10 percent free money you Know sooner or later the chickens come home to roost and missus talking about 63 trillion dollars led by United States China, Japan Has two hundred and thirty nine percent debt the GDP I think a lot of that is still left over from like the 80s and 90s. They basically destroyed their economy a long time ago Greece you hear a lot, you know about the Greece, you know debt default, but look at Greece compared to the rest of the world Canada has like Eight times more debt than Greece, but you don’t hear about Canada Well, Spain’s got three and a half times more debt than Greece. Don’t hear about Spain And this is a problem across the board, so what we’re looking at potentially on this net on this next recession/depression Market crash correction, whatever terminology our dictation you choose to use for it a lot of people Are talking about a global reset What is a global reset Well, let’s check out this talking about I am F they think it could go to gold Global reset basically means that It’s like you playing a video game, you know, I Used to do this a lot Play my little brother in football. I’m madness something. You know, he start beating me real bad. I think I’d come back I played like halftime, you know come out third quarter ready BAM he knock it down my throat again for another touchdown and I just jump up hit the reset button screen. Go black all the points he had Disappear off the screen, you know, we both bought start back zero zero he would get so mad You know or you like wait to like the last play at a game, you know And and it don’t work out He’s running down the field bucks scored touchdown right before you get to the end zone I jump up hit the reset button I did that few times but that’s essentially what we’re looking at is um You know screens gonna go black all the numbers get wiped off Because when you’re this far in the hole It really you know, it’s it’s really at that point It’s not a game worth playing anymore for a lot of people and countries are even demolishing their own currency, Venezuela demolish their own current currency Zimbabwe demolished their own currency UK and the brexit, you know looking to demolish their own currency China for the past. I think ten years have intentionally devalued their own currency and That’s and that’s what we’re looking at and when we look at the Fang stocks in particular right, let’s get back to the discussion at hand Did I mess up oh, yeah – ace you’re right my man my man, uh The exactly said Apple is also in the fangs that’s a yes – ace F Aang I’ll fix this little graphic after we’re done. So you have Facebook Amazon and Apple Apple is like a trillion dollars Anybody want to buy the last ticket for the Titanic you Know that’s what that’s what we look in it for a lot of these, uh, a lot of these Stocks I see somebody just did a UH Just did a super chat There we go. There we go. You know we’re coming up in a world. We got our alerts go jumping off. Appreciate it Let’s move that over there. That way is like It’s cool. Yeah, that’s real cool. Thank you, sir. What’d he say? He said could the Coming movie into crypto be considered a jubilee to those that have positioned themselves the coming move in the crypto Yes, and I believe you’re referring to both cloning Both of them very knowledgeable on this type of stuff. And yes, I think it’s going to be a green spring I said it here first. Just remember where it came from Just like when I came on and said are you watching closely? When Bitcoin was fifty eight hundred dollars Total crypto market kept like a hundred eighty eight million. I said we’re going up from here So yes going into November Probably all the way up through March. I think crypto will indeed go much much higher I think we’ll probably hit, you know somewhere around half a trillion dollars five hundred billion in the market So if you’ve heard it out as the Jubilee, I think all off coins similar, you know Probably top twenty all coins will double up between now and then with regards to their Bitcoin value. Essentially the entire market is gonna almost double So that’s the beginning of a jubilee. I think this is a much bigger bigger bigger Cycle we’re looking at a global Transition here. We’re looking at 70 plus trillion dollars that Need to find a new home, right? and so specifically with the Fang stocks This just happened today IBD investor business daily One of the most respected, you know invest in publications at last century Bank stocks haven’t done this since April right? They’re talking about Amazon Facebook Google tested their 500 Oh, what is this? Tested its 50-day line Now something to remember I don’t do days, you know, it’s not worth it in crypto We don’t have the luxury of waiting days weeks for a trend to confirm So we need to move much much quicker. That’s why we live on a four hour and a one hour candle to multiply volatility by Turnover right But it says right here Amazon and Netflix fell below two 50-day moving average Google Has been hitting resistance at its 50 Dateline and Facebook continue going down. I told y’all two months ago. Facebook was going down to a hundred bucks Right So we see from two different sources two different sides of the same coin it’s inevitable that These Technology ants who have literally sucked the blood out of the market you know as Correcting its course, right? Somebody said a global debt to believe if that’s what they call it when they hit the reset button You know and reset that reset that number down to zero Then sure you know, you got you got enough you got enough players in the game that will benefit from something like that the only people that won’t benefit are those that are More than well off already. So they’ll just have to manage somehow if that is indeed what happens? Get to self some neo if you haven’t done it already This is my trading view I don’t know if I posted this chart did I post discharge a hopefully idea? check me out on try to view BD Kelly 1203 on there a Lot of these charts I posted for free. You can also go to the website and click that button right there trading view or you click the link in the description that will Take you to my trading view page in BD Kelly 1203 Where you see that I post all these different charts tips tricks breakouts alerts, whatever you want to call it free of charge so let’s go back to Our Main window and If you appreciate this video if that thumbs up button Bowl player one time. I appreciate you and We’ll just look at who did they say Amazon? because I think Amazon is like The gorilla and the group $2,000 for Amazon stock anyone That’s funny, alright. So um you see using the boss method we would have a We would have avoided this big big loss here we would have we would have sold up here You know right at right at 1950 Let’s do this, I’m gonna do Amazon. Let’s do all of them. I’m gonna show y’all how to do all Amazon Apple FA Facebook FA a and Netflix Google All right, we got five one two three four five Hopefully this works in parentheses divided by Five Nope let’s try it one more time and that flix Apple Facebook Google Apple Facebook Netflix So that puts them all together Joey Turner what’s going on 1 2 3 4 5 right? Divide it by 5 Takes a little bit. It has to run the data in background. There it goes right there. So we got Amazon Apple Facebook We got all of those Right Amazon Apple Facebook Google and Netflix all averaged together one little digital EPF. Are you on a 343 What do we see right away? this last intersection Right there 77 is going negative. Seven going negative two beats one That means that’s gonna go negative, right? Even if we just took this cycle right here Capstone basically say to maximum energy on the seven So, yeah What do we got running out of steam We went up to it Can’t even get it that high That’s where we’re gonna fall But it’s gonna be blitz slow slow all the way out there Right here Still comes back to That one six line basically We had this positive energy. We have to give an equal time to become negative energy this Is where it’s gonna go Confirmed that’s going to create that’s just ugly ugly ugly. Ugly. This is basically Going to create a huge head and shoulders Completely destroyed that tool right there I forget how to do that But that’s gonna be that’s gonna be it right there just take this off Take this off Let’s go down with it You can see again we come right back to that 550 in between that red zone right there, right? The bottom isn’t going to hit For a while, this is a big big fault This is going to bottom Mohit will start to maybe be able to see life but that will probably be a dead cat bounce going into a Another big fall The problem when you have this much That You know a hundred times the entire crypto market Is that it’s just gonna keep going down. Right? And so I think that’s the opportunity For Bitcoin is as one goes down one will go up and I’ve talked about this before That’s at the bottom yeah, which I said got the right idea Waiting on waiting on the bottom to come so we could just buy it up about our freedom I’ve talked about this before The Great Depression 84 7 x 12 12 is complete 7 is complete and you give you know, everything happens in succession and so Now that we know that I think this is the opportunity That we have kind of just like shy say it like, you know, do we go running high do we? You know, hope for the best I’m saying do we go keep you know? Trading our line for a cubicle 401k Anna and a corporate logo on the bottom of our paycheck every week The problem with having somebody else sign on your money Endorse your money. Is that an order for that system to keep working? They’re always making more than you are right. And so this is what Robert Kiyosaki talked about in Rich, Dad Poor Dad he said you should never ever ever trade my once you get systems of Efficiency and inefficient inefficiency working in your favor, which is exactly what we did with the boss method You have a chance to win? Now everybody else’s inefficiency is actually beneficial to you, right? Big Shot said aka don’t buy the house right now. I would probably agree hold off if you can, you know, I know my man, uh My man over there and bass actually You know sold this house Last summer the crypto right? He’s doing pretty good as a result You always want to accumulate assets that are increasing in value not decreasing papers paper Fiat slave-labor debt paper wall street value decreasing crypto Increasing, you know, buy low sell high ride the wave tart like a boss You know I’m saying and then bring some brink. I’m in the process of it It’s just a lot going on. If you appreciate this content guys hit that thumbs up button subscribe right now Join, the money team number one Facebook group in the world if you an attack right now shout your country out I’m coming right back to you guys in 30 seconds. Let’s get back to our Window here If you just now join it Go on Facebook calm Hashtag one Bitcoin Twenty thousand of my best friends come together to help each other make money in the markets. This is 100 percent Completely free, right, you know newbies young old, you know colors don’t matter We don’t Accept none of those labels that the CJ B’s try to put on us so they could divide us and conquer us This is where we come together You know just like the good old days people helping people and Then we do have these resources available. I told you about the number one Bitcoin group in the world This is the chart like a boss playlist again. It is boss of Bitcoin dot-com We also do have some products available for purchase the profit package I just updated this thing today the last profit package made 30% Bitcoin in a week So it’s it’s not a game I take this quite serious and I’m quite good at what I do and what do I do I help people make money. This was the last prophet package. This is not this profit package, but last week you can see a de 0x iota all using the 7 and 77 We we hit about 30. I Want to say 34 % a little less than 5% Per coin that was on that list And I just updated it for this week that is on the website right now So either the one-time purchase or a monthly subscription Either or will do you just fine and when you’re ready to put down to pick up six like a boss jump in the VIP trading group Where we have direct access private chat Capabilities, you know screen share all that good stuff You know, I’m just trying to help as many people as I can make some money that way we can go back to being humans again and not financial slaves to a number on a screen So who we got rocking out right now New York in the building Dago Spliff star I know we had the Gnostic warrior holding down for know your boss team Corey, man KRT Flo Rida Shack wine the cycles, you know, he boss walking in Sactown, you know good to see you again And that’s it everybody. That’s all I got. So with that being said, it’s that time of day signing out BAM Folks boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil debate, California all the way back out dude jerk money Wallbanger in corporate America feel sorry for you brother. Let’s trade that bull Like a boss


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