Bitrue Coin BTR: Explaining The Value

Bitrue Coin BTR: Explaining The Value

g'day and welcome dose crypto in this week's token talk Tuesday I am gonna be talking about PTR which is Bitcoin but if you search BTW are on its own you'll actually come up with a couple of shorthand for other tokens which is my first issue with this project now the main reason I'm covering this project is because each week generally I will go out to the people that follow me on Twitter and say what he want me to cover next it was a little bit slim pickings this week and this is the main one that people showed interest was possibly because they want understand a little bit better what the Bitteroot coin is what the advantages are whether they should involve is it any number of things I am very happy to cover it often in this short less than five minute video but going forward if you want to comment any suggestions that you'd like to see me to cover in the next week's token talk tuesday make sure you go ahead and do so you can also follow me on twitter or scripto – you can also shoot me an e-mail or scripto dot YT @ but I will jump right into it cuz we know too much time being that these videos are as short as they are the bit true coin or BTR is in the middle currently of its second phase of presale now the entire purpose of this coin is quite familiar to anyone this familiar with B and B which is the finance coin so the finance coin much like the Bitcoin is based on the theorem network it is a unit of exchange to be used primarily on its aforementioned named exchange so the picture coin is gonna be used for bitter finance coin is gonna be used for finance to my thinking a lot of what's going on with this space at the moment as we've all said it's all an entirely speculative market there is really utility coming to light but right now it's a cash grab there is so much opportunity to make a lot of money off of unoriginal ideas that serve little to no purpose so long as the speculative opinion is that it will go up in value and to that ends I actually do think that BTR has the potential to go up in value you know before you jump on the heater wagon and start commenting about how I have no idea what I'm talking about follow me on this line of logic B&B or the finance coin finance being one of the biggest exchanges bitch who is clearly trying to come to the table and trying to sort of watch the exchange the truth running all number of airdrops and you know hold your tokens with them for a pre agreed amount of time almost like a term deposits type arrangement and they'll give you whatever in return now if B true fulfills on the promises that they're making I can kind of see it having the same way that the finance Queen did the finance coin started at under three dollars I think it actually at about a dollar twenty US and it currently sits at over 30 now obviously the timing is everything within the space and it did come about in 2017 so there's a bit more maturity within them the market but at the same time this speculative market plays often become self-fulfilling when they are using a theory and based coins when there may be a future plan to launch on say the consensus protocol or utilizing a different system is some sort of main net the reality is the purpose behind these coins is nothing more than Disney box is nothing more than allowing there to be a buyback later on or to hold your money in reserve so while they allocate you their funds that can then be used to trade against actual crypto currencies the entire purpose is much the same as gift cards in that the company can hold that value with that actually having to exchange any Goods and those those Goods can be exchanged in a later time the entire business model is around the basis that either a certain people will never trade out or be their value in and of itself also presented people as well as see and this is the huge one within this industry it is the attention that comes from watching a coin is the attention that comes from an IC o—- is the attention that comes from doing something different or really doing something the same but trying to appear like you're doing something different so I'm not going to give the full coin market cap stats or anything like that because the fact that it is still within that stage to presale as you can see they're heavy discounts and limited supply it does run through exactly what this token does and as I said it's very much based around the entire concept of holding BTR to trade against other currencies as well as it lowering fees as well as buybacks it'll occur in the future now one of the really risky things when it comes to something like BTR is you need to be putting your faith in the exchange now an entire it's entirely dependent on whether you think bitch who has a future I'm not going to comment to that at all but given band b's movement I do say that it could have an arm but I wanted to kind of bring a bit of more attention answer the question of exactly what is this token in this short video and the main thing that that's really come out of it the main thing that I've really noticed is that to my thinking there is no necessary no necessity for this token but there is definitely a use case for it at least until the market moves to being purely based on use case but as we all know that's likely a fair way off so if you have enjoyed the video make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you know someone else who may enjoy it make sure you share it but as always this is our script doh tell you what's up from yeah


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  • Oz I just don't get bitrue what I can see is u can't buy with your bank account or cash out to bank account, what I can only see it to buy usdt somewhere else then go to bitrue any use that to buy what is the point of this. I just don't get it

  • Thanks for the update.
    Initially I was super enthusiastic about the project when I drew an analogy with BNB and the success story it’s been so far… But when I looked up Bitrue on the internet I received too many alarm bells in terms of the name and the trigram BTR on CMC…
    When I asked about the trigram that will be used on let’s say CMC no answer so far from the Bitrue team… that certainly doesn’t clear any doubts from my perspective.
    We’ll either praise ourselves or feel sick to the stomach for our decisions in the near, not so distant future.

  • BTR will be partly be like BNB, for buybacks, but later it will be based on the XRPL, nextly they want to use this as a means for investment funds to bring about liquidity to Firms in Asia. Please watch the Video from BlueNetGaming about BiTrue's Amsterdam meetup, the CEO goes into detail about what they want to do.

  • Aaron Veillette says:

    Hey OZ!! Big time Fan!! I think people in general realize they stand the possibility of sudden wealth being in this entire overall Market of Digital Assets! The Coins or Projects at this moment obviously can be debated on which stand that best chance for creating huge wealth! I think we see that type of video everyday by every content creator in one way or another! What we don’t see is good advice and/or content with secure and responsible methods people need to know once their assets take a Moon shot!! Everyone certainly has different entry and exit points for any given project, however I truly believe many people in this space don’t really have a grasp of the responsibility that comes with being wealthy!! Wealthy investors in this space are just that and although they see the future value and gains that will be had, they don’t inherently associate with anxious and reckless behavior! Given all this, I believe you may be the perfect content creator to pass on the message to new investors and/or investors that don’t have a lot of disposable income and assets! This is important cause once sudden wealth is created the people that do not have already adopted sound and responsible practices with wealth management stand to lose it all for simply not being prepared! All people do investments for many reasons, but one reason remains constant for all, and that is increase their position of wealth!! People need to have concrete plan with secure on and of roads for moving and storing wealth!! This point can’t be driven home hard enough! With wealth comes tremendous responsibility and respect!! Thank you and Good day.

  • Brilliant OzCrypto. Keep up the good work! Bitrue on XRPL. Almost 50 XRP pairs. It's insured to $130million with Kingsoft. What about the BTR incentives? Join the facebook community with

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