Bitcoins Only Next Logical Step

Bitcoins Only Next Logical Step

waiting for Bitcoin correction to $4,200 should be here anytime soon well maybe the crazy thing this is what I love about the markets when things go parabolic and people have no idea what's gonna happen next it's just an exciting time too long or too short that is the beautiful question the obvious popular answer is just hottelet unless it's gonna fall like too much and then you know you don't you probably don't want it to do that hey y'all got any more of those $3,200 bitcoins oh yeah I'd uh I'd take two please he's probably thinking of other girls if I spent ten dollars at 7,000 Satoshi's each and it goes up to like three cents then I'll make over $4,000 hell if it's even only one cent I'll take it this was a hundred percent me throughout most of 2017 that was the next logical step definitely logical I don't really see any other way it could play out this a daily candle yeah absolutely no it is per a weekly one even more chances of it happening so they caught an entire week come on Bitcoin in HD that looks amazing still the original is always gonna be near and dear to our hearts as long as it's going on people on trading view be like massive massive secret trendline resistance ahead it is crazy we are here we are approaching a massive massive massive red line right now it's not like they were wrong to plot resistance lines they were just wrong Bitcoin holders all coin holders well hey certainly one of them looks happier than the other is this alt season look at those gains must be it's very much like those cute kitten videos that you see very wholesome feeling when Google knows you're drunk and want Bitcoin I wonder let's see what happens when you YouTube my name crypto daily official this was the company that actually when I talked about it a couple months back wanted to sue me it was for the use of the name crypto daily even though I was using it first crypto daily meme review here we are the most searched thing we're doing it kurtal daily UK news trading card i know training strategy mean I am NOT I mean okay clip the day Leroy noise our kids will pray learned about this species and history classes homo sand trolley fences fear daily is one of these something one of those not to be racist or anything but let's get some more bright crypto currencies are useful what social benefit do they provide well they allow a few dozen men in my district to sit on their pajamas on the couch all day until their wives are going to be millionaires yes this is what we wanted this is it [Laughter] thanks Brad nobody Instagram Bitcoin traders to grams huh I know a guy who can turn that into $800 it's impressive it's baked on time no it's it's so accurate the monster that is bitcoin store on an exchange only use the most reputable proven secure exchanges when Finance gets hacked this tweet will become a meme PS not if when hey I I helped I helped do that your computer could break Oh No or god forbid your USB gets lost no my USB I'm sure there's many a tweets easy regrets tweeting the more memes we get like this the better it is a buy signal so this is a crypto investor gets mugged alright this is a mugging fork over all your cash fork so true you cannot fork alright and if you call that fork bitcoin well you might as well just point and bull's-eye on your face all right hands in everybody reminds me of that Ben in Aladdin you know when the when the parrot shows up pretending to be a flamingo yeah that was one of the first moments I learned about comedy as a child I love that bit I thought it was a funniest thing ever mom can we stop and get Bitcoin we have Bitcoin at home I guess this is like when you want hamburgers from McDonald's your mom says we've got them in the freezer it's not the same thing though it's Friday I start posting memes that's amazing wait that looks so legit the ingenuity I'm very impressed production value is astounding certainly is live long and prosper that was an awful name zero so those were the memes from reddit our cryptocurrency memes let's check out the ones that you guys sent me hashtag crypto meme review classic what can be said never it never gets old old man yells at Bitcoin this is a great meme because it was originally old man yells at cloud you can see the efficacy of that when your boss thanks you for staying late to work but you were just watching the price of Bitcoin lost track of time office means they are so good a lovely congressman brad sherman a ton of spam resemblance is uncanny I know you like Game of Thrones – so what's this eat our Oh presents huddle featuring Kristian Nairn designer door on your back you look into the camera and then you say oh no no yeah you're right I'm sure many of you have seen this it was a very popular video they did a good job high production value but I did it first okay check out this so me and eToro are at war alright cuz you don't rip off another man's name man met man man's me all you do that's the whole point it means let's continue I did it first if crypto daily doesn't review this entire clip for hashtag crypt Amin review then he's no longer a relevant crypto youtuber alright let's see what you've got I hate long memes they have to get to the point I hate these ones these exposition stories they're not funny I mean that's my opinion I hate it all right I hate long ones just get to the point I think that's the whole point of me sorry I'm no longer relevant crypto youtuber cz we could reorder blockchain my mom pretty cool mom let's check out some old intros of mine January 6 2018 that was so incredibly true I look painful we've been here many many many times before and we will again this dog it looks like he's been in the Vietnam War and is getting PTSD this could work for so many different things I love this to me gonna lighten the mood you know alright thank you very much for watching that spin it from me submit your memes for next time hashtag crypto meme review leave a like if you enjoyed and I will see you on the next one


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