Bitcoin Weekend EXPLOSION (Triggers Revealed!)! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Weekend EXPLOSION (Triggers Revealed!)! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

welcome back to crowns cave battling altered audio do you want to miss stuff that's always crazy doesn't sleep so well no rest for the week on this weekend in fact big points are itself up resolution the meantime friends teleport me and beam me up Scotty Oh beautiful love a Bitcoin and right here was sawed off with the for our for our donor time frame still holding that blue three seven expunge from an average we've seen a lot of flicks into this region but a lot of what's getting picked up as well which is more important to me and as you can see you know when we talk about something like this we see this we see the signature a lot we're a major moving average will gather price action and if if there's so many attempts that fail to break it typically the the path of least you know of least resistance is well in this case would be the upside so whenever I see something like this actually do lean a little bit towards an upwards resolution on the very low timeframes to be fair we're gonna show a ton of bearish it a little bit later but as you can see right here if we put on the put on the drawing tools pretty damn easy chart to actually deal with we have this lower blue box territory right here kind of governing the lows right around about 9700 to 9750 any sort of a closure on a four hour or higher above that retour sorry below that region and I'd be targeting moves lower and we're gonna start to really you know get a little bit more Jedi like into the targets both to the downside and at the upside and by the same token we do see this more preliminary resistance right here right around 9900 that was our target from this are very short term target from this morning stream we did hit that however if this guy area gets taken out even with like in how they little close above I'll be targeting to move into this next boom box territory right here at about ten thousand to ten thousand one hundred fifty issue region now let's actually go over here to see Emmys because this is really where all the actions going on and looking at CMAs we do see a very obvious formation forming the right terminology but we see a nice little will not necessarily little but a nice symmetrical triangle forming right here and the reaction off the lows has been pretty damn good once again we do actually see some you know bowls to finding this area which is exactly what you need and in fact I actually do look at that at this as a as a wildly as a while the positive thing but more importantly the resolution of this consolidation really starting to kind of populate itself in a way that we can actually document in base trades off of so with regards to what we looked at on on lower timeframes on spot we you know we have we have obvious areas now we can actually document targets and going off this right here if we actually do break this to the downside which keep in mind Cimiez do have about a toreador premium on price action right now for for spot if we break below about 9800 which would be about 96 52 maybe ninety seven hundred on CMEs and i would be looking for a move a perceived move down to around eighty nine hundred right around here by the same token if we actually do hook hook back around which is does look like we wants test back around you know ten to at the very least but if we actually resolve this see offset by closing above this top resistance here at about ten 310 350 then i'd be looking at a target back up towards about eleven to region as you can see right here kind of fill in that past prior gap so and also kind of fulfilling this these last little local hives here so in area of interest nonetheless and my point is is that it you know is not it's not to guess this next move perfectly which actually do mean to the upside here actually do you think that bitcoin breaks this overall to the upside it's more of an actual trade trade idea now because we actually have everything you know put in stone so what we were talking about before on most a lot of teams in most videos is it's kind of time to be a scalper displaying sporting resistance because there's no real like major trades be made the the greater name of this is mass is just one massive consolidation which is you know completely fine to do after about six months of straight up right you know it's kind of be expected I suppose so the greater timeframes are still just out of consolidation I'm not looking at for any major resolution here as I would imply either a move basically above 13,000 or below about 9500 so we're actually a little bit close to you know to the downside resolution of that but I do think that the lower timeframes do work their way back up around here and we actually do initiate the more bullish of that you know of that interpretation and the reason why I say that in reason also why I kind of lean to the upside is because missus litecoin is shaping up to be a much more to chart read or sorry easy-to-read chart if I get my words out properly if I make sure that everything is working on over here okay good okay great and missus like went on the two day has been holding this cyan 89 exponential moon average extremely valiantly and whenever I see a major moving average hold like this on a higher time frame I really want to consult with my momentum also it's kind of judge what this is looking like typically if they're turning down we're probably gonna break it typically if they're turning up we're probably gonna hold it and so we look at our two day Stokes right here we're actually having a fresh cross the upside from the more critical zone the last two crosses that we had to the upside we're actually out of the May through third base right here from about 80 bucks to all the way to 150 bucks and the one before that even more powerful and down or around 29th of January out of this base basically leading the whole market outs you know outside the bear market going from about 35 bucks basically to I mean a hundred fifty bucks essentially so almost a 5x there so we're kind of it you know the the signature is good not only that but today our site does have a very slight amount of bearish divergence our parish difference bullish divergence going on here so I dual into the upside but regardless of what my thoughts are remember I don't trade my I don't trade in my opinion I trade technical analysis and of course it's never financial advice I'm not a finisher advisor if the SEC is listening well go yourself but don't me in the process of that oh so with you guys with that a very easy and deductive way of trading this we'll just be looking at this last prior treated oil that we said in yesterday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time and if we trade above the hive it this will become this will be confirmed as a local low in my opinion this will confirm this as hidden bullish divergence sorry as sorry about confirm this as bullish divergence and Manoah and then I'd be talking to move back up towards 101 102 and then really realistically probably back up towards like 106 kind of this little local high right here so again just a very easy way to trade it and of course if the bearish resolution happens as well it's actually it's actually just as easy in fact if we get any sort of a two-day little close below the 89 at about 90 and a half dollars and a beast I'd start to prepare for moves down to $80 would be first target and second target probably in the mid-70s or you could make the judgement on a daily any any sort of a daily they'll close below eighty eight and a quarter and I'd be looking for a move at the very least to about 80 bucks so again you know a bit of an easier way to tray that we do see daily Stokes to the upside we do see two days Stokes the upside and we actually see three days Stokes looking like they want to turn relatively soon so whenever I see a signature like that I actually do lean towards the upside here and and I think that like when probably does lead this party but again remember my opinions worthless technical analysis showing the obvious areas of interest essentially here going onto Bitcoin let's go look at those same time frames kind of judge them out we do see daily right here not looking as not looking as orderly but we do see some nice higher lows here but it being put in place although unconfirmed as of right now we're gonna have another daily don't close and about an hour it's at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time so yeah sorry about an hour and 45 minutes so hopefully I get this video up before then but if we close anything like this then actually would I would be looking for another test of the 50x Ben Sherman amps right here right around 10,000 ash region if we if we close anywhere below 9750 if today's daily doodle closes anywhere below 9750 i probably gonna start to lean to the downside we do see daily soaks actually to the downside as well fresh cross the downside although you do see mm-hmm I don't know I won't say I don't think it's that's relevant you do also see daily RSI giving you no real indications here we are finding some comfort in the bearish control zone for the first time in a very long time actually since February of 2019 of this year so that was before the mark ii really changed so we really are doing something new here but the historical volatility percentiles still given us actually our first initial edgings of this starting to cool off we have actually gotten below the moving average on this we were literally living above the moving average for holy about a oh my god all the way back on over here 27th of June basically – yeah but a month my god man that's intense so now we're actually really starting to cool off so that really does confirm this in my mind as a massive consolidation both on the you know unlike the medium timeframes kind of getting this area right here basically the symmetrical chong'er that we just looked at on CMEs and then the greater picture this whole guy right here you know still being related to each other and we still have yet to have a resolution you know above or below it again remember that would really require a move past 13,000 or below about 9,500 region on like a closing basis on at the very least a daily and we just we just haven't seen that yet it's just more or less been sideways so it's really been a great time to either be playing options which is what I've been doing and actually I do my position from last week just expired this morning so I get to I get to I got I got you a close all I think I had like a three Bitcoin profit on that whatever you saw yesterday was basically my profit maybe a little bit more than that and now get to reconstruct the position essentially doing the same thing as I also need to kind of cover my you know my long-term Long's as well from fifty to hundred and thirty nine thirty but with regards to that you know more you know more of this sideways it's really what I like to play options yes you can be a scalper which you know if we find a scalping trade here I'll be happy to take it Oh things have kind of slowed down back in the mode once again but the scalping you know it's it's a lot more involved just a lot more intense and realistically for time management I'd rather just play options to begin with I just feel a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident playing options especially in a range like this this is the time to play these as you benefit from a lack of movement rather than needing movement which you can't make price action do and then you can always cover you know things go against you anyways so yeah I think daily we've got that covered what about to day-to-day also kind of has the same trade as as missus litecoin if we trade up if we trade above the high of this past prior to day then I'd be looking for which is sorry 10100 85 on Mexico then I'll be looking for another move back up towards about 11 actually actually almost towards 11,000 really but first target would be about ten five ten six then we can talk about 11,000 by the same token if we do she got the low of yesterday's two day dildo at ninety four eighty nine and a half then I'd be looking for a move likely to fall through to about eighty nine hundred so if we do initiate if we do initiate the downside of which I'm actually really not I'm really not leaning towards at least from this area right here maybe more a long term I could be but but if we talk about that from this area right here I would be looking at you know while I would be looking at an ultimate target probably somewhere around eighty eight to eighty five hundred which region at the very least there will be bounces along the way first and foremost probably somewhere down around here at about ninety three hundred would be a bounce area and then at about about eighty eight to eighty nine hundred is the next area that I looked toward before and then we could talk about 8500 but with regards to that let's talk a little bit more about well I don't want to go through this whole spiel with the for our death cross if you want the full if you want the full explanation of the 4-hour death cross what I would say is um what I would suggest is to go over Jesus Christ I was loud what's up dev or Paulo welcome my friend and pleasure to meet you what I would say is that longer-term sorry what was my train of thought right there damn it I lost it I lost it you know if you know I suppose let's talk about this I was talking about no it's talking about the for our death cross that's right if you want if you want the full-on explanation of that just go check out one of my uh one of my videos from either like us yesterday's probably the last time I did it or any of their like the past few maybe like anything in the past week I basically go over it but if you want to just take my word for it we do have a before our death cross right and over here the green fifty I spent from damage and the purple teal next mention what happens right here cross on the downside they are gain deference weight from each other so tranny is actually strengthening to the downside here but more importantly when we've gone over these examples in the past in the past prior upward smart because bitcoin is still in an upward in an upwards macro market the results from a death cross have typically have typically taken anywhere be I want you know on average about two weeks for it to play out from death cross to Golden Cross which I'm really just waiting for the next golden cross to get long once again like for a more medium or long-term position and they at the most had about a 20 percent drawdown and at the least had about a five percent drawdown in some cases actually the low was even put in before the cross officially happened but if we were to even take the worst-case scenario from this and shave about twenty percent off his current price action that put us where that put us around the mid to low 8000 right around about eighty three fifty if you want to do very specific one right here let's see if that matches up with anything else well first and foremost everyone's talk about the goddamn gap the gap boys might get their vindication at some point in time but maybe not just yet and I'll be coming in right around about eighty five hundred from 14th of July or sorry not fortunate alive at 14th of June and then also of course we do have this to be aware of as well it sounds a little bit more important to me and that is the weekly twenty one expansion moon average now you do see the weekly twenty one I spent from an average is coming in right around if I take all these guys off probably easier to see right around about 81 to eighty three hundred and the thing is is that you're eight you're 21 on the weekly is typically a is typically a target for like a nice consolidation on the same side as the macro trend so in this case we're trying to the upside it's actually quite healthy to come back down and test your twenty one I centrum an average you know on your more prolonged consolidations which kind of feels like we're doing right now just like to the to the downside about and over here it was a great place to be a seller on and as you can see in the past history of Bitcoin really liked to play it off to the you know to the upside right and over here as well and Pratt and Mark Sung's before that as well as you can see Andals for the downside so we do have a good history of playing off of it and it's just your you know your traditional asset you know you know mate you know major area of interest for like longer-term players now if we actually take that just one step further and pair this up with the with the weekly jewel we actually do see that the weekly jewel has a very specific signature here that does provide a something to go off of and we do see the light blue asset are getting into the critical zone above the eighty marker right here when that happens and then we get next the red flashing in the background and then a negative slope on that same light blue also there and if you want to take it on to a fourth step you could also talk about crossing the pink off sweater to the downside the slower one then each and every time that we've done this in the past a Bitcoin literally in the history of Bitcoin each and every time but we actually do come back down to test a 21 X Ben Sherman average at the very least in some cases even lower than that we see this first example right here pretty much instantaneously on the next week same thing with this one right here next week happens this one right here takes about a month to test a twenty one but it does happen then this next one right and over here takes about two months two months to test the test of twenty one but it does happen this one about next week or two weeks this one right here about another about a couple months this one almost entertains instantaneously once again and then obviously the Ohio twenty thousand actually taking about about two months as well so as of right now we do actually have that same signature right we do have the white blue also to get in the critical zone getting red in the background and get a negative slope and actually looking like must break the pink as well so if if we actually do close this next weekly anywhere below the red ten simple I really would be looking for that next leg down to the 21 F countryman average somewhere around mid to low 8000 currently it's about 80 150 but will be rising with each and every passing weekly close of which we have one coming up in a couple days so with that said you know this is a rather large sample size if we go all the way back this is one two three four five six seven eight we're working on number nine right now but eight out of eight is pretty damn good if we go over BLX index we'll see how much how much we have here we have one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 a 10 examples 10 out of 10 worked we're working on number 11 right now so I would say that this is you know would be kind of an anomaly if we don't if we don't test the 21 now it's been about a month since we actually put in you know putting this putting this prior section right here so it could technically be another you know now that you know another month that wouldn't be out of the out of the question but more importantly if we actually do extend this for another month and that's gonna imply that the 21 expansion average gets to travel higher as its you know it's basically is for the you should every passing week like I said about 200 bucks so if we were to extend this for another month then now would imply that we actually thought the twenty one actually comes down maybe it around like high eight thousands maybe low nine thousands and then perhaps we don't have to go as low so the more that Bitcoin goes sideways in this region the more that Bitcoin really draws this consolidation out the more and more likely that we won't actually have to go down as deep as I think a lot of people want to look at I think even a lot of people are saying that this is you know this is we're gonna reverse to a bear market from here I I I'm not bearish on any asset that's above the yellow twenty one experiment average on the weekly especially I mean that's just like a that's just like a you know base and as I checked my notifications here come on man more more scam notifications man these these scammers are so damn dedicated to scamming like holy anyways um so yeah what was that going off of yeah the twenty Mike centrally managed as long as we're above there I'm not bearish on to any sort of major asset and if we take that just one step further I'm not bearish on any assets that is above the three date ruin it simple as well which is currently around seventy five hundred so a lot would need to really happen for me to jump on the same side it's like the Super Bears thinking that this thing's gonna come down like sub 6000 or sub 4000 or even sub 7000 really the one big counterpoint to what I'm saying it though is that CME's do have a nice gap at around that 8,500 level a lot of people have been cloned for 8,500 for a very long time so realistically when everyone's kind of talking about the same thing when everyone's talk about the same target either usually gets front ran meaning we mean we end higher which would perhaps would imply maybe like eighty eight or nine thousand or we get or we get bulldozed below and get you know get and get a nasty but to the downside of which perhaps would imply maybe like seventy five hundred or so or some way in like the mid seven thousands out of Matt so that is worth mentioning just because if we do actually initiate the downside it's either gonna be a lot less than what people think or a lot more than what people think but probably doesn't just doesn't just give everyone that perfect entry is right around eighty five hundred out of imagine could happen I very rarely see that happen though it does happen but very rarely let's go check out GBC really quick gpgc right on over here where are you GBC come on you bitch there you are 12:49 closed for the week as well so the weekly actually has been set in stone in the weekly did not or did the weekly break the ten simple it has yes we actually do see a closure below the red ten simple on the weekly this is not good here and in fact this is the first close below the red ten simple since literally February of 2019 so about six months ago almost some of it you know almost seven months ago it's been quite some time anyways is that the change is that the first initial actions of the changing tides in Bitcoin perhaps yes perhaps yes but remember this is not trade over the weekend so we will have to actually wait until next week and more importantly you know when actually look at the lower timeframes here actually don't have an issue with this chart actually I really don't have an issue with this chart in fact it really looks a lot similar to CME's to me putting in a nice little base of operations here this one would be a little bit more angled to a bearish termination as it is a descending triangle and actually the measure move would be directly pointing us down to the gap right here on 8500 on spot but more importantly yeah I actually do you think I do identify this as a damn good reaction off the green fifty and III don't think is I don't think is ready I don't think it's gonna break here I mean you know if it does it does but we have a very obviously well-defined area to kind of be judging these trades off of and that's the more important part as you see Bitcoin having a little bit of a $20 off right there bad so again you know if we come into Monday and we actually do see this you know inch back below and maybe even take out this Wicklow right here then yes I you know I think could probably be appropriate to say it's likely to break to the downside but for now I'll still give it's a little bit of room to breathe I do not prioritize gbtc I prioritize CMI's gpgc is actually my my my my least used subsidary for looking at Bitcoin price but it does seem to matter a little bit and the fact is that we see the same so you know scenario as we do see a basically on see with essentially the same target as well anyways let's go check out Trish remarks really quick 301 30 closed for the week damn good close a new yearly Newt not not just see new yearly highs but new all-time highs close no closing above the last week's high nice so weekly monthly still looking bullish to me I'd have to be bullish on tradition marks we've been bullish on it on it for a long time I don't see this I don't say this to be arrogant or anything like that but you know this is why I say the trend is your friend in Chile trying to I have these silly rules like hey if you're if you got the Golden Cross and above the 21 I ain't bearish on you and what do we see right here exactly that so this is why you know we've been bullish on on spies for a long time now and continue to be bullish on spies you know you know again it's we're actually kind of doing a little bit of a Riku Malaysian pattern right here in fact I think it's just got resolved to the upside this this looks to me to be a small cup and handle which actually does have a target somewhere right around three oh three and a half so if we actually close this next monthly pretty damn well then I'd be looking for this – probably leg higher it sounds crazy mad but it's the bull markets the market it's mark that never goes down essentially anyways perhaps more political to anything that than anything really anyway so let's go over and check out mister Bureau really quick what's he doing what's this beautiful bitch doing mister beuter all come over here not as easy of a chart as like corner of Bitcoin and probably just likely to follow like when in Bitcoin to begin with but I would say we do have a nice little pivot to be managing things off right here on the purple children I spent removing a machine if we can actually regain at 223 then I would be looking for a move actually back up towards to 32 and a half and that's where things can get a little bit interesting because if mr. buuder walks she can close above 232 and a half to 233 I'd be looking for a move significantly higher and when I say it's infinitely higher I mean actually all the way up here towards maybe 275 maybe even $300 would be kind of the more medium to long-term trajectory but for right now still kind of stuck within the mud right here and not leading the market but if you do see that Bitcoin and missus litecoin kind of initiate those moves that we were speaking about above those specific pivots then then we could perhaps look at mister b-roll to be one of the bigger gainers from that as I do strongly believe that we'd find our way under there into that region if that gets initiated more important I suppose becomes go look at mr. ripples nipples as well for a second very sultry and mister ripples nipples also makes me believe that we actually do take up here you can see that he's been defending the same trend line for the for the past year very valiantly very very respectable mr. ripples and I do think that it actually does head back up here towards about thirty three and a half cent probably even thirty four and a half cent actually and if we can actually even just close it daily above thirty four and a half cent this thing is gonna take on a whole new meaning and probably work its way back towards like 38 to 40 cent region somewhere here the fact is is that we're getting a good reaction off this trendline once again and this trendline has been your friend for the past year you know I know a lot of people hate ripple I know people don't want it a lot of people want to see this fail but I just I can't get bearish on this thing until you actually break this trendline to the downside below 30 cents then we can talk about moves into the mid to low teens and then maybe even as low as 8 cents but for right now still holding this area and looks to me like it wants to turn around here we do see daily so see upside what about weekly here's what week these are doing weekly is down right now wheat weekly still down but having a damn good reaction off this region I think that we tighten this up more and actually actually go to the upside here which again the market for the most part moves together so if that's gonna be bullish likely the rest of the market falls through to the upside as well which is kind of what I think for the medium and low time frames right now again the higher time frame still very much unresolved going over here to Bitcoin Dominus charge is kind of like sidestep looking at all of the all coins we can just look at the Bitcoin dominus chart we hit a couple measurements we also we also whipped off the purple Childress went from an average well longer-term I am very bullish on this let's say for the next you know probably for the next at the very least a couple weeks to three weeks maybe even couple months we I do you expect us to come down first target or sorry not first target first talk has already been hit at six six and a half but but second area of interest would be right around sixty five and a half I do want to see the reaction at around sixty five and a half which would imply that all to get to play around a little bit more here I'd imagine that most altar rallying versus versus Bitcoin prob probably gonna hit their weekly ten but the sixty five and a half percent region right here very very important if we do lose this which is probably to take a long time if it does happen I don't I'm not so confident that it actually does happen then I'd be looking for a move significantly lower into the into the lower 60% region which is just gonna benefit all temor but for now I do think that we're gonna see a lot of alts start to rally up if they haven't already you know we we said that lows were coming for all last week I I would still kind of hold on to that and I think that they're gonna they're gonna enjoy a couple weeks here but longer-term like I said I am still bullish on this so you know it's it's only it's only a short reprieve and the greatest in the grand scheme of things you're looking at like a a quarterly schedule perhaps but just just kind of taking a quick look at Cardona here we do see that Cardone you know breaking out above the yellow 21 it's already hit our first target at 6:30 or six sorry 6:40 and I do think that it accelerates for this next target around 700 Satoshi's region and and then we'll probably see the Bitcoin Dominus fall down to around 65 and a half at that point then what kind of reassess but for now most altought imagine gonna rally up and probably their weekly 10 is gonna be an area of interest I'd imagine anyways we looked at all that um okay all right let's see do we want to look at gold really quick yeah let's look at gold gold still holding the yellow 21 still okay technically I mean if you know if you're still long I suppose it still okay to hold long course it's not financial ice my furniture advisor but I'm not it this one looks difficult right here I think silver actually has a little bit more of a little bit more of an easier chart gold weekly did close and it closed pretty much as a non-event I mean it's this is not very helpful right here it's a problem from a TA perspective weekly Stokes or do you want to cross the downside weekly RSI is giving us a little bit of bearish divergence here maybe we do pop back down to 1375 1385 region but I'm I'm not really leaning towards it just cuz silver does look strong and I do believe that these guys trade with each other anybody's back on a Bitcoin and so we've covered like when we covered mister buter all let's key a let's go back to Bitcoin now start to wrap this bitch up perhaps as well I think I spoke about most of things I don't want to speak about let's go check out the expected moves range we do see the expected moves for the daily actually showing a pretty tight range within this region you know even within the first ended deviation bringing us between about 94 50 and 10,000 100 150 essentially which that would resolve that would actually resolve a few things we if we initiate the downside there but to the upside wouldn't resolve all that much just the medium timeframes which you know we already talked about probably moved to like maybe 10 5 but right now more importantly the store the the the expected moves with regard to historical volatilities telling you exactly what we should be seen and that is one massive consolidation which should be reflected on some like a daily you know you know a daily historical volatility percentile which is that what we see like like we said earlier in this video this actually starting to finally get below the moving average on this does suggest that we are going to you know we're not done here quite yet so again I think I think that's kind of where I want to leave it I suppose I'll just wrap this bitch up really really quick for the lower timeframes and we're gonna kind of work them up here but for the lower timeframes areas of interest to the downside is about 9700 basically the for our three sevens and expansion which right here any sort of a break below there and probably gonna have the avalanche of effects I'd say at the very least a target down to about ninety three hundred ninety three fifty maybe would be looking for a short-term bounce there on the very low timeframes but ultimately likely likely work to sway lower if that does happen I do believe that if we break this blue box to the downside we're not just gonna stop there it's gonna be a short reprieve and then probably lower and we actually do hit those targets down to about eighty eight or sorry eighty nine hundred after that and then 8500 be the next one after that by the same token you know we did hurt our short-term target up ninety nine hundred not bad I do think that this actually does take this area out so any sort of a closing basis you know above this and I do think that we work our way into the ten thousand fifty to ten thousand 150 region right here that's where things get a little more interesting it doesn't doesn't solve anything but it does start to present another major trait not not a major trade opportunity but a trade opportunity nonetheless and if we can actually just even trade above ten thousand one hundred fifty basically above this little past prior local high right here then I'd be looking for a nice move back over to about ten four to ten five region basically tested daily 21x pension wound average and that's where things can really change for me for a medium and long term position remember one of my rules is for better or worse that I don't play any asset long I don't hold medium or long term Long's unless fits a scalp as long as we're below the daily twenty – went from an average in an overall macro uptrend and vice-versa for a downtrend and you can see that we lost it right and over here so that rules really helped me stay out of you know all this package right here as you can see which which I'm quite happy about so again that's why I have these you know those sorts of rules and perhaps you know perhaps you might find that you might find that useful yourself perhaps not I mean again this it's a little more conservative but as you can see does kind of keep me out of the you know basically sideways action which you know hasn't really I mean and also downwards here but but mostly sideways so it's kind of get you know keeping my money out of it you know you know I'm not moving asset you know always thinking about opportunity cost play an options right now kind of the best thing to be doing in my opinion just capture ranges you know essentially benefit from the lack of movement them the the lack of major training plays and in think of it in that way I think a lot more deductive and a lot more just easy on the soul really anyways so yeah at you know while I don't it probably doesn't happen between now in the next video that I post but if we were to take out the twenty one to the upside then I would be looking for a move actually towards eleven thousand but here's the thing and now that I cut now that I think about it this is worth talking about and I'll kind of end on this this falling channel right here this did break to the upside a couple days ago on that move that we spoke about to 10150 remember that yes actually the measure move off this falling channel is actually a little bit higher it's actually towards ten 350 to ten 400 which is where the daily to the daily twenty one is of course an area of massive interest and then more importantly with regards to that this actually is still available this is still very much active it doesn't it doesn't get negated until we actually break this last little low right here which would essentially imply a closed not sorry not just close but an open and close like a full-on break a confirmed kill of the blue three seven seven I spent room now much on the floor out of a time frame so if that were to happen then yes you know we can talk about much more significant downside targets but until it actually has broken this is still this is still technically valid and that would be lining up perfectly with the daily twenty one so if you are looking at the lower and medium timeframes those are the areas of interest I'd be looking at right here of course higher time frames I mean basically thirteen thousand and like ninety five hundred or my closing basis kind of where'd be looking towards so a lot of work needs to be done their weekly will weekly will resolve in a couple days so that'll be nice and then of course CME's closing in about an hour sorry and about sorry not not an hour but in about twenty two minutes so we should have resolution on that if CMI's do closed anywhere below the red ten simple say that that's gonna be a bad signal but so far so good we are above ten thousand actually the red ten symbol coming in around ninety nine in fifteen bucks so it looks like it probably does maintain it and still kind of chugging along here so that's gonna do it for right now I do want to wish you well in this nice little Friday I'll be back home tomorrow with some more video analysis also gonna be uploading some more psychological videos which I'm really happy about I really enjoyed I really enjoyed producing those so I hope that you know I hope that oped that it helps someone out there because I'd like to continue doing it man you know you know it's probably not worth it if you know if no one's if no one's listening to it but I really really enjoy making those because it's something I'm probably the most passionate about had it had to really learn a lot about my own psychology you know just to just kind of do this really so kind of comes full circle I suppose but always learning and with that said I do want to wish you the best the best Friday it just just as always you know have a nice relaxing peaceful and perhaps even profitable Friday as well back on tomorrow looking forward to see you there if not take care


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    Absolutely love your content and so thankful for the good energy you keeping putting out into the world, thank you man! Still so much to learn on this end, but learning everything I can and you’re a huge inspiration. Cheers!

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