Bitcoin to $100,000 Per Coin Soon

Bitcoin to $100,000 Per Coin Soon

hey guys welcome back what an exciting month it has been look at this price action that we got going on right here with with Bitcoin Bitcoin increase in value like over two thousand dollars in the last month and it hasn't really slowed down much in fact today let's see what it's what it's at on coin market cap now let me refresh this page here seven thousand eight hundred and sixteen dollars according to coin market cap now there is for this probably some exchanges already selling it for eight thousand especially like the Bitcoin ATM exchanges and things like that they're usually they're usually selling it for much higher than what point market cap is listing but you know what is the cause this month why why so much why so much price action this month not just for Bitcoin but for all crypto currencies as a whole look at I mean everything has just been significantly increasing in value all across the board here pretty much everything so one thing that I became aware of recently was this that this congressman and remember work where the word Congress comes from con as in con man as in con artist as thief as crook that's what the word Congress and congressmen come from they're all crooks they're all thief's all these people you know working in the in the government trying to pass legislation to control and manipulate people that's that's what they are they are con men that's why the beginning of the word starts with con for anyone who doesn't know that so this dude brad sherman the democrat brad sherman recently this month this happened this month wants to pass wants to pass a law to ban all crypto currencies in the united states all i'm here is one an article posted on may 5th this is this the story is going viral this footage go all over all over the news right now all over the cryptocurrency forums a lot of people talking about this there's another article posted make the change about it there's another one congressman brad sherman mustard and crypto currencies in the united states this one was posted on may tenth well this stuff is very recent all happening this month we'll read a little bit of this right here the Democrat congressman brad Sherman wants to ban cryptocurrencies in the United States by passing a new law he wants his colleagues to join him and introduce this bill to outlaw digital currencies or digital currency purchases by Americans there's you know here's another one but this is this is the story that's going around all the cryptocurrency forums all the blogs all the YouTube bloggers everyone's talking about this and you know any time these these government goons try to step in and control people and they try to come in and tell us what to do and tell us what we can't do and try to try to manipulate us you know everyone just says you and they buy more cryptocurrency and the more and more people do this the more the more and more weak the US dollar becomes your crypto currency is literally weakening the US dollar and I believe it eventually the US dollar will completely collapse and these politics value I don't know how long that will be but you know given enough time I think eventually it will happen that's why I am a firm believer in crypto currency so I pull my money out of the bank I don't I don't keep very much money in the bank I I store the majority of my value in cryptocurrency all the businesses that I'm involved in I I tend to pick ones that give me the option to get paid in cryptocurrency or sometime in a lot of them it is the only option a lot of these programs that I'm involved in they have already completely cut the United States dollar out they have already completely cut out the bank's cut out the government they've cut out these con artists middleman so that that's why I believe the crypto market did so well this month is because of all these uh these con men in in the in the government trying to control cryptocurrency trying to ban damn it and make it illegal and all this stuff this happened before – like that this you know back in I think was like back in like 2017 the big article went out all over the internet about how the government in India announced that they're gonna make Bitcoin illegal and all this stuff and what happens it just kept pumped and higher and higher and high and value more people started jumping in you know what happens is like some people I think they when they see all these articles and stuff about government's trying to make it illegal they think oh no if they do making legal then I'd better buy it now before they make it legal so that's what happens it just drives up the value more and more these governments start to control people you know the more and more people are going to repeal because no no now it's like it's just like common everyday knowledge that the government exists for one reason to enslave people you know even the word government means mind control or to control the mind for you but basically the word government comes from two words that comes from gubin RA which means to control and the word men's which means mine it comes from two Latin words in fact most of the English language can be traced back to Latin and if you study etymology which etymology is the study of language like where do words come from and what do they really mean you know you're gonna you're gonna find that you're most you're gonna find that you people in the United States have been indoctrinated with a false reality there's another one religion from the Latin word relig or e to tie back to hold back to thwart from or word progress to bind now is do you think it's a coincidence that governments and religions were like kind of in cahoots with each other to control people and hold people back and bind them down with their laws and throwing people in jail and controlling the money supply and then stealing their wealth through taxation this this isn't like a coincidence here so let's get back into let's go back into this triplet currency stuff so for anyone who is still new to the crypto currency niche the reason that this stuff is so significant is because the government's and the banks they cannot control Bitcoin right there's nothing that they can do to stop a transaction from happening on the Bitcoin network or even on the etherium network or the litecoin network of the Bitcoin cash network or you know all these all these cryptic not not all of them I mean there are some that are like working with the banks that are pretty much like fiat money but just the crypto version but the majority of these on here they were built around what we call decentralization meaning that there is no single third party or single entity that can control and that can control and then freeze or manipulate transactions so basically if I wanted to send let's say these these con men and government they they they gain support they staged another fake terrorist attack to gain support to go to war to some country and then they you know they use their power to cut off supplies to that country but if the rest of the world sees this all of a sudden we could just start sending that country Bitcoin and then they wouldn't be cut off they wouldn't be financially and economically strangled by the powers that be so that's why this is significant again right now well not right now but in over the past decades or hundreds and thousands of years really most people only had one choice of which money they used and it was the and it was depending on what government they basically lived under and in what country but now we get to choose which money we want to use we can say you to the government we can say you to the banks you say you to the Internal Revenue Service didn't say you to the Federal Reserve didn't say you to all these people that are criminal isn't trying to enslave us because we can just exit out of their system and to the cryptocurrency system Bitcoin aetherium not XRP this one's made by bankers for the bankers Bitcoin Castlight coin all these different points here that I'm listing are decentralized and they're not able to be controlled by government Manero is a good one Tron is we're working to like decentralized the whole internet – coin in fact this is big in Venezuela we all know what happened Venezuela there their government completely their people they completely or the value of their currency their fiat money completely collapsed and it's worthless in fact yeah there's if you walk around this way litter like in the gutter there's just piles and piles and piles of cash that is completely worthless and right now I'm going to slow they're all using um well the the businesses that are surviving now they all switched over to – coin and they're using point-of-sale systems where people can go and pay with – coin and the little point-of-sale system prints out a receipt right there on the spot so as uh as all this corruption is happening now people have an alternative and this is it this is the future of money right what's happening is we're gonna experience one of the biggest wealth transfers that I've ever seen in my life maybe maybe even in all of our lives with I mean that we don't really know how crazy this is gonna get we don't know how high this stuff's gonna go we're just in the very very beginning stages so if you're one of those people that you're trying to exit out you want to start getting some of your money out of the the US dollar Ponzi scheme and get it into some cryptocurrency we've got some options for you you know one one thing you can do is you can go to coin base and pull it up right here now coin dace is a popular exchange in the USA and and you know you can come in here and you can buy Bitcoin litecoin eutherian Bitcoin cash and others you can buy them with a credit card or you can buy them with a bank account there's also an app for coin base that you can download onto your phone it looks like this and you can you can use it the same way from your phone you can hook up a bank account or a credit card now coinbase will require you to go through the verification process because they are a centralized exchange so what I recommend after you buy it on coinbase if you especially if you're buying like bulk amounts you're buying large amounts you're gonna want to send these the your coins from coinbase to a safe and secure wallet okay coin base is not safe and it is not secure they're a centralized exchange and if you store your coins on coinbase they control the private keys and they do have the option to deny you access to your coins here so what I'd recommend you do is get get get a private key wallet is what it's called and I'll show you some of them right now one of them is called the X this wallet Google right here but this is what the Exodus well it looks like and if I've now got it right there but you can download this to your desktop and you will have a set of private keys and and when you when you are the only one that holds the private key that means no one else can access your money ever and you store those offline so hackers can't get into it the banks can't get it the government's can't get it and it's extremely difficult for them to even know that you have this so highly recommend the exes wallet and if you don't have a laptop computer to download the exes wallet I'll show you an alternative for your smartphone now this one's called dock the hot old wallet and this one only holds Bitcoin so if you just holding Bitcoin I would recommend this one very simple very easy to use but if you want to store multiple coins on your wallets there's some other options there's the Jax wallet the Jax wallet holds holds multiple coins there's a little photo what it looks like right there there's also the point Omni wallet is a good one Multi coin wallet private keys so no one can no one can mess with it so there are some options right there you can get it on playing bass and then I would if you get if you're getting bulk amounts immediately send it to a private key wallet on the other option you got is look up a Bitcoin ATM in your area you won't have to go through all the KYC and the verification process so you just type in a Bitcoin ATM Yemi chances are you're gonna be able to find one at least within an hour radius I live in Las Vegas so these things are all over the place I mean look at all these these are all Bitcoin ATMs these little red things Bitcoin is very popular where I live Las Vegas is kind of like a little mecca for cryptocurrency so there's lots of cryptocurrency meetups there's lots of cryptocurrency businesses based out of here there's lots of conventions for it out here Las Vegas is a very very crypto friendly city to live it so that's what's going on in in the crypto world highly recommend get your money out get some of your money out of the bank at least and get it in the crypto currency you know many people believe that one day one Bitcoin would be worth into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and here's why we look at the history of this stuff this is a ten year track record of the value of the value of Bitcoin Bitcoin was trading for pennies back here this was like 2011 there was trading for pennies and over the years as people wake up to all the government corruption and they wake up to the fact that the United States dollar is just a Ponzi scheme used by criminals to control and enslave people you know more and more people are exiting out of that system and getting into Bitcoin because Bitcoin has been deflationary while the US dollar has been inflated time and time again and this has lost like over 90% of its purchasing power since its creation and from from what it seems Bitcoin is well on its way to go into the hundreds of thousands eventually maybe into the millions we really don't know how how high this is gonna go this is like completely uncharted territory cryptocurrency is a new new very disruptive technology and it's going to change the world in ways that most people can't even imagine alright that's if now I will catch up the guys later if you're looking for ways to build a business around back when I'm gonna leave some links to other videos that are created I'm gonna leave those video links in the description of this video where you can learn how to actually build a business around Bitcoin and you can learn how to start selling products and services to people and get paid in Bitcoin alright that's it now my name is john logan see you guys later


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