Bitcoin SOARS Towards $4,400!! | OTC Volume Through The Roof! | Stock Market Crash!!

Bitcoin SOARS Towards $4,400!! | OTC Volume Through The Roof! | Stock Market Crash!!

in this video I want to continue to talk about this trade we're in right now after this breakout and we're still going up towards our target of 4.4 K all the way up here I want to talk a little bit about all of this and I also want to go into the more short term and talk about the fact that here on the for hourly chart we did see a small correction yesterday came down found some price strength conformation in this support zone which was the previous resistance zone and we have seen another surge what's going to happen right now are we seeing any signs that this might actually starts to cool off at some point here well I want to show you a few things that I found in the chart and going to the stock markets we can actually see that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is right now experiencing a death cross but the most important thing I want to talk about in this video is the fact that the over-the-counter volume in South America is exploding like crazy here you can see the trading volume in the Peruvian curves his soul and you can see that ass beat compress goes down the over-the-counter volume goes rapidly up and you can see the exact same thing going on for the Colombian peso and in this video I want to talk about this over-the-counter accumulation that is going on so if you think that that sounds interesting that I think they're just definitely keep with all right and welcome to the moon my name is Karl and we're bringing this cryptocurrency video and as I am recording this we are seeing this breakout continue to follow the wall the path which should be the textbook path since the target is all the way up at 4.4 K up here which I've pointed out previously in a falling wedge like this we have a target and eyes up there the only thing we should keep in mind like I've also pointed out is that a bullish pattern in a downtrend might not perform perfectly and that is something that I simply want you to be aware of but yes the target is still up at 4.4 K and now the price is going up like this I've seen a lot of people get very excited and this is kind of the sentiment right now people are starting to feel like this might be the beginning of the bull run and let me just be very clear here I don't think that there's any big signs there's no conclusive evidence that this was the bottom and that this is the beginning of well the bull run or anything like this what we have here is simply breakout out of a falling wedge just like we talked about before the break out that this is going to be a breakout it could break to the downside but it isn't bullish patterns so it actually breaks to the upside more often than to the downside and since then we have been going up I think that the very key line for us to break should be the 4 point 4 K I think that until we go above that level I think it's still a quite a high likelihood that we might actually just get rejected and might actually go down and like I said in last video either defend the bottom once more creating a double bottom that is one scenario or that we have to get rejected and simply break the bottom and move down towards the lower targets down here I think that we should not forget the fact that even though we're going up right now we are still in a very very clear downtrend so don't get too excited but in the short term yes we are getting bullish here in the short term and just like expected since we actually predicted this breakout accurately and currently since the breakout we are actually up as I'm recording this up 24.6% yeah so a very nice break out indeed and let me go to the chorus chart and take a look at all of the different lines we have to deal with here alright so in yesterday's video I actually talked about the fact that we were I think that we were somewhere right there we had just seen this bearish divergence which I'm going to talk to you about in a minute and what I talked about was that what we might see is my correction and what I'm going to be watching is this zone here because if we can see price strength confirmation here that could lead to another surge in price because that is something that we actually usually see when we go down just like back here we actually after breaking all these resistance lines we actually came down again and tested the previous resistance which now actually solidified as support that was a price strength conformation and that was actually the thing that led to another surge up in price and that is arguably what we are seeing right now we are seeing a bearish divergence on the one-hour time frame here we have the we have the high and then a higher high and in the RSI there was a high here and then a lower high and we still have the bearish divergence here so let's see if we can reach the 4 point 4 K before getting a bigger correction and we can bring out the stochastic RSI I want to take a look at the stochastic on the only for hourly timeframe because that was the reason why I was expecting expecting a small correction in yesterday's video and we did actually see small little correction down towards the support zone and after that we did actually get this little surge back up again so the stochastic has actually cooled down come down into the lower regions and after this little bounce beacon actually came back into bullish mode here in the short-term and if we go to the daily stochastic I think that here we have a big clue and this is going to be very important as we go forward here because no matter if you go all the way up to 4 point 4 K our target or if we are going to reverse before reaching the target at some point we're going to see this top out I think we're already seeing the signs of a topping out in this bearish divergence in the one-hour time frame but the bearish divergence does not tell us that we cannot go higher just like we saw in the 4-hour limb bullish divergence right this bullish divergence started all the way back here right as we broke the 6k level and it actually went on for this whole big crash so we actually went lower and lower and lower and lower even though we had this bullish divergence but after this last dip here that's when the the Barretts were fully exhausted and they couldn't no they could no longer push any lower because the boost they got stronger and stronger and stronger and this led to this huge bullish divergence but the story we can take away here is that even though we saw a bullish divergence there and there and there and we didn't see a huge trend reversal right away but we did see the sellers getting more and more exhausted and eventually we actually did see this trend reversal so when you keep that in mind and go back to the one-hour chart so this is the one-hour chart we are seeing a bearish divergence and at some point I think that that is going to help the the price actually reverse back to the downside and the key thing I wanted to get to here is that and now these two kostik on the daily is actually back into into the higher regions here in the over part so when we do see a reversal possibly in the 4 point 4 K level which is a huge resistance level there is going to possibly be a lot of momentum to be able to get picked up to the downside and I think that the we're probably going to see a huge correction at some point or huge that depends on how you see it but but just as big of a breakup I saw here we're probably going to see some formerly similar move but to the downside after topping out up here somewhere but remember the most important time frame is the week the time frame and we haven't talked a lot about the fact that when these lines start to move up and break the 20 level here that is based on the previous two times we've seen that happen back there and back there as you can see right there and right there both of these two times the price actually went up 50% and I think that going from oversold in the weekly and starting to move up that is probably going to give us a huge momentum play to the upside and as we are bottoming out here in the third level also in the RSI I think that there is a hugely bullish set up just waiting to get triggered in the indeed longer time frames here but I think that we should not take out anything in advance and I think that we need actually to make sure that we breach this level and right now I'm not really sure that we have evidence enough to suggest that we're actually going to right now go and just start breaking out so I don't think that we are seeing a v-shaped recovery right now I believe that we're probably going to see one more correction before we're able to start going up again and something that would be possible a rejection like this and then a correction and find some price strength confirmation back at these levels and maybe then starts to move back up again and that would actually be some form of a Head & Shoulders reversal and pattern that's clearly speculation right but that's basically one scenario that could play out and let me just bring up the EMA ribbon also here on the one hour we are seeing the price actually push through into the ribbon but remember the key thing here is to break through the entire ribbon to be to go bullish and that is not something that I would expect here in the short term we still have the blue resistance zone and we still have quite some time to go before breaking through the entire ribbon so I wouldn't hold my breath for that but in but in fact it's more probable that we're all going to find some resistance here and I think that's the most likely scenario definitely and the four-hour early and we can say we broke through the for our early ribbon just as you broke out out of the falling wedge and go to the one-hour to view the short term let me just take away everything else you can clearly see that in an uptrend we clearly see support from the ribbon and this can be a great way when you look at the breakout or a clear uptrend or clear downtrend for example if you missed the breakout and you want to go anyone enter you can wait until we go back into the ribbon and try to long as we bounce off it because usually when you have a clear downtrend or a clear uptrend that is usually a very good strategy right now we didn't see another bounce and another surge up in price and even though we are right now going up very dramatically and very rapidly we have still not really seen a short squeeze and I think that a lot of people have been expecting it being short squeeze but it hasn't occurred yet and I still think that the 4.40 level here might be the line on which if we break it we might see a huge short squeeze that's also speculation but I think that there is merit to that theory and I think that the shoulders are probably not too worried if we just stay around in these regions here but if we see the pick up press actually push through here and go straight to these levels I think that the shoulders are going to get a little bit worried they are going to start closing their positions buying back in and that is going to further propel that move to the upside and you basically have a short squeeze and that's how a short squeeze is formed when the sellers become buyers and now everyone is buying but right now I believe that the more likely scenario is that we're probably going to get rejected from this levels I don't think that we're ready to just break through here right now but at some point we are going to be ready to break through these levels and when we do that could be a very nice place too long I believe but I will update you more about my strategy for longing through that level in the coming days and weeks here and something that is about to happen right now first of all we're seeing the stock markets doing very very poorly right now and I'm on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and this is the 200-day Lee moving average the red line and the 50 daily moving average is the Green Line and we are right now experiencing a death cross on this major index and well this could and a lot of people are probably going to take this as a huge bad sign a bad omen or something like that for the stock markets and this is coinciding as we are seeing the Dow Jones actually setting all-time 2018 lows as you can see and yeah this does not look good for the stock market and even though I believe in a short-term bounce here in the short term I mean there's still this does not look good and in yesterday's video I said that I don't like doing technical analysis on the stock markets because they are heavily manipulated and I saw some comments like I actually expected to get how can you say that you don't do TA on stock markets because of my manipulation and then you go and do TA on Bitcoin which is heavily manipulated alright so when I when I say I don't like to TA on the stock market I mean long term because long term what decides the stock markets are interest rates and money creation how much money there is in circulation and those two factors are the only thing that truly can accurately predict what the stock markets are going to do so if they push down the interest rates they could actually push the stock market up even higher but that would create a even bigger problem and just a bigger risk of a bigger fall in the future so that's why I think that note there's no moving average in the world that can that can save is the stock markets from the the power of the central banks so the central banks they decide if the stock markets are going to go up or if they're going to go down and there's simply no trader in the world there's the whale in the world there is no one that can do anything about that but yeah let's go to the next story and according to this article here galaxy s 10 might shape with a secure cold crypto wallet for storing Bitcoin and we have seen more and more of these telephones these phones actually being crypto phones or whatever you want to call it and where they have kind of crypto features and this is supposed to go to be the first phone with an cold storage wallet incorporated into the actual phone so it says here that Samsung's crypto service will supposedly include a cold wallet for saving crypto currency public and private keys and signing private keys for crypto transactions a secondary wallet would manage transfers account information and transaction history the names of these two products have not been finalized and this is something that could help adoption where we kind of forced people into adoption because because we basically put a wallet into their hands and I think that these kinds of developments are definitely bullish they are not perished but I'm not sure if this is going to create the next bull run or anything but believe that we're definitely going to see more and more of this next up there's been a lot of talk about the token waves so following one hundred and twenty million dollars funding round waves token price jumps over 30 percent so global blockchain platform waves has raised 120 million dollars any private funding round for its new project called the Vostok according to an official blog post published December 19th and right off the bat I just want to mention that anyone that is able to raise 120 million dollars right now in the midst of this bear market I think that's just quite impressive and I think that this fact alone has held this surge in price and the vostok blockchain is focused on the development of waves technologies for commercial and government IT systems the new product will reportedly help the waves platform to develop new technologies such as artificial intelligence Internet of Things and blockchain in order to support a truly open and decentralized web and I am by no means an expert on waves so there's really no way for me to try to educate you about the waves project but we can take a look at or get here so the market cap is four hundred and ten million dollars and we can actually see that for the last couple of weeks here we have seen waves do fantastically well even though the crypto markets overall has done very very badly so ever since November it has actually wallet test tracks have gone up four times in value that is very impressive for being an altcoin in the midst of this crypto market but what I always say when we see something like this happen please do not go out and buy this all con right now we are you're probably going to lose money in the short term it's a lot wiser to wait for something like this to cool down and yes it is possible that this is going to continue to go up another 10x right now but most likely that is not going to be the case and for going in on stuff like this has always been a bad strategy overall but yeah enough about that next up crypto currency over the counter desks or beaming with activity investors are looking for Bitcoin buying opportunities over the counter but the sellers are missing according to this article so there might be a big whales and institutions going into the over counter market to try to buy Bitcoin right now as the price is going into these lower regions and in spite of year when prices kept tumbling trading activity has remained stable moreover as prices declining markets demand easily increases in crypto currency markets the same can be observed as an over-the-counter desk revealed that order requests has been doubling every month in 2018 and that is something that we should be noting here the requests on the over-the-counter has been doubling every month even though the price has been going down every month in 2018 so with prices as low as they are right now it has become difficult for the exchange to find matching sell orders so there seem to be not enough sellers to meet the demand of the buyers and that is a clear sign that we are bottoming out if this is true when there are no more sellers to sell well we have to go up because now there are more buyers than there are sellers and that's how any market is deciding the price if there are more sellers than buyers then the price goes down but if there are more buyers than there are sellers then the price goes up and next up I want to talk about the over-the-counter market trading of bait corn in South America peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions on the rise in South America so Venezuela we have all been aware of the fact that Venezuela they are experiencing a hyperinflation and extreme economic turmoil catastrophe and it seems like many other countries are following the same path they are seeing big inflation many of them have not reached the state of hyper inflation but nations that are experiencing high inflation I think that they look at Venezuela they see what could be happening very soon and so they are starting to accumulate Bitcoin because it's a lot smarter to do it right now then later because you're going to be able to get a lot more Bitcoin now than when you've already lost all of the value in your in your Fiat Fiat currency and local bitcoins is an online international over-the-counter exchange peer-to-peer and for example in Colombia local bitcoins is actually processing ten times the volume of p2p Beco transfers as it was back in December of 2017 right in the middle of the huge all-time high and it should be the opposite that the trading volume is going down but it's actually not and here you can see the weekly local beta codes valium for the Peruvian soul and the all-time high in Bitcoin was right here and you can see that the Bitcoin trading volume has just been going up as the Bitcoin price is going down and we can also see that in Colombia you can see clearly that they become trading volume is going up rapidly as well and I think this is very very bullish because all of this is a perfect example of what Bitcoin can bring to people for normal citizens to become their own bank to be economically sovereign and not depend upon the the banks and any centralized system and in big economic turmoil we clearly can see the power of Bitcoin and when the economic collapse and economic crisis comes which is it is coming very soon I think we're going to the exact same thing as we're seeing in these smaller countries happening on a global scale and imagine what that is going to do to the Bitcoin price guys just imagine it's good to be astronomic and as we see the stock markets actually started to cool off right now I think that a lot of institutions are going to start looking for hedges and as they see Bitcoin being at their lowest point right now or being very low at least I think that institutions are going to at least put 1 or 2 percent of their holdings into Bitcoin and at that point we're already talking about billions and billions and billions of dollars going into a bit cone just as a small hedge and what happens when vehicle starts coming up and when they start to see their investment going up rapidly and the stock murmurs go down they're probably going to go even heavier into Bitcoin when they start to FOMO and and I believe that that is going to further drop the big compress up and yeah basically the future for Bitcoin is very very bright but this is it for this video and if you click down here you can watch that amazing big mix tutorial I made a few weeks ago watch it and I'll see you guys tomorrow you


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  • Michael Helm says:

    Anyone notice that this break out coincided with the release of pvp battling in POGO? satoshi nakamoto created bitcoin, satoshi tajiri created pokemon. MT GOX… magic the gathering… same company as pokemon cards.

  • Bible Believing Family says:

    fusion has 12 bil ready for tokenization waves is a small example of what fusion will do once mainet is live!!


    Wow, i am surprised u never heard of Finney phone that you are calling samsung the first phone. Dont spread misinformation and go read about Sirin Labs

  • Eduardo Yáñez says:

    hi mate, i guess that you should talk about bitcoin cash tomorroy, it reached 450 dollars in minutes being in 235, was amazing!

  • Peggy Johnson says:

    I learn so much from your videos! Thanks! But how come I didn’t hear about waves before it went up – I mean right before it went up so people could invest in it? Just curious

  • Carl can u do an friendly interview with crypto zombie, I asked him and he would probably contact u, a live interview between u two would be awesome, u are my favorite two youtubers

  • The new guy On the block says:

    Hey brother I’m trying to step up my chart reading skills, did you take any courses to gain your knowledge ? If so where did you start ? Kinda lost with all these sites wanting your money to teach you.

  • Unbelievable what is happening with BTC. More and more people will soon understand the power of scarce, hard money!

  • Aviral kabir says:

    How a breakout can be a false breakout with high volume …….just now I lose my position because of this only……. please explain
    BTC was forming a horizontal triangle on 15 min chart

  • BTC is forming another bullish pattern which will come to play after retrenchment to 3700 usd may be within 2 weeks and it will leads to BTC to above 6K

  • Michael Manfro says:

    What is a Death Cross?
    The death cross indicator has proven an accurate predictor of the most severe bear markets of the past century: 1929, 1938, 1974 and 2008. Investors who got out of the stock market at the start of these bear markets avoided large losses that were as high as 90% in the 1930s. Because a death cross is a long-term indicator, as opposed to many short-term chart patterns such as the doji, it carries more weight for investors concerned about locking in gains before a new bear market gets underway. An increase in volume typically accompanies the appearance of the death cross.

  • ABOXofMONSTERS says:

    It’s about to go digital to crypto. They been lining things up signs lots of signs. When Trump makes that “Tweet to move your money” that’s it. He will no doubt throw in those who act will be rich like Me.

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