Bitcoin Short Term Sunday June 30th Update + Live Trade!

Bitcoin Short Term Sunday June 30th Update + Live Trade!

well well well welcome back to crowns could okay we are back once again on this beautiful little Sunday a little bit of a different video today as I want to do a short term updates today was more focused on long term trading long term ideas which I feel like I might have been a little bit miss for home because I've seen a bunch of comments on my earlier video on the long term analysis like hey you were wrong you got rekt what the fuck and say understand that when I'm talking about long term analysis we're talking about you know months and months away right now and I hope that I was pretty damn clear in the morning video that short-term direction was to the downside so without further ado let's get a live scene right here right now initiate that good old teleportation and where is she there she is beautiful Bitcoin coming all the way down to the low side of a range in fact the best way to represent this one in again this video is only gonna be very very short and focus on the low timeframes right here just kind of show how this one's following through but overall we have not seen any real break of the major range and this is what I really want to get out today just because well they were quite literally looking at the exact same things we have been for the past few days and Bitcoin did break this intermediary area right here which we did say hey if it breaks at then the targets gonna be about eleven thousand eleven thousand one hundred actually overshot that by about a hundred bucks over here on a bit Mexico wicking down to ten nine it looks like and I did take action off that in fact actually did put a little bit of position on this off you know on this area right here for full disclosure full transparency pretty much at breakeven right now on these December futures entered eleven thousand 568 but of course their futures saved so they have a massive premium on and then they're trading right now at about about the same price a little about buck higher actually right now I have taken profit on a little bit though on the last little run up but of course what I really want to focus on is again these lower timeframes and if you want the more long-term analysis definitely check out the video that I uploaded this morning a lot more in-depth a lot more just information for the more the long-term but again separating it like action for today and action for months out this is what we're gonna be focus on them right here and holy fucking male that was flawed my god start the dildo party who is that good good to meet you mister sperm welcome to Kade my friend and let's look at what we have here on the lower timeframes now we're seeing actual wick start to pile up around this ten thousand nine hundred ten thousand seven hundred Sheree's so this is the liquid zone to the downside right here it's what I'm referring to it as and just like we have the liquid zone to the upside right and over here where the twelve thousand four hundred ish region is so in the way that I trade in the way that I love to trade is just a very simple process it's no more complicated in this by non-sports selling on resistances it's that fucking simple and that's exactly what I did here buying and not 0.5 Fibonacci retracement from this area right here of course we actually do look at this well well we'll say that for another time but lower timeframes right here you know just bounced off this area once again and this is what we've seen so many fucking times right we've seen the so many fucking sounds weird a very aggressive move to the downside right here starting off with that first major sell-off on Wednesday I believe it was this guy right here and then no fall through afterwards and this is kind of our second attempt right here where we're getting this next wick down you see a very aggressive move down on a Sunday scaring everyone out of their positions and have we had any real fall to have you broken any real areas yet actually no doesn't mean that we can't of course you know it's always a possibility and it's certainly very very very very very very very possible but my point is until it actually gets broken the bias has not changed and the bias right here is just sideways just consolidation I am a little bit more medium to long term bullish but hey if we break this area right here don't you know on the four-hour way if we actually crack this area and close a for outdoor blow here I want to be short and I'll be looking for moves down to 10,000 first target and second target can actually be all the way down it Secretary's gonna be in the in the deep nine thousands and then mid eight thousands so again understand how these sorts of things relate to each other I just got a little bit a little bit some little bit scared that perhaps I was being misheard on this morning's video but I'm sure that the people who have been tuning this content for quite some time you guys already know it's just perhaps you know maybe the new people you know it's you know we talk about a lot of things so obviously you know it's it's probably you know it's it's probably probably gets a little bit converted and I might and I probably don't do the best job of representing myself to begin with so again you know it's also my fault of course don't get me wrong but looking at but looking at our low timeframes here again nothing's really changed and until we actually break this area don't really have any change in biases in fact looking at this right now we on the very low timeframes as a crack trader timeframe shit right here but to be fair it is – you know it is kind of actually warranted right now just because this is as well we're dealing with extremely low timeframes we do start to see all of our momentum also to start to turn turn around once again we do you see 30-minute Stokes crossing back up to you upside this is incredibly low 45-minute gonna fall through as well and hourly gonna fall through as well more importantly for the hourly we do see hourly getting down in deep and dirty into the jewel zone whenever I see a cross into this region right here I like to put on the alerts just because well you can typically you can typically get some nice scalps off just by the nature of it be in that region it typically doesn't have to happen too often especially when we're talking about counter contra to the overall macro direction which is still the upside you know those signals are typically pretty damn good as you can see we actually haven't even got down anywhere near this zone and shit I mean it's been uh since April April 15th yeah that's that's pretty crazy so yeah this is a little stuff exiting the hourly Juliet in quite some time so I am actually looking at this as a potential opportunity like I said I did take action on it so full disclosure I am long alby's kind of scaling a little bit out of this position I don't want to hold a 25 I don't want to hold 20 bitcoins long right here it's 20 join a 30 thousand contracts on my stream account which you know it can handle this right now it actually has plenty of an equity but I mean I'm gonna run it like what 2 X 3 X on this yet about UX ok that's completely fine but I do want to keep things on the relatively light side because let's actually talk about this for a second I know I said I was gonna focus mainly on lower timeframes but it is worth mentioning this as we do come into the closer tonight we are gonna be closing not just the daily but also the weekly the core the the monthly and the quarterly which is going to create a massive war between the Bulls and the Bears of course and as we see it right now the weekly is actually closing if it were to close right here would be extremely extremely nasty a massive massive massive Dorothy back to the upside destroying all sorts of bullish bungholes along the way if actually did close like this well that's your shooting star dildo right there and actually was actually whatever be bearish based off that looking for a move back down to the low 9000 but for right now you know it's still it's still very early in the day there's a lot of hours left to go and as you can see we're actually just coming down to a major support and so far actually having a little bit you know a decent reaction off it gonna take its time as you've seen before you know grinding it grinding this area out but if things were to end in this area by end of day again 8 p.m. Eastern Time then that will lead on to the you know to weekly looking kind of nasty and more importantly the higher time frames which I was getting those more long-term targets based off of see did I get out of any of my precision here yeah I'm actually selling a little bit right here a pole though and I take profit on the rest of that it's like two Bitcoin just just scamming out a little bit again I don't want to hold that you know that many deltas on my streamer account but you know this gonna have lead on over obviously into the into the monthly and the quarterly which monthly month is gonna be a month he's gonna be closing well pretty much no matter which way you cut it as long as we don't sell up below 10,000 which possible not very probable but possible and of course the quarterly is the one that's kind of making me more long-term bush but remember for this guy to make me long term bullish we need to close the quarterly above above 11,000 on stamp what about BLX BLX showing about 11,000 150 as well so if we do close above 11,000 150 let's choose she's called 11,200 to be a little more conservative then yes that that that sort of long-term bias still to stand actually would be looking you know over the next three months for more continuation to the upside but again that's way way way way way far away for right here right now we're talking about lower timeframes and in with that said I'm gonna go back on over to mr. bit Mexico and go down to a lower timeframe right here the hourly as you can see we're actually are you know find this one-off and essentially I will be holding on to this I'll be holding on to this position as long as we do one of two things as long as we are closing dildos above this region right here which is also the knot point five hip notch a tradesmen also these nice horizontal levels and also essentially just creating higher loads within this overall greater consolidation I don't really see any reason to let it go if we do break this area like I said though a then I'd be looking for a move down to the six 180 but you can see that we do have structural support coming in right around here as well with the blue three seven seven exponential moving average on the on the hourly so a lot of structural areas kind of converging on each other which I really do like and for now I think it's actually fine you know you plate you know you play your edge until your edge plays you and then you just flip it and then you just flip onto the side of your edge you know you're not gonna be perfect I mean I'm certainly not gonna be a perpetrator dude sir I do certainly take my losses but right here I'm completely fine putting on risk within this region and as you can see right now that this position going let's get rid of the rest of that this position going pretty damn well actually about a hundred bucks up for my entry so I can scalp it away if I want advice she already scalped away quite a bit as before I made this video add about almost three hundred thousand contracts which I did not realize I was getting that high on this I got a little bit carried away with that one all good so it's got a little bit of way and and I think I'll hold the rest here probably have a static stop-loss whoops wrong chart probably have a static stop-loss maybe below the low of this current wick I'm at about ten eight fifty that's you know will hold a little bit of risk on this one but hey you know like I said when you have your edge you play your edge until your edge plays you let's go check out the expected ranges as well the expected range is really getting today quite well in fact actually let me add justice let's do a fifteen period on the length and yeah this well actually the thirty got it better thirty actually did get it better yeah fifty fifteen a fifteen period would say that we actually could could easily have a lot more downside that taking us about true ten ten five hundred reason it's not obviously below below this liquid region right here which I should actually put a nice little rectangle in but more importantly you know even if we did take below this region understand that that would also you know it wouldn't just look bad from a structural standpoint but also that would actually be follow-through that would be considered follow-through from our daily and also true day in three day but just taking out the low of that first major massive which to the downside which remember Bitcoin has had so many these very very very very nasty hunts to the downside you know right you know ever since a Bitcoin kind of flipped the script and in February but right here massive downside no fall through right here massive downside no follow-through so anything right here same thing right here same thing right here same thing right here and I'll be working on another one well they're trying to do a friend in Chile on the trend is that and that is why this does make it a little bit more difficult and you know what's actually looking for downside trades but if one of those two things happens that that we just spoke about either we take below the current law which is actually ten thousand three hundred so not two not all that helpful really all we actually break the range at ten seven then yes first target would be ten thousand also the yellow 21x mention moon average on the daily and and then after that you know probably do get a bounce there but so ultimately lower down to about ninety five partner would be second target third target would be a eighty five issue region but like I said for right now I until those things happen I'm really can't get bearish office not that bearish is even the right fucking term you because well I mean we've been in a straight uptrend for the past six months oh you know bears bears you know is you know bullish and bearish really refers to like the overall macro trend right but looking for downside yes you know we spoke about that during the mornings video I just hope that being here it clearly because I you know I you know I know that on the internet it's impossible to be it's impossible to ensure that it's impossible to be perfect right it's impossible it's it's one impossible to to represent my own thoughts perfectly because I'm not you know I'm not fuck you know I'm just don't have I don't have masterful language and then on top of that you know it's like everyone has their own preconceptions and then own what's it called interpretations based upon their own subjective experiences and you know they might just hear one part of it and they're like oh shit you know I'm going this way and then it's like wait but you know and then they don't hear like but only if this happens you know that that's that's sort of part so again I did want to make sure that that was clear and in kind of provide this this next little update also kind of I suppose just another example of a of a live trade so I guess a hundred one hundred dollar crazy hundred dollar trade right there right crazy hundred dollar trade but I will be holding the rest of this about eight well 18 Delta's along here I'll be I'll be kind of spreading it out a little bit higher I don't want to be holding all of this long overnight in my streamer account I'm an account I'm fine with that but on my streamer account I want to bring this down to you about no more than ten Bitcoin outstanding long that's essentially what I'm looking at right here so I will be I will be getting rid of some a little bit higher but pretty damn happy with that as you can see almost pulled in one Bitcoin actually almost one bit I put on a lot put on a lot of complicado acts earlier and I was and also clothes that my actual my short from the December's from a couple days ago so that would actually build enough so about nine point six Bitcoin profit so far running and I am happy to hold the rest of this I do think that it's gonna take its time you know you see a lot of this activity right here but the next thing that I'm really looking for if Bitcoin is gonna get picked up is we're probably gonna get a lot we're probably gonna get a few more hunts in this region providing it you know it's it's probably take its time but what I really want to see is I want to see a bunch of wicks to the downside here with Bitcoin getting bought up each and every time defending especially the blue three seven seven exponential moon average and of course this area right here you know outlined by these north nice horizontals coming in from the liquid zone of June 18th June 19th and also not 0.5 Fibonacci retracement so as long as those things hold I'm happy to hold this position you know it's I mean it's pretty much pretty much all profit right now so just you know dud you know very very easy on the soul type position and tentatively speaking you know could be could flip into a more long-term position here again it's all gonna depend on how we react within this region right here obviously take take profit targets are gonna be essentially the same but overall the the name of the game is still the same we're consolidating right now after a major run to the upside until Bitcoin actually breaks the range one with the other there's no real like you know long-term trade so to speak meaning you know like like long-term training like $500 plus trade well the range is bigger than $500 that doesn't really make sense but you know what I mean you know training trades over a long period of time things that you want to hold you know for months at a time you know has it been holding my positions for months at a time as well so twas so so again that range is twelve thousand four hundred the upside which we got rejected from just about perfectly a few days ago which was a great sell and and of course ten thousand seven hundred to the downside as long as bitcoins closed in to our for our dildos between that range it's just consolidation I'm always gonna be a barn support selling resistance and that's really all it has to be so I suppose we can just put this one in the in the live trade series do you want to wish you well in this lovely little Sunday I'll be back on tomorrow with some more video and live stream analysis take care and see you soon


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  • Daddy Covfefe says:

    Timestamps (Mctrollstein Edition)
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  • Faraaz Allie says:

    Wow!!! Really loved this update!! Short and sweet run down of some questions i had and important points! If it's not too much too ask, please do more of these short term updates! Thanks krown! Seriously thank you

  • El Friki del Bitcoin says:

    Recently there was flashing news that Telegram before GRAM coin floatation carries out its final ICO round on buycoin. pro/telegram

  • Crowd Launch says:

    Hi Krown, definitely you were not mis-heard I watch your videos on repeat and break down every comment you make. Definately said leaning towards downside and that you were going to take action if it did.

  • Precious Paradise says:

    Massive gratitude for the double feature today Krown! Bringing calm & clarity to the people in times of "perceived" peril. Your care for the fam shines through. 💛Feeling the Love in the Cave💛. King of Kings. 🍍Golden Teacher🍍

  • Michael Fechko says:

    Krown, when i first started listening to you, i realized i only listened to the parts i wanted to hear. A lot of times you spoke extensively about something, but i would disregard that and only pay attention to what i wanted to. You are doing great explaining things, it is just difficult to keep opposing signals in balance and appreciate both sides when someone is new and just learning this stuff

  • Bro, tnx for all you doing for us!!! Why the fuck i didnt found your chanel untill now. BTW what are you thinking about double bottom at 3000? Is it posible?

  • seriousLaugh says:

    It was pretty clear earlier man. I don't know where it could be misconstrued + you bought the area you said you would…. wish I could get rekt like you lol.

  • Christopher May says:

    Thanks Krown, I’ve pretty much distilled my crypto you tube down to you only. Being agnostic, even as a hodler, makes it easier to keep a handle on the emotions with the bigger moves, especially if I have a little bit of knowledge about what’s coming up. So I tip my hat, thank you very much!

  • Karlo Borovic says:

    Known you were very very clear about the downside on the earlier time frames, I also bought in on the support because of all your analysis! Thanks Krown

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  • Fredrik Eklund says:

    “Somewhere between love and hate lies confusion, misunderstanding and desperate hope.”

    ― Shannon L. Alder

  • Fredrik Eklund says:

    “When good people consider you the bad guy, you develop a heart to help the bad ones. You actually understand them.”

    ― Criss Jami

  • Fredrik Eklund says:

    “We're all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.”

    ― Rudyard Kipling

  • Fredrik Eklund says:

    I heard you loud and clear in todays morning vid. Thank you for awesome uploads as always! “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    ― George Bernard Shaw

  • Great update, if people don't understand that trading is dynamic and nothing is 100% , they would be better off not trading! Thank you for all you do Krown

  • Hieronymus NOYB says:

    Your last 3 videos were super helpful in navigating this insanity. You pack in a lot of useful info one can comprehend if combed over, particularly if one is new to the chart/trading space of BTC. You'r clues have helped me get the gist of wtf these some of the chart tools do. Big up!

  • I’ve managed my own stock portfolio for at least 15 years. Although I’m new to crypto currency, the principles are exactly the same. I’m 10% in and the rest in cash. I’ve cost averaged both up and down and I’ve come out nicely. TA is a nice guide but it is my responsibility to keep an eye on the charts and BE PATIENT. Because there is easy access to very advanced trading choices, I’m afraid most who dive into this with the cocky idea that they are going to hit it big like a few you’ve congratulated, that they will lose big. I’ve been around this long enough that when BTC took a dive in 2017 every analyst got blamed and trolled to no end. Kids lost their college funds and lost most of any asset they sold to invest in this space. There was one suicide that I heard of. You are an experienced professional trader and even the best are only right 60% of the time. So for that 10% gain they have to marry the charts and trade like mad men. This is not a game. This is a once in a life time chance for you young people to secure a future for your self. So buy a little each pay day and hold it. Even when the market dips, don’t be hasty to sell. Keep buying on the way down don’t pay attention too much to the price at this point. Just accumulate and don’t try to do things the professionals do. You will be badly disappointed. Your TA is very well presented and clear. Trolls come out of the woodwork when they think you are their guru. I

  • Chris varnom says:

    Thanks for the Sunday update. I’ve had a stressful wkend with this price action as I made a bad trade.

  • I saw your video earlier this morning. You were perfectly clear on the potential for downside, and consolidation between $10.8k and $12.4k.

    I had actually started watching the video as the move to the downside was happening. I was like, "Krown said this could happen and it's just part of consolidation." And then I bought at support. So, cheers and thanks! 👍👍

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