Bitcoin Rise, Will You (HIDDEN Targets) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Rise, Will You (HIDDEN Targets) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crown scripter cave sorry for the late video I I've actually recorded two prior videos and apparently for whatever reason my computer just keeps on corrupting these videos very very frustrating I do apology about that and well we got plenty to talk about anyways so Tom did time not focus on all that boring time to focus on some goddamn magic and net money and with that said I do want to waste no more time but I do want to wish you the best the best the house is the happiest and let's teleport into that good old live scene and I'll see you in there she is haha Bitcoin on the daily and or not sorry sorry not big one on the daily but dick pick one I'm a daily now and there we go and of course on the daily right over here and it's gonna be a little bit more of a sped up video a little bit more of a shorter video just cuz well I don't think I can record another hour video long again and have potentially go in my face oh that's so so frustrating but it but but oh well it happens looking at daily right over here we see all major moving averages Traynham basically Bitcoin trading above all major moving averages but more important would you see divergence between the between the red tens upon the yellow 21 so it's transit is strengthened to the upside we see also see divergence between the purple 200 and the blue 370 exponential so again trend strengthen to the upside the last time that we saw a full-on bullish you know explained of all these guys was way back on over here in in 2014-2015 when Bitcoin was around like 400 bucks it looks like yeah right on over here is when we saw the last of the mohicans cross and Bitcoin setting in the trend for the next three so three or so years so I always want to open up with that just because it does talk about the longer-term bias now does that mean that Bitcoin can't have like very nasty and very violent move so that downside of course it can of course it can it can and it will happen to the tune typically of like 30 to 40 percent which I am looking for very specific things kind of line up for that typically with the three day jewel but with all that said let's go down to the lower timeframes and let's see what's going on there because I would like to follow up what we spoke on yesterday night and Bitcoin still holding this ascending triangle and this is really good really really good that we got to watch this yesterday night just because we saw all these all these nasty wicks kind of tugging below this trendline here which probably do scare a lot of people but this is an this is the exact reason why I manage things based off wicks I manage them based off of closures so you don't get caught up in the Hunts and this one obviously you know accelerating towards the next target right around 93 fiftyish region and and I am still holding my positions for full disclosure full transparency still you know long from about say I uncovered my positions once again at like 90 60 or 90 70 on my streamer account 90 50 on my main account but my 90 60 or 90 70 on my streamer account and then added a little bit on these June futures at 90 180 which spot was right around like maybe like a hundred bucks low at that point in time so so so about a hundred thousand contracts key motive Lea long and looking at this as an ascending triangle right over here again for all the people calling this a head and shoulders or bearish divergence it's just wrong you know this is a head and shoulders makes absolutely zero sense cuz it doesn't have the right structure I mean you got a left shoulder it's higher than your head it's like some sort of inverted Quasimodo that's not good you need to see the doctor on that one but more importantly for all the divergence for all the divergence boys over here well if you're gonna be calling what we saw yesterday divergence they'd be calling every each and every you know push up divergence remember the most important thing for divergences it's comparing local highs and we have not put in a local high just yet we've only seen continuation we have not seen a local high being confirmed and therefore there's nothing to really compare each other with and that's just a major major mistake that I see a lot of people making and and it's just it doesn't need to be done really anyway so as long as bitcoins within this region right here I do mean to the upside as long as it rides this trendline which does have an apex coming in around the 23rd of June so about three days through in about three days but I do think that we break it relatively soon probably the next day or so the measure move for this ascending triangle would be pointing towards about 9700 or 9750 ish region and kind of make that a zone between 97 50 and about 10,000 because we still do have the measure move on this formation as a whole still pointed up towards 10,000 ish region so all those things kind of confluent within that within that same sort of region and and I do think that well if we can confirm above our next resistance right around 90 375 you want to call it that then yes I would be looking for that target to be met by the same token if we do break this rising trend line to the downside here at about 90 130 and you could also just look at this as the for our yellow 21x punch moon average then I would be looking for a move back down to about 89 30 89 50 and probably a small bounce there out imagine but ultimately like does fail when we come all the way down to about 8500 and fill the gap down here fulfilling the gap from June 14th on CMEs which is still very much active but while we are here on CME's this is looking very constructive and looks looks like it wants to roll to me looking at for our Stokes having a fresh cross the upside getting the price section pretty damn well and as we grind a major resistance I would say that is you know likely to break to the upside looking at daily we have plenty of room to the daily to the epsilon daily Stokes right over here and we do see that price section again you know you know pushing for new highs that is that is typically a good set up overall so I would be saying both those things and and of course we go over here to mine to my G Dax chart we can see on a higher time frame that this this target area is actually confluent with a lot of things we have the blue box right over here right which actually just bring down that's both marking out the target from the sorry the measure move from the ascending triangle then also this great information right here both you know pretty much confluent between about 9700 to 10000 – region but if I pull it out just a little bit more you'll notice you'll notice that that that also were kind of rounded up by the 3a – Fibonacci tradesman which a lot of people are talking about right now as well is that important yes it is important cuz it is from the ultimate high to the ultimate low so far and and that would suggest that you know typically we do see some bought activity you know selling in that region just by the nature of their programming but we do see also that this kind of like the lower echelon of it and realistically this whole area is resistance from about 9,500 to 10,000 so I would be cautious of hunt and I would be cautious of fake-outs just because there are things within this region that are a little bit scary however what is more sophisticated it up to the point 5 or even the six one eight but so that's way far away but the point 5 is more physically likely on AB rebound than the 3a – especially in a stronger market so when I look at some like this and I do pair it up with the volume profile we do see that the volume profile also agrees the last of the higher value notes is what that is within the point 5 region yes we do see some around the 3a – as well but the reaction hasn't been it hasn't been very pronounced as of yet and I would put more weight on the on the knot point 5 region just because that is our double top from about 11,400 in February 2018 what's up by Alex good to meet you man good a being here so so I keep my eyes on that area cuz that's gonna be a bigger pivot for the overall market if and when Bitcoin does get above that region as you can see from the vote for from the volume profile there there's extremely low market at sevens above that region so Bitcoin would be extremely likely to rip hard as above above the not 0.5 retracement you know of course we even see it right now Bitcoin is getting like pretty floaty on the you know on the lower timeframe so it would even get it be even more so above than not 0.5 region and that's really what I mean but I can rip back above that region it you know if we do break this rare area but of course that's a more long-term consideration obviously right now we're nowhere near and it's it's not gonna happen anytime soon I'd imagine so yeah I do I did want to talk about all of that of course lower timeframes you know still pretty much most for the most part unchanged we do see that very low timeframes like you know for our and under do look like they want a little bit of downside here probably a little bit of a pullback maybe back down to 90 to 50 may maybe 90 200 even somewhere right around here maybe even test this trendline once again but overall we do see that the medium timeframes in higher time frames wants more continuation so this your hourly hourly Stokes are technically coming down right now and a little bit of a rejection off this trend line out of the RSI is still bad of consolidation so I'm not really you know viewing this as much much more than that to our right over here you know same thing to our Stokes getting way up there looking a little bit tired looking at to our RSI the exact same signature pretty much as the hourly three hour still headed up so good a for our for our just having a fresh cross up so now we started to get into the medium timeframes and yes they are looking a little bit better so I would say that's you know what you know I would say that the very low timeframe is looking for a pullback medium to high our timeframe still a continuation most likely and how many hourlies can you fit into a four-hour doable for ha and so and so you know we see that you know even on even on a 2x frame right over here we got a tower a tower Stokes looking like I'm want to cross back up to the episode looking a little bit weak to the downside a tower RSI looking constructive as well just regaining the Exponential's so I do like the signature overall and more importantly this is you know really holding it in Nice nice and high and tight and you know of course you know the higher time form that we go just the the more constructive that this actually does end up looking so I really do like what I'm seeing here we do see you know 12-hour Stokes that she had it down right now but price actions you know essentially been flat 12-hour RS I just can't just consolidation is what we're looking at and of course the daily right over here we see we still see daily Stokes the upside and in daily RSI you know again and shout out to Jackie for this one in the in the program discord look in pumpy and I would and I would agree with that it looks it looks constructive is the way they like to say it basically just also between the the bullish control zone in the neutral zone looks to me like I want to give another attempt and yes we will create some bearish evidence at some point in time but that would imply actually you know some more momentum being gained first and foremost as we do need to create a local high first two-day right over here of course today's we're talking about just because the two days Stokes have been accurately calling things to the upside and we do have a fresh cross well not necessarily a fresh cross the upside but it is cross the upside right there three day obviously wrote it I think we already looked at that but it's looking like continuation still as well and more importantly for the three day Jules what I want to really want to keep an eye on because this light blue has caught wind of our you know of our slower support if you have access to this one yours it's probably yellow mine's white and and I've been looking for this to bounce it up as we spoke about coming into this week that way we come down to this region I would be looking for a bounce and that's kind of what we're getting right now the next big cell the next big like sellings breed that I'll be looking for and next like major violent major violent down to the tune of like thirty to forty percent is is when is if and when we get this light blue all sorted into this more critical territory outlined and embodied by these red dotted alert trend lines which historically speaking when we get the light blue all sorted into that region and get read in the background they get a negative slope on it we get some extremely extremely nasty pull backs like I said to the tune of thirty to forty percent so right over here as an example you know you got about thirty thirty three percent right over here as an example you got about forty percent whatever here's another example you got about mmm forty percent of again you get the idea and that's kind of what I'm looking for for the next like major major sell-off does that mean that we can't have like downs in between that yes of course you know we even had one right over here which was also shown by the by the jewel although the jewel signal on this one obviously the light blue was not in the very very critical territory so it wasn't as nasty it was only about it was only it was about 18% 19% so still he's still significant but but not so bad and you know again that's kind of that's kind of what I have my eyes on for those you know for those massive drawbacks anyways go to check out we looked at CME school it's going at GBC really quick eleven eleven spot for six yeah look looking okay here gbcm does look like okay here for our looks very constructive looks like it wants take a leg up and we got for our Stokes and looking like it might have across the upside let's go check out the Long's and shorts would always see Long's at about twenty three thousand seven hundred and shorts at twenty five thousand and a quarter but two and half thousand you guys are head so it's really twenty two and a half thousand open naked shorts versus twenty three almost twenty four thousand open naked Long's so we do have some downward pressure on price action there that would not be interpreted as good but more importantly both sides have plenty of dry ammo and and that would and that would imply that we're gonna see a major massive move relatively soon in fact looking at the hourly historical volatility percent OB seats we see it get extremely low right here so I would be looking for a major move probably the next day or two twenty-four to thirty-six hours I'd say it's probably quite likely last time we saw it yet this low was yeah over here on 2nd of June and before that 26 of May so before this pump over here for about a thousand bucks or almost a thousand bucks and before this before this dump over here of about a thousand bucks as well a little bit more than a thousand bucks so it does have some good historical validity to it and I do put some weight on it but um you know just another thing kind of lining up saying hey we are getting damn close to seen resolution of this you know of you know of this current formation also if we look at volume signature right here we have that nice orderly drop-off in volume going from left to right so I would say this is quite mature and ready to explode probably the next day maybe even sooner rather than later so hmm yeah that's what I say about that like I said gonna be a little bit more of a shorter video today I will show the crypto if you're in green decks we are taking out an 81 which is quite high historically speaking this is one of the highest we've seen in the past year but just like in the bear market of 2018 we spend a lot of time getting comfortable in the lower echelons of this you know even spending a month a month a month or so in like the extreme greed or so extreme fearful we can spend probably some time up here as well and I probably would be looking for tops until we get like 85 plus on this read so again Bitcoin you know Bitcoin finds comfort in that area but it would be suggesting a little bit more on the air of caution from a macro perspective which I would agree with Bitcoin actual selling a little bit a little bit further down here so it might actually even be hitting our target the target that I just spoke about the beginning of this video by the time and you didn't write around ninety to fifty to ninety two hundred anyway so so so so let me get back on over and into I guess we can just briefly cover up the alt can look at link late Jesus Christ man link still holding it true but looks like it wants probably probably to come back down to about 18,000 700 I'm still kind of flagging out looking over all okay let's see car Donnie over here looking very bad coming down to our last line of support kind of like this this lot this last session right here probably does try a little bit of a bounce but ultimately most all it's not looking too damn good in fact I'm just gonna do this for all the altcoin charts versus Bitcoin I'm just gonna I'm just gonna point you towards a Bitcoin dominance chart which is very very bullish right here looking at the I think this is a weekly weekly Stokes have been down for a while for the last like four or five weeks while price section has been basically sideways to up that's pretty bollocks right there three-day is bullish two-day is bullish daily is bullish monthly is mega bullish you know again I'm looking for more upside on this and even if we did have a little bit of a small pullback I mean I think we even they just had that yesterday I do you think that this one accelerates towards the next target of 61 so again that's gonna not look pretty damn that's not gonna look too damn or that's not gonna look good for many alts let's go check out spies for a second I'm gonna skip everything else just cuz I do wanna get this video out we're at 293 spot o 6 so I don't really have too many ideas on spy coming to this week my only idea was hey if we take out the high of 291 and a half we're gonna probably see to 94 to 95 and that's basically all right now and I am starting to get I am starting to get bullish once again on traditional marks this is this is powerful as right here we see weekly Stokes wanting to cross back up to the upside as we approach our farmer highs that's that's a good set up weekly RSI regaining the exponential as well this is starting look pretty good so I'm gonna leave that that I'm gonna go back to Bitcoin just really really quick and wrap up the lower timeframes and we see that for our again pretty much unchanged if we saw yesterday night just you know taking it taking a move towards the upper side of our range still three trend lines that matter at the upper trend line right around 30 9375 if that breaks the upside I guess you know I would have a target towards 97 to 10,000 if this rising trend line right here breaks to the downside would be looking for a move immediately towards 8950 and probably does probably does bounce a little bit there but I would be looking for then this trend line to probably break to the downside and we did initiate a move back down to about 8500 so for right now bitcoin still you know as well maintains this area I do have a bullish bias I do you think that it hits those you know I do think that takes out to the upside and we see some more momentum being gained so with that said I'm gonna leave you off again I do apologize for the shorter video my apology my bad about that very very frustrating for my own and hopefully I can fix that before tomorrow so I don't have the same issue but hey do you want to wish you well and I'll be back online with some more live stream analysis so see you there and take care


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