Bitcoin Red Christmas (Santa HATES Bitcoin?!) - December Trade & Price Analysis

Bitcoin Red Christmas (Santa HATES Bitcoin?!) – December Trade & Price Analysis

welcome back to you crowns crypto cave and wishing you and all your family and everyone that you love and everyone that you maybe don't love very Merry Christmas Santa Claus come with a big bag of red dildos actually shoving them down your chimney Alice getting a lot of scene right over here before we waste any more time as Bitcoin essentially selling off in the night pretty damn hard down about five hundred dollars from the from the forty two forty from the forty two hundred hi so now we have something very interesting over here because we do because now we do have I can a confirmation of a lower high and with taking out this 1,300 level right over here well this is very very very very very elected to continue so I've seen something that I think is a little bit more salt and concrete obviously going on with the former trend yes we do now have Hayden bearish divergence playing out we have regular bearish dive herd is playing out as well this is a this is the tenant let's go to the twelve out for a second yeah twelve hours showing some regular bearish divergence going on right over here hidden bear stubbornness be going on between this area and this area right over here so hey there you go I mean the coin kind of sell him down yesterday I was I was long I basically got out of that exactly where I said it was right at where was it I think I had my area 4080 yeah this blue box territory right over here and exited most of it at around forty one forty at the top of the blue box and on the rest of it right over here right now I'm just playing options again I want to be like relatively you know low-key during the holiday season I'm over here and like the middle of fucking nowhere I Finland with my with my girlfriend's parents for the first time they don't speak of fucking like fingers so it's nice like spend some time with them instead of like looking at the charts on all goddamn day but very interesting thing because I was saying some more in this was a little bit like of an experiment I suppose you could say is that saying a little bit a little bit more bullish things yesterday which I think most people who have been tuning this content for a while know that I'm not really bullish but uh but a lot of a lot of new viewers on that video very instantly enough so a little bit of a test but hey you know what merry fucking Christmas embarrassing anyways overall when it comes down to it Bitcoin breaking this blue box here to everyone over here was the big bad signal we spoke about that yesterday how we really don't want to see that area violated it was violated confirmed even got tested a few times right over here they even gave you a few few more chance to get out and then straight down after that now of course when I did get out of my lungs and I guess flip a little bit short I'm just playing options so I don't I mean like it's kind of like way out of the money now um so doesn't really count too much it's like you know just just don't really want to have that sort of risk on but I was looking for something like this almost immediately pretty heavy dumping dildos over here right now about 300 million on the selling in just one hour appeared which is pretty significant now yes over here we did have a pretty hefty buying compare that with 500 million over here which is pretty damn rare but uh but overall the dump is real the the selling pressure is real and very likely to continue on downwards as we do as we to take out our prior local low right around this I think Betsy I think it's best seen on a 12-hour and yes I really do want to focus on the hard time friends Yeah right around here so here's here's kind of like the sound bit for for this for this video and probably most videos going forwards now is that as long as we're below this area right here thirty eight thirty I'm just kind of like the prior local low you know really want to be having short Delta's but uh but overall like I said you know if if it's fucking holiday season for you probably want to be watching this too much just kind of saying that from it from a general perspective trend the former trend taking over again you know the trend is your friend Tillie on the trend and the trend you can you know we're near the ends what it looks like to me again so you know looking at our higher time frame also as they are coming down as well 12 hours Stokes pointed downwards 10 hours Stokes for you know not even give him a chance and I think daily should be crossing down as well now yeah we just had a fresh cross and the daily getting rejected from more critical zone so to me putting this all together looking at us getting below back below the daily twenty one exponential right over here with a very clear rejection on the daily right over here it does look like Bitcoin wants and want some more down now where does this likely to go towards well I mean I'm not saying anything profound here but where where is this likely to go towards let's go down to our lower timeframes see where our next uh support trend lines coming around yeah so we got this guy right over here thirty-six hundred so that was the area that I was looking for last week as this rally just got you know more more continuation so coming back down here would be um I don't want to say expected but I want to say that it's it's not a death sentence although I do think it goes lower but obviously this three 600 level in my opinion is a level that I'd be making decisions off of if 3600 gets taken out basically this let's actually put a nice blue box right over here basically if this kind of zone gets taken out right over here then then very likely you know I'm gonna come down I mean coming coming down through at least 3400 but my opinion is that we probably come down to about 3,200 3,300 just the prior low to me this is very reminiscent of what Bitcoin was doing at the 6,000 level for the most for most of the year right over here you know coming down getting stuck in the mud rallying back up coming down again the stick of the mud you know round back up you know all these all these trials off this zone my god my voice is fading me again do you apologize about that I actually feel fine today I actually feel completely healthy but Bria but oddly enough my voice just doesn't agree but I could see that very likely happening around with this 3,000 level as well while I am overall bearish nor do you think that Bitcoin has some lower lows to go I think that it's gonna probably take some time I went over here to the weekly yeah it is a rejection of the 200 Exponential's so far we were unable to close above it last week and this week you know taken another week above it you can make a hot even making a higher over last week but again you know once once once the smell is kind of sniff sniff the price action getting above that area they do want to defend so bears still in full control I mean we still have lower highs you know in the most basic of basic ways the three things that I'm looking for to denote the bear market and subsequently you know to note if it's gonna be over or not are still very much intact we have first things first lower highs on the daily for literally the last over a year going all the way back to yeah December 17th so more than a year now um way over here like a year in 10 days crazy man yeah this just gonna be no that another lower high right over here and what's the second thing that I'm looking forward the second thing I'm looking for is I need to see a weak lead over both open and closing above this purple 200 exponential right over here obviously that has been read like rejected and rejected and well obviously we have a lot of days left to go on on this current weekly that we're forming right now so it's not really it's not really you know worthwhile to say this is a rejection I mean anything even happen between now and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday but I would imagine that as long as Bitcoin is both opening and closing tilde weekly doubles below the children exponential on stamp I don't really have any I really have any reason to be like thinking that the bear market is over anything like that and then third and finally I'd want to see in sorry to kind of wrap up that point that that last point about the weekly if that were to happen I would drastically change my tune on Bitcoin and in the third and final one and the most important one and the one that would make me have no more questions is if they can get back above the 6000 level right over here if you can start if you start closing some some daily dollars above their weekly dollars above they're not be incredibly impressive so I know a lot of people are looking for a rally to the 5,000 6,000 I don't think that that's really likely I think that that's incredibly not likely especially when Bitcoin just doesn't want to make higher highs what I think it's more likely that we're doing is we're doing some sort of a pausing an activity like this right over here kind of like that getting stuck in the mud analogy that I made for the 6,000 you know but but but doing some like that down around here at the at the 3000 level kind of analogous to what you did over here in the 2014 market cycle where you know you put in your bowl trap right over here we put in our bull trap right over here and then you just slink down coming into this area right here look at the volume on this guy look at the volume on this guy compared to what you did on your parable top compare this to compare this to what you do on your parabolic top and you can see very very quickly and understand very quickly that's that is in no way shape or form in my mind indicative of situation or or I mean just just by the mere fact of of this being the this volume matches up with this building right here we slump below it like in other four weeks you know so extrait you know that's that's just not doubt not it to begin with and again a lot of people calling I've seen that you know being called a more around a lot of places on the Internet and you know that's it's great that people are really you know optimistic about this and believe me I am extremely bullish on Bitcoin long term in fact I would be buying else' a pair of brand new titties the biggest fucking size when Bitcoin is 20,000 so you better bet that I'm fucking Borel in term but but you know to call its beta state probably not going up anytime soon in my opinion and when I say going up I mean like you know creating a bull trend getting back above 6,000 so right here right now um you know probably doing something like this basically you in little bit of a policy and activity we hit the 200 simple moon I which right over here the red the red moving average which is where I started to you know I didn't like I never let go of my shorts when it's a bear trend but I did start you know buying perps against I'm going going back to neutral and right now I'm actually neutral as well so I'm not really taking advantage of this last $500 down sadly enough but again you know it's it's like priorities right you want to use I mean there's gonna be some times where you just you're not gonna get everything man you're not gonna get everything and it's like alright well I'd rather uh I'd rather you know do something new for a few days and then went then want to come back next week can do I can't you put on some more big traits anyways though so you come down to this area right over here it's just gonna be bought typically not I don't say automatically but a lot of bots all to algorithms just a lot of people in general it's no secret about the weekly too into simple moon average so a lot of people are gonna defend this one and on the first pass extremely likely to be a bounce which is what we've had so far does this get continuation more certainly cam back over here in 2014 by the way you actually did create a little bit kind of an uptrend you close this weekly double just ever so slightly above the close of this guy right over here but more importantly eat both of them were rejections right long wicks to the upside so to me you know looking at that it's it's pretty damn similar what we're doing right now again in 2014 you know you have a great example of a capitulation actually does look like down around here doesn't need to always look like that you can get capitulation a few different ways and it's more importantly an emotional feeling not necessarily like a chart patterned and the emotional feelings of despair and complete you know lack of hope which causes that and typically in a dis forced you know this is the thing that I think a lot of people don't understand a lot of people reach out to me saying crown crown don't you think that because everyone knows the Wall Street cheat sheet that perpetuation just can't happen cuz people know what it looks like well no because again it's it's a force thing it's an emotional thing doesn't need to come about like this very very violent way down around here can come about from you know a like a lack of hope and how would you get that I mean you know a big one where to go sideways at the three thousand what about the two thousand level for again I'm not saying that's gonna happen but I'm just saying that this you know this would be a potential way if they were to go sideways around that area for like two years I think I think most people would probably be shaken out by then again I'm not saying that's gonna happen still have to have to open eyes and open heart with this guy and like I said oh do you believe in a long term but capitulation is forced because here's the thing because the big market movers the big people who who you know Moo who basically control the markets in a way well what can they do they can essentially models people's you know points of financial pain and especially this is pretty this is probably pretty prevalent in cryptocurrency Lang because you have like the crypto anarchists who will use nothing but Bitcoin and at some point in time those people will be forced to capitulate because for for for financial reasons if you don't have any sort of you know external source of income or anything like that like what you know if Nick one goes down like 1,000 which again I don't actually don't think it's that likely that it goes down there but I think it's gonna go to go down to like two thousand or sorry 2,300 ish area maybe hmm maybe someone got mad at me for saying maybe the other day it's like yeah man hey technical analysis it's not a fucking crystal ball just tells you potential scenarios um but uh merry fuckin Christmas but uh but hey so when it comes down to it you know there's you know people can make models of that people can make models of of that sort of thing you know given all the different economic and socio-economic factors so you know it's there will be blood and there will be fuckin blood just like the movie um but but but here's this great example of a capitulation typically does look like this is the more violent version obviously look at the volume on the sky look at the volume on this guy compare that to what you did in your pair of all psycho right over here that's what I'm essentially looking for I'm looking to I'm looking for something to announce what we did right over here is are you deceiving to look at this guy in this guy right over here and think that they're even anywhere near each other because remember this is measuring coins traded not dollars traded dollars traded if we were to look at this with dollars traded you know when big coin is literally like 1/2 or or even less and 1/2 in value than the other than the first the prior example well it's gonna be naturally a lot higher if you look at it in dollars right and going down over here you can see very quickly that this is nowhere fucking near what you did on your parabolic cycle in fact our last green don't along the weekly was this guy down around here it's nowhere fucking here man oh we're fucking you about 600 650 percent so again you know looking at that guy right over there whoops did I just do that right there we go okay get rid of that um looking at that guy right over there you know it's it's I think it's pretty visually abundantly clear that that's not really what we're doing also capitulation if you are gonna get it this way in the more violent sense it's gonna happen extremely fast right it's gonna happen extremely fast so you know look look at what you did in basically a week's time frame this about a 69 percent up you know 69 percent fucking up if we were to do that from the bottom which cue in mind we've already done this for like we've already done this for a week or so that or more than a week now 69 percent up from the lows would be 5500 that actually be a perfect test of the of the yellow 29 central on the weekly what we're doing right now is typically is really just having a retest of the daily 21 exponential and I think it's like abundantly clear to see on this guy's well you have a rejection of the 21 right over here again we spoke about how when you have bullish divergence on this timeframe or I mean I mean this code this applies for a lot of different things but between this point this point then yeah the kind of class plays you popped back up to your 21 and then you bounce off more often than not so again I know people are gonna look at this and they're already gonna say crowd it's an inverse head–it it's an inverted head and shoulders well it's actually not it's it's actually not again when you see an inverted head and shoulders but if you have a sloping neckline like this direction it's not it's fucking not this is a low or high if it's the other direction like it sloping up on the on the right shoulder it actually can be and I've noticed that in cryptocurrency land that it's a lot more lenient with the way that it kind of rewards people looking for that pattern and yes it does play up Bitcoin actually has a history of playing them out but um you know again the this that this right here is very unlikely to be again what I'm looking at right now is is we have hidden bearish divergence on an even regular bearish divergence yeah even all the way to a two day holy shit man i completing this this yesterday and very shit very much shame shame on me but uh but essentially yeah that's that kind of is what we're looking for this also is a little bit nastier than I think first met the eye because remember we have the three the three day double death cross which has only happened one of the time and BIC one since you're actually leading on to the to the capitulation event in 2014 right over here that's your green 55 X minutes across tonight downs for you purple 200 we have the same thing going on over here in 2014 as well and again you know we've we've seen the daily two day the the daily death cost and the two day delay death cross which both had pretty significant events which we can go look at in a second but to me this is this is kind of counting as a test of the 21 exponential and then down let's see if the ten simple offers any perspective on this guy as well and curious yeah ten simple actually okay so ten simple actually is saying that we do have support right over here on the 3750 ish range on the three day so don't want to give that one up if this is gonna look you know quote-unquote okay when we start a new three day at the 27th so we got a couple days on it but uh but yeah it will be critical to see if we pose above or below this this 10 symbol right over here but just just for reference but Jesus Christ man my fucking voice can I apologize about this guy's I really do you had the to die double death cross right over here that was kind of the impetus for me getting into my 6300 short once we got you know shuffled below this this yellow 20 minus potential right over here it was like a it was like a slow grinding effect just running a grinder grinding it rejection and then down the daily Dola death cross had this sort of effect as well going right over here you know remember this one you as can it was consensus time because this is gonna save Bitcoin because they're gonna come out and get announce that hey guys we've just been hiding all these amazing things about Bitcoin and you know what bic one's actually gonna be used as mm-hmm in place of the dark nope that didn't happen and down you know again these sorts of event of that mentality typically does not shame you know events do not change a bear market and people who say the contrary are I just don't like show me a fucking example man show me a fucking example news does not in a bear market a bear market ends very importantly a bear market ends when the law seller has sold when the La Scala has sold that is the only fucking way again you know news in general I mean just any information in general can be interpreted multiple ways because we humans are imperfect with how we communicate I mean you mean the spoken word is you know it's like ten percent of our actual communication right so when it comes down to it you know you know you you know you hear stuff about that it's like someone might interpret it completely different than someone else you can't control that what people's you know emotional and cognitive conditioning will interpret something as now most of the time it will be pretty damn similar but more often than not hmm for a vet for a massive account for a big money mover they are gonna interpret it probably differently than the average person they're gonna interpret something like a daddy back coming into the market potentially has a chance to dump on people now they have liquidity to dump that's how they might interpret it whereas you know the average you know retail investor is saying daddy backed is gonna come and save me so I better buy all my fucking bitcoins now well not necessarily again the the the you gotta be thinking about how the big boys are think cuz they do move the markets not fucking market makers by the way which I really should make a video on because that is just so misleading and so wrong and it's something that I know to be troops actually used to do that as a certified you know series 56 market maker authorized trader on the floor of New York star change ARCA but hey you know these sorts of things it's like people just kind of like get these ideas and they run away with them and then no one really knows how to check them because it sounds right it sounds right anyways going back on over here to the weekly speaking about why this is unlikely to be the low but again I want to say that while it is unlikely to be below I think it's gonna take some time I think it's gonna really take some time get this thing lower I don't think that it's getting I don't think that is cracking 3,000 you know any time soon but I think that it does happen and that's the delicate conversation that I always need to have but okay so we talked we talked about the volume on it we talked about the we can talk about much else or we talked about the percent you know kind of increase but really to that point like you don't want to hang out your lows and give multiple chances to actually buy the lows when a big market mover like wants to put in a floor on it on a trading asset they don't let that asset get it anywhere fucking near that place ever again and when I say anywhere near I mean like within like five to ten percent and we'll go over a few examples pretty soon but right over here you know you had these are all for our totals by the way but you're basically you know like three four days to buy the actual low or within like five percent of the law I mean again going back on over here to 2014 you get like literally I mean this is a daily dildo over here so that already fucking you know completely negates it but you get like maybe maybe an hour or less to buy within 5% of the low we actually have a few examples of some pretty hefty price action in 2018 where the where you where this would be somewhere to pitch relation actually but it was not because well we got back within 5% of a little later but something like this you know look at this where Bitcoin came down low away to 6,000 within about within about eight hours you were already up 25 percent that's about as much as Bitcoin is up right now from the lows within about a day you're up about 40 percent that's more than Bitcoin bounce in the whole week week and a half that I had over here on the stab down from 20,000 to 10,000 by the way that well which i think is like way fucking crazy man like literally there is a day of $5,000 down as fucking and saying them but but balancing up off this in the in one four hour period you bounced up 25 14 percent before the end of the day you bounced up like you know 30 40 percent some like that again that's what I'm looking for those were potential capitulation events this in my opinion very unlikely b-but it's probably spent some time flailing around to your polygons to spend some time you know digging itself under the mud being the fucking pig that it can be as we all know from the past prior history at 6000 but uh but hey you know it's you know a perspective of the higher time frame school will always serve you well over here and of course if I I don't want to go all the way back to 2014 on the 4 up it's gonna take too long to scroll over there but if you do the same thing about over here I can just tell you what happens it's it's it's about the same thing it's about the same thing except on your actual capitulation in 2014 if you go wick to wick on like a 4-hour it's literally it's it's literally 100% within the span of like a week you know that's that's that's what we're looking for and again for perspective right over here Bitcoin is up about 20% off the lows which again is good but that looks a lot more like this than it does like this again they'd only be perfect in might suck and in microseconds definitely are not identical brothers but they are or they're not like identical twins but they definitely are brotherly in the way that they play out but right over here you know you bounced up like 40 percent even bounced up 40 percent over here actually Jesus man if you don't a body did dildo body which may be a little bit more accurate as 20 percent so that makes a little bit more sense to me again you just don't know where people are getting liquidated especially with exchanges like you know bit mix so no hundred ex and all that good shit looking at an external factor right over here the NBT signal this thing and has called every top and every in every bottom in bitcoins marks like a history perfect and as you can see over here you know it's whenever you whenever you top out above what my curse currently is now for mark cycle typically you do come at least or it not typically but every time you come at least for micros currently as no or lower just can see we have plenty of room down around there but again I think that is probably gonna take some time you know I was probably gonna take some time and this still does not rule out you know moved like 4,500 moved to 4600 anything like that can very well still happen but I hate we're still we're still just creating lower highs and the most basic of basic fucking ways lower hats you know lower highs and lower lower lows for a year the trend remains through trend is your friend however funnily enough or perhaps not funnily enough because I think most people are not laughing at this but uh but but mr. beer all over here has created a higher high so it did something completely different to what bitcoins doing what's going on there what is the explanation for that well I can say that there's really just no a fucking explanation for that there's more buyers and sellers in the mitten so it took back on over as soon as you got to an area that actually made sense I think we spoke about this yesterday that this was your next big resistance right around 160 I think I said 169 because that's a great number we didn't quite get there we got about 163 and a half close enough is close enough man it's not gonna be fucking perfect um but uh but hey this mr. beuter all's reaction actually does look like significantly better you know obviously when we do have a reaction like this but uh let's see what it looks like on a two day yeah two day looks fine I'd actually be a buyer on a funnily enough I've give Byron a tooth two days so may are we seen bifurcation of the market well we do see aetherium mr. beautiful in an uptrend we see Bitcoin still on the downtrend so what's going on here well we might actually be seen by occasion we might actually be seeing bifurcation this is the first time that I've really been really said that because you see one and uptrend and one in a downtrend on significant on firms not a weekly timeframe is still the same but uh but hey this is new this this is completely new so there you go um three days pretty nasty though three days very nasty look at that very nasty shooting still to run over there heavy volume on it I would imagine if Bitcoin continues its downtrend so does mr. buuder all and let's go over and check out ripple ripple me timbers over here yep selling down quite a few a bit as well yeah click okay submit so mr. ripples is actually it is actually a lot nastier to me let's see if the how do the Tuesday closed yeah so Tuesday – I'm sorry – day did close as a higher high above this guy right over here fair enough fair enough so is ripple are we seeing the bifurcation in the market that has potential possibility now that really is a potential possibility on the two day on the three day I would say fuck no I would say you got this mate you you got you got the same sort of three day delay Jeff cross right over here I don't think that rip ever even had one in his history yeah maybe if you go back all the way down around here let's see it doesn't really count from prior times but uh Rick she did have history in the 2014 and 2015 marks like oh by the way when I got the Golden Cross on the three day that's what led to all this we're just getting a fresh death cross rhetoric right right now as of this guy right over here this is a clear test of the 200 this is still being shuffled below the 21 essential I treat this still as bearish but it is interesting to me that we do see higher highs on some of the alts where bitcoin is not doing such things so that needs to be brought into the discussion now we might actually see that we might actually see that this is the first time that I've really considered this possibility or I mean it's always been a possibility right but it's the first time that I've actually seen evidence that it is you know in our face and happening so very very very very very important now Bitcoin itself let's go let's go actually and do a little bit more of a dissection on the lower timeframes we kind of skip through them a little bit like so it's too excited oh by the way oh my god I keep on forgetting to even talk about my own shit all my programs are unfenced on sale been getting a lot of questions about this if you if these understand that these programs right over here these are designed for diehards like true people who want to learn how to do this as a living again you know when it comes down to it learning technical analysis if you just want to dabble if you just want to know a few tricks and just kind of get started this is not for you to be very very clear this is not for you I have plenty of free resources for that I'm gonna have over a thousand well over a thousand hours of content now I'm like watching whatnot but sorry buddies dancing is going fucking crazy right now they're so cute but they're so they're so obnoxious sometimes um but uh but also you know if you just want to get started like you don't know you know the first thing about technical analysis go check out my playlist I'm new to 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again the dealing starting the trip to this video also have the jewel indicators as well that's just indicated it's just for both flavor carefully flat a higher education is the more than look important all right back now view – oh my driven yeah I think I did show my drivet again just plain options right over here again if you want to learn how to do that so let's take this off maybe if you want to learn how to do that check out the check out the options program again this is nothing right here I basically reduced most my forty to fifty of the strike calls I think at about twenty five of them on and I closed like twenty of them I'm just again I want to take my holiday season.the easily but for those of you who are trading out there this was your big signal you know this was your big signal we had a few we had a few confluent things actually so on our lower timeframes yeah we did have we obviously did a bearish divergence DMI is giving you a fresh it's giving me a fresh short signal actually well as of a few ticks ago but 80 X 80 X is saying that the trend is getting a little bit stronger still not a full signal but is interesting yeah it's it's the first short something that we've gone in a while yes and since the actual downtrend so I do put a lot of weight on that jewel over here actually give me the jewel time do you have a much better trade actually yeah telling you short right over here in fact actually telling you to short yeah it got it perfectly right over here Jesus Christ man just beautifully alongside confluence with the DMI so I really do like that as well but but basically we also did lose two children exponential on their on the floor out dildo time frame you know the four I actually should actually told you the story but again you know once we close this for our don't look below this blue box here 20 right over here that was your big signal that's your big signal can we have a measure move on this well you can where is that pointy knee down towards 35 50 I it when it comes to measure moves I'd give zero fucks about any sort of any sort of wedge measure moves I don't care about them they just don't play out in my experience that often I think that this one probably get I think I think this one very likely gets down to at least 3,600 that's gonna be the big test and I put a shit ton more weight on this if Nick one actually does break 3,600 pretty damn likely that it does come all the way back down to like the 30 to 50 3300 level now that's my opinion obviously technical analysis says that you have some supports along the way but uh but hey you know I would be pretty comfortable as saying that and once I get back to like my full battle station where I have access to you know all my screens and all that good stuff I will probably be putting on some positions and hopefully hopefully can wait a day for that to happen by the way I'm so going to be in the forest for until tomorrow so again you know just just a couple more days of this and and then we'll be back to full force face cam and all you can see my ugly brat face and and all that good stuff okay so let's go back on over to mr. Pedro let's actually round this one out because apparently a lot of people like really they really like this food they really like this one okay so there's a couple competing factors going on mr. Pedro right now we obviously have a very nasty rejection we obviously have very nasty bearish divergence we are not getting the same sort of signal on the DMI right now and Stokes are coming down over here so we're kind of at a critical point because you can see that the purple 200 exponential and the and the green 55 exponential are getting really fucking close to each other the first time that they've actually ever even hinted out across since it's it's been a long time since this run over here when when mr. Peter was five hundred dollars a golden cross only for outdoor time from is what I should really say so what I need to see right here is we're gonna see one of two things happen obvious so you know it's not gonna be helpful but this it's it's a it's a response to whatever this price action does is gonna be your big toe and I can tell you how about trade it although this is not financial but not advantage advisor and probably most people are gonna say so you've seen the either one can happen again technical analysis not giving you fuckin you crystal ball now that tells you how to respond to different situations and we don't have enough information just yet to make a good decision but basically if mister mister Bureau is doing two things right now to one one nasty one good the nasty thing is we have a pretty fucking just disgusting rejection right over here with follow-through relatively fast this is institutional order flow at work in my opinion and I think that it's more like that it's one actually crashes down through we are back below the 21 special over here and we have closed couple doze blows so it's more likely that we actually do pop all the way down at least to 120 area on Finex this is where the big test is gonna come and this is where the action will piece of this is gonna come oh it's not finished advice but if if mr. Budrow does use this 120 area support and if it does have a very good reaction off that you are probably gonna get the golden cross and this is prog and continue on and that again now it'll be the first time you got me going across ever since this thing was like you know at the $500 level and hey what's up welcome then to us good to meet you man good to have Union I guess you might be this at a later date but hey ma'am could you I could good to meet you know the other thing that will happen is this will provide maybe a little bit of a bounce and then it falls on over the second that you get a for our total closing below key point the second that you get a four-hour donal closing below that you wanted exponential the purple line right over there at 120 bad very fucking bad very very bad as it'll probably Bitcoin in retracing at least 2 103 and a half after that and probably probably revisit its prior lows so again critical moments critical moments and I'm gonna guess that mister butor are sorry mister ripples over here is probably gonna look pretty damn similar yeah look at that the green 55 and the purple 200 right over here this one looks a lot less this one looks a lot less likely that it's gonna cross the upside it and in fact let's go look at the last time that we had a golden cross on this guy it was actually right over here it's actually right over here this one snakes around a lot because it just it pumps and dumps pretty hard but uh but yeah you know it does it does have a history of having some good reactions on those guys anyways same same thing on this guy right over here we've come we've already come down to the two hundred exponential if if mister ripples does lose this level and this is on the dollar for the dollar valuation below thirty six cents very likely coming down to at least down around here at around thirty two cents and probably coming down for the full retrace to his prior low and I think what's likely to happen at that point is the whole market you know bounces makes a series of lower highs just love you out at six thousand something like that would kind of make sense and then and then does like a final capitulation move probably to what I think is gonna be like twenty to twenty three hundred something like that what makes sense the super Baris think that this thing is going to the one thousands I don't I don't know if I agree with that I don't know if I agree with that what I'm looking at right over here to kind of show my sort of oh hey what's up man what's up Vlad and good to meet you as well man that is a very difficult Russian last name say but hey I hope that you don't take offense of that into something I'm Travis novia I just won't say I'm not gonna meet you but uh but hey weekly right over here so these are the potential areas that I have for this guy bond I mean we have the 23 to 2600 level right over here yes I did reduce that because of this past move major Vaughn a major bomb from a historical sense being done around here some good some good horizontal support trend lines going on right around here and overall you can see that this is actually the highest volume know that we have done this whole past year in fact it's much bigger than or it's not much bigger but it's bigger than the one at 6,000 so again that's kind of if we do get down around here extremely likely to have a very powerful response by the same token you know this area down a bunch here the secondary blue box right around 11 to 1300 that is a much bigger one we'll get down there our site will we'll discuss that one if this area actually breaks obviously I don't it's it's certainly possible it's just I'm not leaning towards it my opinion so it's you know technical analysis is kind of neutral on the fact I you can't really see it over here but the Fibonacci retracement does show the nine for two right whoops man I just completely mess it up let's do this guy right over here there we go let's get this guy right over here you can see the 942 Fibonacci retracement down around here as well so you know it is a big one the eight eight six actually is where bitcoin did bottom in 2014 just saying but again if you want more long-term analysis definitely check out the playlist titled long term analysis I go into a much more in-depth with all my tools this past Sunday so check out that upload I'll go I'll do like a much like a bigger dissection but for now we'll just kind of denote this guy we do have this guy right over here as well 1800 so that is interesting thoughts I don't really have too many other things agree with it but it isn't but it's a point of interest so so possible as well but I'd actually be leaning towards this area right over here that's that's mine that would be my my general thought kind of similar to have to to how you responded over here you know you have this diagonal trend line right over here right over here they're both that they are both there for a reason they basically hold back in the consolidation before your beef before your bold trap event right over here you have your consolidation breakout bull trap consolidation breakout it's just a bull trap you come back down and then you use that as a support once and then twice when we've already use it you use it once by the way it did line up pretty damn well with the 200 simple on the on the weekly so so I do like that it looks to be like like it's lined up with something looks to be like it's working and if we were to come back down and base on it again right it may be one that the eight-six well that's ajust a time frame somewhere in the in late February so just saying you know potential potential timeline for that again time analysis not something that I think really is it really can be done or anything like that but you know just just kind of going over different scenarios again around here we got July for this for this 1000 level so you probably really don't want it crap to happen to spent a career long fuck you down so again if you've got a month overall I'll leave the rest of the long-term stuff to to that video by the way let's check out the long some shorts because there is some racino right over here the short interest rate is now equal to the loan interest rate wait nope sorry it's it's actual a little bit lower my vision is so terrible that I'm like literally a couple feet away from my computer and I can barely see that but it's a little bit it's actually less than our long interest rate right now yes we do still have plenty more shorts on the table and see how many of these guys are hedged about Wow almost seven thousand of them so we really have about less than 26,000 open shorts and we have about the same a little same amount of open long so pretty much at parity right now actually if you do account for that which you know again unless you're spoken on in fact but but but but the fact that the shorts rate has just completely crumbled does offer up the opportunity for cheap coins to be shorted once again and believe me when you have not point known about 5% ones lower I mean that's that's nothing man it I mean even not point not 1% is nothing and that's like a whole degree higher you know whole decimal place higher so you can imagine that this is you know you know it's it's people are begging you to go shorter long right now if is what that tells me so is so bears kind of taken advantage of that it's what it seems to me and they have plenty more ammo to go and dry both sides both sides – I just want to get that out there so we got this guy right over here um oh so we want to say about this so yeah let's go over traditional markets because there are in sorry let's go over gbtc gbtc did have a did have like a half day yesterday this one's gonna be having a very nasty open tomorrow sorry tomorrow yeah cuz they're closed today for F Christmas probably gonna open somewhere right around here for $4 30 35 cents again GBC is in a rising channel it does it's probably having bearish divergence in this guy's well yeah it is and major gap down around here so it probably does bounce on the first pass which does lead me to think that they coin balances somewhere right around 3600 but is that is that balance gonna be a good short enough I would say well given given the current structure give him the fact that we saw her hides give him the fact that we got rejected in the way that we did which to me looks like institutional order flow I would say probably probably bounces and then it's a short and probably bounces somewhere up there so somewhere around here which would I think be around like 38 50 3900 someone's that and then falls over um so yeah that's kind of what I'm thinking attentively speaking but again put more action on put more pressure on or put more I don't even know what fucking word I'm looking for put more put more weight on actual price action is what I'm looking for right over here CME's are closed for the day by the web and we still have a gap down around here as well right around the 38 40 levels so that does kind of line up or it actually doesn't line up that's actually much lower or sorry that's much higher that's essentially much higher so interesting way enough do we even do we have bounce right around there well it's Bitcoin if Bitcoin does open tomorrow or whenever CMI's opens I don't actually don't know I'm gonna guess that they open up sometime around like 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time it's probably you know whichever if it's opening up lower then it's probably to come back to this area and that's probably to me a cell so if Nick coin does get back to like 39 3900 that's probably a cell so this one could actually help time a trade or sign maybe not time but place a trade and it's not furnished advice just share what I would be doing but again I'm kind of staying away from the markets well it's the holiday season tonight still I really don't have the I don't have an I don't have enough time to be what to call you know up to date with what's going on so that that is some that I'll be looking for right over here keep that one in mind these these clothes at forty seventy he's closed all the way at forty seventy last night so I've got a long ways down always down okay let's go check out regular box because there's something very very important going on over there we've had something that's just unheard of it during Christmas time um or the holiday season whatever fuck you want to call it again I don't mean anything st. not there I just there's just too many too many holidays so you know what a happy holiday season whatever might be for you you know what I'm wishing the best one I always wish you the best you know it whatever day it doesn't even matter if it's a holiday or not I wish you the best day possible but over here we have fully hit the measured move of the head and shoulders target we have hit the 200 simple no damage doesn't that looks familiar from from bitcoins history and while you do have a little bit of a little bit of a wick below perhaps or do we yeah yeah you did you did trade a few cents below it just like Bitcoin did I think that it's time to be definitely closing shorts and probably looking for a bounce how high does the bounds get well just like Bitcoin getting getting back to its perpetuate exponential after hitting the two and simple I'd say that's pretty likely although this one could very easily pop all the way back up to a 42 47 which I think would probably probably be another sell does this thing give you all the way back to 254 I think that would be a little bit too obvious but hey if it does well it's like a fucking gift from God so maybe it is Christmas but uh but but hey you know increasing selling increasing volume on the sell side right over here very very nasty major bearish divergence on your weekly die I think this is already played out though you're really our site is getting them to the oversold region oh fuck it's oversold baby and you know what that means can't go a little bro fucking in there that really does for my boy self or so I can't go low we do have diem over here telling you that this short is still fresh but that is on a weekly Dillo timeframe let's just go over here to the monthly and I actually forgot to talk about bake one of the movie as well but the monthly and we are coming actually to the end of the year there's less moon there's less than a week left and by the way I forgot to mention that all my programs are only on sale to the end of the year not like I don't think I specified a time on that hey there you go I'm a tears even if it was my job to sell programs I'd be so fucked like so fuck man but uh but hey you know looking at this guy right over here given the monthly I would be looking for a bounce January anywhere anywhere above 247 between 247 and 260 would be a phenomenal short and we're obviously getting well I could reduce that to like 257 so it's gonna be like a ten dollar range and you probably will get a run up to test that area somewhere in there it's gonna be to it you can't really say right now it's a fucking monthly month so there's too much too much stuff that can happen but tentatively speaking we can there down to there and as time you know progresses we'll be able to narrow down a little bit more let's go back let's go look at the monthly right over here so people are gonna be people are gonna be pointing out the monthly on bitcoins chart saying that we have a hammer dildo guys we have a hammer dildo on the monthly you know what that means bitcoins gonna be going up well maybe again there's still a lot of days in the month to go and this this this 55 exponential is coming in all the way around 36 94 by the way BLS index has not updated so this is oh this is accounting for price session at forty sixty three so as you can see we're actually really fucking close to that right now I mean it's certainly not a done deal that this thing is going to close above the Commun 55 exponential in fact I would say I'd say it's probably unlikely or II or even if it does it's not that important to me but what's important is price action going over here – yeah – bitstamp you can see that you can see a little better side should we just start a lot with this cuz that's better to do um but uh hey green 55 exponential right over here right right around right under 3700 so they coin rolling up right now I should you know if I was training right now I probably would sell you know Annie yeah again anywhere around thirty thirty eight fifty thirty nine hundred probably fine to me um again it's not financial advice that could that trade could very easily go south as well I'd be using because there's not really an easy way to manage risk on that one because it's I guess you could usually like that maybe like the two hour yeah maybe if you use like the two hour 21 yeah that's all the way at 39 50 so that's close that you can get at it or it's a closer you can get to it the better let's see BIC when it's big might have some work to do over here as it is work as it is trying to rally off the toilet s special in the two-hour dildo timeframe but uh hey yeah a little bit a little bit of patience um does it happen today tomorrow fucking no what there's nobody know anything like that again that's why that's why I always laugh when people try to do time analysis just I don't know any professional he doesn't know anyone who's never like really had any success with it so just be aware that overall looking at this guy right here mmm we do have the 200 simple come in right around the 3600 level as well yeah there's gonna be a lot of importance on this 3600 level that's that's really the big thing so look at this blue box right over here that if like as long as big horns above it technically it does have a chance to kind of salvage itself from like a technical malice standpoint second that you violated again it's just like it's a violation of the violation you know you put in your formation right over here this nice little descending triangle you had your bear trap below that then you popped up up back above it so that confirming that as such well if you lose it again that just means that the people who took you out of it was really it was really just a trapping mechanism so um yeah looking at that I don't like that I don't I mean I wouldn't like it if we broke it which I think probably does happen but again I'm not really trading right now this probably happened over you know it's gonna take a long time to happen you know I'm talking about these I'm talking about these ideas but they're gonna you know this put this the the longer-term stuff probably doesn't happen like well until 2019 which really only isn't know like what we can get way to begin with but you know you get my point it's soon it's it's it's we you know you might be hearing this information now and just like it might not be the right time right so again okay what else we have talked about we talked about and talked about so much we talked about so much again I try to keep I want it I really want to keep these shorter while I'm over here cuz I don't have assets like all my tools right now so I hope that this does come out properly again yesterday a phenomenal test but um just just for anyone wondering yet you know I adhered to exactly what I set out to I got out below 48 ei show you right over here my my my streamer account is completely neutral it's not I mean except for except for the options right over here it's completely neutral there's nothing to see there my main account is it's just complete neutrals I'm not even playing options there it's like mowing my Steam account actually has even a little bit of risk oh I'm funnily enough but uh but hey keep your eyes on that um as long as bitcoin is essentially you know closing higher level dildos below thirty nine fifty not good um doesn't have a chance to close above it I mean there's quite a chance I think it's very unlikely I think it's very unlikely that this is a rejection right there that is clear as day I mean very easily seen on the two days a little time for him to me this yeah just more lower highs mom or lower house so yeah you know at the other day don't need to be don't need to make it any more complicated than needs to be I'm gonna go back in the two hour before I wrap this bitch shut up and let's talk about this right here okay thirty-six hundred the big bad area that needs to be held by the Bulls if you do lose that area then probably gonna be a full retrace back down to Carlos at 3200 probably does it probably is like a slow type you know action I'd imagine by the same token 3950 needs to be defended by the Bears as long as price sessions below that look blow they're they're pretty much in control I mean I mean from a higher temperature Bears man controls Long's below 4200 ish area but yeah you know overall doesn't even be any more pumpkin net until then probably just floating around this range for a nice little Christmas day by the way merry Christmas to all mayor Happy Holidays to all happy whatever whatever insert holiday that you have here wish you the best of the best Tuesday's or Wednesdays I think it's – I'm pretty sure it's Tuesday so hey happy Tuesday happy Tuesday hoping I was having the best day possible whatever whatever day might be cryptic parrots life I'll be back on tomorrow with another video update and I'll be back in the battle station pretty damn soon to do the last teams once again so hope everyone's having a good one and take care


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