BITCOIN PUMPS! Did Donald Trump SPARK the NEXT RALLY?! Tether Prints $100M! 🚀

BITCOIN PUMPS! Did Donald Trump SPARK the NEXT RALLY?! Tether Prints $100M! 🚀

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Thursday that's right and if you're in the u.s. well happy fourth of July and Independence Day so that is a celebration over here and for everybody else well it's just a beautiful green Thursday in the markets so we will take it you can see we had a nice pump this morning a little bit of retracement but it looks like we're heading back up again so the question is are we gonna have the beginning of another massive massive rally and also did Donald Trump maybe accidentally pump the price of Bitcoin we're gonna talk about that as well also the fact that 100 million dollars worth of teather has also recently been printed so what does this all mean what's gonna happen to the price of Bitcoin are altcoins still in trouble or are there looking to be potentially brighter skies ahead well guys if that sounds good you know what to do also if it's your first time checking out the crypto zombie channel I'm usually not in the box of shame but thank you so much and if you're not subscribed well we do this literally every single day even on holidays you can tell so thank you so much once again for coming back to the channel giving this a quick refresh live you will notice that Bitcoin dominance is up to 63% which means that this is pretty much the highest we've seen Bitcoin dominance in about 18 months across the board really doesn't matter where you check it out but having a look we do have an eleven thousand eight hundred five dollar Bitcoin also really quick guys I don't know how the audio is gonna sound the room I'm in is a little bit small so just bear with me today I promise it'll be better tomorrow but anyway getting back we do have Bitcoin up four point three three percent eleven thousand eight hundred and five dollars now having a look at some of the biggest gainers we do have some alt coins up on the front page we have lambda hyper cash by coin Energy Walton chain Raven coin nebulous and Tasos all doing quite well but like I said Bitcoin dominance is up to 63% so this is something we're gonna have to keep our eyes on for sure also just wanted to mention elrond ieo that came out it looks like even though it's down 4.9 percent it is up a thousand percent from the i/o so yeah that's a 10x gain for anybody that got in on that one congratulations now having a look at Bitcoin this is why we're all here today to talk about what is going on with this guy well you could see we did break out of this falling wedge reversal pattern which I mean you can't even make this stuff up guys it was just so textbook on this one so currently you know it looks like there is a pump potentially due and if we go back you can see we have kind of gone up a little bit although we really need to break above this 11,700 and stay above that level that was the level that was really really important the first time when we broke it back here so we will keep our eyes on that moving forward now the one thing that I do want to point out which is actually really good news is we had the CMI futures gap on the way down and we totally filled it but unfortunately right after we filled it we got right to the top and we started coming back down again so the good news is we filled the gap I am going to delete this the potential bad news is we could still be coming down to fill these lower gaps although I really think that as time progresses seeing a four figure Bitcoin is getting less and less and less likely as time goes by but you can see right here we are still in our ascending broadening wedge we are back above the dotted line so this is good hopefully it will provide support and we will continue our upwards trajectory now yesterday we were talking about this little region right here right and I've been saying for the past two days now are so you have might even been three days that we were probably going to see some kind of a pump on July 4th right now obviously the pump started a little bit farther back on the second so it really is more of a continuation but you can see as soon as we had this breakout right here as soon as we you know came out above the resistance we currently stayed above it so hopefully that does put us in you know I guess calm waters or whatever the term you want to use is but we are above everything on the EMA ever been very good I don't really have much bearish sentiment when it comes to that you'll also notice that we're sitting above all of the major moving averages on the four-hour we finally got back above the 50-day moving average once again guys this is a very good signal and if we pull back on the daily we are above the 50 100 200 and 200 weekly as well as staying nice and green on the super guppy so coming over to what James – dardo said he says bitcoin just hit its first 30% pull back down from 13850 there were eight pull backs of this magnitude in the last bull market with an average of 98 days between them he says this could be the dip until November so basically they're saying we may not see another really good opportunity to buy some Bitcoin like this again until potentially November and if we went back and if you guys watched my video I believe it was two days ago now that I put it out you do notice that on these dips and rallies you know you have a 75% pump 32% pullback then we went to a two hundred and thirty five percent pump with a 13 a 40 percent pull back then we had one hundred and seventy six pump 40 percent pullback one hundred and sixty-five percent pump 30 percent pullback and then we had our major major two hundred fifty eight percent pump right but net when I was at the old time high but now if we look at what's recently been happening well we had our one hundred and seventy percent pump we had a 43% pullback and it looks like we're starting to go back up again in fact just uh just in a matter of two days you know we've come up roughly twenty percent so we've already almost recovered half of what we you know had lost in that dip so you could see how fast Bitcoin moves now I also want to mention the fact that we have had 100 million dollars of tether that has recently been printed so what does this mean should we be worried well we could see that tether has basically been printing non-stop since the beginning of April conveniently when Bitcoin also started pumping I know conspiracy time so we're gonna dive in and look at that but you know what is a beautiful thing I love to just turn on the Bitcoin comparative and just look at that look at that I mean listen I'm not like saying like I want to see the dollar lose value but you guys know I clearly hold a lot of bitcoins so it is nice to see you know the dollar I suppose losing the value to the Bitcoin since Bitcoin is really the currency that we're rooting for here right now super quick I do want to just put this in just because this could affect you by Nantz says that they're gonna there you SDT tether deposits and withdrawals to be only ERC 20 base so that means no more omni layer so please make sure when you send your tether that you are using an e rc 20 which means it is in the theory of base tether and you're not using omni base tether however just to let you guys know they are slowly from what I'm aware of migrating off of omni onto e rc 20 and then they do have some on tron as well so hopefully this will just sort itself out but please please be careful if you don't know what you're sending double triple check or just use another stable coin like US DC or Paxos or something like that okay but you can see here that we do have about three billion dollars worth of tether that has flown into Bitcoin in the past 24 hours with about 1 billion dollars worth of actual US dollars themselves which is up from what it was yesterday in the day before when we were only putting in the high hundred millions right so that's really good moving forward guys definitely but the downside is that the really upsetting side is for anyone that's holding alt coins right now you know everyone keeps going well you know the old coins have to start taking off soon I mean we've seen some pops here and there but as you can see I know my box is probably in the way but scrolling down here if we look at the Bitcoin comparative there are not many coins that are up I mean by Nance's up 0.5% days those 5% uh hyper cash nine raven four agree sha-1 liske 0.3 energy six point one eight but guys for the most part lambda ten but you could see I mean compared to what Bitcoin is doing guys it's uh it's really difficult to keep up with the Bitcoin comparative so you know as Max says not looking to play any new alts if Bitcoin dominance breaks up here and actually if we come over to the chart right here you could see that according to the market dominance on trading view Bitcoin is well up to about 66 percent which is much much higher than we had in December 17 to the all-time high in fact at around December 17th we were only looking at around 55 percent whereas now we're up to 60 well 65 percent currently sixty five point seven five percent to be exact so yeah what does this mean well it means that if coin continues to gain dominance the alt coins are not going to feel the love now a lot of people are saying well what do I do do I just hold Bitcoin because I you know I can only dollar-cost average so much well guys I've been saying it on the channel for quite some time you know if you come over to buy bit you have the opportunity to both long and short now currently I would not be shorting Bitcoin I could be wrong you know it could take another crash but I think we've already had our 30% pullback but the thing I was talking about yesterday is you can you can do a theorem you can do EOS and you can do X RP so you can also long or short some of the old coins as well while you're waiting for the Bitcoin dominance to pull back right also a friendly reminder I do have a referral link below as you guys know it does help the channel out I don't require you to use it but you do get ten dollars for registering absolutely free and another $50 when you do a deposit of 2.2 BTC or six as well so I do have a video on that too if you guys don't know how to use it I will drop it above also link below so but hey it's not all doom and gloom listen there may be some potential chance for the alt coins so check this out right so in a blog post we had sfox that analyzes the apparent impact that holidays can have during a crypto bull market and they were saying that they appear to spark fresh FOMO so you can see that they actually compared it to Thanksgiving of 2017 which was the beginning of bitcoins run up from about 8,000 to its peak of 20,000 and you can see in February of 2019 during the two-week spring festival celebrated throughout China the price to buy Bitcoin also climbed 14% so this is a question is it going to happen again so they say holiday driven price fluctuations appear to be backed by Google Trends data for retail interest in Bitcoin so during the winter 2017 bull run the united states search volume for Bitcoin surged in the days immediately following both Christmas and New Year so the question is now that everybody's probably with their families and friends today right taking off the holiday vacate you know on a holiday over here in the US the question is are those Bitcoin and cryptocurrency conversations gonna come up let me know did any conversations come up at any parties maybe that you got that you were out today let me know and you know maybe the same thing will happen they'll look in they'll see Bitcoin they'll buy some and then they'll go hey you know these old coins are a lot cheaper right could happen however we have decided that it's probably not going to be a universal alt season it's probably just gonna be a select handful of alts that have good fundamentals right or you know we could just go on to pump and dump season again but realistically we're probably not gonna see massive altcoin surges until we break above that 20k Bitcoin level now talking about what everyone is discussing you can find this on Twitter on reddit basically everywhere so Donald Trump which I know I'm not actually following Donald Trump on Twitter which is pretty crazy to admit that but I mean you pretty much can't not hear what this guy's tweeting anyway but anyway he says China and Europe playing big currency manipulation game and pumping money into their system in order to compete with USA we should match or continue being the dummies who sit back and politely watch as other countries continue to play their games as they have for many years so basically you know Alex Kruger says Trump just made an explicit call to manipulate the dollar he wants the lowest int lower interest rates a cheap dollar and soaring stock markets so I mean arguably he pretty much said by Bitcoin I mean you could see Maddy Greenspan you know he's from eToro he's been on the channel before he affirmed his belief that the influence of macroeconomic trends on Bitcoin is all ready a reality saying that my understanding is that central bank policy is the biggest driver of all markets including crypto so it says the president's provocation set new waves throughout Europe with one foreign exchange strategy expert telling CNBC that he fears the administration could slap on countervailing tariffs on the EU auto sector justifying it as a response to what the Commerce Department deems to be certain countries artificial currency depreciation so I mean long story short maybe maybe this is what he's saying right here I don't know it could be guys let me know what you think but um I think it definitely reinstates why I believe in Bitcoin I mean Bitcoin is not being manipulated we're not pumping in more Bitcoin we're not pulling more Bitcoin out there's only 21 million they'll only ever will be 21 million potentially 4 million or lost forever about 44 million mmm in the world which means there's not enough for each millionaire to own one Bitcoin so you guys know how I feel about that let me know I'd be interested I'm sure we're gonna see more developments on this moving forward also talking about some quick coin news guys I got to make today's video quick because I am on holiday and there is stuff that we need to get done but I'm in here making a video for you guys because you know I freaking love you so ripple says more than 20 financial institutions are now using XRP based X rapid this is a good thing right we want them to use X R P because that does create demand for the token also friendly reminder guys deep cloudy I they say after a month of vetting through exchanges we've arrived we were excited to announce the first public sale on July 18th this will be on bit max please check this out look at the white list if you're looking to get interested you know we've had deep cloudy eye on this channel almost a year ago this has been a project I which I believe to be a very legit project in my opinion they just were going through a really tough time during the 2017 2017 into 2018 bear market so they decided to hold off on the sale which might have been a pretty good choice on their part so hopefully I was looking to get these guys back on the channel I don't know if I'll be able to but I'll try my best to hopefully get them on so you guys can have one more opportunity to you know talk to max and and Geeta and see what's going on but I just wanted to let you guys know that that is happening before we go also before we go banks help launder over two trillion every year that's over ten times more money than the entire Bitcoin network is worth why are they then so critical of Bitcoin asks rhythm trader well a public ledger would mean their worst nightmare that's right accountability and to end on a positive note the numbers of countries while this isn't really a positive note but it but it but it's a positive note for Bitcoin the number of countries facing economic woes is rising drastically so in order to mitigate the impact of inflation nations are looking towards crypto currencies as one possible solution and Cuba is the latest to turn to digital assets so if you guys want you can come down here you can read this but it isn't the first time we've seen this right even when Trump was potentially saying he might not allow remittances back to Mexico we had seen an OTC spike over there we've definitely seen it spiking over in Venezuela obviously it is compared to the Bolivar but you know take it with a grain of salt it is what it is so whether or not the Fiat is you know depreciating or Bitcoin is is is is increasing or both are happening at the same time in the end it's probably still a very good thing for Bitcoin so that being said my friends whether or not you are in USA celebrating the 4th of July or you are just simply anywhere else in the world right now enjoying the fact that Bitcoin is currently pumping and that the Bitcoin dominance is that an 18 month all-time high well I just want to say I hope you enjoy your day please be safe out there please be responsible if you do hang out with some family members you know just you know we could talk about crypto but you know don't don't be overly aggressive right we right we do want it we do want to put it in a nice limelight for everybody else so that being said guys I do want to say thank you so much for coming back to my channel you guys Rock you're the reason that I do this every single day even when I'm on a holiday okay I still make a video for you guys in the little box of shame because I love you and you mean everything to me and thank you so much I really do appreciate it everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting definitely be sure to turn on the bail notification also if you haven't joined the crypto zombies telegram group it's absolutely free you can hang out and just talk crypto all day but that is it for me guys so once again thank you so much hope you enjoy your day until next time stay crypto


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