what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today hope that all of you are having a good one as always and are ready for more Bitcoin news today I'm going to be ranked 2 all of you some information from Clem chambers yes that's right Clem chambers I've covered him a couple of times on this channel previously but I want to go ahead and dive into his opinion weird guarding why Bitcoin will soon reach some really nice new all-time highs okay I'm talking $10,000 before all that long which of course is not an all-time high but $10,000 will absolutely be the next critical line of resistance that we need to break through before we see new all-time high prices so I'll be discussing Clem chambers stable coins in the effect that they will have on bitcoins price very soon so if you guys enjoyed the video do go ahead drop it a like a subscribe and share for more of those things help the channel out a ton and they're greatly appreciated also if you want a Bitcoin sure to check out the area below the video I have learned the prices as much as possible to support Bitcoin and get the word out and you know not necessarily myself so anyway guys with all that being said let's go ahead and aim for 150 likes 5,000 views on the video and let's discuss this okay what exactly is Clem chambers saying in regard to stable coins and the coins price well I want to start out by saying that of course in late 2017 we saw a massive massive rise in the price of the coin and many other crypto currencies and a lot of that price rise was attributed to you know massive volume getting in where people were worried about missing out on growth and a lot of the volume was also contributed to stable coins or coins that hope to sort of relate fiat currencies and cryptocurrency seamlessly such as tether tether actually had a lot of volume as well and that is believed to have massively rocketed the price upward so basically what we're seeing now is we're seeing another resurgence of stable coins coming to the forefront stable coins such as you know tether first of all and the Gemini dollar created by the vinkle vos twins as well as others are actually becoming much more developed and they stand to gain a lot of ground in the very near future now of course that might seem insignificant people might be saying you know why exactly do stable coins matter why are they so important well when it comes right down to it stable coins are very good because they present a very real world use case for many cryptocurrencies like I said they essentially tie in Kryptos and regular fiat money and they're probably the next the best vehicle aside from Bitcoin to leading Kryptos into the future of course I'm a bit biased I think the Bitcoin is the best the most usable cryptocurrency but these stable coins are also actually quite good as well so stable coins their growth and their development could very well help fuel a rally that will take us up over $10,000 possibly within the next month $10,000 honestly speaking is not all that lofty it might seem like a big deal right now because we've been you know kind of in the doldrums for a while but in 2017 when the price of Bitcoin was rising astronomically extremely quickly the $10,000 resistance line was barely even worth noting it was pretty quickly surpassed and really didn't present too many issues I think the same thing could very much be in the cards for the next couple of months I think the ten grand honestly isn't going to be all that significant of a resistance line which might sound funny because $10,000 is obviously a big landmark but really the biggest key resistance line the biggest psychological resistance line is of course 20 grand $20,000 is the previous all-time high of Bitcoin so once we break that point that is when we know that amazing prices are soon to come so that's just something to keep in mind and that is my little tangent to start out with stable coins and cryptocurrencies and their possible growth now I want to go ahead and relay the specific information relating to Clem chambers and his prediction with all of you so let's go ahead and check so bitcoins bullish momentum has slowed slightly but analysts across the board are still cheery about the cryptocurrency in a recent Forbes contributor post Clem chambers the chief executive of adv FN and a finance author explained why he believes that crypto winter or the crypto winter is over and why Bitcoin will rally as a result so that's another key thing to note ok before I go ahead and get into more info this is another expert actually saying that the crypto winter has come to an end Tom Lee was the first to say that fairly recently and Klem is basically just tacking on his own assertion that yes he believes the crypto winter has come to a close so he explains that the recent issuance increase in tether among other stable coins is what is going to lift a Bitcoin ok looking to the fact that fundamentally money and I quote flowing into crypto is what sustains and raises prices end quote which makes a lot of sense as I said before tether and other stable coins simply represent you know a good connection between Fiat and Kryptos and they often do result in a lot of institutional money and money from smaller investors flowing into the space that of course is a good thing and as Chambers explains for the current inflationary Bitcoin to have a positive money flow new Fiat has to enter in every day to match new supply and to ensure that a crash doesn't ensue with USD T supply recently increasing and there being clear signs that dry powder quote-unquote is being unloaded in the crypto sphere chambers concluded that there is a clear pathway upward for Bitcoin the increase in incoming fiat isn't the only bullish catalyst which is definitely worth noting so as I just read there is definite dry powder in other words there is a lot of interest that will soon be ignited by institutional and you know money from smaller investors coming into the space that dry powder basically just means that soon we are going to see some sort of ignition that will set off the crypto rally once again in a major way so what is the other lish catalysts that chambers is actually bringing up well chambers also looked to the fact that bitcoin has begun to eat into the interest in gold at least in the United States and he adds that as such when the need arises for capital flight and store of value the coin will begin to share a crown with gold okay a quote-unquote crown with gold for that market he lays out a conservative case if Bitcoin eats up 20% of Gold's market share Bitcoin will be through its previous $20,000 hi even if use cases other than being a store of value for the asset aren't fully developed so in other words folks basically what Clem chambers is saying here is that if Bitcoin occupies even a small market share of Gold's current value $20,000 is completely attainable completely realistic and actually kind of an understatement of bitcoins potential value 20 grand isn't all that amazing when you think about the potential market share that Bitcoin will soon occupy among the mainstream markets and with that ok Clem chambers actually concluded and I quote Bitcoin winter is over the price is going up the only question is how high for now $6,000 is an easy target and 10,000 dollars a coin this year is not such a hard target after all I'm still accumulating so Clem is buying in and buying up and I kind of agree with them you know on that sentiment I think that right now is a very good time to accumulate I've actually been doing that for a little while now of course that is just me you know invest wisely only buy what you're willing we're able to lose and up you know just keep that in the back of your head but anyway folks is the crypto winter really over ok well according to Tom Lee and Clem chambers it is ok by many measures of they're both saying that the crypto winter is over and done Tom Lee actually believes that the winter ended when Bitcoin pushed past 5 grand and began to head upward and I honestly absolutely agree with that I think that we have seen bitcoins bottom I think that quite frankly it's probably only up from here you know we will see some dips of course we will see the typical market actuation that we always see with any asset especially cryptocurrencies because they're developing to be quite cyclical honestly speaking we're seeing very much boom and bust cycles down developing and that's really exciting for me as someone that looks at charts as someone who analyzes data I love to see those troughs and those mountains starting to develop especially with Kryptos overall price patterns because those patterns show us that crypto is unique from stocks in their overall patterning okay while it might seem like yes both stocks and crypto swallow boom and bust cycles these cycles manifest in very different ways so like Clem chambers and Tom Lee are saying here the winter does appear to be over so anyway guys that is my take of course I want to get all of your opinions now in the comment section below let me know what all of you think about this because you know Clem chambers whether you like them or not I do think that he's making a pretty good point here so anyway guys let me know what all of you think I'll see all of you in the next video as always drop this video like a subscribe and share for more check out these shirts below to spread the word of the coin and crypto currencies I will see all of you in the next one have a good on folks adios



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    I believe 10.5 k or so will be a more difficult barrier. Lots of big money waiting in the other side of 10.5k to see if this is legitimate. We will fly through 20k

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