BITCOIN Price Falls - Are Alts In Trouble?

BITCOIN Price Falls – Are Alts In Trouble?

we laugh give it a minute see and it's giving them in and see if people come in here I haven't got a notification yet which I should have didn't get a push notification what's up J Bailey beef supreme maybe my chat won't work won't walk out on me a day what is that Barbara yeah let's just give it a minute because I have not gotten a notification yet YouTube livestream is killing me okay I think it actually is I think it's working we should be good what is that puss n us rawr I got a weird angle going on right now probably not to fix this in the future but you guys probably gonna do a little bit of a live stream obviously clearly here we are I want to take a look at Bitcoin so something I was watching last night some of you guys brought to the attention in the live chat was actually Tyler Jenks or somebody had mentioned about hyper wave in a video he did I believe so I actually earlier today I ended up going back and watching I think it was a live stream he did last night t sharp what's up you guys can hear me getting awesome we can come in soon let me actually rearrange this so I think I actually have my face blocked by the little um things let me try this make myself a little smaller actually that looks bad okay yeah so the video I'm referencing is just this one here hyper wave and it's kind of an ongoing theme we're gonna so primarily we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin in this video the huge dump right bitcoins is dumping litecoin but this overall sentiment that seems to be growing is this idea that alt coins don't have value there's there's been so much hate on it's really just based on all coins right everyone's been hating on all coins so much and when I say all coins literally every coin except a Bitcoin so Bitcoin maximalist obviously having a field day right now and in one sense when you look at the chart they seem justified by being a maximalist clearly bitcoins been doing very well and we look at the rest of the charts and they have not been doing Bitcoin has been doing overwhelmingly better than everything else and obviously that's reflected in the Bitcoin dominance that's the the easiest way of illustrating that Bitcoin dominance has been going up and up alts down right so people have been absolutely tearing into alt coins linking K weekend coming soon what's up huh sin doing good it's all good Mitch isn't streaming good time for every talk about Mitch right James James says hit the Lights so yeah it's been tearing into altcoins I feel like people have just been ripping into them and that really is a huge portion of the community that you're ripping into when you rip into altcoins because there are some Bitcoin maximalists notable ones that I can think of tone BAE's I'm not sure if Richard Hart is still a Bitcoin maximalist this is just people on YouTube but there are plenty of other people in other communities that aren't you know on YouTube that again only think Bitcoin has value I personally think it's a crazy crazy notion that the Bitcoin should be the only cryptocurrency that adds value I think there's so much use for others I don't think there needs to be 2,000 other cryptocurrencies because currently there's no you guys can't see that but 2323 23 listed on coin market cap so clearly I don't think there needs to be that many but the hate for all or the the they're piling on to all coins right so light coins are taking a lot of heat let light coins alt coins are taking a lot of heat and so basically in this video is what he's saying it's kind of like almost a flood type of thing basically saying that ult's are dragging bitcoin down and if bitcoin really wants to see a successful rally out of where we are right now this is on the daily if bitcoin really wants to continue past 20k past all-time highs and really just do very well it can't bring alt coins with it basically they're saying bitcoin has to do it itself and everything else the exact quote from this video is that all alt coins will settle to the bottom of the ocean like sediment or something like that so it's pretty strong language basically like all coins are doomed and and I hear this growing more and more and I've heard it over the past month in particular more just a lot of people slamming alt coins no to be fair I think a lot probably will lose value many will probably never go back to all-time high but I think there's value for sure for a lot of them beef says let them rip away will sit here holding and buying if crypto becomes a standard form of currency alts will make you wealthier and they will preform as currency better like Linfen notion been getting work done and excited to get a few months out from the having yeah that's actually I'm excited for that as well so here we are here's the having this line right here I deleted this but a pop back up here is the like coin having right here August 5th right now it's estimated to be C I don't like when I update charts and then i refresh it and that gets rid of everything I updated so yeah we're very close less than a month away the exact date you know is still to be decided but right around here once we get out of this obviously in about a year we have the Bitcoin having as well I think a lot of hype will go into that I actually I wonder if I have this on the daily chart I did have it I'm not sure if my chart reset it oh okay I think it's still on here okay so here are the past having's cool it's still showing here here are the past having the first one back in December sorry November no December no November of 2012 and then June of 2016 so for a second and then here is the third having May estimated to be around May of 2020 right so we're a little a little ways away from that about a year about ten months away from that like when we're going through it right now so far we've seen a nice drop very similar to the last having seventy percent decrease is what we saw going into and past the last having seventy percent so we've been we're about thirty five we're about halfway from that wick so let's take it down to 70 and I don't think this is likely at all like going back down to $40 is that a possibility that anyone has really been calling for I haven't heard that $40 and again times are different now I don't necessarily think we're just gonna get a repeat of the last light point having but we got a 70% and pull back on on the last one and so I'm just bringing it up to highlight that you're 70 yeah $42 I think people are gonna be buying up like coin in heaps and heaps before that would happen but yeah this whole idea of all coins being useless or their values just going to zero I think is nonsense and I think it's people taking advantage of the fact that all coins have not been doing that well they haven't like coins been like when I obviously did really well five hundred percent in the last six months but many all coins have been performing so bad so poorly for example I I don't like to hate on XRP I guess I know some of you guys absolutely hate it so I kind of play into that a little bit but XRP is at 33 cents basically what it was that's basically what it was back in like summer of 2017 it was so really XRP has made no room but you notice a lot of these other coins happen as well we still have Bitcoin cash hanging around Bitcoin sv hanging around up here I would empty my bank account at $40 yeah let me do the pop-out chat over here so I can get it better uh okay that's better you bought another light coin today Benji very nice very nice I was actually toiling with it as well I was looking at the chart right at about like a 98 99 and I was thinking about it but you know I'm just I'm just holding off right now I bought a lot recently so I'm kind of I kind of want to see where this goes this is like when in the four hour you see quite a downward downward seeming trend right there and big coin on the four hours well I was following this all day at work don't tell my boss but yeah got my $14 a light coin by set you and the net if it gets there you know I'll be joining you with that yeah I can't Bitcoin worked all the way down to a little under 11 currently it's at what 11 for 39 so 11.5 it's been a pretty volatile day today pick on the one hour you can see kind of kind of trying to bounce up a little bit but this trend over the past day or so seems pretty clear obvious trend here curious what you guys make of it now of course as the ties returning everyone's can I call it being more bearish let's see had another few minor real people is that about Tyler Jenks let's see got my 14 all right to be honest I don't think there's a price I haven't bought like coin at I even got some at the bottom very nice yeah right around 22 23 for likely at the bottom there and at the top me as well I got some light coin raise it up let me turn this light off real quick it's actually very bright and it's making me very very hot gimme once Oh geesh I commented that as a joke to see how emotional people get a way to check sentiment what was that comment exactly let me let me try and pull it up crypto realist said got my $14 like like go and buy set yeah hey man I mean if we got that I would not see maybe this is a good thing maybe it's a bad thing but I don't think I'm gonna lose faith in crypto currencies a whole again I could see why people might say that's a bad thing cuz it seems a little reckless but yeah I mean I think a lot of you guys would agree with it and again that's just me Pesche is my mindset I I believe in it so I'm willing to risk more than I probably maybe should but at the same time I'm not like we're seeing my house or so I'm not like risking anything that would like ruin my life you know I mean every time I buy Bitcoin it drops yeah that seems to be a common sentiment with with most people when people buy it they noticed it drop I was talking to my friend yesterday bought a certain crypto and then almost immediately within a few hours it dumped a very large amount so that is very common I'm sure many people actually just experienced that as the entire market is clearly in the last 24 hours down right I'm really interested interested to see how these things play out though especially with litecoin if it is still a leading indicator it is continuously still going down and if that kind of carries over to Bitcoin then we still have some downside to see I think on the daily chart don't mind all these lines these are more for the smaller timeframes but it looks very clustered on a daily chart here Wow look at that we could have plenty of room still to pull back not not trying to be negative of you guys gotta be prepared for this kind of stuff litecoin and Dallas Cowboys America's Team yes I believe they partnered with the Miami Dolphins but I understand it yeah if they partner with the Dallas Cowboys as well that'd be pretty sick just cashed out my IRA and bought a Bitcoin very cool SPS I don't know if that's yeah good for you man it's awesome does this mean having is all priced in I believe there's something going around that Charlie Lee said it was again I think it's hilarious that a year ago people were absolutely you know coming after Charlie Lee saying like don't trust this guy he he sold the top he rigged whatever whatever it was and now it's the exact opposite people are like wow he was absolutely right I should have listened to him because he literally called the bottom so far we have to see the bottom for litecoin at $24 got all the way to $24 he said it might get under the 20s and boy we got super close $22.30 on coinbase i mean you can't really get much closer so people should show respect to to mr. Lee on that one and they do people are showing respect to Charlie now like wow how did he call that he's been in the market for a while so I listen to Charlie when he told us to buy one Bitcoin to grabbed a full Bitcoin under 4th day that's awesome I'm sure you're extremely ecstatic about that that's the thing as well if you guys are majority yeah majority in Bitcoin things are not looking bad at all the thing that people are panic about panicking is alts because also just not performing very well let's get a B in the chat type it here B in the chat if you own Bitcoin and you can be more specific type something else or other Kryptos if you own something besides Bitcoin I just just give it be in the chat if you actually own Bitcoin because I know a lot of people don't I know a lot of people are completely indulge see cider thank you teller as for all the tiny quotient of these videos and sharing knowledge and opinions thank you see solder yeah of course I think there are a lot of great people out there with good insight and good knowledge I try listening to them as well try to incorporate you can learn from everyone it doesn't matter who it is you can learn from anyone I buy it it drops and now I bite twice I split one buy into two buys yeah yeah you buy it won't you buy some knowing it's about the job and then you save that next buy for when it does drop because whenever somebody buys Bitcoin or other coins it goes down it's just how the market works a b c d c cider is just his portfolio stacked he's got so much stuff we got a lot of bees in here be cash flood was a God's gift yeah what's going on with Craig right he's he doing okay I know he couldn't prove his um he couldn't get access to that wallet and which is which surprised nobody right nobody was surprised about that cuz he never has been Satoshi Nakamoto obviously yeah I don't know why I don't know why this is even like posted anymore I just think it's funny that anybody would believe that be in life every night bitcoin and litecoin very nice J snip my boy seems to be a topic of conversation in these live streams very sick Jason if my man but yeah I actually added the volume profile to the this side of the chart here so you guys can see that and that kind of just shows kind of where the volume lies uncertain by uncertain prices so it's kind of like the volume indicator down here but more specific to certain price ranges do you see what I mean and that's why it's on the right side of the screen because it's just a much better better illustration of it then we got the the B bands here crime let's say the troll injured bands like Korn card ah no Bitcoin theme very nice it seems like a solid portfolio card on Oh is down a lot I know that card on O is maybe one of the furthest from all-time high of the top like ten coins I think it might actually be the furthest was card on his all-time high a dollar fifteen good son right dollar fifteen now it's eight cents now it's seven now it's six cents no yeah that's quite a pullback yeah we're looking at XRP on the stream last night and that I mean clearly isn't doing much much better and this is out there's only the top coins cuz a lot of coins out of the top ten top 20 or getting absolutely eaten alive as well getting their crushed apologize for the daddy words hmm the extra fee was about 350 announced a fraction of that oh boy yeah I'm curious what you guys think about the move I mean this is something we're kind of a few days into this now this has been on the charts for a little bit this isn't a move that just happened a few hours ago in terms of like more downside it's just kind of continued downside crypto realist says no coins for me straight Bitcoin probably probably a good good strategy I personally do like those coins but that's just me exort and you what you're performing better than me right now with bitcoins so sorry I meant LTC tea sheriff said so Bitcoin SRP Ethan litecoin Gacha xrb has not seen any gains this year in terms of USD is that actually true no gains at all we move my camera over just hovering in the middle go to the weekly for xrp wow that's obnoxious those numbers are huge we gotta fix that somehow uh 2019 let's go to 2019 yep 2019 hasn't done very well I think cardano's chart looks a little worse tax RP but yeah overall not very good sad though had held icon I did as well I still hold it still like on since 2017 and had to sell off finance and they have a wonky wallet lesson learned only Bitcoin here on do you guys have a preferred wallet Fernando that's something I'm interested in hearing if you guys if you guys have Nano and if you if you store it and what you prefer whether it's Nano vault or just a nano wallet I've got a lot of neo Benji you have a lot of neo house neo doing I haven't even seen the icon for that oh it's out of the top ten eleven another forty seven yeah I mean Bitcoin just continues to so there's an hourly we're getting a little bounce in the hourly but again such small timeframes don't mean very much I think for our for better picture of what exactly is going on basically what bitcoin is just dumping still we see a lot of really long wicks here and to me that's just indicating further downside they're not necessarily too much support seems like in these areas it does seem like the markets trying to push a little bit lower and I think it's overdue to be honest if we want a healthy year if we want this year to be healthier I think would be better if we had to pull back now I mean that's kind of what I've been saying it's not bearish good the stream fries again every lie get the stream froze again I'm gonna have to take it out on somebody in this house I'm just kidding hoping for a strong pull back on Bitcoin yeah and that looks that seems to be what we are getting yeah cold wallet storage model teacher and what is that 40 sharp benji says have you seen the developments from the ETN soft for very interesting stuff now using a proof proof of responsibility on a moderated blockchain now I have an vinji from the ETN what are you saying about a theorem that's one coin that I've never really been very invested in I think majorly because I feel like it would have had its time in 2017 and kind of a lot of things came out trying to kind of do the same thing as it and trying to do it better and so I think the space got really competitive in terms of what a theory I'm trying to do and to me that kind of put me off a little bit but I'm curious if you guys think about aetherium because it's again it's the number two coin and yet I rarely hear people talk about aetherium I read I it isn't that it's pretty nuts I rarely hear or see videos about aetherium I never see like etherium to $20,000 or something like that I feel like nobody talks about aetherium which is kind of weird there's Bitcoin channels XRP litecoin not really Bitcoin cash but yeah out of the top four there everything is represented very well except I don't think aetherium is very representative streams coming through good awesome awesome any thoughts in etherium yeah like come on kind of finding some finding some support right around that line right about a hundred a little over 100 I think that obviously is gonna be a very strong area we do see on the 100 you see some increasing higher lows one two three with the wicks not really seeing lower highs that oak I'm just bouncing around there am I really sure what Pat and that's forming if anything if anything on the 4-hour just looks like straight dumb pitch so four hours straight and dump so we've seen these camels with Bitcoin on the four-hour we have these long wigs down and we have seen what we've seen over the last few days now is just rejection completely where we keep getting rejected off of those those key areas and the wicks are just very extended down clearly when you see those so I mean this is just something that's pretty obvious to notice on the 4:00 hour when you see these massive candles or massive wicks that are actually bigger than the bodies of the candles like here a lot of the times that indicates strong momentum downwards let me try and find more examples in the past year I guess we haven't really had much dumping on the for our in the recent past because we've been pumping so much you see these very strong wicks very long wicks and it's really just indicating so far over the last few days the Bitcoin just wants to keep going down whatever happened to knocking motorized that was a question that we got on the stream last night naca motorized deleted the channel she merged with the Internet she no longer lives in this reality I don't keep my coins on the exchanges only an offline wallet that is very good advice t-shirt so Benji said building a long in aetherium it's low in terms of USD and pretty much bottom Don a BTC comparative the way I see it is Vitalik is a very intelligent guy I think we'll see any direction I think so too I don't think he's going to give in any sense I think he's really trying to build I've always liked him everyone kind of refers to him as like a genius or a prodigy and I think he really does have a lot of great ideas and I don't think he's gonna let his coin or the his project suffer long term I think he's doing things behind the scenes for sure our jenkins says bitcoin 12.5 k by next week 12.5 k by next week so let's take a look at that on the for our what that would look like yeah 12.5 is basically right at the top here this this line that I've had drawn here so the very top if it would break out of 12.5 that would be possibly bullish you see it was rejected off there actually after touching 14k back on June 26 wow I can't believe it's that was already like two or three weeks ago that we hit 14k see it doesn't seem like it was that long ago got rejected right there at about twelve point four right around telephone for twelve point five did get over it again but you see we got rejected again it's something possible on the daily chart is the the potential of a double top here if like or if likely if Bitcoin isn't able to break above right here thirteen twenty thirteen thousand two hundred that's gonna be rough I think we need a week or two to see if we can put in that hi there if it can't yeah then I think we might be in for some down momentum again guys not fun I would relish the opportunity for sure stick around for a few months you know this thing is gonna most likely go to all-time highs knock on wood not financial advice not financial advice I wonder why she deleted her account you know what's up MCL in the house wow you I thought I had more mods in here I guess I didn't what is up Jamal what is going on house you brightest Brutus what's going on Jamal what's Papa I'm just hanging out just having a little livestream watching the price yeah really the point of me doing this dream is to kind of get a get a vibe get a sense of what you guys are feeling because we're in neutral waters bitcoins up over the past few months but at the same time we might be seeing some downward momentum in the next few weeks make the next few days right so we're in the we're coming in those neutral waters I kind of just want to jump on for a live stream and get a vibe for what you guys are feeling tableaux chat mcl where are my glasses but yeah look it's looking like on the daily and weekly we're gonna we're gonna keep putting in some of these candles so first indication of that really after touching 14k that was the first time people started to realize all right maybe this makes sense to get a pullback maybe we will get one July has always been a consult greetings from Ireland Steven what is up my my Irish mate drinking some Guinness over there drinking some pints so you say July has always been a consult or a month let's go back to July of 2018 well all 2018 was consolidating so let's go to 2017 July so did consolidate in July I think that was very much due to the fact that it was that it broke the all-time high just three months earlier or three or four months earlier in March so this was the all-time high right here eleven point five and it finally broke that right here February March of 2017 and when it did broke that I went and when it did break that I went on a one two three four five six seven eight straight week green candle run H Drake weekly candles right here one two three four five six seven eight and then I had to pull back for four months five months and then I continued on to twenty thousand I guess we could go back even a little bit further than that 2016 let me see there 2015 it did pull back in July of 2015 okay and how do I get these numbers off my screen so bitcoin is having a little bit of a bounce we were seeing icon throughout the day though this was back kind of in the morning of today you see it having a nice little rally there on the 1-hour and then a nice huge dump all in one hour maybe seeing a similar thing here this kind of got rejected off the 200 moving average on that on the hourly the orange line I have here rejected off here as well as this line like to a tee the line of 11 860 now this time bouncing right off this line here which was previous support and resistance as well 11 11 or 11 111 point one and now teeter-tottering here so you see the volume profile the POC is this red line here it's point contact this red line is a very high volume area right you see the the candle there the bar they're not candle but I mean that's basically where at right now so if we get rejected off that I could definitely see price moving pretty fast and soon if if we get rejected off of this area right here because we'd come back down to 11 point one and again that's not really necessarily incredibly strong support there again we do have it over the last last week as support but if that's broken if that's broken I think we're gonna go down quite a bit and we're and we're very close to it so it'll be interesting to see that again right now we're weird the POC guy just disappeared off the screen eleven eight five three about three four hundred dollars above we're out right now yeah we're in a curious place here I think I think I think the rest of the night we're gonna see some price action down what do you think about mithril Tyler mithril is that a cryptocurrency I guess that's I guess that's your answer right there it's supposed to be brother what is up Jamal my brother hey Stephen are we going lower in Bitcoin Julian asks are we going lower in Bitcoin yes but also maybe not thanks for watching what's going on with all coins good question Jordan what is going on with all coins one of the reasons I'm not concerned about about all coins is because something happened in the past was that Bitcoin really took the lead out of bear markets and then all coins kind of get dumped into afterwards now is that's like we're gonna continue forever I don't really know nobody knows if that cycle is gonna go on forever and that's why a lot of people are coming out kind of being being strongly opposed to it to alts strongly opposed all coins or being strongly supportive of all coins but the people that are very against all coins they're obviously the loud well I guess it depends where you look but they are pretty loud and that does travel because fear is much more prevalent in a market where the price is going down when everyone's excited price going up when people say fearful things everyone brushes it aside you know it's like stop look the markets up you're done that's it when the markets going down fear is amplified any negative thing anyone says is amplified right Ireland is fantastic so you had to finish that thought I guess alts are going down I think because bitcoins really just trying to get back back on track and it's been doing that for a few months and we're just again we're kind of in a transition period also have their time in my opinion and I don't think that time is right now I think we really have to see what bitcoin has to do but bitcoin is clearly going back and that's and that's why people are feeling the way they are 10.72 11.2 tomorrow Panik sell notice hold until next month let me try to fix this it's not Bitcoin that scares me it's the ulcer darn all coins and this has been a pattern you've seen the entire last quarter this quarter of the last three months Bitcoin when it goes down the alts dump hard way harder so that's something you see a lot see it very often over the last three months I don't think is gonna change it just yet I think it's kind of just what we need to do no more old season I think not like the last time it's I mean it's it's possible mcl I think there's still some room for a lot of votes certain alts to do well but I don't think we're gonna see things like big connect pump like they did but again though you have to think not many people are involved in crypto a lot of a lot of people heard about in 2017 but a lot of people are still not involved in it what is it what is the market cap of crypto it's it's so small three hundred and twelve billion and there's like over 80 trillion dollars worth of like assets and everything derivatives whatever in the entire world so not even it's just a fraction and not saying Bitcoin and crypto is going to take up a lot of that but I think it will I mean that's kind of my opinion and I think a lot of people are in the space because they agree with that they think that crypto will occupy a lot of that Fed chairs is Bitcoin historic value like gold is that a news piece there won't be another old season but there will be the next real 100x like aetherium real projects with real tech never deal in absolutes that's a Star Wars quote very nice Benjy rip all my xvg yeah what's xbg doing what does xpg doing what is xpg doing 46 half of a penny is the price that's more uncomfortable forget that XV x VG all-time high 23 cents and now it's half of a penny it's pretty bad but there's worse in the market there are some coins that are done a lot more payloads we have tether holding up there nicely I feel that many alts are like gambling unless they are being used to buy and sell services yeah foo-foo wings says that yeah I mean the entire market is super oh the background music I actually can't hear it unless I yeah I forgot I had background music on I had to make a copyright free playlist because YouTube would eat me alive if I used songs that people actually like so I had to make a playlist of all copyright free YouTube songs so that my videos and my streams wouldn't get taken down dave says hate I've been a fan for awhile thanks for the videos great summaries and laughs I love that you've been bringing back the daily dose of cryptid with these live streams you know thank you Dave yeah this is only a second one but yeah I'm just kind of dipping the toes in there dipping my feets he's in it'll be it'll be cool when Bitcoin does something more exciting because I've done two live streams and over the last two days and obviously it's one price going down but it's cool I like just you know chilling out hanging out with you guys thank you for the in the comment as well but yet to get back to what foo said I feel many alts are like gambling unless they're being used to buy and sell yeah the entire market is so speculative and it's all kind of gambling to be honest but I guess the only defense of that is that it's gambling on something that you think is going to be incredibly successful and rewarding and profitable and useful in terms of like you know implemented in society and I think that's why I think it is so it's kind of like gambling but but also but not a I see what you're saying also more like gambling yeah for sure especially pretty much the further down this list you go the more it is like gambling right but you stick to some certain projects not necessarily only the top ten but maybe like the top 30 40 even some outside there's some in there that are really good I think and there's some many most that are really bad and that argument how does crypto blood get away with if the music that is I don't know what does he what music does he play I know crypto daily actually uses a lot of like mainstream popular songs and I really don't know how he uses them cuz I don't think you're allowed to I'm not sure how I need doesn't even even if you credit it in your description that doesn't give you copyright license to like use music that's not yours so I'm not really sure how crypto daily gets away with it if crypto blood uses like mainstream music I don't know how he gets away with it but I would just rather play it safe and listen to these cringy YouTube playlist songs bear market comedians says say hi to your sister for me oh my god that is so funny like two or three months ago I put up a video talking about like spying on my sister I've never had a sister I don't know what I was thinking I think I was just bored that day and just wanted to like I don't know but yeah I started saying things about a sister that I don't even have and everyone a lot of people got really offended like all your disgusting like like why would you want to have why would you want to have sex with your sister and to me it was just funny it's like I don't have a sister but I guess if I get on a video and say that I have a sister there's nobody that can really you know I mean like obviously I'm saying I have a sister so everyone thinks I have one but I just think it was funny that people got so offended that I said I want to have sex with my sister in which again I don't have a sister which is why it was funny to me and it would be pretty messed up if I actually had a sister but I don't have one so it's funny you bring that up though I'm glad you said that Tyler cause the dumb yes like I'm gonna explode yeah boy you better believe it maybe maybe not talk to the having maybe we just want to get this out of the way I've kind of been waiting I kind of just want this to be over with supply is gonna go down value most likely over the long term is gonna increase let's just get past it let's jump ahead a few months let's jump let's just jump ahead to the end of 2019 a thousand dollar like line maybe maybe not Boykin dream guys I deleted this I don't know why I keeps coming back I agree has to deliver a service at the end of the day it's a get rich scheme plus or evolution yeah I mean I think that's actually a decent way of putting it it's what yeah I don't know if it's a scheme but yeah I mean for the most part that's how a lot of people view it plus a revolution so yeah so you're saying like it's kind of a bad thing mixed with a really good thing I think is what you're saying so yeah I agree with that crypto blood always has rap songs requested by subscribers and he plays them like if I requested jay-z would he play a jay-z song cuz I don't think he could do that maybe he could though good night Jamal uh what good night Jamal where are you at by the way you're not in the US are you and Benji said best tweet that I read idea for a festival man on a stage using a hundred hundred times leverage on the Bitcoin one minute chart using the ticket money of the 40,000 people in attendance Wow that I'll be gone in a second like a music festival that'd be sick too may be awesome to see fishing for trolls oh well ruff if the weather if you weather the storm when the market is down users viewers will recognize the content on authenticity and channel go parabolic Julian says yeah that'd be awesome but again I mean I'm just kind of here to hang out fooling booing boo Bing Lee says litecoin is doing my head in I made a bit this year but would have made more with Bitcoin yeah hindsight is always always always 20/20 all of us if we were all in Bitcoin and be doing good so far but again this is not financial advice but I personally think this is maybe the silliest time to be transferring those all coins that are like 90 95 percent down into Bitcoin which is very very high up on the year what percentage from 3000 to currently 11,000 I have so many lines on here it's hard for me to even see the price that it's at right now yes I like to even even after this correction over two hundred and fifty percent gains for the year which is pretty big pretty big chain link has been doing crazy her it was doing crazy I was getting alerts I think it was last weekend on my phone it was like jumping up dollars at a time keep in mind it's only about three or four dollars so I was jumping up like 20 30 40 percent in like mmm like 5 minute intervals it was crazy chain link and made some Bitcoin and be and be very nice yeah chain link got added to clean base do you guys thinking Nana will get added a coin base or trying to fix my camera it's kind of evil there we go that's scoot over a little bit Fed rate cut is expected this month will benefit stock short-term Bitcoin long-term bad for the dollar yeah to me in my eyes I feel like it's only downhill here for the dollar and I look for a solution what's the solution cryptocurrency maybe Benji said I agree if you held your olds down to this you could be literally selling the bottom yeah and imagine the people that help Bitcoin down to 3k and sold a Bitcoin cuz there were people that did that 100% I've read posts about that there are people that sold Bitcoin at 3 point 4 K 3 point 5 even 4 K they probably want to end themselves at this point right I know I would one of the reasons one of the reasons I have life in me in the crypto space if I was one of those people if any of you guys are in here if any of you guys in here are people that had Bitcoin back in like 2012 and before like 2013 2014 back to like 29 2009 if any of you guys are in here and you sold or you've lost your bitcoins to me that's probably the worst thing could happen to to a person so I apologize not to offend you but yeah I definitely don't know if I could um I don't think it handled that I don't know if I can handle having even 25 Bitcoin lost let alone like 25,000 early 2000 having it lost on a computer you bet your booty I would be going to the trash site trying to dig that up like people have apparently reportedly done I doubt anybody would ever find trash from a trash dump like an old computer it's harder than finding a needle in a haystack but I hope they would find that if they did light film says waiting for like when it touched $30 by December to get back in that's a very bearish call but maybe that's very yeah so so here let's see here I Spit my LTC at a loss oh you sold your LTC a loss lol had load that sold all of it through wing you had loads and you so long then you go into more detail so you said waiting for like when you touch $30 by December to get back in all right let's put put December on here and let's circle $30 man things are getting bearish in the chat you guys are not gonna you guys are not gonna like what I'm talking about in this video but we're just having fun this is not actually gonna happen so $30 in December that's pretty low that would be about or a little bit lower than Eliseo rest on ease potential sea wave coming for cryptocurrency guys guys I just want to point this out cuz this is like a super bearish thing I'm not saying this hat gonna happen at all at all this could be the end of the pullback right now and Bitcoin can go back up to 14k break 20k next week um but I'm kind of just going along with the chat at this point so that's why we're talking about these possibilities so if you want to talk about positive stuff get in the chat and say something positive and then I'll start talking about positive stuff but right now I'm just gone with the flow so like on your loss I'm probably for my mouth if I lost 2,000 Bitcoin bro I would do some horrible stuff if I lost that things would not be the same my family would dissolve things would shatter so here so okay we have a target here by light films now let's put it let's put a Tyler target up here Tyler has a target let's try and be reasonable here Tyler I will just tell I won't put his target up right now what does Bitcoin doing the one over here is it starting to dump you okay so we see smaller and smaller consolidation probably gonna see some price action here soon guys honestly you see higher loads building here looks like maybe lower highs really depending on on this candle we obviously closed a very low volume candle here the last hour when I started the stream very little was going on that's with white coin bit coin is gonna be the same same thing here very little very little volume in this candle here but a very slight uptrend again doesn't mean doesn't mean much on these smaller timeframes it doesn't mean too much a bear market will be great because I'm broke right now and I ain't got and I ain't got money right now to buy Jai Ram hell yeah Fairmont gonna be sick you can get you get a ton of cryptid Oh Oh Benji well then that make you a elissa hasn't been very good these last few months seems bearish market keeps proving him wrong that is true I got agree with that he is factual that he he's been pretty bearish and the market continuously he's been pulling up so anyway hyper wave Tyler Jencks film correct me if I'm wrong hyper wave Tyler jinx did call like $1000 Bitcoin right we can get to that and now he's pretty much saying altar useless Bitcoin its Bitcoin or nothing sounds like a bunch of baloney to me cliff highs been wrong well essentially everyone tone BAE's got absolutely destroyed on social media with his predictions everyone notable that's like super bearish got pretty destroyed and it got rekt nobody's really expecting that dave says please please don't sell like wind blow a thousand dollars wrong I wish YouTube didn't automatically block comments because I think it's funny reading comments with bitter offensive or have cuss words I mean like it automatically blocks cuss words but it usually also blocks offensive work offensive sentences because they usually have cuss words but I wish it didn't block that I think it's funny reading that bow pony called a lot of volatility volatility this month he's been wrong but also had some great calls be patient we're still in a bull market that's absolutely true we're still in a bull market we have not broken anything fundamentally that has said like we're not in a bull market it's just kind of curious times right now just kind of weird times in terms of people thinking well what if we what if we leave this bearish bounce that we've been in but everything so far is still saying that we're bullish so overall we still have to respect that and when I say that I literally mean this this is all still very bullish very bullish so and we can even spend some more time trading sideways we'd have to drop a few thousand dollars before we break out of this bullish trend here a lot would have a lot would have to change so guys by no means am i bearish but I am interested in talking about all the possibilities uh.when okay let's see what the beef have a good night man thanks so much for coming by chris says from his mouth hey me too $45 white coin I'm buying twenty to thirty thousand dollars worth who my dad it gets that low yeah I doubt it too but that's a really good strategy if it gets that low I think a $45 link only being absolute steal only doubled with the low of low was of 2019 in 2018 so far I think sideways another couple weeks then up my bank account is Barry no Oh Benji said $240 end of your target for light going I didn't see that sideways the thing is I think I think sideways makes sense but we have had so little of that after so far over the past three months we've had breakout followed by consolidation pattern or channel followed by another breakout so for example breakout out of this ascending triangle so a technical pattern into a breakout into this channel into this into this breakout followed by slight pull back immediately basically followed by the breakout where and now there was really not much sideways consolidation because we hit 8k went all the way up to 9k balanced down to seven point five and from 7.5 we went to 14k basically went from 7k to 14k and one go like every single day it was basically oh we're still going up we're still going up this is from June 10th to June 27th two and a half weeks of straight channel so this is the most and again this isn't necessarily sideways trading yet we had a huge pullback 14 K I went huge but really not huge 14 K to about 10 K and now we're currently will we end back to 13 K kind of got rejected now sitting still again right around 12 so this I think we're probably I think the next thing we're gonna see if the last three months is any indication is another big move at some point I think we're gonna see more of a big move as opposed to boring boringness in the market I think I don't know if you guys remember this can I get an F in the chat here I'd spam F in the chat if you guys remember this September 2018 to November 2018 by far the most boring period in cryptocurrency I remember this like living through this this was the at most absolute boring time crypto has had in well since I got in so about almost two and a half years ago Wow literally nothing was going on it was one of the worst in terms of somebody who likes looking at charts and he's like likes looking at crypto every day this was soul-crushing so I'm glad that's over now we're at least getting price swings we're getting movement I would rather go down or up violently than do that I'd much rather do that Dave says F F in the chat yeah what you think will be the bottom of the next bear market well if so I think that's a loaded question if this is the bull market if this is the start of the bull market then we have a long way to go until we get to the bottom of the next bear market so that obviously begs the question of like well what would the Molalla all-time-high be say we get to a hundred thousand on this bull run pullback worst case maybe be like twenty thousand dollars or something like that maybe even slightly higher but again that's looking really far into the future and yeah that III would have no good way of answering that question how was he not right about the volatility this month 13 K to 11 K up and down up and down our way up and down down and up did you mention Miami Dolphins and litecoin GD yeah that was awesome I actually Brian on Twitter told me about that about a month or two ago and so so I mean I've known about it and I thought was really cool but I haven't like tweeted or they talked about in a video no it was pretty cool though I did see somebody coming about like yeah like I decentralized currency can't have a partnership with and that's true but it's the foundation like my foundation but at the same time the the only thing you guys might disagree with this like coin I think there's a lot of good adoption behind it and a lot of good people trying to push it to – uh so – to adoption right I think a lot of people are trying to push like go into adoption but I also think we should try and stay away from attaching names to the cryptocurrency meaning like you know this person is the this of litecoin this is that I just think it's bad for any cryptocurrency and it's also counterintuitive because it's kind of like not what crypto is supposed to be about to begin with so even though I make Bitcoin like my videos I would hate to be referred to somebody is like oh you only make well that's a really bad example but but there are certain people in the community who I don't want to say want to be the face of litecoin they want to be they want to help with adoption which is awesome absolutely love that but I also think crypto in general should stay away from trying to put faces to any cryptocurrency because I think long-term that's bad and also pointless because it's decentralized technology you guys may agree disagree I didn't really fully flesh that thought out but it's kind of kind of the point of it the litecoin community by far is is extremely useful and helpful I will say that they've done so much and they're actually making things happen by sheer willpower which is really cool and connections and everything like that let's see all these people talking about thousands and worth that $40 most likely about zero when it was $20 yeah that's that's probably true I bought 200 litecoin at $30 very nice chris says realistically ta is helped but we're all just guessing no ta will ever predict thousand dollar jumps up or down long-term Bitcoin will definitely be worth more if so this isn't my normal stringing setup so I'm really really well I don't have a normal training set but I bought okay yeah boring this is good fooling says I was thinking it was going to ten dollars I was waiting to put more in then but it just kept going up without much of a pull back then G says F in the chat like film says over time I'm happy I became a stronger person when it comes to investing 5,600 too much FOMO before 20,000 will the tether scandal make retail investors bullish Chris says I agree Tyler volatility up or down over no action yes 100% what is going on with a Oh a aurora I am not the right person to ask that I have no idea sorry Julian I don't know what do you think of the work John Kim is doing tomorrow guys all over the planet he's even set up a UK like clunker yeah I think like I think like client I think see I even replaced John Kim's name with litecoin I think John Kim has been by far the most enthusiastic and get things done person in the community tedward that right he actually what's cool is like so he he has like a background with martial arts and so he knows you have C fighters and I'm not totally sure how but I think that's awesome that he like gets them involved whether it's even like a quick Twitter promo or like shouting out that they awareness that they have it or something like that that's pretty cool like I don't know how he has that connection but that's pretty sick and you know last thing I'll say about John Kim when he dunked on Tony Bayes in that arm wrestling competition yeah we all of us had to throw one back for our boy John Kim absolutely killing it I was sick but uh there's no community like the like one for you that's a fact yeah that the community is really insanely strong and you don't see it with a lot of cryptocurrencies there was that whole thing back in the beginning of 2018 it was very weird I don't know if you guys remember that do you guys remember that litecoin in the beginning of 2018 we had litecoin queen crypto dad was his name was a crypto dad I don't know something can somebody fill me in up or can somebody correct me if I'm wrong it like won Queen tore herself I'm gonna go pee real quick but um I think that's what it was I'll be right back armwrestling thing was a stun vase fails again like Queen Queen encrypted dad were the worst says Benjy yo like coin Queen was awesome it's like she caused a lot of problems she was very into drama it's really bad for everything she is a silly little girl Chris says if you could only buy one crypto what do you put your life savings in it's a good question Chris we get some answers in the chat you know my boy kamikaze dude literally somebody I remember from the first month of making cryptic videos my boy you all remember soccer Oh Nakamoto the litecoin AI youtuber that just up and quit yeah we actually talked about her today and yesterday because people keep bringing sucker up it was just it was a guy it wasn't actually AI it was a guy who made the channel I know that from from from my inside guy then you said he scammed a load of money off his followers and used it to go to Vegas I do remember that that was the downfall of crypto dad because he got a lot of donations and then I went to Vegas and then it was all downhill from there a lot of stuff happened is this a bear market rallied or tase's is this a bear market rally that's what everyone's worst fear would be that's what RIS Donny's video about the sea wave would be and yeah I mean this is such a curious time we really have to you can't know for sure that's why you see so much indecision in the market and with people's content whether it's Twitter reddit or trading view or YouTube is there a big Instagram crypto community curious od he beg for donations on live streams crypto dabbed it Doug Polk vanished yeah I think he posts the video like every month or so just does this thing what do you guys think about this so this is something I've thought about before what is the longevity of a crypto channel yeah this is okay this is a topic I want to talk about what I want to word it correctly crypto channels are popular now because many people believe that there is huge opportunity here and to be as Frank as possible many people believe that there is huge opportunity financially like you can make a lot of money so people tuned in to crypto videos Vaughn thank you so much for the super chat man I remember last night you shot me super chat as well like Quinn and then I fell what yeah Miami Dolphins big news I want to see if the notification pops up on on the stream there because I said about see that pops up I'm gonna get back to the topic about the longevity of crypto content I just want to see something real quick they're not papa I think it did there was cool you had a little dog on the screen Thank You Vaughn so thanks yeah thanks man I had the music on last night but I think I had it too low I don't think anyone could really hear it so anyway back to the topic here the longevity of crypto channel so everyone's excited right now because people might make a ton of money there's a lot of opportunity in crypto and that's why people are hyped up right but people are mainly only interested in crypto now because there's a potential to make money that's why they tune in every day they think man I didn't miss the boat in 2017 this thing's gonna keep going up right which I for the most part I completely agree with I think that's the case and so they go to youtube and they go to these channels and it really doesn't matter if the content is good or not the content is watched because you're interested to see if the price is going to go up and you're interested to see if that person has inside information or as really good TA is gonna tell you oh it's gonna keep going up confirmation bias you know so you kind of just tuned in to see the price so I'm curious that like once the once the if the hype does go away or if Bitcoin goes the $200,000 and it's kind of used as a currency and it's not really about making money anymore but it's more about using it what is the longevity of a crypto channel at that point will anyone care about watching price videos probably not because it gets higher and higher and stabilizes more and more it will probably won't care about it right the reason people are interested in now is because there's a potential to make money maybe a few years down the road that potential is a lot smaller or just insignificant or not even a possibility so I'm curious what you guys think if if this type of thing will even exist I don't I don't necessarily think it will I think it's kind of like a weird phenomenon that's going on in the moment it's fun to be a part of it's fun to to watch I'm going to jump into the chat here in a second I just won't pull this up let's be honest we all got in decrypted to make profits I fell in love with the tech and revolution as I studied what it actually is and how it works I agree with you funny story how I actually found out about crypto it's actually a pretty interesting story I was mister beast you guys know his YouTube channel he's like 16 or 20 million subscribers he this is before he got like really famous he was doing a ten hour video of him listening to the same song for ten hours straight so it was like a three minute video and he was listening to it on repeat for ten hours and don't ask me why I was watching it I think it's cuz it popped up him I suggested but I watched like I was skipping through and I just happened to click on like a one-minute period in that 10 hour video where he was basically saying yo get into crypto is gonna be huge to a friend on a phone call as the song was playing for 10 hours straight in the background so out of those 10 hours I managed to find like the one the few minutes where he was talking about crypto and I was like wait what is he talking about started researching it funny enough that's how I got into crypto and this is back in early 2017 so I just think that's weird that that's why I ended up getting into crypto I also had a roommate two years before that tell me about it but I didn't really get into it Vaughn says that sad need to dig in crypto is so much more the money hits deep yes that's absolutely true it's free and we've never known absolutely the money is a really good attractor and then the technology and what it can bring is really good and I think it's what make people stay it's what makes people stay it's a really good it's just a amazing idea and a really necessary thing I think Benji says focus changes if you get rich off crypto you could change from crypto and more to lifestyle yeah I could do like workout videos would you guys watch workout videos maybe I could do like um I'll just leave that thought where it's at Chris said did you buy the first time you heard about crypto or the third time you heard about it I bought the second time first time I heard about it was in 2014 and then I the second time I heard about it in 2017 is when I bought if I would've listened to my roommate Evan I wouldn't be making YouTube videos I would be chilling on a private jet watching other people's YouTube dude it's like I wouldn't even know I would be interested um let's see you do your fits on your yacht yeah exactly I would love to get a boat that would be sick I have to move near the water I currently live not really close to a huge source of water GD says almost like it was designed that way YouTube involvement without YouTube regular people wouldn't knoe yeah I think YouTube has been an insane marketing tool I think it's really helped like proliferate cryptocurrency for sure and help people understand it because it is kind of an intimidating topic it's really not if you spend a few hours learning Chris said I think you got work in this just like chats of stock and investing I think you got work in this just like chats of stock investing I think I know a chewy Anton I'm Joe Rogan got me in Anton Antonopoulos that's how you got in Dave says I read American kingpin and I started looking into it very cool GD you'd watch the funny videos yeah I would love to do those those would be sick but people are much more interested in the price so for now I gotta talk about Bitcoin going to 20k Benji said my dad told me about Bitcoin around 2012 and I said it all sounded like bollocks he understood it and explained it I was too dumb to understand it was your dad was your dad involved in 2012 so if he told you about it was he hit he bought and what does he think about the market now Benji curious if he's still involved if what he thought about 2017 Vaughn says watched Ben this evening talk about deep seems to think crypto has been here longer than we know and waiting for internet speed to actually launch envelope-pushing opinions so you're talking about just cryptography in general the idea for it yeah it has been has been around for longer like I think it goes back to at least the 90s maybe that maybe the 80s but you have on go ahead if you want to explain more I'm interested to hear yo Tyler I remember when we did that big push to get Charlie on Joe Rogan big plans but we didn't have a big enough voice yeah I honestly don't think Joe would be really very even if he ever saw it I don't necessarily think he would be interested in doing that so Antonopoulos so who else has been on non Joe Rogan's crypto related Joe has definitely talked about crypto in his podcasts multiple times I think even brought up to Elon Musk see if anything's gone on the chart just consolidation the podcast Jurgen had with Andres five years ago was great Joe Rogan has some amazing podcasts I absolutely I mean I think this is a pretty anonymous thing but I absolutely love Joe Rogan's podcasts I think he's an amazing interviewer and he gets the best information out of people and I don't know if you guys saw this Bob Lazar was on about a week or two ago if you guys haven't seen that please check it out and I'm really hoping that he has him on for a follow-up because there was so much information they didn't delve into that that he could have on for another podcast he was the guy that was basically Bob Lazar was he worked at s4 which is like 15 miles south of area 51 so yeah there's so much information there apparently he's seen he's never seen on earth he's seen extraterrestrials but he's seen insane technology like a gravity reactor like a propulsion system for gravity and other stuff like that so if you guys have seen that I'm sure Dave have you seen Bob Lazar I'm Joe Rogan Vaughn said I first heard about Bitcoin in 2016 heard about it at $0.10 didn't know enough to get in could have dropped 40k in it vomits violently Chris you heard about Bitcoin at ten cents that is crazy what year was that don't miss each other Lee smoke a joint with Joe Rogan I watched Joe Rogan with Wiz Khalifa a few weeks ago and he got so high that he was it was probably the worst podcast I've seen on Joe just because he was so high that he was incoherent for a lot of it and you could tell that he was just so high that he couldn't he wasn't doing a good job of being an interviewer but you know that's what happens when you smoke too much he just get yes southside playa crypto litecoin officially with Miami Dolphins now Lazar said that it was his last attempt to go public Joe Rogan's podcast was well he came off looking really good my dad died in 2015 I did tell my mom that he had mentioned Bitcoin to me he was heavily into computers internet so I wouldn't have been surprised if he had some oh wow so he could possibly have some Benjy that you're curious if he has interesting I hope you find it if if he does have it a last tribute from your father yah yah yah yah yah yah money from cookies I just mentioned the Wiz Kalifa podcast and Joe Rogan and Wiz Khalifa Wiz Khalifa kept saying yeah yep so if if that's what your comments about that's absolutely mind-blowing that that would be such a reference I don't know if that's why you said the comment yeah yup but that would be insane only it's like an inside joke with my friends and I so either here's somebody I know that's playing a trick on me or you just happen to randomly market said you basically had to mine it which is also very confusing yeah that's absolutely true it's still confusing for a lot of people now that hasn't changed it's been 10 years light film said I say an ad on YouTube about crypto and I got into oh you saw an ad on crypto in 2017 that's crazy I didn't know they were pushing ads back then would you know what crypto it was litecoin also with the spend app with flex align already can use it at Starbucks and many other major stores the twinkle lost twins are behind err the the Winklevoss twins are behind it calculator Dave thanks for coming by of course now I get messages good morning heading has got me myself without even looking at the markets Brendon good morning where are you from you just wake up 736 you got to be pretty far away if it's morning 7:30 6 p.m. here Matthew said where the dog goes it was that Matt Anthony yeah wait so whose money from cookies yeah that's why I said it okay so money from cookies I'm trying to figure out if I know you in real life if you playing a prank on me yeah yeah yeah we Scalia just said it over and over again Vaughn says my boys used to mine Bitcoin back in 2013-14 they had nine on a thumb drive and lost it then I just thought it was gamer money that's a I love that story it basically is this gamer money was was so baked he said yeah yeah but no he x yeah yeah there wasn't a minute that he didn't either have a joint in his hand or in his mouth he was just getting high the entire time it was absolutely ridiculous yeah you up he just kept saying that yeah you up and then Joe was just staring off into space too yeah I feel like to get the best experience with a podcast they probably shouldn't have gotten that high because it just kind of made them I mean if anyone if you guys have ever experienced with they're experimenting with marijuana smoking too a lot too much of it just kind of like makes you retarded like you can't really have a good interaction let's see excuse my language makes you disabled Chris said I heard about it in 2011 mate yeah that doesn't surprise me I heard about it in 2011 mate was mining it on a graphics card was $50 crashed at $10 and it wasn't covering electricity thought about buying but didn't then viewers later my mate started buying stuff on Silk Road with Bitcoin thought about buying Silk Road got shut down price crashed again then I finally bought at 2017 with Silk Road originally intended to be used solely with Bitcoin like was that part of the design because Bitcoin was more anonymous he didn't link an account Brendon you're from Hong Kong very cool are you were you born in Hong Kong are you American living there now so you say you don't know me i RL okay that was a hilarious but podcast yeah funny enough my friends I was watching it with we're absolutely on another level for the podcast as well yo crown and just posted a video I'm about to go watch that yeah let's just I'm just hoping for some good price action over the next few days curious what you guys think thanks for coming by though guys I just want to do a quick little livestream today again this isn't like a permanent setup either I'm kind of just messing around with it just having some fun that's cool I enjoy enjoy the interaction I think it was 20 because in 10 just got here do you really think big mines in trouble then I will answer I guess that'll be the last question I think bitcoins in trouble long term now over the next week or so might have some downside but if you ask me and if you want my opinion I really want that I really want things to crash a little bit because I have money that I want to put in in a big way so yeah I would love for the price to go down short-term not the rest of the year to short-term but um let's see here Oh Ben says oh no I missed it yeah let's see yeah Vonn thank you so much for coming by dude thank you guys so much for tuning in heard about it from a guy that bought party favors from me he mined them I didn't even know my uncle mining was thanks I you've been a huge help during my time in quor'toth been thank you so much thanks for stopping by at the end it's been such a run the past three months I'm fine with this correction absolutely that's why I'm thinking like three months April second really pop this whole thing off litecoin leading the way and if litecoins an indicator now like coin is saying down which i think is healthy and i think we need that anyway if we hit 9k up definitely be buying more I just want to finish the chat before I get off it's been such a run time yeah 25 diseases have hit 9k definitely one more aspersion William okay Benji thanks so much for coming by Blu I was just about to in the stream but I'll give Lou a big shoutout what's up Lou Vaughn says litecoin forever yeah guys that's gonna be I hate I hate any mystery right one this says yo but but I gotta go guys thanks so much for coming by I'm really hoping to see some nice price action if something happened maybe I'll get on for a little bit later but yeah we're just we're just kind of hanging out and again like I said I'm kind of testing this set up before I go was there any connection problems I've been streaming for an hour and a half was there any connection problems last night I had a few but I'm streaming in a different room tonight on a different computer and I don't think there was connection problems was there I think it went pretty well I don't think it cut out anyway guys thanks for coming by I will see you in the next video or stream


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  • Andrew Freeman says:

    Well when Charlie lee says get 1 BTC before Litcoin and with all the pump and dumps going on….people are just done with the ALTs it's not going to pump like before..

  • I think this pull back is exactly what the market needed to be honest. Bitcoin was having trouble getting past $13k and Litecoin couldn't get passed that $120 mark, but with this nice correction I think it's the perfect time to buy.

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