Bitcoin people you need to know- The authoritative list of crypto social media influencers

Bitcoin people you need to know- The authoritative list of crypto social media influencers

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in bitcoin today is
October the 6th 2017 yes this is a special show so remember buy and hold
people having twenty twenty golden hold long term thinking but we had this week
at Bitcoin earlier today and there were many technical difficulties so I’m doing
this special show about who’s who in Bitcoin the people that I follow that I
know most of them have been on this show before just you know a list I’ve been
talking about making this list for a long time so it will be available on
Steam it and at Tech ball comm eventually but this is the first
iteration of it it’s just I’m reading some names off
that I have written down in no particular order and off the top of my
head I’m going to describe what these people mean to me I want to say that
later tomorrow on Saturday we’re probably gonna have a random show none
of this week in Bitcoin but I’m just gonna invite some of people at whenever
I decide to do the show dad I list in this list too just to be
on the show if they’re available they’re available because to to schedule this
week a Bitcoin is a very hard thing you have to coordinate for different
people’s schedules in different time zones and and then you can have
technical difficulties and we’ll get into that
tomorrow and everything but so you note are gonna have a special wild-card show
most most likely I mean I’m looking forward to tomorrow I’m gonna run 11
miles in the morning and then it’ll be great from there but now I I bring you
this very special show and I I can see the chat pound that like button for the
people that are that are in there right now and spread the word and again this
list I these are people that I respect that I know and they’re not gonna be
cloud mining people in here I don’t hang with cloud mining people or people who
try to tell you to do crazy things with your Bitcoin get into these strange
Ponzi scheme you know pyramid scheme multi-level
marketing stuff no these are these are respectable individuals and I don’t
agree with all these people all the time and a lot of them are different in many
ways so let’s let’s get right to it I’m gonna I’m gonna do this standing all right so who do we got here who who’s
who’s for any remember no particular order and all right Tommy vixen
Simon Dickson has been to show a number of times he he can talk and talk about
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin he’s in Hong Kong he is a really smart guy he’s into
the finance side of things he has a company listen even his company that he
anyway what is it call it it’s out out there at Hong Kong he is a great guest I
know all of you love him and again eventually I’m gonna have links below –
everyone’s Twitter – everyone’s information right now I’m just I’m just
listing the names in no particular order so Simon vixen you get to be you get to
be first there I know a lot of you love Simon Dickson out in and he is always
available like at any time even though he’s in Asia he just comes on the show
he wants to talking wants to share information and he’s never scared he you
know he barrels into some of the more controversial things and he can change
his mind – he’s up for new ideas another okay Vinnie lingham Vinnie lingham is
originally from South Africa he’s in Silicon Valley now he started many
different companies I first heard him speak in 2015 when I was in Cape Town
South Africa then he made a lot of great predictions when it came to bitcoins
price he’s into his uh ICO now a civic and that’s a that’s an endeavor of his a
very interesting you know excluding the ico part the Civic what they’re trying
to do with identity verification and all that in you know not having your ID ID
steal stolen he’s good he is a smart guy he has been on the show before and he
once made a famous surprise appearance in the middle of it this week in Bitcoin
show when the food was like rolling high for one of the early versions of one of
these attacks on Bitcoin this was in I guess this was in March when I was in
Portugal anyway a lot you know Vinnie Lincoln is opinionated he’s on Twitter
and yeah Vinnie you guys know him all right who else here this is good this is
gonna be a long show Charlie Lee the legendary Charlie Lee he’s been on the
show before it was like the kindest man in crypto currency I think very very
polite I enjoy when he’s on the show and he’s very relaxed when he’s on the show
he came out with litecoin he is a bitcoin fan and he’s not afraid to speak
the truth even if it might you know not help
litecoin a guy I definitely respect a lot and he’s made a surprise appearance
on it this week in Bitcoin show before – I he’s out in Silicon Valley I mean I
guess in Palo Alto so here’s a guy giant Bhandari now you’re like what yeah yeah
but all right what’s he able to do with Bitcoin
he’s just some finance dude that you’ve had on your show before well this is a
guy a finance guy who’s in the gold who he speaks to you if you’re gonna be a
Bitcoin you got to understand finance and international stuff what’s going on
in India because India is huge now I try to get giant bun diary into Bitcoin he’s
been on the show a couple times everyone loves him when he’s on the show but he
just speaks the truth he is like the Indian version of Doug Casey but just
more jeddak jihad spends time in I think
Singapore and Vancouver and he travels all he travels all around
yes Singapore it is anyway jihad is awesome I hope he becomes a Bitcoin guy
he’s not you know he’s mostly a you know gold finances all this type of stuff guy
right now now speaking of people who were gold
guys and the Hoffman Oh Abbie Hoffman he’s based in Colorado and he used to be
a huge gold and silver guy precious metal guy he’s been around the internet
social media for a while speaking the truth speaking his opinion not I mean
he’s from New York originally and you can tell he stands for a lot he is
against the doom porn that is out there now he’s taking a stand against this and
he is a guy I’ve been paying attention to before
I mean since around the time I got the big point probably before hand and it
was just amazing to you know get to know him when he got in the big coin I
contacted him right away right away when I saw his first video that was like a
little bit pro Bitcoin and I’m like my name’s adam meister and we hit it off
right away this is in 2016 and it’s it’s so good it just shows when you’re in
motion what can happen when you’re positive because he went from a guy that
I saw on YouTube who was like untouchable to by being my friend and
it’s just he’s a good guy man and we’ll be working together a lot in the future
he’s now let you know left his old job with with the precious metal stuff and
his Allen his own doing big coin talking about gold still on everything talking
about cryptocurrency him and Ansel Linder today totally bailed me out and
did that this week in Bitcoin show which I thanked them a lot for when all the
technical difficulties were going down so Andy Hoffman is another dude that’s
out there that you got a love toward a Meister he’s a Twitter force to be
reckoned with he’s been of course and he’s been on the show many times it will
be on the show many more times Tour de Meester he’s out in Texas now he’s from
Belgium originally and tour is is a smart dude and again
he’s rocking the Twitter follow him on Twitter he does make some video
appearances and everything like that uh he can he’s Pro Bitcoin but he could be
a little he can scare some people because sometimes is like you know he he
worries you but but that’s humanity that’s that’s being a human in
everything you know not everyone can be this Adam Meister gung-ho yeah baby all
the time get pumped Bitcoin Bitcoin ya know he I
mean he’s a smart and and a guy like a guided a guy to listen to her got to pay
attention to and he’s taking a stand he’s thinking a stand for Bitcoin in
this segue debate and everything and he’s awesome so if you’re if you’re
still watching town that like button people again we’re gonna have links to
all these people on the steam and page on tech ball calm when I put this whole
thing together but this is just the first step I want to get this all off my
chest tonight make a video see what what all you guys uh what all you guys
thought of think about it alright let’s let’s let’s move on here after Tour de
Meester and you know people I’m probably gonna skip some people by by accident
there are some people that aren’t included because you know their their
their trollers people out there again I’m not into if you trolled me before no
you’re not gonna be on this list and yeah it’s obviously biased for
people who I’ve interacted with and who’ve been on this show but a man
that’s life you can make your own list if you want to alright so so who who’s
right Oh next Doug Casey Doug Casey’s been on the show before
so Doug Casey’s been around for a while I mean Doug Casey’s been around since
the sixties traveling the world and he kind of inspired me to go to Zimbabwe
I obviously got that operative goes in Bobby way too thanks to the great that’s
Wanda Kim Bo we’ll get to him soon but explore Africa which was a great
idea for me that was almost a year ago now Doug Casey at first was questioning
Bitcoin now his newsletter talks all about and I don’t even know if Doug’s
associated with his newsletter anymore but it’s promoting big talk coin he’s
been on videos talking about Bitcoin the Dougs are a perma gold and silver dude
but he’s not a hater a Bitcoin at least he has changed his ways so Doug Casey’s
a guy you should know and yeah he’s getting into the Bitcoin
space and he has been on the show before bill still Wow bill still free on the
show before and Bill Stewart still as a finance guy also who he’s into talking
about the Federal Reserve he’s into a lot of things and he gets into some
questionable areas I guess but he was down on all crew currency then he got
back in the crypto currency so he got to he went through this metamorphosis where
he got scared by the quark people or quark whatever they’re called but then
he got you now he’s in the Bitcoin again now he’s in the Bitcoin now when I did a
show with Bill still he was still down on Bitcoin this was uh I guess this was
in March I did a show with Bill bill is located in Washington DC or a probably
in Northern Virginia somewhere around there and I forgot to say Doug Casey
spends time a little bit of time in Colorado and Uruguay in Argentina and I
like Uruguay of course also I’ve I’ve been there so yeah bill still also
Michael Krieger Michael critter Liberty Blitzkrieg not all of you know him he’s
out in Colorado now he’s a finance guy he was more into Jun porn at one point
and now he’s he’s much more positive and like tries to stay away from those dudes
and now I was talking about Bitcoin and he’s just getting more and more into
Bitcoin he’s got some really smart tweets about Bitcoin out there and of
course his blog deals with a lot of different finance things
Michael Krieger is is a smart guy and he definitely has a different take on
things than some of your usual guys in the Bitcoin space so yes check him out
no I know what I would make sure let’s skip it anyone here because we’re gonna
get into all right tone vase tone vage you all know Tom bass Tom bass is based
in New York and you know he’s from Nord with the wu-tang clan I won’t give his
specific location that was again and and so I I met I met Toma in Chicago
I’ve been paying attention to Tom for a while
I mean the minute I saw him on the world crippled Network I knew he was the star
of that thing and he does via technical analysis and he
toady kid like be negative 2 like he worries on the air he shows his natural
size it’s awesome and he makes really smart predictions and he’s wrong so fast
we’ve all been wrong ok people like to get on him he can battle people in
social media he loves his Twitter and he’s got his own channel and he’s
obviously own world crypto network and yeah he’s you all you all know today he
said maybe some of you don’t and a guy you know he’s a Bitcoin maximalist I
mean when they came up with a term Bitcoin maximalist it was a you know it
was 10 days and he’s in the dictionary when you look up totem we look up
Bitcoin maximalist you see tone vase and man people like try to superficially
make fun of that dude and stuff no man he’s filled with testosterone dude so
you’re gonna end up ever anyway he is an awesome dude alright here’s a
guy you might remember from some of my earlier days and I haven’t seen him
around for a while but I respect him and I hope he’s alright he’s based out of
the west coast he’s been and he’s been in Asia before Bitcoin globe
do you guys know Bitcoin globe you can check out my archives and see Bitcoin
globe he really started you know I’ve been talking about 2020 having for a
while he started talking about it like right after the 2016 having also so I’m
bigging through the 20/20 having Bitcoin globe that’s you know something he’s not
known for I hope he’s doing alright I haven’t heard from him for a while and
you know he’s gotten into these cloud mining things and scary it out but stay
I don’t know if he’s into that stuff I hope he’s not but he’s a good he’s got a
good heart and everything alright here’s a controversial figure that’s been on my
show before also Amanda Johnson has been on the show before she obviously at one
point she had her own cryptocurrency show it was it was at the most popular
show and cryptocurrency now it was really popular partially
because she’s a woman and we all know that but she at least she was a woman
into cryptocurrency okay she – hired her and I said that was an awesome marketing
move and it was an awesome marketing move
and so people like to hate on her and everything because they’re all these
people out there that are technical gurus and she’s not a type of a guru
they hired her from marketing that’s what she does she did a good job for
them – wouldn’t be where they are without Amanda Johnson a man that
Johnson’s been on my show with three different times their shows again I mean
amazing amounts of views and you know she’s I think she’s a nice person in
everything and I don’t know she’s still working I hear all these rumors she’s
not working for – still and I I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on I
haven’t heard from Amanda Johnson for a while but hey man she is a person in
cryptocurrency she’s a good person and so she’s got and she’s been on the show
got to mention her all right Shane the independent optimist now some of you
guys know him from steam it he got way in this demon and Amanda I don’t know
where Amanda’s now by the way she used to be in New Hampshire then she was out
west she’s originally from Utah I think I think it’s new she’s got she might
have been a Mormon once I don’t know Shane I is out on the Washington State
in your Seattle Shane the independent optimist he’s uh he’s a great guy he was
in the steam it for a while now he’s working on himself he’s not on my show
quite a few times he’s a smart guy he’s in the designing stuff and he is working
on bettering himself now to become more independent to become more of an
entrepreneur so he’s not hasn’t been around for a while but he’s really busy
he hasn’t been on steam it for a while but he’s not just in the steam it I mean
he’s going to be doing some big things Shane two independent optimist so you
know follow him whatever way you can steam it Twitter it’ll all be listed
okay now a guy that I have definitely met in person and spending quite a lot
of time with Lori and gamma Roth of Johannesburg South Africa born in
Zimbabwe when it was called Rhodesia still I believe and yet he’s born before
1980 I guess the official switchover was until 1980 maybe 76 I ain’t know
whatever it doesn’t matter Lorien should be he is like the Andreas
Antonopoulos of South Africa he should be known throughout the entire world
he’s a very smart guy an incredible technical mind he’s got an early adopter
of Bitcoin I think he might own Bitcoin in 2010 or something like that
definitely one of the first people in Africa to own Bitcoin was with Lauren
camera and Lori and I have hung out in South Africa Zimbabwe and Mozambique I
mean literally we pounded the pavement together spread the word about Bitcoin I
mean I respect this dude and always possible he should be the superstar of
this world a big question now he’s got some controversies too because in says
he’s not in this clique of Americans and North Americans he’s friendlier toward
be cash in some ways so that’s controversial that’s controversial okay
you know but he’s a good hearty good dude good father good husband good man
and he’s in Johannesburg and we will meet
again we will see if so he won’t be on this show again
he has been on this show before and who knows and I want him to be on
everybody’s show for God’s sakes he really should be on everybody’s show
alright so here’s another guy um an interesting fellow aetherium classic
Gerry see her classic Terry’s been on the show twice and he’s got a Twitter he
is a smart guy um he values being no one knows what he looks like he’s very
particular when he comes on the show I’ll leave it at that
he’s hard to schedule to get on the show the hardest person the schedule
translation but Gerry a theorem classic Gerry and he’s really strict and when he
believes it I mean he’s strict he’s he is set in his
ways but he’s a smart guy it’d be great to get him back on the show and he
believes if you’re in classic a lot so if you’re in classic Gerry he is in Asia
somewhere all right Abraham Cambridge and by the way going
back to Lauren Gamera first time I met him was in was at the same time I first
saw Benny lingham to2015 in Cape Town at the African Bitcoin conference which was
a great thing to go to because I also met Abraham Cambridge there who is the
founder of the Sun exchange he is he’s a British man who lives in Cape Town and a
very smart guy also who has figured out a way to connect solar panels and
Bitcoin and he’s doing great things he’s been obviously been on the show before
and he’s awesome Bitcoin litecoin he is the truck driver from the Midwest who
was gonna sell his house for litecoin a huge fan of litecoin he’s been on the
show before and just an awesome guy to get to know he’s pretty hardcore in the
light corn he sticks to what he believes in he tells it like it is Bitcoin
litecoin out in the Midwest of the United
and again one day I want to be in that truck with him and screaming and going
going while doing my thing all right who else do we have been of
BTC sessions BTC Beni he’s out in Calgary his his channel is
all about you know it gets new movies into it he knows a lot about the space
he’s been on my show plenty of times he’s a great guy great Khmer you know
we’re starting to get into these Western Canadian dudes he’s not it well we’re
gonna get into another one in a second he’s represent Calgary beautifully bene
of the BTCC sessions Gabriel Scheer he is a Western Canadian
also but he lives in Chile now and he’s he’s in charge of the what’s it called
down there now the gulch what’s his project where he’s getting
all these people to move down the to Chile anyway he knows a lot about
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency he is definitely an anarchist type and he he’s
originally from British Columbia but is in Chile and he’s an awesome awesome
dude doing his settlement down there in Chile fort Dolph it’s called I’d got too
confused with something else so Juan de Cambo Oh – Juan de Campo the
legend of Zimbabwe yes he’s in charge of the Bitcoin exchange
there I met him when I was in Zimbabwe he invited me to speak at his conference
last November great idea to do he’s been on the show many times he speaks the
truth about what’s going on in Zimbabwe in terms of cryptocurrency a guy you
really should get to know I mean all these people want to know about Africa
and cryptocurrency I’ve mentioned some dues that are in freaking Africa okay
get to know who they are learn that I mean these are these are the influencers
man these are the important the the people I consider to be the important
people tawanda Kimbo is the Andreas
Antonopoulos of Zimbabwe plus a lot more and who else we have here Luc yes for
motivation he’s in Britain he’s been on the show before he’s a guy that you see
around chat sometimes also may he’s passive
passionate about Bitcoin I like it I like Luke a lot he’s done some things
with uh there’s guys out of Austin that I’ve been on their show before I forgot
he deals with the with Kenan can and I’m the the show I’ve been on anyway Luke is
awesome that’s for motivation has his own
channel he got some big tell ideas – so you got a uh you gotta give him shout
out he hasn’t been on the show for he’s been probably his show pretty recently
he’s not my show a few times alright here’s a controversial figure
Tizen joke okay Tizen is all about making money from crypto and he’s not
ashamed of it and he’s not chewing a Bitcoin right now and a lot of people
think Tizen pumps a lot of things up but let me tell you something Tizen has been
through a lot of things in life a lot and man that dude probably could rent a
street brawl with anyone in the Bitcoin space he’s probably the best street
brawler in Bitcoin literally I mean he could go into the street and like brawl
with people but he’s such a nice guy now he is you know now you’ve got all these
channels out there telling people how to trade telling people how to do this that
in the other he was the original he original by far okay people so say what
you will about ties in I’ve done some videos with ties in I’ve done some
videos on his channel yeah you know if Tizen is trying to bring down Bitcoin if
I don’t know if he is I’m going to try to do Dow or whatever but Tizen is a
dude obviously it’s filling the channel before he’s not in the cloud mining easy
he wants people to be safe with their Bitcoin and their their crypto
currencies but hey he does trading something I don’t do that but again and
thank you for the person who just in the super chat that sent me a five
Australian dollars Boris Boris the spider and we will talk about
Australians very very soon alright so Tizen is in Austin Texas by
the way and sometimes Tizen is a nom he’s in Atlanta sometimes also remitted
Dallas sometimes too he’s a Vietnamese he’s born and beat he
was born in Vietnam man his his his mom came over here you know after the war
he’s got some interesting stories ties in I’m sure and I probably hopefully
I’ll meet ties in Monday in person never met him in person you know most of these
guys you know they’re my friends and everything you you can have internet
friends that was something I never used to understand the time I got into this
space so and yeah all this stuff that I’m talking right now is just coming I’m
not reading this obviously these are just I know who these people are I mean
when I’m saying where they live and stuff I just know off the top of my head
I’m good like that all right so who do we have here Alex 14 Alex 14
hasn’t been on the show for a while he’s a french-canadian um he’s lived in
Vancouver pretty recently and now he’s in South America I can’t get ahold of
him but he has his own show he’s in the healthy stuff too and I think working
out and he talks more I mean he’s a Bitcoin guy he’s good they might do some
training on the side also Alex 14 if you’re out there man I’ll try
to get you back on the show dude all right and I think he might be in
Columbia now bongos Ron golf I think he might Ronco might be from originally you
might have some Canadian in him and some American he’s in Mexico right now maybe
not in and maybe not in the American I don’t know but wine god is awesome and
he’s laid-back in Mexico he started you know we did a Spanish pilot on here he
was one of the guys that did it he was recently on my show you know he gets
into these altcoins and stuff too but hey man and not everyone could be a
Bitcoin maximalist and he likes – I mean that’s his prerogative in everything but
one god I’ve had following him like before I’ve known him from outside of
cryptocurrency – he’s you know an are anarcho-capitalist and stuff he’s a
really interesting dude one God all right here’s a guy that might be in the
chat now I don’t know if he’s in Nathan Nathan the Fundy a you all right this is
a dude you’ve seen on my show he lives in Perth he was in Perth Australia hung
out with him in Perth he was on my show before then he has a vent he has a small
Channel but he’s a smart dude and he’s like the
you got even do a little bit of cloud mining strangeness and then he grew out
of it he knew and he is a smart guy he is actually from South Africa originally
there are a lot of dudes in Perth that are from South Africa originally
everyone takes a different approach if you’re from South Africa
lorring and staid Vinnie became a famous dude in Silicon Valley Nathan and some
other dudes went to Australia so Nathan is a good dude I will link to he’s when
the time comes link to his channel it should grow and he definitely he’s
trying to advise people in Perth about buying and holding you know doing the
smart thing Ansel lidner out in the Midwest he’s got his own
podcast you guys know it’s podcast the Bitcoin and markets uh podcasts whatever
you know what it was yeah that’s what it’s gone he’s a presence on Twitter
also awesome dude he meant he goes out of his way to be on the show you know
there’s some people they’re really hard to get on this show Ansel is easy to get
on this show and he’s a polite dude but he he’s a fighter too man he will he
will argue on the air with people he is not you know but he calms people down to
like I do he doesn’t get into the BS about Oh bitcoins gonna die I’m worried
about this fort know he doesn’t play that game he the Ansel doesn’t play that
game man he’s awesome and Ansel and I actually gonna be on vortexes show
pretty soon dude I better not skip vortex vortex his name better be on this
right I’ll just talk about vortex right now vortex is all the world Krypton
Network he’s got his own show there on Sunday he’s out on the west coast and uh
totally awesome dude totally easy to get him on the show also he is so positive
about Bitcoin smart guy technically also so he’s got the technical an Ansel also
knows a lot about technical stuff my god so vortex is keeping it real over on the
on the Crypt world crypto Network really a good dude hey everybody pound that
pound that like button if you like if you like this show
I mean you liked learning about who’s who and who’s who in Bitcoin all right
all right Barrett is a dude out there you might just know him as Bitcoin or
the crypto type he’s got a small channel out there he’s been on the show before
he’s in New Yorker originally he’s out there in Orlando and uh you know he’s
he’s a straight shooter he’s not into these scams and stuff he takes his time
he brain you know he’s trying to convince his relatives he’s a young dude
out there just just speaking the speaking the truth about Bitcoin of
people like but he hasn’t done the show for a while I know he’s busy with a lot
of different things but you can call him Bitcoin or the crypto pipe he changes
his name he’s got a real name also I don’t know I don’t know his real all
right here we got uh his videos are good Mabry
all of Venezuela oh what a legend he brings to this
channel the truth about what’s going on in Bitcoin in Venezuela he was also one
of the forces behind the Spanish Bitcoin Channel that show that we spun off and I
I think they’re busy now they have enough they’ve done a video for a while
it’s hard to do that you know there are more and more Spanish videos popping up
Gabriel and the crew really were originators of it and he had Gabriel so
enthusiastic and brave about about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and just yo
man will meet one day he wants me to come down to Venezuela and we will we’ll
meet one day that hopefully God willing but Gabriel is a great great guy hey by
the way I see 21 million club in the chat right now and don’t worry 21
million euro you’re on this list too man 21 million is in Mexico City actually
are in yeah I think it’s in Mexico City and obviously Gabriel Venezuela is in
Venezuela 21 million club he’s got his own channel I’ve tried to get him on the
show many times our schedules never work out
it just it doesn’t work out he works at night and just we’ve had our things but
he is a nice smart dude that has advised people and has it’s you know he
some good information he’s got a good channel he’s bilingual very very
talented dude the 21 million Club and you can you can see him on his channel
he is an awesome dude and I was gonna mention him soon but I
see him in the corner my hi in the chat he is he’s awesome
Leon foo he’s part of the Tizen crew also I believe Leon’s in Texas right
Leon’s in Texas Leon is you know he’s but he’s like Thai I mean he’s an
originator of that of that stuff and they’re trying to make money so but
Leon’s been on the show before yeah he’s a little different than Thai he’s uh
quieter than Thai but he’s really has a smart guy Joseph Joseph of crypto Hwa
calm so this guy he has been on shows before he’s been on my show but what for
he’s done the world crypto Network before he spread the word about
treasures ledger nanos he is an entrepreneur in this space and you know
people hadn’t even heard of his company a few months ago it’s everywhere now
dude he he was smart he got in on this storage market it’s important to store
your private key to be safe with your Bitcoin and Joseph dude man crypto hwo
calm looking you’ve all heard of it now man so good for Joseph he’s a player in
this space and he’s an honest he’s an honest man he’s out in California in the
Los Angeles area whoo we got hey speaking of the Los
Angeles area babes coat easy now he’s only been on my show
once I’ve known about him for a while because he was in the local bitcoins and
I was on some newsletter and you know I don’t know all the things that Dave gets
into and I kind of approve all the things that it gets into he doesn’t take
anything I mean he will battle the government he got into some issues
he’s been news so he’s a brave dude uh Lamacq recei is his blog and he’s an
interesting guy in Southern California interesting dude that’s what I’m gonna
say I’m a lot of people haven’t heard of him and again not i mean he’s not
perfect obviously I wouldn’t do all the things he’s doing but uh I’m gonna check
out someone and maybe he will return and he also has been on the show but I can’t
think of it can a midori show in Austin Texas what does Ken’s show called that
I’ve been on I can’t write I’m drawing a blank
okay tell you where everybody lives I can’t think I can’t the name of Ken show
all right so hey Ken has become much more in the Bitcoin in that stuff lately
all right so we already talking about pinyin to Blake Anderson Blake Anderson
he’s been on the show before a couple of three times a thinker he made a surprise
appearance once during that legendary Vinny show and Blake Anderson is a very
good guy he’s in Minnesota really smart technically really you’re really smart
guy totally and uh he’s so smart that he doesn’t realize that a lot of people
aren’t as smart as him and so sometimes he comes in a very high level that
probably confuses a lot of people but Blake Anderson is a good man a very good
father a very responsible human being awesome an awesome dude speaking of the
world crypto Network and Thomas Hunt Thomas Hunt has not been on my show
before I believe you know a while ago Thomas invited me to be on the show and
I was not around that was my opportunity I wasn’t on the show on his show but he
did he’s a good guy and he obviously is doing a lot of big
think he’s was in San Francisco I believe he’s from Sacramento originally
how this is I probably don’t agree politically he gets do a lot of liberal
things I think do any of you guys catch that stuff when Thomas frees up these
liberal like really whatever and you know what I think Thomas is can kind of
get stuck in the meat Thomas has got to learn more about Midtown I’ll just leave
it that way Thomas research Midtown and I think it
will change your life but Thomas Hunt world Krypton
Network good freakin dude all right look I got Ansel’s name again and you know
the some of this has come up the way this is okay there’s vortex renegade
investor you guys did a renegade investor show he’s out in Britain he’s
no must show a few times and uh he’s really smart he’s a he’s a he’s a
finance guy he’s like he’s like a different vert a British version of the
Andy Hoffman in some ways it’s very interesting they like each other too of
course why not so yeah brenigan investors
channel he’ll be on again soon he’s a good guy Francis Puleo all right Francis
is my belief Francis is in Montreal obviously he’s a french-canadian oh man
he was hardcore you said now we’re getting the people who fight for segue
who were against you know the troublemakers I mean Francis speaks his
by against those troublemakers he was a UH one of the guys were in a hats and the user activated sophomore cats and
Francis is exciting dude I think he might be in Toronto sometimes too I’m
not gonna look a fuse I obviously he’s french-canadian Montreal all right we
talked about we talked about Charlie already do me yes we did and the crypto
type we talked about that okay there’s a lot of names okay Medici crypto Medici
is a Twitter dude he’s been on the show before you know I don’t know how
hardcore Bitcoin he is now but I really loved his Twitter he’s a guy to follow
hasn’t been on the show for a little while he’s out of New York and he does
some investing and stuff but he doesn’t get into crazy all coins or anything
like that thank thankfully thankfully all right
here’s a guy chase that coin you got chase that coin has been around for a
while by the way the crypto type has also been awake around for a while these
guys have been a widow that’s that’s another reason to bring them up
they’ve been and when I say awhile I mean so many newbies they come up with
these channels and stuff I don’t know these dudes I don’t I don’t care for
these dudes because it’s like these guys are all about making pretty channels and
stuff but guys like the crypto type and guys like chase that coin I mean they’re
hardcore they’ve been away they not about making things fancy and you know
chase that coin has evolved over time stuff he was more into trading and stuff
and he’s still in the trading and stuff he’s out in New York man he’s hardcore
out in New York chase that coin could probably brawl with ties and he knows
ties in but times I would probably beat him in a fight I don’t know you’d have
to ask them who would win in a street fight between Tyson and na and chase
that coin but I like I like takes that coin he’s been on my show before he’s a
little while Ivan heard from him for a while
all right whoo I don’t want to skip anyone oh here’s a guy who hasn’t been
on my show before but it’s been in my chat many times and a guy I loved his
show vention Nick towel vention McTell a midtown who was in the big coin early
tries to convince men going their own way it is that’s what me tell is vention
has tried to convince so many men to get into into into Bitcoin and we all
learned lessons for mention he’s an honest dude when he makes a mistake he
says he makes a mistake he wants other men to learn from it and you know he’s
kind of like he’s an inspiration because through him I realized like you you got
men gotta get in the path again the Bitcoin you gotta get like like vention
that’s your independence right there and from him like I learned more about
this me tell you know this independence movement and I’m not saying I’m a
midtown or whatever but man some of the things they believe in it is it’s some
good learning opportunities if you’re a man a man just being self-sufficient not
relying on the government I mean like basic basics of Bitcoin type of stuff
meet Alan and Bitcoin have a lot in common and I’d love to get more big cows
over here we do have me towels all the time commenting in the chat section
session good section comments-section I’d love to have
mentioned on the show he it’s hard to it’s hard to get it together with him
he’s got some you know prot he wants to stay private he’s out on the west coast
um I know what state he’s in he said I might even say what state he’s in
because he says it but I’m not gonna give anything away
all right who do we got here you know Oh Carlo Carlo
IOH kay Carlo aetherium dude dude is he’s into a third classic dude excuse me
Carlos in New York he is a pleasure to work with me he’s on the show really can
say a lot speak about the altcoins and Bitcoin
he’s an io io HK guy he’s been in Asia before too and uh he’s a dude that I
know and who’s you know it’s actually his obviously his stuff will be below
eventually here’s a guy you don’t hear much about I hope he’s not making any
mistakes out there Eugene uh once he’s got the Bitcoin in coffee show he’s been
on my show before um I don’t know I don’t know where he is
I don’t know where he’s located I want to say the west coast but it might be
the Midwest hey man he’s trying to build up his channel he’s gotten into some of
those affiliate link stuff I hope he’s added that stuff but I like him he’s got
small Channel again he’s he’s trying to build it off he’s a sincere dude I
haven’t heard from him for a while all right Mitchell steam it Mitchell
Steve Mitchell I think he is still the marketing head head steam it I met
Mitchell went and when I was in Portugal when I was in Lisbon and Mitchell is
also from Western Canada originally from the Vancouver area and he lives in
Lisbon I met him at the Lisbon Bitcoin meetup when I was in Lisbon Portugal
before he worked at steam it I was actually talking to him about steam it
he uh saw me pull out my Tresor on the streets of on the streets of Portugal on
the streets of Lisbon he’s like what are you doing dude
the Mitchell is good he can rip on some altcoins man he can rip
on some off coins he is but then you like some of all coins that I you know
that are not top-tier to say the least but he’s a good guy and a good marketing
guy in the big you know they’re not enough they’re not enough marking guys
in the Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency space Mitchell is is one of them
all right we’re talking about Simon Dixon right already in blanket Anderson
sorry Kyle J Kemper where is Kyle Kyle was in
Canada indeed Kyle Kyle came up with the god I
hope I’m not getting kind of confuses somebody else
no yeah I’m not Kyle’s in Ottawa and Kyle came up with the a mathematical
formula that determine if you’re a mill if you’re one of the world’s richest men
if you were one of the world’s richest big coin holders how much big one would
you have to hold and vice versa very interesting he’s a good guy he’s been on
the show before and hopefully he’ll be only guy I try to get him on recently
than he couldn’t come on and anyway D Craig Daniel who isn’t D Craig Daniel
anymore he’s just as he’s not wit decreed anymore very good marketing guy
very good salesman in this space he’s from Alabama originally and he’s awesome
the best salesman in the space really daniel formally decreed daniel now just
he’s got a good twitter out there and a good guy good guy to follow all right
Josh Nussbaum who is in he’s in New York City and Josh is what’s he into the
finance aspect of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and he’s got a lot of
inside information on that VC type of stuff I really I thought it was a really
good change of pace really nice guy he’s been on the show twice now
and definitely you know I don’t know if everybody gets their taste of Finance
guys you know behind the scene finance guys like him and it’s just uh you know
diversify your knowledge with with Josh there all right who else do we have
look at this and these I mean I am proud that had these dudes on my show on this
week at Bitcoin it’s hard to coordinate all this stuff man
but it’s a pleasure it’s a pleasure you know meeting all these people now online
and you know it’s a mind that opening and mind-expanding experience John like
he’s out there and uh he’s a tactical guy out in Silicon Valley I had John on
the show because his Twitter was so hardcore not scared of all these Forks
and stuff you know when we were talking about user activated soft fork and if
segment was gonna happen he just straight-up said it’s gonna
happen don’t panic be calm segue 1 and he was right and
he’s a smart technical guy but he knows how to communicate also and I don’t have
him to show once I’d like to have him on again he’s hard kind of hard to get a
hold of sometimes but uh he’s very busy obviously so John like another guy in
Venezuela Maximo Maximo was part of the spanish-speaking crew that did the pilot
very passionate about Bitcoin just as Gabriel uh Venezuela is and again a
brave dude honor to have dealt with Maximo and and and Gabriel and I mean
they’re giving you guys on the ground information what’s really going on in
Venezuela not some dude who makes a video who reads a coin Telegraph article
that is about Venezuela no these are real dudes in Venezuela that’s what I
love to bring this to people I love the meet these that’s why I mean I’ve I’ve
loved all this knowledge of cryptocurrency that I had gained now
through the years it’s through people like this that are that are really on
the ground all right a Vogel bit Daniel Vogel that’s his name
right he’s behind the a Mexican a Mexican cryptographic coin exchange he’s
been on the show before he’s in Mexico City I was going on the show recently
and then they had the earthquake so that wasn’t too cool um for him and I hope
he’s all right I hope he’s doing all right smart guy educated by the best
schools in America I believe I believe he went to an Ivy League school and got
he’s uh again some people from outside of the United States they’re a little
bit more open to Bitcoin alternatives I’ll just say that I mean I think he
they’re gonna sell ripple on his exchange or something like that even
again not everyone’s gonna agree with me 100% and that’s why I bring these people
on the show and this well I think you should but he’s a he’s a very smart guy
Daniel Vogel all right Don goes oh I out of Malta we haven’t had him on for a
while but Don goes oh is bringing you what’s going on in Malta he’s from
Ireland or in Geneva and he’s a funny funny dude
and when he was on the show money trades was on the show also money trades has an
infamous Twitter account he’s in Spain um he tells it like it is on Twitter and
on the show because like it is also he battles against the theory oh my god and
against be cash my lord maneet Riggs is a fighter with those
dudes Ken Bozak Ken Bozak is uh in a southern New Jersey close to
Philadelphia uh he’s been on my show I’ve been on his show you know that
people tried to hack him he speaks the truth man that dude is not in the
scammers he calls out the scammers you know he gets to in he gets too much into
the drama and stuff he’s drama dudes out there man I’m not saying Ken’s a drama
dude but he got lured into that drama nonsense
of the 80% and you know Ken’s a young guy and so he’s good he’s got passion he
got hacked he’s back I haven’t heard from him for a little while but I know
he’s worth his way back hopefully hopefully he
quick Bitcoin for a while but he got hacked it was terrible you got you gotta
do this weird that that big Kinect drama all those people who get into that stuff
he and again his support bit Kinect buddy the people that supported you to
attack them or so I don’t know the whole sir I’m not do that drama stuff but Ken
Bozak is a good guy we talk about Nathan down in Australia
I’m you know I’m gonna skip someone by accident I’m gonna feel so bad but okay
here’s some Australian foods when I was in Australia we had six different
Australians on the show I’m going to read off who they are because I just
want people Australia to know these guys the big dude down there’s Martin
Davidson who is in Melbourne and he’s in charge of that uh that Bitcoin
establishment down there they got a really cool office Martin should be and
he is known worldwide I think he actually knows tone does Martin know
tone I don’t know the other dudes that are down there aren’t all dudes they’re
women some of love and so they’re not as well known adriana is in sydney julia is
in perth she i spoke she was one of hate me when i spoke at the Perth event truly
is great we’ve got yegor yegor is in Brisbane I didn’t meet
him when I was in Brisbane mirror was gonna be a again I guest on the show he
and again they’ve all been on my show when we were in Australia these people
Igor is hilarious uh I guess he’s from the Ukraine originally he’s in Brisbane
now and he’ll be on the show again soon we’ll try to get Martin back on the show
to Adam Putin where was Adam pulta he was in Tasmania I mean he has a group
down there Daniel we sinski he is in um Adelaide right and he was on the show so
if you’re in Australia there’s your Australian people I’m gonna have like
special I’m gonna have a special Australian session so not everyone’s
gonna know who those people are but I need to give Australian because the
Australian community is is a a world unto itself they’re trying to build
themselves just as the South African community is I mean I wish these places
would incorporate more I wish more people knew who Igor
new Martin Davis is not trying to bring those people to the national to the
international spotlight here but again um going back to South Africa Lorien
camera off whoo baby yeah be he I mean he’s a he’s a star oh
really he should be the story and he should be on everybody show instead of
just on my show all right so if anybody you know world crypto you know yeah
vortex get get him on the show good alluring camera on your show man
again he doesn’t agree with everything we have to say but all right Sam waters
where it’s he in Belgium I’m getting something I’m binge yeah Belgium and
Netherlands all that confused typical American animal Easter Sam is a
technical guy really smart he’s Bitcoin heavy but I mean he’ll he’ll talk
anything he’s good he’s really calm I like his Twitter a lot says some smart
thing on their prey on her yacht is a Bitcoin guy in India speaks the truth
India he was on my show when I was in Australia I hadn’t heard from him for a while
I want to get Creon on a show with Jian Bhandari so they could speak about India
together one from a Bitcoin perspective one from a more traditional finance
perspective but prion has a very good Twitter and he is a like a Bitcoin
Maximus nationalist Pradhan I mean he he’ll attack yell attack he’s good
forgot is a really young guy to I want to get back on the show and you know
again people like to talk about India and Bitcoin do they have people from
India on the Ellen air shows or do they interview for their articles people from
India like pretty hot no I don’t know what it’s not hard to find these dudes
go on Twitter find them alright Samson now that was an honor to get him well
that was it was it was awesome to have him on the show user activated soft pork
technical genius Bitcoin all the way he battles people on Twitter my my lord
Samson now whoa no he’s an anode 2x dude he makes hats
all right Andreas Antonopoulos hasn’t been on my show before uh but he
obviously everyone knows who he is he has to be mentioned great ambassador for
Bitcoin and maybe he’ll be on the show one day you never know you never know
awesome is Sami he is from South Africa then Lauren
camera have got me in touch with him he’s known on my show once I really
liked him he’s involved in some organizations in South Africa that deal
with Bitcoin I like them a lot he’ll be back on the show and again he’s
bringing that South African perspective there are a lot of guys in in South
Africa Aaron Vaughn weird um he is a writer a
good writer he’s been on the show is he in the Netherlands or Belgium again and
I’m getting confused I great thorough articles technical stuff whale Panda a
legendary Twitter guy has not been on my show before love to have him on the show
I don’t know if he goes on the shows or not Ari David Paul that dude he knows
about finance he knows about the Barry Silbert of the world what’s going on was
a pleasure to have him on the show I know his vortex had him on the show on
his show soon after I had on the show so I mean people are learning about him not
just from Twitter now or venom on our shows so he’s a good talker he’s really
good very professional and he knows about that that type of stuff these
funds that are being anything about everything BTC Joe he doesn’t show he’s
a Twitter guy hilarious Twitter dude he’s a Bitcoin guy obviously I loved
them when he came on my show it was hilarious
Jorge of Argentina all right so now we’re getting back into South America
he called it he’s been on my show before he’s an anarcho-capitalist he is not the
youngest dude in the world got a lot of experience so he’s a
guy who’s not young he knows Doug Casey he’s done translations for Doug Casey
but she got into Bitcoin he caught us off Bitcoin he’s in Patagonia down in
Argentina and he brought some really good knowledge to the show he’ll be back
on the show on this weekend Bitcoin soon enough you just talk about how it’s you
know they’ve had their wealth confiscated in Argentina a number of
times in a number of different ways and he likes Bitcoin because you can’t it
can’t be confiscated rocky Palumbo out in Southern California near Los Angeles
but outside of Los Angeles rocky is a tactical guy a smart guy a really nice
guy um he contacted me awhile young we became friends online he didn’t he’s
very helpful he’s been on the show a few times he’ll be on the show again we eat
when there’s something that pops up that people can be hurt you know get their
private key stole and he’ll contact me just the other day he got some
information on the air right before I got on the air so rocky cool and he’s
got his own a Bitcoin meetup group out in Southern California all right Richard
Hart oh he’s on the show before I know our version parties he’s a smart dude
he’s got good video quality he battles people he loves Bitcoin should I call
him Bitcoin maximalist he understands these Forks are you know they’re no
threats and I like Richard a lot and an honest guy a smart guy he’s old he’s on
all sorts of social media and he’s about being successful too hehe he’s got a
history of some sort where he’s uh become wealthy I believe and it was
entrepreneurial I don’t know his whole story but he’s again I didn’t know
Richard until he was on world krypton Network I don’t know if anybody I mean
he’s he’s awesome very smart dude Mick Carter is a guy a young guy who’s
in the DC area I believe who I had on the show who has he’s into the crypto
dividend thing he’s into you know he understands that bitcoin is
productive asset he writes really intelligent blog pieces I’ve mentioned
some recently he’ll be back on the show eventually young guy up-and-coming dude
all him Oh Kappas fatty ethical guy was out in the
Silicon Valley now is in Northern Virginia a guy I knew from Baltimore one
of what the only guy from the cryptocurrencies face that I knew before
I was in the cryptocurrency space and Paul is I mean I partied with Paul
before he’s been that my my infamous Linden Avenue house in Baltimore but he
is a smart guy working on what is he working on some lightning lightning
Network stuff he’s doing some good stuff so Paul will be back on the show and
he’s on Twitter all right so we talked about I don’t want to skip anybody Oh
Mike Tidwell was recently on the show he he’s got a good um he’s gonna show he’s
got a podcast I forgot the name of his podcast he’s out of Atlanta he’s got an
Atlanta meetup group he’s pretty hardcore in a Bitcoin when he was on the
show like he wasn’t in the all coins about to say the least
but he’s a smart guy he is a smart guy and again oh here we got a new a guy
from Italy who will be on the show soon maybe next week Giacomo Zuko I really
like what Giacomo had to say about friendly Forks he gets the concept of
friendly Forks and I’m really looking forward to having him on the show I
could tell he’s a good guy and he’s got a good Twitter now here’s uh this forget
this dude’s real name for me real life at envy cage follow him on Twitter he’s
Canadian I believe there’s another andreas out there Andrea’s Berkman who
me I believes him count is in California he’s obviously from Europe originally
he’s been in Asia before it’s hard to get on the show man read the easies got
to go the show he has build the show yet he writes he’s gonna blog
shi t corn calm and believe it is he’s ripped on some projects at the same time
I think he’s not totally against V cash I don’t put words in the beads mental so
he’s an interesting guy and hopefully he’ll be on the show soon and he’s
difficult be on the show anyway at L OPP at lock that guy’s a technical genius
I’d love to have him on the show he’s a good Twitter that’s his Twitter Mathias
trader is out of Argentina um he’s a big coin holder he got a great twitter has
uh done some good printer stuff for i think he wasn’t want to made the
compilation video or something or he was into when Maximo was was doing talking
about the truth about Venezuela I liked nikhat Mathias trader
he’s from Buenos Aires I want to get a Buenos Aires voice on my show but does
it look maybe he’s a little shy I don’t know he’s a businessman he’s a holder
maybe he’ll come on maybe this will put pressure to get him on the show Daniel
out in Israel out in Tel Aviv he’s one of the guys from the the blockchain
unchanged show out of Israel I’ve met him he hasn’t been on the show before
though I want to get him on the show they’re doing a lot of good things on
Tel Aviv at the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy he’s involved with that and so he’s
someone to know if you’re in Israel and we gotta get more Israelis I’m they’re
doing some good things out there I’ll be in Israel soon so there will be some
Israelis on the air so the world can see what’s what’s up in Israel with the
Bitcoin the cryptocurrency I’m Jimmy song obviously Jimmy has been
on the show before I mean I say yeah when I was on the world crook of network
once a great day Jimmy that I talked for what one second or something like that I
was I was everybody was celebrating segments I was old-world crypto network
celebration I guess I did meet Thomas then too
so Jimmy sang is very smart guy he is not afraid of these forks he’s taken a
new approach to these forks and he doesn’t say crypto dividend but he knows
he’s talked about be gold and I I’ll let you know he’s a smart guy he
changed his mind I don’t agree with everything he said I think he’s been
he’s got too much into the five and not on purpose but he just you know he can
get calling that stuff but I like Jimi song and I can be critical of him
sometimes too but I have respect and he’s a smart man he is a smart man and
no one is perfect I’m not perfect either by Alistair Elster Milne a far from
perfect Alistair bill me is um Jim Luxembourg or
he’s in some small European country anyway I try to get Alistair millon he’s
got a great Twitter I tried to get him get on the show before it’s hard I’ve
almost given up but Alistair I quote his tweets a lot he’s a guy to know Beauty
on Beauty on I just tried to get him on the show he says he’s really busy he’s a
Twitter dude um hopefully one day he’ll come along he’s involved with some
project now that’s he’s very busy with but Beauty ons got some great tweets all
right we talked about yeah all right ran rate here’s a guy ran new nerve he’s in
South Africa also um he hosts on CNBC the South African like cryptocurrencies
show now he is aimed at rigging Bitcoin a lot all right our trading
cryptocurrencies a lot that’s what the show is it’s like a trading show so I I
think it’s good that he is somehow gotten on TV now throughout Africa to
talk about cryptocurrency so he’s a mate he’s a player man he’s a major player in
all this stuff so um he has not been on my show obviously but I mean we got
mutual connections Vinnie’s been on his show that all of South African guys have
been on his show every South African person I’ve mentioned oh you know one
who hasn’t been on the show you can watch the show online again it can be
seen on cable TV all over Africa I mean he did it here Bo or a game-changer in
Africa he really could be I don’t I know all the numbers of the people that
are watching and stuff but um Abraham Cambridge has a bonus show yet so get it
ran if you’re paying attention um get Abraham Cambridge on your show although
he’s not a trader of cryptocurrency so maybe you won’t have him or to show up I
don’t know all right so uh here’s a guy I met in person in high Gong Leonard
Reese and I bet he’s from Germany originally he’s in Hong Kong he’s
hardcore Bitcoin he speaks the truth about Bitcoin he’s got a job he’s got
something to do with the Hong Kong uh Bitcoin meetup but also he’s got a great
Twitter Spencer Bogart of a blockchain capital good Twitter guy obviously doing
a lot of finance things behind the scenes try to get him on the show before
and he just he doesn’t have time maybe he’s a little shy who knows what it is
all right so I probably left people out by accident sorry if I left you up by
accident um there are people obviously that aren’t gonna be on the list is like
you know they’re not they’re not worthy to be a list man those are my people so
we’re gonna expand this on steam it at Tech ball comm eventually everyone’s
gonna get a written summary everyone’s gonna have a link to describes them the
people that I forgot will be listed new people will be added but these are
people out there named these are people you need to surround yourself with okay
there’s all these other people out there telling you to do crazy things and just
these newbies johnny-come-lately who will disappear if god forbid something
happens bad with Bitcoin and anyway doing that most of the people out there
now are just into all these the latest flavor of the month cryptocurrency these
people that I talked about they stand for something most of them are behind
Bitcoin some of them have gotten into other things whatever but these are
people that I hang with man that I consider my suit my associates and stuff
okay so I guess that’s giving you a little insight into how I think on a
certain level and again these were people
support you support up to we’ll have some more stuff like more shows here on
this channel i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i
hope you enjoyed this change of pace remember to subscribe to channel like
this video share this video pound that like button i will chat with
you guys now


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