Bitcoin Passed $6000 What Now? Binance Hack & Fidelity Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Passed $6000 What Now? Binance Hack & Fidelity Bitcoin Trading

what's up guys I'm welcome back to another video hope you all well how you guys doing so in today's video we're going to actually be talking about Bitcoin finally crossing six thousand dollars whether it's going to stay there and where the next potential move could be coming we're also going to be talking about fidelity trading Bitcoin we're then going to take a quick look at the bilats hack I know that's been covered a lot but we're gonna take a little bit of a quick look at it and I'm gonna cover my thoughts and opinions on it and we're also gonna take a look at the hero that he is just in son how he has come down from the heavens to try and save by nuns so that's a pretty interesting story we're gonna take a look at so let's not waste any time let's jump into the computer and get on with today's video alright guys so now we're in the computer let's quickly take a look at coin market cup and take a look at the markets as we can see we are pretty much up on mostly everything give or take probably eighty percent of everything we are up however this is not against BTC this is against USD so if you are trading BTC we'll take a look at that it's actually not looking too good of course because whenever Bitcoin pumps usually or not usually most of the time if you're trading the BTC pairing it's not usually that good unfortunately so when Bitcoin is pumping is it's probably better to be trading with the USD pairing just to make sure that you're not taking any losses but overall I mean we've got a theorem at 170 ripple at 30 it's been there for ages now like coin 75 pretty much us pushing $5 we've got balanced coin at around $20 50 cent which is not too bad actually after the the hack announcement which is pretty solid to see that it's still maintaining $20 after all that bad press however the markets are looking okay the market cap is looking pretty decent the volume is looking fairly good to be honest because bitcoin is pumping of course the volume is good let's take a look at the first article Bloomberg report fidelity will start institutional Bitcoin trading within weeks this is absolutely huge news and it and it could send Bitcoin up to that 7 K or keep it above 6 K that we need we're going to be getting into some cryptocurrency analysis in just a few minutes United States 7 trillion dollar investment firm fidelity reported it's gonna roll out Bitcoin trading for institutional clients in the next coming weeks this was a couple of days ago it was reported now the trading side will go live for fidelity's users in little as several weeks the source said and will primarily target large volume traders like other over the over-the-counter offerings we will continue to roll out our services in the coming weeks and months based on our clients and needs jurisdictions and other factors currently our service offering is focused on Bitcoin which is great news for us as I covered in last video around 22% of the overall 400 institutional investors who reportedly said they already owned accredited currency as part of that portfolio almost half was sympathetic to including it which is definitely interesting to see most institutional investors are engaging with digital assets either directly or through service providers as the potential impact of blockchain technology on financial markets new and old becomes a more readily apparent so very interesting their fidelity adding Bitcoin trading within a few weeks this is going to be so interesting with the market now moving on to the next bit of news I'm not gonna cover this in great depth because I'm sure you've heard about it but basically violence got hacked around 7,000 bitcoins from a hot wallet I believe accordingly exchanged there was one effective transaction wearing hackers were able to withdraw 7,000 Bitcoin around 40 million u.s. dollars which is crazy balance a pen suspends all deposits and withdrawals while it conducts a security review on its systems it's going to be down for about a week please also understand that the hackers may still control certain users accounts and may use those to influence prices in the meantime we'll monitor the situation closely but we believe withdrawals are disabled there isn't much incentive for hackers to influence the markets so don't worry guys funds are safe room which is nice to know finally getting onto the last bit of news if you didn't know just in son has come out down from the heavens and try to help and support finance yeah we don't really need your help buddy so if you don't know just insulin is the founder of Tron and he said here to support violence I'll personally deposit 7,000 BTC worth of USD t no dollars USD forty million dollars into balance to buy BM B BT C of course Tron if cz agrees which is the CEO of all violence and then he said no need to Ford phones are safe room and the comments are pretty hilarious to be honest I mean just to put it into perspective forty million yeah it's a lot of money but last year by naps made about 1 billion dollars profit so honestly it's not actually that much money that they've lost it is a crazy amount of money but they have reserve funds and they have the funds to be able to cover that so it's really not that big of a deal however just in some thought it would be the hero that he is and tried to get a lot of attention and the comments are pretty funny moon overload said weird flex but ok and then this guy said imagine giving so little folks you openly admit to market manipulation on Twitter as a flex oh sorry just in deposits are currently foes frozen for buying outs for at least a week might want to try pumping your ego another way this tweet is only 74 percent yeah I really recommend you go and check it out this treat tweet is actually really really funny fair play to him for trying to support by nuts but honestly they don't really need these help to be on it alright guys so if you haven't already heard I've launched a Bitcoin blueprint 2.0 it's over 50 new premium educational videos fresh for 2019 2020 with this cryptocurrency market pretty much pecan blueprint 2.0 is all about trading and it's got a section 6 in there which pretty much breaks down me trading live going from pre market to buying to mid trade analysis to selling to after trade analysis is really really valuable also I'm gonna have some free training as well so just check the links out down below and you can opt in for some free training as well so let's get back into the video all right guys so now it's time to get into the Bitcoin price analysis we're currently around six thousand of $48 we are holding above that six thousand level I put on here the chart from the video a couple days ago about the 6100 resistance level which we can see about here give or take we are currently below this however six thousand is a pretty decent level of support since it's such a psychological number but zooming in here we can see we broke this bullish trend and we've actually come above this ascending trendline which is really nice to see and we are showing very very positive bull signs however there is one problem and that problem is this level here around 6100 is extremely extremely strong a resistance why is that well because simply it's such strong support if we see back here in the in the past in the market we actually touch this level once twice almost three times four times five times pretty much six seven and then again eight almost so this is an absolutely solid level here for for Bitcoin right now it's actually gonna be really really hard for us to maintain above this level since the support the resistance sorry is so strong however it's gonna be very very interesting in the next coming days seeing what we're actually gonna be doing so overall Bitcoin is looking pretty good we can see the price analysis is still trending up and we are extremely bullish however one of the reasons why we are still trending up is very very debate a lot of people are saying and I personally maybe believe that the whole pomp the we're experiencing right now is from this one candle wick here but in the 2nd of April the start of last month where Bitcoin increased around 22 to 23 maybe 24% depending on how you look at it on what chart 24 percent in price in one candlestick day which is absolutely phenomenal now this without a doubt is a market manipulation there's no questions about it there was no real huge news that day apart from some tether things the tether things could definitely have impacted it and that's what I'm going to be talking about now so the whole tether scandal where the tether wasn't backed and the hotel teledrama probably meant that people or institutional investors were wanting to get their money out of tether into Bitcoin now if the one big big client or big company or big family company the trade bitcoin a whole Bitcoin they could have sold off here when they saw the market they could have sold off here that's what gave this massive Candlestick here and then they were maybe waiting to buy a debt by down here somewhere and maybe they didn't see that coming for the price they wanted then potentially when we heard about the tether scandal which is a roundabout here give or take they may have thought okay we have one hundred million dollars in Bitcoin or whatever it may be maybe two hundred three hundred million whatever that number may be I don't want it in tether anymore with all this tether drama and the tether tether foot going on so we're gonna buy Bitcoin which is pretty much the next safest thing compared to tether so they bought Bitcoin and we saw this increase in price here from there that just gave us the momentum we need maybe other institutional investors came in after this candlestick thinkin hey with the bull market is back we're in an uptrend and we're getting even more bullish tendencies right now so that potentially could be something that happened no I don't think we're out of the but out of the bear market to be honest we still have a long way to go I mean if we zoom out we're all the way down here we're a small fry right now compared to help you were honestly I would just really love to see us stay in this level around above 6,000 and I will be happy I don't want to see massive explosive growth to 20 K overnight yes it would be nice and yes I would definitely cash out more directed last to him and I'm sure you were to let me know down in the comments if you would do too but overall I would just like to see some nice stable level of support around 6,000 6100 and we can gain some momentum and then go on and increase downside from here well we could potentially be looking at 5700 or even 5200 or worst-case 4200 honestly we're looking pretty bullish unless some really really bad news comes out or the market just takes a complete turn for the worst worst commerce we're going to go on out 57 5800 as our first stop so overall Bitcoin is looking pretty bullish the market is looking reasonably good and we are just getting back to lows that we were at around November of last year so that's pretty much it for this video guys alright guys thanks for watching definitely let me know what you think down in the comments about this video some pretty controversial topics especially we've just in son also let me know what you guys think about Bitcoin are we gonna go up and enter this kind of six five six seven maybe seven thousand range are we going to go back down to levels of support before we actually cross this six thousand level definitely let me know down in the comments below and that's pretty much it for this video guys make sure to LIKE and subscribe and I'll catch you in the next one


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