Bitcoin PARABOLIC PRICE TARGETS?! ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿšจ-LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency News 2019

Bitcoin PARABOLIC PRICE TARGETS?! ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿšจ-LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency News 2019

parabolic absolutely parabolic bitcoin continues to climb here on it's bullish trajectory we are right now in a critical level consolidating for the first time in quite some time thus sparking the question are the moon boys getting ready to dance on the table tops or are the Bears ready to feast on the sheep what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and some parabolic price targets that I have here right now not only do I want to discuss Bitcoin but I'd like to discuss the auth coin market as well because Oh Oh ladies and gentlemen are we seeing some green here inside the market today Bitcoin dominance receding just a little bit and as you guys know I'm following a plethora of metrics right now to see when I believe altcoin season may officially be here not some short-lived ocher Bo before a correction but an actual sustained altcoin season so as a full-time trader I'd like to discuss with you my strategy my game plan and how I plan to crush this market right now in the immediate term so without any further ado you guys already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click the subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moon the likes ladies and gentlemen moon them up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis and of course before we begin this is not investment advice this is not trading advice these are only my own opinions ideas and observations on the market always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high-risk and I am NOT your financial advisor I will never tell you what to do with your trades or investments being said let's begin right here on the four hour time frame what we are right now is the first consolidation in quite some time the last one we had right here was after a heinous rip to the upside of an immaculate rip let's actually take our price range tool we did not see a consolidation until we moved roughly 33% to the upside before correcting insane but anyway we had our last consolidation right here and if we actually use our date range tool I want to pull how long this was as we can see this wasn't even a one-day consolidation it was roughly 20 hours the last one and right now where we are has been roughly two days plus we're at about two days and four hours as it currently stands so we can see there is a little bit of a difference here in terms of the length of the consolidation now this can be looked at in two ways right let's look at it from the bullish perspective first one we took out our prior high we've made a new high which is also bullish and we've back tested twice and we've held support above this green box definitely appearing bullish right but also the other way we can look at this is from a bearish perspective here right although we made our new highs and our holding support we're consolidating now for two days which is the first time in this entire parabolic trend here that we've done this if we pull up our RSI on the four-hour time frame we are also forming a bearish divergence which is obviously a little bit bearish and we are right now just hovering and floating around this area now now that we've kind of got the entire overview here what am I looking for what I'm looking for is a break of this 8350 level if Bitcoin can consolidate in here and then rip through the old prior high this is very powerful ladies and gentlemen as this would be just another confirmed bull flag here that's played out to the upside and will start to begin looking at my target zone area of anywhere between 8.5 K 9 K and 10 K right that's this whole area up here I have my targets outlined right now by the the old areas of confluence along these levels right we have significant touch points all along this region and the most important in my opinion is this last peak right here which was our last bullish rally before we we eventually fell off into the crypto abyss and that's around 8.5 K so for me right now ladies and gentlemen from a bullish perspective if we are going to look to get up to 8,000 this parabolic line here the yellow parabolic extension trend line is going to need to be respected if we break it I would expect that we probably are going to test back into this green box here potentially this red box and this is not what I want to see mainly because then we're actually taking out our prior high which is not good and if that is the case I don't want to say that the bull trend is over because I don't believe that's the case but the parabolic run may be over right and I think that this is only natural ladies and gentlemen I'm actually gonna get rid of these parabolic lines for now just to make it easier for us all to see here parabola doesn't last forever right and let's discuss briefly in case you're not familiar with what parabola actually is right a parabolic shape right parabola looks like this this is the shape of parabola right this whole thing right here now I want to show you we had this on the way up in 2017 right this was parabola this was a parabolic rise in a parabolic fall right and as you can see what that was right there is the complete definition and textbook picture of the shape of parabola right this right here is exactly what we saw right here now this is very similar to the action we're seeing right now and it's called parabola because of the nature of the beast what goes up very fast generally comes back down very fast right so that's when you get the shape that looks like that right so for me right now ladies and gentlemen as something is going to have to give at some point I am expecting a pretty savage correction at one point or another right and the thing for me guys is that if we use our Fibonacci retracement tool here I want to pull it up from the beginning of this of the parabolic run here and as we can see we do have confluences in the areas that I do want to see it right first off we have our 0.236 Fibonacci retracement which is great this is this is the best thing that I that I want to show you guys here our say this is the top right we can only speculate that this is the top right here right is that we could find right now a healthy pullback to the point 236 which is in my greenbox we're staying above our old prior highs right and then we could look to continue up into the greenbox territory for a rocket ship potentially all the way to 10k in my opinion but let's say that we don't right let's say that the parabolic trend is not held up right and we break through this fib we also have this point three eight to which at is at a respectable level I don't even want to say the parabola has to end if we go to the point three eight two and these are not these are not little drops ladies and gentlemen from the peak there a drop to the point three eight to Fibonacci would be nearly 15-percent and if we do drop anywhere below there I still think it's healthy for the bull trend as a whole as we would be consolidating in my teal box area down here anywhere from 6400 to 6,800 and as we all see here the 0.5 and the 0.618 fibonacci reside right in the area that I'd like to see that so just in terms of where these Fibonacci's are located I love I love where they're sitting I think that if any of these lines are respected the bull trend is likely to stay intact but it's just these first two here the point two three six and the point three eight to that for me could still continue our parabolic rise if we are to drop below these two and test the point five or 0.618 which would be a savage savage drop ladies and gentlemen I mean at that point we're looking at 20% or more to the downside but if we are to hold those levels I believe that the bull trend is definitely still in play if we find support there and it would give everybody another chance to potentially fill their bags up if they are interested in longing Bitcoin right so right now I actually love what I'm seeing here from a bullish perspective but you must understand right although I love what I'm seeing from a bullish perspective on a macro level we may be very short-term bearish here if we get a breakdown the only scenario that I don't see us breaking down hard is if we hold this point two three six Fibonacci which also coincides with this green box of support here which also keeps us above our old prior high and that whole box for me with the fibonacci confluence there ladies and gentlemen is at about 7600 Bitcoin in my opinion needs to hold 7600 in order for the parabolic trajectory to stay intact could look something like that right but let's discuss now some further things here right so I hope you all understand where my mind is out here I think that any of these Fibonacci's holding even if it's the 0.618 all the way down roughly at about 63 50 as long as that holds I still think we may be macro bullish here like mid to long-term right and the fact of the matter is is that if we stay above this point two three six we still could be parabolic and maybe although less probable if we drop to the point three eight two we could continue the parabola as well that is my thought right there for Bitcoin but right now ladies and gentlemen what's really intriguing to me is the altcoin market right now and there's several things that I'd like to look at here in concern to the total crypto market cap as a whole that could be signifying that this bull run is only just getting started and this may just be the first round here of many many rounds to go let's get this Krypto but if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes and actually before we look at the altcoins ladies and gentlemen let's take a look here at the Google Trends for Bitcoin this is the past ninety days of data worldwide this right here my friends was when we had our 25% candle our one thousand dollar candle which kicked off this whole run right I know we all remember it ladies and gentlemen just boom out of nowhere to blast us through our old bearish structure right you know I think that there was a lot of manipulation going on here but it doesn't really matter what's happened now is that we've broken many structures and at the end of the day this candle helped us to get to where we are so I had I do in fact have to give golf claps to whatever entity was responsible for that candle because it has indeed helped us tremendously so we see that that was the last time that the Google Data peeked at it was at a relative 100 for the past 90 days after that we cooled off for a while right and now ladies and gentlemen with the private with the parabolic price action we've now seen a parabolic run up in the Google Trends here as well and we are right now at a relative 97 we are at a 97 compared to where we were at a 100 on that super candle we are right back in the interest level that came in when we saw this this my friends is FOMO at its finest and you know there's two ways to look at it one this may be very good from a bullish perspective that now we're getting interest back into the space players are beginning to come back if we actually go back and look at the five-year data here we can also see that for the first time here we're looking to tentatively be at a 17 ladies and gentlemen this is epic in my opinion right here we've taken out all the prior little highs throughout the bear market so we are tentatively looking to close the most recent data here higher than anywhere else the is looking good to me guys from a bullish perspective I'm liking what I'm seeing here and now let's transition over into the total crypto market cap so if we look here guys I've been outlining this critical critical level here this yellow line right and for me it was if we could break this yellow line and have a daily candle close above this level and that old resistance becomes new support we could be ready for an epic epic run in the entire market as we can see here guys there's not much historical resistance levels anywhere throughout this range and just today ladies and gentlemen grandma's cookies in a bottle yo-ho-ho the market has breached this level of resistance and if we can close above here if we can close above here what I'm seeing is the potential for an epic run ladies and gentlemen I listen I don't want to sound like a moon boy I don't want to sound like someone with irrational exuberance because I'm not on the exact opposite of that but right now I'm eyeing several altcoins ladies and gentlemen with charts that look absolutely amazing I'm seeing the charts look amazing and the total crypto market cap chart is looking amazing to me as well and shout out to my VIPs I'm posting my exclusive altcoin watchlist and charts that I'm looking at right now for if this alt season is truly about to kick off and be here ladies and gentlemen I'm looking to position myself on several of these coins that look absolutely beautiful in my opinion because if we are to travel up like this into this whole region where I believe could be anywhere of a target zone for me which is the total cap add up to 333 billion that is my top target there where we currently are is at 240 right so if we are to go from 240 to 333 sheesh ladies and gentlemen there is likely going to be a lot of life-changing opportunity in this market and I am NOT looking to squander it right now I'm I'm looking to position myself on several coins large cap coins that I believe have a lot of room to run here so Bitcoin obviously will probably run as well if we are to continue this trajectory and not fail and plunge because that's always a possibility but right now for the first time we've breached this resistance level at a market cap of 200 and let's see it 233 billion was the level of resistance we currently right now are at 240 if we if we are to have a daily candle close above this level ladies and gentlemen shishi sheesh this may in fact just be Vivi ride in this market that we've all been waiting for golf claps if you survived this bear market because things are looking up right now although we may still have a retracement here if bitcoins parabolic trajectory breaks what we're going to need to see ladies and gentlemen is that the top of this box here old resistance holds as new support as if we drop back down in here it would still be healthy if we can maintain support and then look to break up over this line once a game break the line once again and then look to test up into my target area of a 280 billion dollar market cap to a 330 billion dollar market cap let's get this crypto and like I said guys shout out to my VIPs I keep my VIPs updated with every trade every position every Bitcoin position every altcoin position that I take and I am posting my exclusive altcoin charts and coins that I'm targeting for you exclusively in VIP so shout out to my VIPs and shout out to all new future VIPs that will be joining after this video I will see you in VIP right now let's get this crypto now let's look back here at Bitcoin for just one moment so the fact of the matter is let's actually go to the BLX that's where I wanted to go so if we go to the BLX here ladies and gentlemen which is the the index of Bitcoin many exchanges right we're seeing our weekly just looks absolutely astronomical if we get a weekly close above let's use a rectangle here if we get a weekly close above this vicinity ladies and gentlemen right above the let's get a price range here if we weekly close above 7400 which at this point looks probable to me and let's actually bring this up a little bit further okay if we get a weekly close above 70 750 right which I don't think is out of out of the realm of possibility either we are looking so incredibly bullish to me ladies and gentlemen on the weekly timeframe it's insane again I the way that I'm saying this sounds like it's just going to keep going right to the moon Kirby but the fact of the matter is ladies and gentleman is that parabolic trends have to retrace at some point right so I don't want you to get caught up with Oh Kirby whoa you said it was going right to the moon and then it dropped Kirby accompt yes my friends I'm sorry if you're new to trading but if you are and you're following you are likely going to pay the price at some point but it's probably a valuable lesson to learn because everybody needs to learn through experience right but the fact of the matter is that we should expect a retracement at some point but what I'm seeing right now as I showed you guys earlier in my opinion there is no sign right now that the parabolic trajectory must come to an end at this point in time because if we hold above this point two three six Fibonacci retracement which is at 7600 roughly if we don't break below there I think that this parabola can just continue right up into my into my target zone ladies and gentlemen and we all know right now my targets short term eight point five K 9 K and 10 K and right now I am trading this absolutely aggressively ladies and gentlemen my VIPs know I'm posting positions right now like crazy and I'm ready to crush this market there's few and the opportunities ladies and gentlemen have been few and far between in concern – when we were chopping around down here right now the opportunity is back in the market this is not a time to be missing opportunity this is not a time to be watching going oh shucks I wish I would have been doing that this is a time to get while the getting is good ladies and gentlemen did you hear what I said there this is a time to be getting while the getting is good and dawned on car Bonacci oh is cooking up plays like there's two minutes left in the fourth quarter of the championship game and I will be keeping you up-to-date in VIP with every trade position entry exit take profit etc for Bitcoin and the alt coins like I said ladies and gentlemen I'm playing this trend absolutely aggressive right now and I am going to keep you all updated in VIP with my trades every step of the way to the exact second that I take them and to the exact second that I exit take my profit etc etc share shout out to all my VIPs and shout out to all new future VIPs that will be joining right now after this video I will see you in VIP right now guys if you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button tick the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes and before we log off here ladies and gentlemen before I get back to my VIPs I just want to keep this on your radar as well Bitcoin dominance is beginning to drop right now and if we continue to see a plunge ooh this altcoin market may be ready to get even crazier than it is right now my friends I'm ready to get this crypto I'm ready to capitalize on potentially life-changing opportunity and I hope you are as well I will see you all in VIP shout out to my VIPs shout out to all new future VIPs joining right now I will see you right here after this video and until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy crypto Kirby peace and love my friends kerbs


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