hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well it is Thursday June 20th if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button also smash the like button this is of course not financial or investment advice let's take a look at the market here Bitcoin is over 9,500 really looking really bullish here guys and if you've been a subscriber to the channel we've been talking about the support levels we need to build to work our way up to $10,000 and I'm hoping we can build a support level of 9,500 but of course as you know there's going to be Corrections along the way up so we might pull back to ninety to ninety three hundred and then work our way back over ninety five but we are headed to ten thousand dollars where I believe we're gonna see some FOMO start kicking in because the headlines are gonna be out there Bitcoin at ten thousand headed to fifteen thousand and so on you guys know how this works if you've been in the market for a while III I'm at two hundred and seventy one dollars x RP at forty three cents so Bitcoin really looking strong here and eventually the alts are gonna follow as well so uh really really good stuff here guys now something I wanted to share with you guys and I always talked about having perspective I talked about zooming out looking at the charts where we've been and where we're at now because that's important so that you don't have tunnel vision with the price at this point because markets move in cycles were still in the early days of this new asset class at his crypto we're waiting on a lot of regulations infrastructure is being built so you gotta zoom out a bit and shout out to the user XR uh excuse me Eric cobalt XRP we tweeted the following when Amazon was under ten dollars some impatient weekends that sold too early probably still don't get a good night's sleep and imagine having Amazon stock when in the early days it was almost moving sideways and there was no you know high price up and it was like up around ten dollars or whatever maybe and then BOOM it had its moment where it took off right because he came it became mature as a company starting grabbing a lot of market share and so forth and you need to think about that with crypto as well because we're so early a lot of people don't know about it but a lot of the big players are getting in into the market fidelity TD Ameritrade backed and many others a lot of financial services and products are gonna be built around crypto so we're not even at mass adoption yet and you have to really think about that and be patient so I wanted to share that with you because think about having Google stock and Amazon stock you know in the 90s right and worry would you have been patient enough to wait to see what it's at now where you could have made significant money right so food for thought guys now Brad Garlin house was at the the fortune I want to make sure brainstorm finance conference and this has been going on throughout the week we saw yesterday Western Union CEO was there so Brad darling how's the CEO of ripple was there and he had some very bullish things to say and I'm gonna play the clips for you so shout out to the user Dylan who pulled the clips out of the obviously very long video that was published so shout out to a user Dylan who did that and some of the quotes Brad calling out said I'm going to send the case of champagne to David Marcus the head of Facebook's Libra the reason is this week will be the best week of signed contracts a triple ever it has been a massive wake-up call for banks Facebook's Libra if we saw Western Union stock took a dump because right away people will be able to send money easily in small amounts right which is a bulk of what Western unions businesses and that's why money Graham was ahead of the curve by partnering with ripple to use ripples ex rapid protocol which leverages XRP let me played a clip here for you guys this week will probably be the best week of signed contracts at Ripple ever right it has been a massive call to action because you know again Facebook kind of came out and said we don't need Western Union anymore right well if you're a bank if you're Western Union you kind of huh that's interesting and I think the bank's realize that if Facebook is going to be a competitor in this space they can't depend upon a technology like Swift to compete in the marketplace so want to go to questions in just a second please think of them now someone asked bride Garlin has a question this gentleman here he gets a excuse me let me back up here let me play the clip for you that might be easier and you gotta hear this for yourself the Facebook announcement absolutely catalyzed a contract activity so we may have been talking to a bank a payment provider for you know six weeks six months about a contract this has been a call to action there's no question you know I was texting with our head of sales a guy named John Mitchell he flies around the world more than anybody I've ever met and you know this is going to be a record week for ripple so Tim I understand so he gets asked the question you know is this going to be or is it like actual banks signing up and and that he responds yeah this has been a call to action for many of those financial institutions who have been on the fence they've been talking to them in the sales process right but they weren't made ready to make the commitment when they saw Facebook Libre launched it kind of lit a fire under their ass so to speak and now they're all like oh crap we better get ball rolling on this or we are about to be disrupted new technology always disrupts the old right we've seen this time and time again the perfect perfect example is a technology that you're using to watch this video running on the internet either on your smartphone or computer or TV whatever it may be so this is what's happening and I think some of these financial situations just had a an awakening right like oh crap Facebook just put the spotlight on the writing that was already on the wall so Brad is saying all these people they're on the fence boom okay sign us up and of course nah that includes customers that will be leveraging XRP of via X rapat guys so the future is very bright for ripple and XRP that's why I'm bullish on XRP I also hold Bitcoin I also wholly theorem and others Brad in the at the conference here while being interviewed also double down that he holds Bitcoin he's long on Bitcoin and think thinks Bitcoin will do well as a store of value this is words coming out of his mouth I'm not making this up so guys big things are ahead and I hope you see the writing on the wall for yourself now facebook libre upon launch has gotten a lot of scrutiny a lot of regulators a regular ready to come down worldwide and in the US the Senate Banking Committee has scheduled a July hearing on Facebook's Libre crypto guys so the US Senate Committee of Banking Housing and Urban Affairs will hold a hearing on July 16th regarding Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libre the hearing examining Facebook's proposed digital currency and data privacy considerations comes in the wake of calls from members of Congress of to more closely examine Libre and its potential risks now part of this I understand they're concerned with data privacy because Facebook does not have a good reputation with that right we've seen issues with that but also you can imagine guys if you know you as politics guess who's calling these representatives the bank's oh yeah they trust me they're gonna be scared yeah and remember a lot of these banks donate to political people in their campaigns right hey senator I think you need to put a stop to this thing that's happening here with Facebook's Libre crypto and I'll donate five hundred thousand dollars to your campaign and make sure that happens that's how it works guys so you face books gonna face a lot of scrutiny and let's see what happens but I still think even though I personally won't use Libre and I don't care for it because it's a stable coin it will be beneficial for the crypto market it is putting crypto on the map if you saw the coverage that it started to get on CNBC Fast Money Bloomberg Fox Business all these TV shows right related to finance and stocks and markets guys it's putting crypto on the market now on the map excuse me so it's gonna be good he's gonna get people intrigued the educational aspect and all that now it's not even fully launched it's going to launched next year they just put out the white paper so guys get your popcorn ready it's gonna be interesting excuse me now Russia also doubling down here Russia will not legalize Facebook's cryptocurrency official says now yesterday we heard that they will be passing crypto regulations in the next two weeks but it looks like folks in the EU and Russia if they are they are not on board with it so it's getting it's getting scrutiny and pushback from a lot of countries but as we talked about in videos a couple videos ago this is going to do really well in undeveloped countries and unbanked countries people who don't have access to a lot of banking of financing and so forth in the developed world I probably won't do that great right because it's already facing leak legal scrutiny so we will see how it plays out finally lightning labs mobile app gets two thousand downloads in 24 hours San francisco-based lightning labs focused on a layered scaling solution for Bitcoin release released its first mobile app on Wednesday according to lightning labs application developer tank red Hayes roughly 2,000 users downloaded the app across iOS and Android both his inbox and his inbox of his colleague developer valentin wallace were flooded with support requests so this is great I've said it time and time again because I hold Bitcoin and the lightning the lightning Network is going to be Bitcoin saving grace because it will allow it to be easily used for day-to-day transactions without the you know ridiculous processing times the high fees that we've seen so lightning will certainly be beneficial for for Bitcoin guys and it looks like a lot of different technologies are being built around it a lot of different apps and we know like the square cache app we'll be adding a Lightning Network support so big things are ahead and what do you guys think think we could see $10,000 for Bitcoin by next week I certainly hope so and we know that the F ATF excuse me the F a F T will be releasing supposedly their crypto regularly Asians at global crypto regulations tomorrow so let's see what happens guys but big things are ahead for this new asset class I hope you see the writing on the wall and as I gave the analogy here with Amazon patience is the key and things are looking very bullish for XRP because these these F eyes and banks Inc banks and payment service providers are now waking up like oh crap oh we better we get a better get with the times are we gonna become like blockbuster right and become irrelevant go out of business so guys what do you think leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter and also did I mention everything Instagram so thank you guys for your support and I'll talk to you all



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  • Wow… This US hacker surprised me again he funded my coinbase with 7btc…. Ws doubting him until he made Me trust him with the hack
    +12148886654 you can Dm for yours

  • Wow… This US hacker surprised me again he funded my coinbase with 7btc…. Ws doubting him until he made Me trust him with the hack
    +12148886654 you can Dm for yours

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  • That nice elderly gentleman asking Brad to clarify his 'record week for Ripple contract sign ups' statement was Alan Murray, the President and CEO of Fortune magazine.

  • Volcano Banana says:

    ChainLink will take over XRP .

    chainlink already working with google and swift. for real smart contracts to use oracles.

    have a nice day and drop that scam xrp coin

  • 7:55 It's not the banks, it brings the US Mint's monopoly into question. Not to mention foreign governments which will have ZERO interest in getting involved in a currency owned by some random American company. ZERO chance of that ever happening. So I don't think Libra will remain Facebook's property if it succeeds. IOW, for now I'd stay away from Libra.

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  • Nice work Tony as always. XRP will be the catalyst for major settlements worldwide. 3 to 5 years from now we will see a $200 XRP

  • Pretending that Libra is a cryptocoin is the same as a police officer going undercover in a prison pretending to be an inmate! It's trying to gain our trust, but at the end of the day it still works for the government.

  • Libra will eat XRP alive, anyone at XRP who says otherwise is lying, despite Libra being a stablecoin it will eat this shitcoin out of existence and the idiot noobs in it, thank god

  • LMAO Only the uninformed XRP noobs believe this. XRP is a open white collar scam, dont worry this shitcoin will get pump and dumped few days AFTER the Bull Market is over

  • And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of SCALES in his hand.
    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine….
    ~~ Revelations 6:5-6 ~~

  • SilverLimey 79 says:

    I said this over and over that XRP should be working on the domestic market and it was such a great thing when they announced the were in partnership MoneyGram. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Banks will not sit back and let Facebook take over and hence they are considering XRP. This is just a matter of time when this pays off for XRP holders. Moon all the way ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • I won't touch a Facebook anything with a 900 foot pole.But it gives the banks a wakeup call and the crypto space a shot in the arm,which is a good thing.

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