Bitcoin Long Term and Yearly Targets (REVEALED) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Long Term and Yearly Targets (REVEALED) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to the crowns magical crypto dungeon dungeon what the is that hey well well well welcome back to crowns cured okay but wishing you a very happy midsummer a day after midsummer my god spent the spent the day out here in the in the forests of Finland and it is so damn gorgeous so I hope that you are having a great weekend as well and we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin is Bitcoin obviously hidden up not just a 10k day but an 11 K day plus hidden our first target towards 11300 and backing off at you know back down to the second target of 10,000 of 10,000 300 and now we're kind of right back in the middle so we got plenty to talk about today I'll do a little bit of long-term analysis although because there's so much new price action going on here I think that this is gonna be mostly focused on the more recent events so with that said I do want to wish you the best the best the happ's of the happies and let's see you in the live scene right here right now initiate that good old teleportation and there she is Bitcoin on the 12 are actually switched since to it daily really quick yeah let's go over here to our good old bitstamp you see that Bitcoin still holding it up and closing a closing a relatively strong daily yeah we do have a little bit of a weight to the upside but overall closing and still pushing at the top drone to ban on the daily right here so do you think that we have a little bit more to go however this is where the markets trust to get a little bit more different and because we are seen we're seeing a little bit of a different signature with regards on the alts versus Bitcoin at 2:00 to Bitcoin versus u.s. dollar I do think that we're entering into a little bit of a new fades and I think that some alts are perhaps bottoming right now so with that said we'll give him that idea a little bit later but for right now I did want to show that Bitcoin still training quite strongly outside the top 20 advanced we still see all daily all sort of actually did daily Stoke still looking like they want across the downside but keep in mind that they've been quite resilient in this region and it's not really until we get down below and take out of this critical zone right here what expect like you know waterfall like this or like this so right now bitcoin probably gonna go into a little bit of a consolidation we definitely see that in lower timeframes and spoke about yesterday and creating another trading range probably for the week to come looking at daily RSI we are to be building some divergence here as we've been speaking about for quite some time but for now still you know still actually working its way forwards in fact we do have well ones way down way down around there remember we did have this falling channel about over here coming into the beginning of last week that's why I was you know getting bullish for that next breakout towards 10 K Plus and we've actually pretty much hit the measure move on this not that you can really do a full-on measured move I mean measure moves on the RSI don't really work all that well in my experience but we have pretty much all but hit there and we do say that this area right here around the 80 marker is you know is an area of resistance and in fact when we are in a more bullish market I will move up the more critical zone to the IDEO Sherri's so you know in fact I'll probably change out a little bit later tonight but but for right now it does line up with the edge of the critical zone and also the measure move so again a little bit of a consolidation here probably does come back down and test the exponential at some point in time and in the nut beat and then what kind of you know talk about the next the the next expected move but for right now Bitcoin looking pretty damn strong and we do still see that the entire historical volatility percentile it's actually taking up right now so that does tell me that's a Bitcoin overall is still perhaps that somewhere to go on the higher time frame so again need need to make a relationship between the lower timeframes on the higher time frames and that's what we're gonna do right now as it going over here to our bit Mexican chart and go down to a four-hour and you do see on the floor that we are in a consolidation areas phase we do see actually historical volatility percentile on the four-hour still going down right now in fact we have been going down all the way since this massive pump was put in on the middle of May which was on that first major run back on over here towards 8200 so we're actually you know in one we're actually in a very interesting part of this market phase just because this is going to this is gonna have major implications for that next major move out imagine and until we should get that storica volatility percentile getting back above you know especially this moving average and you know if we make a trend line right here as well that's gonna be the next that's gonna likely line up with the next major pivot point in the market but of course as you can see this is really not you know a huge consideration right now it's gonna take some time for that to happen but something to watch in the coming ah you know weeks I suppose we do see for our essentially being you know just consolidation of right around the red temps moving average so holdin up above all major movie damages and so we do see the top of this trilogy ban coming in right around about eleven thousand two hundred eleven two thousand three hundred which is essentially our top of yesterday's so to me this still looks constructive within this region we do see for our stoves coming down but price action has been you know pretty much flat so it's just allowing the it's just allowing our momentum also does our mob monster there's a chicken ten do it is to reset and well that is what a bullish consolidation of RIA cumulation phase likely is on the lower timeframe so higher time frames still suggesting that you know you know a little bit more perhaps lower timeframes consolidating so you know kind of kind of somebody yesterday looked a little bit Oh doggies are going crazy right now sorry about that but can you close the door Thank You Iquitos uh-huh there we go anyways you do see that we're essentially flagging out right now and we are creating a trading range on the lower timeframes right here so let me just take off the troll Underpants for now and let's get a little bit more granular with this on perhaps t2 hour and you know I'm not gonna do anything crazy here I mean I mean this is just very very basic we have a nice support trendline coming in right around about ten thousand five hundred fifty and we have a nice resistance trendline coming right around our hives of yesterday so this is our new trading range I do think that we have another leg up towards to test around the eleven thousand one hundred eleven thousand two hundred region as we do see our lower timeframe authors so I start to switch around but the second that I think the second that I see the two hours toes crossed back up to the upside do you think that we get this next move back up to fill around this area and this is you know like they should create another you know enough like I said another bullish we accumulation phase in the form of you know flag in the form of you know triangle of some sorts likely to come in like that when is it get resolved nobody knows but but for now because we do because we can see the initial actions of a training range we can just do something very very very very very crude and in and plot out a potential measure move my god damnit these these price keep on the the the keep on exceeding me so I'll just have to reset it like this and let's just see where that be pointing towards not be pointing towards actually high eleven thousands so remember that so that you know the mid to high eleven thousands are an area of resistance the higher time for perspectives so lower timeframes are going to you know are gonna take a little bit of a hold here but with that said we do see to our RSI you know once again just looking you know looking constructive within this region just Austin between the bullish control zone and the neutral zone which does tell me that this is likely to be a bullish you know you know a bullish that consolidation here we're just like Lian you get another try to the upside of course it's known until we actually break out above 11,000 you know 150 and closed a two-out dildo above there where it starts to look for more continuation of the upside so again you know it's it's and of course it's just I suppose it's it's also worth mentioning that hey if we do close the to our dollar below our you know our kind of trading range of support right over here at about ten thousand five hundred fifty which is also on it with the to our yellow 21 experiment average and I'd be looking for a move back down to the low ten thousands region about ten thousand even actually but I'm not really leaning towards that happy now do you think that we have another test of this resistors trendline here first before anything else so with that said I'm curious how the hourly looks I'm gonna guess that out of these folks are headed up right now and again these have been good at getting price action they called the top a movie called hit top to the T right over here right over here on that move from about eleven thousand two hundred down to ten thousand three hundred so almost a fast talker boob it's been of one hour and it called the bottom right here of this mood so far as well so again these I sometimes it can literally be that simple you know trust your edge when your edge gives you a signal because that's you know that's a physical advantage of using technical analysis not gonna be perfect it's not always gonna work out for you but it with more repetitions it's more physically likely that's you know that's how edge essentially works and we do you see that hourly RSI actually you know I feel more comfortable analyzing this and saying that this is suddenly you know consolidation and a bullish consolidation at that so Bitcoin neo back above all these major moving averages we're about to see the read ten simple you know cross and confirm above the yellow twenty one so I you know I do think that we have another run back towards 11150 issue region and then we'll reassess from there but until they actually start getting some you know to our little clothes above this region right over here I would not be looking for overall continuation and I think that it would be a little bit premature to look for a continuation overall until we get the new weekly so now let's start talking about the higher time frames right because the higher time frames are and we all see a circle volatility percentile on the hourly stoking saw and this is you know probably gonna take its time to come down a little bit now the moving average is back above it so so so we are going to enter that fades so I'm not necessarily looking for this to break out you know today if if you know if I had to you know the pester a gander would have to to say I'm just making up words now sorry about that anyways going over here at the weekly I do think that we have something extremely important to be aware of now we knew this on Friday with the abbot of CNE CMI's closing for the weekend but but now we're gonna have spot charts also closing for the weekend at 8 p.m. later tonight if you are on the same turn hemisphere as myself and it's Sunday and if your diffic about what I'm saying I'm talk about the weekly clothes at 8 p.m. East at a time which if we close above this top trollin demand which by the way is coming in at ten thousand two hundred so it's it's quite likely at this point in time then I would be looking for another try higher I do think that we get more continuation coming into next week so there's two ways of looking at this do be close above or below the top trend again if we close below if we close below ten thousand two hundred or it probably more accurately speak and be about ten thousand one hundred then yes I do you think that we you know we probably come all the way back down to you know low nine thousands but I think I think it goes without saying I don't think I'm saying anything too crazy here I think it's quite like that we close above and we get some or attenuation up to the next level which is gonna be right around our our February 2018 highs right around to your eleven thousand five hundred so I so so I do think that we still get it probably a test into that region that is confluent with the measure move on the lower timeframes that we looked at somewhere between there and about twelve thousand for full disclosure I am still long but I am I'm long in my spot positions but I am futures positions but I am short on my offices positions so I am covered essentially and I really like what I've been said by the way shout out to Ivan man that guy is amazing over here we have we have proof of trade pot they the good old the good old proof a trade so I think that's very important you know it's important to verify yourself especially in this market where there's no real verification agency like when I was when I was a fish when I was professional trader on the floor female sex change Orca I had to take tests like a series 56 which was really in hard and didn't we had pretty much enough to do it actually trading just like rules and then you know you have to you know you have to go through the thin rods and the SEC and all that good stuff but encrypted currents land there's there's nothing like that so it's not like it's not like you pass some sort of a test and then it's like you're verified you're good to go know it you know in traditional markets you can like go up online you can go look me up at you know on broker check or whatever it is and they'll tell you but I'm unencrypted currents land you know anyone can make a YouTube anyone can make a Twitter anyone can make whatever you know whatever it is and start you know saying whatever but I think the best way to verify this by showing your traits for better or worse which I'm of course another perfect trader but my options positions right over here actually doing okay I sold the ten thousand five hundred strike calls yesterday for about $800 750 to 800 dollars I forget exactly how much almost dreamer account on my main account about 800 bucks to cover because like I said I'm out here in the middle of the vision for is I'm not really watching my computer all that much I want to be respectful to else's family and and spend some time with them even though I do think that Bitcoin probably has probably another try here but with selling these for about $800 I consider that essentially the same as selling spot for about eleven thousand three hundred then I sold some out of the money calls right over here which immediately which which after the dump night from from about eleven thousand two hundred two to ten thousand three hundred just immediately collapsed I was trying to get about forty forty contracts of this in my streamer account and I got about eight and a half and then I sold some way out of the money it's over here just because this is to their they're giving you $350 premium for fifteen thousand strike calls that's easier that's that's that's the easiest thing to cover in the world anyways for full disclosure on my spot positions still holding them strong still holding them long don't believe any any reason to change them the stay position from about thirty nine thirty fifty one fifty and ninety two if you want to call it that my man account it's about the same I'm a little bit more exposed to a long side on my main account but my stream I kind of wanted to make sure that I pulled all this in so with that said let's go back into the charts and kind of you know again the reason why I set up a range like this is because our prior highs of February 2018 is right around that 11,500 marks so you know when when I sold those called those in the money calls I look at that as basically selling at that to begin with and it you know if I want to expose myself to the long side once again if we close back above this area then I just you know I just take those calls off and actually prod can be in profit at that time as well anyway so with all that said we should look at our weekly also does we do see leaky stoves actually having a fresh crafts cross back up to the upside now keep in mind this is in the very critical zone so you know it's it's better to be cautious here more than anything and I do think that we are really approaching the end of this first phase of this parabolic run for Bitcoin relatively soon I don't think that it has too much more to go here before we get like you know a massive consolidation on a higher time from schedule but but for now we still do see weekly Stokes having a fresh goes up to the up side and remember when we're talking about a weekly we're talking about you know months of price action so this is you know faraway weekly RSI is actually still okay we could be creating some divergence but first things first we need to confirm a local top of which we have none and you know you know I've gone on the spiel a million goddamn times the goddamn divergence fuckboys always calling you know bearish divergence here and there just like all the divergence fuckboys over here but calling bullish divergence again it's good to not get caught up in the gang mentality of you know always being bullish are always being bearish the same people who were all you know calling to bottom every hundred dollars down are now you know the equal but opposite perma perma morons perma rekt people who are calling tops to each each and every 100 ollars up remember they're china's our friend until the end the trend and strong trends are likely to continue especially we're looking at these higher time frames i mean we're looking at you know you're surprised section actually anyways so that's kind of like the more long-term view and of course while we are here on the weekly i think it is worth mentioning that we have a full-on bullish portion of all major moving averages essentially on across all of the higher time frames we have all there appeared straight above higher periods i mean basically you know going going from the two day you know all them is played on that nice rainbow attempt we and and sorry not only that we're actually getting major divergence now between the between even the per bow 237 TM expensive damage which are very high you know those are very high periods which you know did apply that that's you know more a lot more of a long-term thing it's gonna take a lot of momentum to really get those guys away from each other and that's actually what's happening right now going up here to the two day the same thing we see all you know although a page straight above higher periods and they're actually you know they didn't divergence away from each other as well trying to strengthen it to the upside same thing with three day and of course weekly as we just looked at and even the monthly but we don't really have too much we don't leave enough history to populate all the major moving averages for that but it is worth mentioning so the the biggest things fortunate and what's really going to dictate this next weeks of price action is do be close above or below this top turn under band about ten thousand two hundred I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that we Greeks very very likely close above it the reason why I say that it's very life that we close but it's because CMI's already closed for the week and they closed above it they closed at they closed that ten thousand fifteen dollars and the top Trender band for the weekly here was ninety six hundred so it's unless unless if we you have a major if unless we have about a thousand dollar moved down to the downside here before daily clothes probably you know probably you know probably probably gonna get a major gap up I mean hell man you got it have to you have to have a lot of sympathy for the people trading on CME's who have to deal with this each and every weekend one two three four and working on a fifth massive gap up I mean this is this is insanity now of course you know those traders can hedge on with exchanges I'm sure that if they are trading on CME's they have the margin and inequity to go and also smarts to go Jeff exchanges as well but my god for the people who might be blindly abetting I mean that's one great way to get wrecked just before you even wake up for Monday it's it's a major loss of view I try to short for the weekend anyways yeah with revised of CMI's this would suggest that yes we probably do see that same action on spot charts that also implied that CMEs as you can see right over here or you know are the the last of Mohicans for this prior had was right around about eleven thousand four hundred levin thousand five hundred dollars so I do think that that is still an area of hot contention not only that but we do see we do see if we put on a what's it called a Fibonacci retracement from the ultimate high to the ultimate low of Bitcoin the not 0.5 retracement right over here is coming in perfectly at literally perfectly to the dot right around about eleven thousand four hundred which is that you know the double top in February of last year so this is a major pivot in the market in my opinion it not only that we also see volume profile green with this there's kind of like the last of the last of the higher value nodes if you can even call it that I mean it's pretty low to begin with compared to what we've been dealing with from three thousand six thousand eight thousand ten nine thousand and now you know basically the other 1000 so that would suggest though that we do see some counter trend momentum it you know in the in that region so I would be cautious overall until we start closing dailies above above about 11,500 I would be very cautious with in this region just because well like I said this is essentially unprecedented territory and that will be the next major pivot on the market most likely if if Bitcoin can get above the not 0.5 retracement which I don't think it will in the first pass I think that it probably sells off in the first pass in fact you to be fair it you might actually even considered yesterday the first pass I mean this is pretty close we got up to 11 thousand three hundred or sorry eleven thousand two hundred and what was it yeah to touch a little bit about the love 1200 on all major exchanges so you could I mean you could say that you pretty much already test it it doesn't need to be perfect especially when we're dealing with big numbers you know there's gonna be a room for air and I think my range for yesterday was about eleven thousand three hundred to eleven thousand five hundred so I do consider that essentially hit that's why I was selling those options but I do think that it's gonna take a little bit of time to actually break this area but that's an opinion my opinion is worthless I don't trade my opinion my you know my trade technical analysis and if we do get above this area if we if a Bitcoin can actually maintain dailies above the not 0.5 retracement there is very little June above that area this is extremely low market acceptance and if you think that we flew through the 9,000 send 10 thousands the you know from 11,500 all the way to basically prize is fumes it's it's fumes so Bitcoin will rip both ways you're gonna see major ups major downs major swings it's gonna be the violent that we've seen you know from the past you know from 28 beginning of 2018 all over again and and not imagine you we'd still be aware if these major pivots on the market the six one eight the seven eight six right over here which are lining up with critical areas as well in fact I'm gonna put them in right now just because well should it should line up with this area right over here and also this swing huh right over here hey not bad sometimes that technical analysis actually works goddamn crystal balls so my point is is that you know if they couldn't get above this area that's our next major pivot on the market and I would be looking for bitcoins you just likely really accelerate its way through duty to these next levels and that's really all there is to do it's not nothing too complicated here bitcoin is is looking quite powerful but that is the next you know this is the next gatekeeper on the market if you will but remember with pairing it with with the lower timeframes and especially if we get that next week we double closed above the tops on demand which looking quite likely right now anywhere above ten thousand two hundred I do think that we at least test you know 11,500 ish you know give or take a few bucks and well anytime you test something you have a chance to actually break it so with that said I was like I said I would because there are suddenly signals that this run is getting a little bit more exhausted but for now you know we you know I still the trend remains and the trend is your friend until you know trending this trend Mary a very strong so so so so I went to get on over and check out we already looked at we looked at GBC yesterday we looked at see me today those are gonna be relatively unchanged they're not trading over the weekend so we don't really need to look at them again I do think it is worth mentioning that monthly you know going back to the monthly right over here and showing that the higher time frames are you know they they are quite conclusive right now that monthly is still you know looking like yeah I mean it's continuation all the way through and more importantly with the monthly we are coming in to the end of month right now so if this if this monthly close up with any sort of a body above even above 9,000 I would look for next month to to give another try higher Ashley and you can actually see from the monthly perspective that 13,000 13,000 or sorry 14,000 gonna be a major pivot as well so that is you know that that is gonna be a consideration but my but my point is that we now have both a positive slope on the yellow 21x much more damaged and also the Red Tent simple and those are gonna likely get you know close to each other as a red 10 simple you know wants to cross back up to it and you know to the upside and that you know from a longer-term perspective we're looking at a monthly here so we're talking about years of price action is gonna really set the overall tone for this asset we do see monthly Stokes extremely like painfully erect right here this did accurately call the bottom or the bullish momentum and about you know it you know around 20 per site middle of 2015 we run over here same thing with the RSI even more important with the RSI and this one's released this one's like aggressive weeks I think right now quite impressive and I new juicy you know we we did get back above the exponential which again did call the bullish momentum being gained in 2015 as well in October right here actually perfectly so I really do like to set up from not just a moving average perspective but also an all sort of perspective and yes I do think that bitcoin does come back down at some point in time in setting a higher low it's probably a beacon fluent with what with when we come back down and test this exponent right here but as you can see from the monthly perspective first things first Bitcoin needs to put in a local high confirm that local high by kennyman you know follow through to the downside and then we can talk about putting in a higher low which is probably gonna be somewhere around this yellow 21x meant from an average and of course this is this has been such an important thing and I hope that this has really come through over the past a year or so since we've been talking about it but the yellow 21 on the monthly is something that I use from a long-term perspective to judge it if you know if inequity is is bullish or bearish and are you know over a long period of time and with this guy now getting a positive slope that does you know really set in you know more longer-term by suppose you could say now remember just because it's that way does that mean that Bitcoin can't have these major massive moves aggressive moves to the downside violent move so the downside to the tune of 30 to 40 percent yeah absolutely can and in fact it I'm sure it will well but those you know those now given my bias well put my bias basically for the last five months six months now I'd say switched around about five months ago is is it's gonna be to buy it by those tips again I hate that acronym BT FD it's so silly it's so moronic in some ways and it's kind of like a Mimi but I mean so the isn't Mimi but it's in a bull market it certainly is not the worst strategy in fact you know DCA is one of those things that is so misunderstood DCA dollar cost averaging people think that you should dollar cost average in a bear market like like average down no you never know how low things are gonna go just like you never know how high things are gonna go I'm sure that you know if you're around during 2017 you already know that and if you're around 2018 you know everyone was talking about DCA right here at 16,000 DCA right here again at 12,000 DCA right here at 10,000 DC at 8,000 DTA 7,000 DC a amount of money oh now I can't DC I for the actual times that mattered so it's better it's always better to be DC n into an upwards market if that is gonna be your long-term strategy and not imagine that's more applicable to the to the true believers the Hodler 's the people who who don't who don't want to trade but if you are a traitor right now this is the time to be you know a little bit more active I think just because you know we are you know on lower timeframes probably coming to probably come into a little bit of a little bit of a starter step in this in this like next next next couple of weeks probably anyway so with that said three-day right over here is gonna be the next is gonna be the big indication of when I'm looking for that next major pullback but for right now three-day three-day officers are still gaining much for the upside and we will get another take on this later now the apna sort of time along with the weak ways so it's gonna be a pretty big closure and three hey stoats still way up there yes typically speaking doesn't like to stay up here for too long historically speaking three-day RSI is working on some pretty nasty divergence as well but until we actually confirm a local high this is there's no real divergence to be played out and of course it's a three-day Jul that I'm gonna be using to judge the next major top for Bitcoin before the next 30 to 40 percent drop down I want to see this light blue ossifer get into this critical area right here outlined by the dotted red trend lines which in the past if we get in the light blue all sorta in that region with red flash in the background and then get a negative slope on that light blue also there that's when major tops have been called in fact you know some some even to the tune of like 60% like this guy right over here but I think that's a little bit more of a one-off not a one-off but it's coming off of a parabolic run it's probably be some more like these guys which are around you know thirty to forty percent this one about thirty five percent this one right over here about thirty five percent again this one right over here about forty percent this one right over here about thirty thirty two percent you get the idea I don't want to go through all these but it's basically between about thirty to forty percent so you know if and when I do get that signal which would first imply a lot more upside actually it's gonna take a while to get in this region that's gonna be the next time that I look for a massive massive pullback but from a moving average perspective we have two we have we had the Golden Cross in the three day and that has in bitcoins history you know had some pretty pretty nice implications between the green and the purple that that's a fifteen the two hundred that did accurately call the the turnaround and bullish momentum over here at about $300 $350 price per Bitcoin in 2015 for the next you know three years to the upside and not only that but also this yellow 21x patch from damage and the white turn it's simple both of importance you do see them cross the downside right over here in that immediately not immediately but you know within the same week shuffle you know basically cut Bitcoin in half and the last you know bullish cross that they had was again I don't over here around you know a little bit after that Golden Cross but again these things you know set the tone for the more long-term bias and it doesn't it doesn't mean that bitcoin can't have these massive violent moves down but but those violent massive moves down there are likely gonna be buys so that's kind of what I'm getting at right now also the white turn it's simple just a good indication of in and of itself I mean when Bitcoin lost it over here bad when Bitcoin regain it over here good same thing right over here essentially the yellow 21 given a little bit more of an actionable area but you do say that bitcoins based off of the 200 simple multiple times actually even on the three days so so so quite a big paper on the market and I do believe that this is probably beer got you know guide going forwards in fact I'm gonna do a little bit more long-term right here a little bit more speculative but let's let's do some mental masturbation they started trend line that the red arrows are pointing towards this is the what I like to refer to as the Genesis trend line of Bitcoin going all the way back to the beginning of Bick sorry–but stamp and you do see that when Bitcoin was below it it was essentially a great area to be a seller on and when Bitcoin was above it it was in parabolic phases and it was a great area to be a buyer on so it's a it's a great indication of of the phase of the market right it's a great indication on the phase of the market when we're above it mm-hmm it's telling you were massively bullish when we're below word you know a little bit more of an more an accumulation phase and so looking at this right here you do see in 2012-2013 it was getting you know it was it was basically a great area to be a seller on after it broke out above well parabolic parabolic comes all the way down bases on it in 2015 doesn't even break it and goes parabolic again then in 2018 be actually break below right on over here which was also King float with breaking the charted exponential on the weekly both of equal importance to me I mean they tore that special warrant documentable and and that was a great accumulation phase as you can see right over here you know this is this area right over here in hindsight extremely extremely good and one of the reasons why I was a buyer at about thirty nine thirty and and again at fifty one fifty actually a little bit more based off the monthly moving averages but keep in mind that this dot a trend line where do we when when Bitcoin breakout broke out above here above the white turn it simple where did Bitcoin base on it it based on the dotted trend line right so it is likely gonna be a governor for our lows going forwards like you saw in 2014-2015 actually so we can actually you know plot this out and extrapolate this for the years to come as potential lows right so end of twenty end of this year at you know beginning of 2020 we could say that perhaps the low would be around twelve thousand five hundred dollars if we extrapolate this a little bit more to the end of 2021 the or sorry the the beginning of 2021 end of 2020 and we could say that a potential low which actually P can we hire thirty one almost $32,000 price of a Bitcoin if we do this another year towards 2022 or beginning of 2022 a potential low would be literally all the way up here towards like 80,000 but remember Bitcoin can break below it it's just an actionable area that tells you about the phase of the market cycle that we're in so as long as we're above it that's a basing area and that is you know potentially a heroic by areas you saw over here in 2014-2015 but if we break below it then you know it's it's time if it's time to really consider long-term positions to our sorry sorry closing long-term positions so I didn't want to mention that just because it has been so powerful in the past and it does give us something to go off of you know from going forwards here into the future um we can actually strap late this even more so over here on the BLX index which no no do I want to get in this right now just looking at the matrix mm-hmm and I've plotted these dotted trend lines actually a support trend line for each everyone in bitcoins history on the parabolic mark cycles for this first one anchored in 2010-2011 it's broken in 2012 and that becomes our parabolic highs in 2013-2014 and so I just want to show something that's kind of going on new here then we create a node support trendline for that for the next parabolic Mexico Inc anchored in 2011 and 2012 sorry 2013 and that gets broken in 2015 right over here and that becomes the parabolic hives of our 2017 2018 marks that go right over here then we create another support trendline for that for that next parabolic motorcycle which by the way was the same trend line that we just looked at on bitstamp anchored in the same areas and we broke that in we broke that obviously in 2018 right but we're seeing actually something new going on right now something that we've never seen before because we broke back above that trend line we actually broke back above that trend line whereas before that same trend line holding up those past parabolic mark cycles was you know became highs of the next mark cycle so is Bitcoin entering and you kind of can't believe I almost use that word I was almost a new paradigm but it you know are we doing something on president absolutely yes what does it mean I don't know I don't know man it's true early to tell we don't know but we are doing something new and so I would say that you know longer-term I do like what I'm seeing here and and while I'm gonna be like I said holding holding these positions probably for a long time so with that said let's go back and I think I've spoken enough about that let's go back on over here maybe go back to the Mexico I feel like I'm missing something right now ah yes I do want to talk about this miss it and then shout out to ball you pour for this one oh my god volley poor I love you man I love you for setting this up this is and expect that this is a chart of expected moves here okay expected moves using basically standard deviations three three rings of standard deviations and you can see on the weekly it actually gets things but nominally well phenomenally well especially with the with the topsides on with sorry the top the especially on how do i how do I say this especially on the side of the same macro trend which is now to the upside the tops have been called incredibly well so this that this is a great indication of my opinion of when to you know when to think of letting go of positions in this you know in this market if you do want to be a little more of an active trader and we do see that the top ring which is essentially like a nut what is it like a 97 percentile or like a 99 I even know that's that's embarrassing ball it's gonna ball I'm gonna call me up for that but but it's extremely you know it's extremely it's it's a very far outliers when I'm trying to get out on on over here but it does get hit every now and again it's typically a great cell and where is that top area coming in around on this expected move 12,000 for this next week keep in mind we will be getting another take on this later tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern at times so we will have to wash this one and govern this one going forwards here but I'd imagine that it probably comes up somewhere around this 12,500 at region so it does give us something to go off of and that is why sold those strikes on the calls that I did for you notice a little bit of premium and they're just quite quite apply quite bluntly they're pretty easy to cover right now so so so so yes you know would suggest that you know potential potential high next week of like 13,000 it doesn't say that we're gonna go there just says that if we get a major master move to the upside I would expect it to likely top out around that 13,000 ish region and I'm even guessing right now where the next tastes gonna come in but I'd say probably around 30 or a little bit under 13,000 perhaps so yeah that's my point also you know this bottom one over here obviously great vibes as well on the weekly for for more long-term positions in fact and that's gonna be coming in somewhere next week I'd imagine somewhere right around here at about mid 10 thousands which is also gonna be confluent with the top of the troll under bands we put if we were to put that on anyways I really wanted to show this just because it does add validity to what we're seeing you know across the board and I really do I really think this is quite unique to be looking at right now in fact let's look at this on a monthly and see what this pops up with dammit we need to put this on yeah on bitstamp you say the monthly is actually coming in significantly higher on the top ring which is represented by the purple that's all the way at 14,500 but even from the from the monthly perspective we almost very rarely hit the top area of it but we do seem to hit the first in the second ring in fact we're hitting the first or we did hit the first ring essentially on the last run up but these areas are you know more accurately speaking around about eleven thousand eight hundred which would you know kind of line up with the top of our range for now about 13,000 earther teen thousand and then the next one coming in to about 14,000 14,000 250 or Sharia so from a monthly perspective that is what I'd be looking at and we obviously have this movie net which right here which you know I can act as a little bit of a governor as well but of course that's confluent with our with our double-talk boat around 12,000 or sorry around 12,000 in February of last year 11,500 depending upon how you you know how you want to say it so you know Bitcoin get above there then we're gonna likely enter into like massive proof of most likely Jesus man I'm probably sounded like the biggest perma bull of all time and I you know it's it's just one of those things man trading with the trend is well makes your life a lot easier especially if you're a trader I mean I probably sounded like a perma bear during all 2018 now I sound like a goddamn from a bull well it's better to be it's better to be a dumb bull in a in an upwards market than a smart Baron and upwards market and vice versa for downwards market I mean it's a dumb bull is gonna make a lot more money than a smart Baron and upwards market and you their life's just can be infinitely easier as well VI I really want to show this this is this is a phenomenal indicator and again massive massive thank you to Bali for for now that is oh man I'm so glad they made that great for options trading as well anyways um and by the way ball you get ready for all the all the requests for that now anyways with regards to the Long's and shorts that we're looking at right now we do see shorts are really starting to pile on we bought it we got about twenty seven and a half thousand open nikich open shorts two and a half thousand you guys are open naked and that gives us about twenty five and a quarter open naked right sorry we had two and a half thousand hedge so we have 25 and 25 and a quarter opening it versus 24,000 open too long so we do have known imbalance once again in the favor of the shorts which does actually put on more pressure to the upside these people have already sold and we can actually go into the charts right now and look at these short position that's right and actually on it's a little bit more when we look at it in chart format which is actually more accurate and all these shorts have basically just shot up to the moon since the 11th of June but even even more aggressively since the what is this the 19th of June so a lot these guys are actually really trapped pretty pretty nicely right over here you know I'm guessing that these this was all the people saying this is bearish divergence bearish divergence in volume the point that the volume is so low you can't you can't be you can't be rising on low volume do you know what vote volume means it means be down-dog them like that but my point is my point is that hey volume is context-dependent and vote and and it needs to be considered within the overall formation of what we're looking at and this was just consolidation right here this was bullish and for all the people saying that oh we're buying on low volume so this how can Bitcoin be rose you know volume it's like well it's consolidating and it's a post consolidation so it's back to rise of ship ton more ash unbeknownst to them so again the volume fuckboys just as bad at the divergence fuckboys for you know for reading just one page of investopedia not understanding how these things work of course you know it's I'm being a little bit of a dick myself and I don't want to represent myself that way and I'm sure that these people are hurting enough already but my point is that these guys are trapped there Tritton they're trapped below major pivots on market as well so good luck good luck with that and in looking at this area right over here you know we have going back to the shorts to the shorts chart we have about two and a half thousand oh two and a half thousand coins short being added above you know above 9,000 right so that means that that's a lot of people to look Rene that's oh that's rocket feels for some more upside so I do think that is quite possible to have different hotels get another luckier over time you know talking about a little bit more a medium to long term price action like I said lower timeframes do you want to consolidate for a little bit but about higher time frames still actually have some juice and this this is juice right here so you know we're getting to the squeeze of this rally so typically goes you know actually you know actually you know actually buying them breakout and and then shorts you know shorts getting squeezed now now then they're gonna have to cover then the foam oh and then and then the foam which I don't even know if I don't think that we're just yet although if I do look at the crypto fear and greed index we can very easily be up foe more about it we're about at an 84 on the extreme greed read which is the highs that we've been in the past year I do think that we talk about somewhere between about I might even raise this up I think somewhere between 90 and 95 but keep in mind just because we are within this region does not immediately call top in and of itself just like when Bitcoin was in a bearish market we we got comfortable in the extreme group in the extreme fearful zone we got around here for like months other time that's in some points we can spend some time in the more critical extreme greed ranges as well in fact bull markets can you bull markets typically give are more forgiving with that than bear markets bear markets you know once it gets extremely fearful you usually see move in the opposite direction bull markets same sort of thing but you can spend more time as what I've found in my experience so again I do you think that it's worth mentioning but you know it's it's another more long-term warning sign it would say you know we've been kind of getting comfortable in this area for the last week say you're really probably not gonna spend more than like a within this area a month or two within this area without you know having a large counter-trend move so again you know from you know from a medium-term perspective as well I do think that we get that that next major shakeout move now probably probably sometime in the next couple months but yeah anyways back on to as the charts and what we have here okay so I do think it's also before we get into the alts I do you want to look at the Bitcoin network momentum and so this is kind of like the last of the fundamentals that I'm looking at to judge Bitcoin on you know getting to the next phase of the market in fact we do see that in the past prior attempts that this bull market phase right over here is actually I think it's greatly misinterpreted by the but actually the makers of this which sounds super probably super gaudy and super what's it called arrogant on my own part but let me just explain so this is the network this is the network momentum essentially represented by the brown also this is Bitcoin price action right over here if you match these ups you actually look at these you do see that in 28 2011 2012 Bitcoin was game I mentioned making higher lows but it was kind of topping out around this region right over here right that created a a resistance trendline and when we broke above it right over here that's when your real bull market began I mean this pretty much accurate extremely accurately called the bullish momentum for the next couple years going all the way up on out here you'll notice that that bullish momentum subsided almost directly right after we broke back down below this this horizontal trend line right here and for a while we were gaining you know getting much to the downside and then in 2015 we're getting much to the upside once again but look at where the low was called the low is called when this also did got back above this signal right here and after that glory times not perfectly timed but glory times you know for the next three years creating this another support trendline for this for this next one kind of anchor you know back on over here and until Bitcoin breaks back below this this marker that was just straight up essentially and if you'll notice right now even with all that bitcoins done it actually has not even broke him back above this prat this past prior this past product trendline which I do believe kind of signal is the beginning of your like truly strong phase to the up you know to the upside so I I do think that this this from a longer-term perspective it really is quite quite compelling it would suggest that we man I can't I can't say that I can't say this words but it it would suggest that we really can do some special things to the upside if and when we do get this also to back above this region right over here it is lagging in nature it certainly is lagging but you can see that we still we're still pretty far away we're still really far away it's gonna take a while for this thing to get back in this region right over here anyways that's kind of like the last of fundamental indicators that I'm really keeping an eye on let's go check out the other top coins of this markets what's mr. Bureau or what this is like my doing Oh 1:41 it looks like ticket last night and I do think that we're seeing a break to the upside here lower timeframes have confirmed believe above our area no they have not lower timeframes are still getting held by this area right over here but this is creating a nice ascending triangle and this ascending triangle does have a move towards about 150 and a quarter so if we can get a for our little close above about 140 143 what's called 140 142 143 then you I would be looking for this get hit that's gonna be a little more like this actually little bit higher than that maybe 153 would be the would be the measure move I don't over here but overall constructive and I would be rolling with this as a bullish we accumulation phase and as long as we hold up above this rising trend line right here as an ascending triangle which is currently coming in around 135 it's looking a little bit kind of is looking a bit Tapia to be fair but looking at for our historical multi percentile this thing can explore to any any given moment in time that is de stream Lima right there and that that has borne some I mean we have we haven't even seen that seen at that lone a long time last time that we saw this load was over here before this massive move up I mean this this was moved from from 60 bucks to like 90 bucks right there is what I'm talking about I mean yeah yeah we did have but we could have a whole period where it's kind of you know very very low but it did end up resulting in a move like that so litecoin might be informed about those things as well but still kind of in a waiting phase still obviously very obviously consolidating so you know give it a little bit of time but those actionable area I do think you know have some pretty powerful consequences looking at you know you know looking at daily right over here we do see taking everything off next you know yeah 153 would be the next kind of medium-term target but longer-term looks like 175 is next major area for missus like coin what about mr. bureau roll over here 313 so mr. buuder all actually hitting our first our first target right around I said 320 yesterday we hit 319 and 92 cents hey not bad measure move being hit pretty much to the tee so I do have a little bit of a lower timeframe pullback here as you can see lower timeframe lower timeframes did have a little bit of a starter step here but it is actually looking constructed within this region now do you think that mr. pewter all over all over the medium term timeframes has more to go looking at the weekly this is pretty damn strong and obviously our next kind of you know range of resistances between about 3 375 and about 400 bucks so mr. Peter all joining the party as well we're looking good there in fact lower timeframes like I said they didn't have a pullback after this measure move was hit but they looked like to want to go again for our stocks coming down yet I don't like trade against those too often but in same thing with daily to get a little bit top you there but daily our side you know trend trend still still still remaining strong so a little bit of consolidation perhaps on the lower timeframes similar to Bitcoin and still more room to go actually um let's see what else we got let's go check out link house link to inverse Toshi's okay yes this is what also what I wanted to get on so I think that we are entering it a little bit of a new phase I think that some olds are actually putting in bonds right now and we'll see that when we get to card on you and I do think that's that that link bounces back up to about 18,000 700 even with the Bitcoin dominus chart still looking bullish I do think that we're probably gonna see these vaults you know get some nice moves once Bitcoin yeah every time the Bitcoin consolidates which Bitcoin is doing right now in the lower timeframes so yeah link I'd be looking for a move back up to like 18,000 maybe 19 19,000 regions somewhere right around here I do think you know yesterday I was saying that we probably come back down in test the 50 exponential I didn't quite get there in fact nowhere near and well we got down to 15 500 yeah this one's just stronger that's what it really comes down to but let's go look at a card on your here card ownio putting a very nice what you want to call this hammer dildo is this hammer or doji whatever you want to call I don't care potentially is not sign of reversal we do have continuation the upside so if you want if if you want to judge you know a local high in local loads it's just the opposite right this is a local low right here we have a nice reversal ish type dildo in the formation of you know doji if you want to call that or hammer if you want to call it that don't care on heavy volume and then we have follow through by taking out the ups the top side of it so I do think that this one actually probably possible to like 960 maybe even maybe even 1000 satoshis and do we put in a low here actually I think that it's I think it's a possibility looking at the weekly it would not look as good but but but the daily does have a little bit to do and we do see that daily also desired me pointed back up in fact a fresh cross the upside on daily Stokes weekly gonna be doing the same thing as well so I do think that card owner might is gonna try some upside here and might actually be at a legitimate bottom right now alongside most alongside of a lot of alts actually PMB what's being be doing to be and be hit my $40 target oh man close closest thirty nine and a half bucks 39:59 if you want to get super exact I do think that this one probably well you already got the move back down at $37 here does this one give another try to the upside I think it's gonna fall whatever Bitcoin does but some dailies still okay daily our daily are sighs fine daily our size is completely fine the only way that I look for a reversal on this one is if we take below 37 in 37 bucks and 10 cents weekly looks like continuation I think this one has more to roll so you know first target of sighs I don't know this is like third or third target now 40 bucks has been hit on but I do think that we consolidate here for a little bit on the lower timeframes and probably follow in front of the try to the upside like I said though anywhere below 37 37 bucks and 10 cents I would look for a more healthy retracement back down to about $35 but for right now resilient in this region which is a good sign z cash would see how showing hayden are 1:15 target or sorry no no no no we we hit our target we hit our target earlier this week at 1:10 this one my next target is around 1:30 if I recall correctly yeah 1:35 and I do think that this one is going to be reaching that area shorter-term 1:20 would be my target you see a nice little flag out right over here in continuation this is this is good d coughs actually looking pretty damn good we do have a golden cross over here and we're above all major movements maintaining a bubble image movements more importantly bullish on this one bullish on most things in this market and again next move probably towards like 130 to 135 region B cash with peak at finally joining the party mister mister B cash and actually hidden our target of a brown 5 what was at about 5 I think I said like somewhere around the 3 7 7 yeah about 5:30 not quite there actually 5:17 and 75 cents so not quite there just yet but I do think that it hits and I do think that it gets above it as well probably up to like 600 bucks would be second target Terron cash foots Tron doing it finally baby and finally Tron Tron Tron hitting over on levels and I do think that this one does have somewhere to go a little bit of a pullback here maybe although maybe even all the way back down at three and a half cent again or a little bit above there but I do think that ultimately does try higher daily plenty of room to roll their daily RSI is plenty of room and very constructive over a long period of time weekly same thing I think that it has more to go still for sense I would say more medium-term target and above their sync and rip once again neo neo hitting our target all the way to $20 like that I think that we probably back off here a little bit maybe come back down around $16 this region and you know reconsolidate once again in the moment then we'll kind of check well do I stay with that and $16 this region yeah maybe I don't have a strong opinion this one gonna follow the rest of markets just like mostly alts yah splits eos doin mm-hmm not quite at my next target just yet I said eight dollars to two eight and a quarter somewhere right around here but it's on its way it's it's looking good here it wants to go it wants to go like most things in this market they're gonna follow Bitcoin right ripple my nipples hitting oh very very close to my next target at 52 cents 53 cents this one got up to almost 51 cents last night I do think that one ultimately does hit their moving averages on all major moving averages were above all me two moving averages we are getting divergent between the lower periods and don't we have the golden cross right over here I like that we're about to get to see the fifty crossly 377 and we also resolved this this what he want to call it sending triangle symmetrical toggle the you call it being resolved to the upside I do think that this has much move towards that 53 cent region do you think that we have somewhere to go here and overall this is gonna be this is gonna start to turn into a massive bombing information sloppiest but it does work Manero which many are doing hit are 115 target and I'd say probably probably consulting on lower timeframes right now let's check it out yeah actually right around that right around that 115 oak region and now rallying offer that's good next targets gonna be about 127 about 127 looks like stellar 13 cents whoo and finally getting up above it as well in fact resolving this bull flag to the upside so it did hit our 13-cent target do you think that our next targets gonna be about 15 cents and a little bit more longer-term around seventeen and a half sorry eighteen cents it looks like the lows of 2018 essentially so I do like influences there if you can break above about 18 cents this thing will have a massive run probably towards like 20 25 to 30 cents region litecoin we already looked at like coin and I think that's it hey nice alright so going back to Bitcoin and let's just wrap this bitch up lower timeframes lower timeframes consulting within this range right here the range that is is between about ten thousand five hundred fifty and eleven thousand 150 if we were to break to the downside do you think that we come back down to about $10,000 nanoids that happy now do you think that this one actually tries back up towards here towards 11150 but keep in mind it's it's not the lower timeframes and I'm really blown off right now the lower timeframe said not when I'm focused on it's the higher time frames the weekly and the weekly has a chance once again to close above the tops home demands which would imply continuation coming into next week so if we do close above the top crumbly band which is again 10200 then I'd probably be looking for a pullback you know maybe sometime next week first and foremost to you know maybe like ten thousand five hundred ten thousand six on whatever it ends up being we don't know dis yet until we get the next tick to test the top of the Troy new bands and then continuation off there as Bitcoin tries for new highs so and that's gonna and remember the next major resistance is right around about eleven thousand and four hundred will call at eleven thousand five hundred so that's essentially what I'm looking for coming in this next week and I'm gonna be a little bit of a waiting game today I don't think that we see too much happen today but probably just consolidation on the lower timeframes but but after we get this next weekly close which again in some way touchdown at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time I would be looking for you know some some plays once again some training plays once again so with that said I do want to wish you well on this lovely lovely lovely sunny Sunday morning over here from not Helsinki but the forests of Finland I can't even say this word because it's like it's literally got these dots on it that and don't know what the they mean and and I hope that you're doing well pray to grow Jesus pray to whatever Lord and Savior that you want but definitely pretty to grow Jesus because he is he is the one true anyways I'll leave you off that and I'll be back onto my with some more video and life through analysis looking forward to that take care and see you soon


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