Bitcoin Live : BTC Has Squared Up At $10,800. Episode 585 - Crypto Technical Analysis


2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Live : BTC Has Squared Up At $10,800. Episode 585 – Crypto Technical Analysis”

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  • Donnie Maddox says:

    The correction seems to be almost completed and we may very well have seen the dip already but it must be noted that no one can for sure say exactly where the correction took place until it has actually happened. What that implies is that there is never a better time to start piling up the coins even though logically, those who bought at say $3,800 seem to be at advantage. A level playing ground exists in trading as it presents a quicker way to turn in more coins without having to buy more. Learn to trade and do this or for a safer investment, its best to find a successful trader that gives out signals and then, copy them. Keith Ryan is one such example and in trading with his guidance, i grew 3btc at about $4,200 when i bought to 7btc in 2 weeks. There are several service providers to choose from but Keith's is the most accurate and easy to use from my experience and he can be reached by mail (*[email protected]*) or whatsapp +1518 3519039 for instruction on how to be a better investor/trader

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