Bitcoin Is The Party Over? June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Is The Party Over? June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns crypto cave it is a lovely and bright and sunny morning over here from Helsinki Finland my god the Sun not setting at all thank God for blackout curtains because holy if you've never been to the northern hemisphere well literally during the literally during the summer the Sun is up at all hours of the night 2 a.m. it's still bright and shining and it's quite the it's quite it's quite the spectacle to see anyways I do want to wish you all in this happy little Tuesday and Bitcoin so kind of in the same range that we were speaking on yesterday so it will be a little bit of a good up fall of video sorry good follow up video right here but overall not a huge move that we've seen either which way although a few signals being given so with all that said I do want to wish you well do and wish you the best the best the haps of the Happy's as we say initiate that good old teleportation I'll see you in the live scene right over here and there Bitcoin is there she is and Oliver been over for our glory right over there so dunno let's start off with the dailies daily still looking ok daily still looking at like continuation that's why I was like to start off at the higher time frames just because they do kind of help get rid of the noise that you see in the lower timeframes which can be a little bit confusing especially when you're looking at like an hourly in trying to coincide that with the daily which the hourly obviously consolidation the day the the daily quite quite quite obviously continuation as we do make new new yearly highs I believe it was yes about 9,500 tick yesterday night not necessarily getting to my TARDIS just yet but damn close stole a couple her but it's still it's still a comma there's a couple hundred bucks off it what's up by rate is that radio hopefully hopefully I'm doing the right good to meet you and pleasure to have you in here and by the way before I forget to talk about it I I wasn't I wasn't a little bit of an interview yesterday not a little bit of interview but quite a big one with Ivan on tech gray Channel great guy really highly recommend him so go check him out type in Ivan on tech on on the youtubes and hopefully it'll be the first video there but yeah really enjoy speaking with him and if you're interesting this well you might be interesting that as well we talked about all different types all different types stuff anyways so looking at the daily yes still looking like continuation of me right here just because we still see those daily soaps headed upwards non-words gaining that same to momentum the whole way through and so we do see daily RSI still looking constructive to me I know people are gonna be calling this bearish divergence it is not bearish temperance it is nowhere near bearish evidence until we actually have a confirmed local top in mind otherwise they're gonna be otherwise gonna end up like all the people trying to short every you know every dildo close up for the last week or so as Jesus Christ men here we go oh man it is it's a little bit too small to say right now Ocala good good to meet you all Gallup so yeah you know looking at the daily it does make me think that we still have some room for some ups out on the higher time frames and that's and that's a coincided by the two-day and the three to the two days shown right over here we do have a full-on bullish posture on the two day total time frame we do have the red 10 simple the above the yellow 21 above the green 50 above the cyan 89 above the purple 200 which is now above the blue 3 7 sound exponential moon average so all these things played out in a beautiful attempt we do see two days Stokes pointing back upwards and onwards which have been a damn good sign of you know of momentum especially when we get when we get the same signals sorry when we get signals on the same side of the macro trend is what I want to say and the last big signal will actually being given over here at the beginning of May which led Bitcoin up from about 5800 to 7th house Ari not not 5800 to 7000 about 5800 to 8000 before coming back down a basin on 6,000 once again and then we also saw the time before that this signal being given right over here actually sorry right over here on the 14th of March which was during this phase leading up before that first major leg up so you know these things combine with each other do you make me think that we have some room for some upside here based off the higher time frames but the rally attempt that whole you know in a hole is starting to lose a little bit more much more more momentum over time but remember over time especially on a two day total time frame that's gonna you know that's gonna count for much more you know much you know much more longer price action looking at two day RSI which I think which I would say is much more important as Elsa screams in the background we do see that yes it is probably gonna be probably going to creating some divergence at some point in time but still need to confirm a local high and right now it's just continuation the only way that we could get a local high right here is if we actually just came back down below 8800 then we could confirm that and then you yes you would have bearish evidence and probably be looking how to move back down to 7800 but again you know at the end of the day that's I'd I think that'd be quite a quite I think I think that's the less likely to happen what I think is more likely is that we get continuation here first and foremost looking at three day same sort of thing we actually just closed this guy yes no to AP Emmys during their time so it's fresh and new in the market and we do see three days Stokes pointing back up to the upside as well again this is something that we very rarely see where the where the three day Stokes will come down below the critical zone and then actually bounce from that area can it happen yes you know we've see we've seen it a couple times in history no doubt about that but very rarely does it actually happen and you will see that kind of stuff happening you will see that behavior in a strong market and again looking at the overall structure of this the only way that we did the only way that we'd be getting a you know local top here on this next to read a dollar which is again gonna count for the next three days the price I should limit we just got a new one is if we took out the low of the prior one which is 86 33 and a half I live in Mexico so I'd have a lot of work to do then yes I'd be looking at a move maybe down like 7,500 but again I just might then you know really my points that I want to you know I just want to show that if the bearish route is going to establish itself like for an actual legitimate trade a lot of work needs to be done and right now what bitcoin is kind of selling off in the lower timeframes I do just I just consider that you know just lower timeframe of volatility essentially and of course you know going over here to the weekly as well weekly looking strong me week looks fine and by all measurements of it the past week essentially essentially closing above the the dump dildo the mega dump dildo of the week prior is a damn good signal and for us to have continuation on top of that which we already have taken out the prior high at 93 or sorry about ninety four hundred well that to me is is good for a little bit more of course we do see weekly Stokes pointed upwards and onwards as well and there it is what's up man these these names it's for whatever reason my my my my interface over here is so small let me actually expand this and maybe I can rightfully welcome you in sorry about that jus apologies about that must be annoying anyways with my own stupid raspy lesbian boys anyways with the weekly chart right over here we do see weekly Stokes pointed upwards and onwards once again which you know again you will see behavior like this and strong atrani and strong training moves really the RSL that looked to to get a gauge on you know like where we are in the sexual phase the Stokes are better for you no are you no are better for like the short-term movements but training movements they're not there they're not designed for as well at least at least the way that you kind of intuitively want to look at it the weekly RSI again gonna be building some divergence here but first and foremost we need to once again sit a local high and for this time frame we don't really have a chance to do that this week I mean unless if we quite literally took out the low the week prior 7500 or sorry not even that but but but the one before that about sunny 400 then yes that then we could save such things but again you know look at this continuation of a full-on bullish motion and all of the moving averages from all the time frames from a daily which we have a full-on splayed out attempt between you know all you know that basically the rainbow of colors we got the two day right over here same thing three day right over here getting the Golden Cross has all lower periods above harpies except for the except for the symbols just saying and then of course the weekly as well which which has the ten simple above the yellow 21 above the green 50 above the cyan 89 above all above the perpetrator and not enough really not enough history for the blue 37 Sonic spent show although it is like way below here so fair enough you know it is kind of more for technicality but yeah what would would would align with below it as well so overall you know I do look at this as most likely on the higher time frames have continuations we do see that this last a rally attempt to about 9500 is kind of meeting the top of that troll under band which is now coming officially at 98 25 it looks like on bit stamp so I would look at that as potential target for you know for for an upwards push and what's really gonna dictate this next phase right here whether we're actually kind of putting in a top putting like a soft top over there we want to trend once again and and this is where I like really and I'm gonna say some crazy things right now I don't want it I don't want to be taken as like a permeable or an irrational ball anything like that you know I'm sure if you were tuned in this content just a year ago you probably thought it was in a rational bear but right now it's a little bit better time to be both anyways my points is is that um you know if Bitcoin can push this drone to ban to the upside on this next attempt if we can actually close anywhere above this and this is talking about at the end of the week when they want to close that 8 p.m. Eastern time if we can actually close above 9850 I would say that that greatly increases the chance that Bitcoin makes one of those one of those lovely Bitcoin run attempts prolly into the eleven thousands actually 11,500 would be the obvious target actually on this one it's appalling the other food but of course that is well and far away that is I only look at that if and if and when Bitcoin closes this next weekly doodle above at the talked Rhonda ban which is currently 90 98 25 so it's gonna be like 98 50 Bitcoin can close above there on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time then yes I would be looking for significantly significant more continuation to the upside and so right now we're kind of we're kind of figuring that out if we closed below it it's not necessarily a death sentence but it is something to consider that this you know my might what's what's the word that I'm looking for it might not be as strong as you know as I'm kind of considering right now anyways we do see on the daily oh that's it that the daily is actually pushing the top Tyrande bands right now so I can't just another thing saying continuation I do look for a continuation here even though when when we go to the lower timeframes now cuz I know a lot of people want to look at this the good ol cracker out of timeframes they don't you know they're not looking so strong right now but but overall you know you can see a nice consolidation being put in right over here it's just a little sending trung's what it looks like to me something like this I guess we already have it let me actually do a fresh chart here yeah G Dax and I'm going to take off everything just because we don't really need all that much but we have a very obvious trend line guidance up right here and we have this guy obviously being our resistance at force so we're kind of creating a nice little ascending triangle and I would be running with that assumption as long as Bitcoin is holding this 3 hour 21 X pension moon average if we do lose that then yes I do think that bitcoin comes back down to 89 fiftyish region right around here and basis there and probably bounce a little bit but for right now I do think that we're just riding this trend line up and creating an essentially a bullish ryouki Malaysian pattern right over here no matter which way you cut it this is what this this is kind of what it looks like to me so yes if this area does break I would be looking for isn't for us more significant downside down to the 8911 but even that doesn't really change around the higher time frames just yet so again it's it's it's just one of those things where patience gonna go a long ways here and I'd still be going to form a trend as that is your friend still and it has been for the past cheese's like six months now maybe yeah six months so going over here to the 12 ampere some of the 12 hour looks 12 are a little bit more tapash looking actually in fact the twelve hours and one that product concerns me the most right now just because 12 hour Stokes are coming down and I typically don't like trading against those those have been pretty damn good with the overall price action not only that but we do see kind of a long-legged doji total right over here being put in place so could we have a short-term reversal and still you still remain a long term bullish yeah absolutely whenever sent possible and so Jesus Christ what's going on over here there we go never mind only going absolutely crazy every hour of the day there's no rest there's no rest for the wicked you trade magic and money and the phone just doesn't stop either Jesus Christ anyways um but you gotta love it anyways you know looking at 12-hour are side you we have divergence here no we do not it's damn close oh holy it's close but no it's not necessarily in there but again you know it's it's it's just that this this would probably my biggest concern right now with the way that the overall structure looks six-hour six-hour kind of a little bit droopy here we do see six hour Stokes turn it down and I kind of losing formation as well it does make me consider that we do a little bit of downside here and do come back down and test that 8900 lever over started 8950 more accurately speaking but remember you know I really be following this trend line until until until it basically tells you not to essentially and that is this guy going up right over here gonna be gonna be best represented by the three hour 20 when I spent Truman average this yelling we would have at right over here so that's what I'd be looking at yes this is an ascending triangle so we can't make a measurement based off that and what's up what's up the US Berlin or lick good Berlocq hey what's up man good to meet you and pleasure to at to welcome you to the cave we do a mesh movie made on this guy right over here where would that be pointing towards it would be pointing towards right in the middle of our next target area right about a hair below 10,000 so you have multiple things pointing in this area we have the measure move off this ascending triangle right over here pointing towards a little bit north of 10,000 we have what looks to be a cup and handle you know on the smaller time frame is right over here pointing up to about ninety seven hundred and then we now have this sunny trunk about over here in this smaller version of this pointed up to about ninety nine hundred so all just kind of sprinkle within this area that's why I like to make zones of profit-taking and and of course you know I do you think that there's gonna be a lot of eyes on this region just by the nature of it being the the glorious 10,000 level right you know you have the nine thousand Vegeta Mimi's but ten thousand that's five digits baby that's five digits and halfway to moon boobs so you can't stop right there and everyone's gonna get quite excited and I would and and for good reason right but my point is that when everyone's looking at the same area when everyone's kind of talking about the same thing in several and it's on everyone's minds i well typically one of two things happens we either get front ran meaning that so we probably hit just the lower end of the range which we already got pretty close to be fair we already up to nine ninety five hundred but I do think that there's probably a little bit more there or or we get over shot and get shot you know past the blue box or just you know north of ten thousand and liquidate all the people who think they're going to be geniuses or heroes shorting the ten thousand region which I don't that there's gonna be too many around that area yes you do have your prior swing highs from May 2018 right over here let me just make this right there we go yeah May 2018 right over here at ten thousand and we also do have we don't really have like a major fib in this region in fact the fit that we do have is currently stifling us right around the 94 fiftyish region which we which you can cancer consider that we tested both yet or sorry two days ago and then yesterday as well or so no no sorry yesterday and also today yes you know both kind of tests in this region and rejected so far by the 3a – but holy moly man what's up Pete pizza pizza good to meet you pizza Collins good to meet you Pete our side cone coin haha pizza coin there we go we need some pizza on the block shame too bitch a mom Jesus Christ anyways so you know with all these sorts of things you know we do have some technicals along with this area as well which I do like obviously a volume profile suggesting you know suggesting some activity within this region if we do pull it out just a little bit and let's just take everything off and kind of get it naked right there yeah the last of the higher-value nodes are kind of stuff within this region and of course once once the coin actually gets above 10,000 a its rip city above here there's really not too much stopping you um you know when Bitcoin was stuck at this higher value node right over here you saw a price that can move out like a snail's pace right and then you saw it get stuck in this area right over here it moved a little bit slower as well and this kind of stutter step right here but even then I would still say it's quite it's it's moving quite fast and more importantly compare this sort of activity with what we're looking at right over here and you're gonna see much more volatile movements if and when Bitcoin does get into this region which is essentially you know anywhere above officially speaking about 12,000 there's it's it's you're gonna see you're gonna see some crazy moves once again not just to the outside but also the downside the books are likely gonna be soon they're all they already feel quite thin I mean you see you know sometimes you see like ticks of like 10 to 20 dollars it's insane what's going on right now I mean these markets are liquid as and that can certainly create some massive problems anyways with regards what we're looking at right over here hmm I do want to go back and check out CMI's go on the daily right over here we do see CMI's looking a little bit more topping certainly a little bit more talking than what we looked at on spot but I do I do put more weight on this fact that CMI's basically had a gap up to start the week that to me is massively bullish on at least for this week now of course you know an island gap in on the gap itself would be quite bearish but for right now it's a gap up so I give the nod to that first and foremost and if we do come back down obviously 8500 from more medium time for perspective is gonna be an area of consideration if Bitcoin does break that area sorry a Bitcoin does come back down to that area it probably would be a bar just in confluence with where we kind of put in that nice gap and ended on Friday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time right over here on June 14th so a Bitcoin do you come back down around here that'd be probably buying opportunity for at the very least to balance for myself by the way full transparency I do have I don't really have any positions open my stream account still I just I've been felt like I've evident felt like I've gotten my trades that I wanted to get if you were if you were on the live stream last night you saw him be kind of miss miss and miss yeah another you know another trade my bad for not preparing well well in advance but I wanted to buy I wanted to buy like 90 60 or 90 or that ninety eighty ticket ated way too much and again bad on my part paying a little bit too much attention to these streams and nama trading but but overall you know with my stream account it's not main priority it's my main account of my men is my main priority and that one is a little bit long right now from about about the same level actually about 90 50 90 90 100 US regions somewhere peppered in there and I'm holding that long with it with the natural stop-loss just right below the low of this total right here at 90 55 very very very simplistic trading right there if we do lose this area I would have managed that we do move further down below 9,000 so yes I you know that that is my pivot I'm pretty happy with that just because it's very very close my entry is extremely close to the position or sorry the price action that I that I have to see in order to know that I'm wrong on calling that so again you know looking at this setup I do still I do so kind of give the nod to the to the upside just by the nature of that but if we do start to again violate this area right here then I'm gonna be looking at sub 9000 and probably at that point in time do come back down to fill the gap around 8,500 and that's where I'll be looking for my next position but for right now still too early to really call any of this you know it's been it's been kind of a boring analysis for the past few days just because we're seeing what we spoke about for over like the last week and a half to two weeks play out now so it's just it's been happening at kind of like a slower pace which is fine I mean sometimes marks want to move like that it's completely okay but again just provides a little bit of patience a little bit a little bit of faith in the good old bulls over there which after a year and a half of them completely letting everyone down and and doing all that well you couldn't match them there's gonna be some there's some battered bull syndrome in the Worlds let's go check out gbtc GBC closing the day up pretty damn good clothes actually but did closed a little bit like a shooting star actually on the daily and we do not have new highs on gbtc either I believe we closed our sorry we got two 1258 on that day and we got to 1237 on this day yes so no new highs on gbtc in fact looking at the weekly I this one this one looks a little bit more talky to me actually gbtc would be a little bit more leaning towards coming back down here to that 11 and 15 cent region but still you know I I do think that it is appropriate to I do think that it is appropriate to be a little more laid-back here and like I said I'm not aggressive with my positions right now is I don't believe that this is the time to be aggressive with positions but this is the time to be kind of letting them roll if you if you were already long adding in this region is difficult just because managing is still mmm you're gonna have to have a little bit more of a risk appetite right now with the obvious errors to manage on at least at least the obvious areas that you know that I'd be mentioning so yeah you know again kind of wrap it up on the lower timeframes hourly just creating its own little ascending trunk right over here I would I would still run with his assumption as long as we follow this trend line and our closing you know our Lee's our leads especially but our sorry our Lee's but but more importantly 3-hour dildos back above this it's yellow chi 21x pension moon average as i started from my words man i did not sleep well last night i'm telling you the sun outside it's too much like even with the blackout curtains it's still it's still like it still gets through just takes a little bit man and an hour i think our brains are so hard well jus just hardwired she just sense sense of light and then immediately turn on so you know your might awake at 3:00 a.m. great great one crime anyways stop complaining to people out there yeah that's probably just annoying anyways go check out the the long since short some at all we do see long's at about um almost 24,000 open longs versus shorts which have climbed up a little bit more towards 25 and a quarter paying a decent rate now actually not point out three par percent versus not point about five five percent for the longs that would put a little more pressure on to the upside we do see about 800 guys are head so 24,000 open naked shorts versus basically basically about the same on the lungs so we do have a we are pretty much at parity but as you can see both sides are kind of building themselves up right now so there is gonna be rocket filled for for you know for a big move out say as we can see these aggregate numbers get up to 40 40 thousand plus you know plenty of times in history so that would suggest that if either side doesn't want to throw down they can do that and and it will move the market absolutely and as we do kind of you know stack more and more people on top of the pile right here you would imagine that even just small moves outside this range anywhere below 9,000 or above 9,500 you're gonna start to get the liquidation engines rolling again so that's pretty much essentially our range no no no matter which way you kind of cut this baby i do think that you know you can look at this as an ascending trunk that's what the bowls are looking at this like if you're looking at this mmm from like a divergence aspect you probably you are starting to see them formulate on the lower timeframes but i do think that if you want to make it you know if you want to simplify it's very obviously this trend line right here kind of holding the the lower timeframes support 8900 this this trend line right over here 9350 are obvious resistance some we have but you know we have a median trendline committed right over here obviously that is not as important but a true this formation right here but a breakout of either one of these sides these ranges will lead to that next leg if it is to the downside to be looking for a move down to about 8,500 if it is to the upside above 90 350 I'd be looking for a move towards our next target like 9700 9800 region and reassess from there so we are getting damn close within this whole formation we do see the hourly historical volatility percentile starting to cool down a little bit more but it's actually not really giving us a full on signal I'm curious what time frame we kind of show any and any activity really populating that's for hour that's three hour what about a tower a tower kind of still down 12 hours still so training down daily still training down so yeah you know we're gonna have to go to the very low timeframes to get an idea of what's going on here and even the 30 minute and the 15 minute not showing us all that much so what's more more than likely to happen here than anything else in my opinion is just more consolidation all the lower timeframes what it kind of shows us higher time frames still still kind of you know in you know in the mid space so looking at the lower timeframe some would say that's this you know this is this consolidation probably likely to keep on you know following through and filling out this space especially as long as we follow this trend line right over here I would say that this is more than likely a bullish a bullish consolidation the second that we break this trend line right here I widowed I would say this is you know gonna be more than likely a bearish consolidation and if we break in this trendline right here it'll be confirmed as a bearish consolidation with a target of about 8500 same thing for the Bulls all they have to do is just just hold this trendline right here and break out of 93 52 the upside and I'll be looking at you know targets a little bit higher towards again 97 and 98 and that's kind of what's at stake right now so we can do all the mention masturbation on the higher time frames on the lower timeframes all that good stuff but at the end of the day it's gonna come down to that you know those specific triggers and that's essentially how we kind of position myself although I'm not too intent on taking new trades within this region what I'm more intent on is looking at the higher time frames and kind of judging the next big areas to be aware of and looking at the monthly right over here we do see that the get this out of the way that is annoying ah there we go anyways looking at the monthly we do have our first higher on the monthly the first one in in over a year and a half at some point in time we will come back down instead of higher low but I don't be that happens anytime soon me to first put in a local high here then create a downtrend and then create essentially the higher low so it'd be the closest three months I suppose and and even then I mean that's like the most aggressive route there that's like a straight line taken there is it gonna be like that I'm not I'm not quite sure about that especially when I look at the also does here the monthly Stokes pointed upwards in erect I always do when I remind myself so this for the general macro direction bias and we do see daily our side getting back above this white exponential as well which should accurately call it bullish momentum in 2014-2015 both of those things actually got them pretty much perfectly right around here in October for the for the RSI and right around July for the for the Stokes which actually did have a little bit of a rejection here but but ultimately once both those things aligned we did see the bullish momentum really start to you know lift off and and take this bitch to new highs so with all that in mind I do want to check out missus litecoin how she doing how's that beautiful bitch over here 131 and quarter monthly by the way from it's like when looking very powerful very very good weekly looking looking good as well to me three-day did we close a good three day uh three days a little bit more iffy three days certainly more if he I I'm not a big fan of this three-day right here the three day does look like it could very easily come back down to about one twenty two region today same thing same even same target about one twenty three daily same thing once again again it's this this one's a little more difficult but yes we do still see higher time frames bullish what's up what's up Brett love good to meet you man good a be in the cave you know we do still see that right but let's go to the lower timeframes and see how they look for a second because bitcoins still kind of holding in there does does missus litecoin pull through as well well we can chart we've tried this one out no doubt about that and we have a very obvious support trendline right over there and then we have this declining resistance trend line right over here and we're basically looking at a nice little consolidation coming off of you basically coming off of a parabolic for how he attempt essentially so you know trades can be taken off this area if we do break back above 136 I would be looking for a move back to the top of the range 144 region plus by the same token support right around 128 if 128 breaks to the I'm looking for a move back down to the low 120 s 122 would be the would be kind of like the median of the target but as long as long as were within this range I wouldn't really have a bias yes some of the higher time frames are actually looking like we do want to come down here but the very high time frames like the macro time frames are still bullish so does that imply that you know we come down and then and then that's gonna be a by yes that's kind of what that implies so I would be putting more more weight on Bitcoin right now just cuz the Bitcoin does move to the upside do you think that like point pulls through here and probably you know takes the takes the takes the northern route but again like when it's kind of had her move right she's already moved up 600 percent off the lows I believe it was let's just kind of measure this one out yeah about five hundred twenty percent off the low is pretty good man pretty good in fact we do see a similar activity in in the past prior mark cycle we're a bit we're sorry missus litecoin ride something like um yes I'm like off the lows right over here some insane amount now it depends if you take wicks or not if you're taking wicks and it's about eight hundred thirty two percent let's let's do bodies for a second just because that's gonna be a little more accurate three hundred eighteen percent okay all right that makes a little more sense so we've actually done month more from what from a body to body perspective actually a note that is significantly more powerful yeah this one about four hundred thirty four percent just body to body not not not what's included so we do know that this is kind of within misses like coins you know first first first mover historical advantage I suppose you could say does that line up with Bitcoin you know you know essentially uh does that mean that we're still gonna see them you know coupled together probably again we see BIC Y stars we see missus like when go into a face of consolidation after that basically you know still still respecting the breakout obviously but coming back down to read to retest it a couple of times so perhaps that would be considered maybe down around here right around the $93 region but again I'm a little bit undecided on this I do think that's less less important than just watching the actual price action especially with regards to Bitcoin is that one does seem to lead especially right now we do see mr. beter all did we have new hives in mr.peter all maybe maybe maybe not um our prior high was to 89 spot for two high yesterday or so high a few days ago was to 80s not quite there just yet but I do think that this one is flagging out I do you think that it's basically getting a foreign move ready for a move probably towards $400 overall more medium-term speaking but looking at the weekly very someone who missed a Bitcoin from Stokes crossing back up we basically just bought up the the past prior week we do have a bullish cross on these guys right over here although we do not have the green 50 and thus an 89 but they are converging elite other blue which would suggest that that trend is strengthening to the upside looking at daily dailies dailies a little bit scary here dailies a little bit scary here I I'm not a fan I'm not a fan of the way that the daily looks right here 12-hour just coming back down to the red tension but I would not be surprised if this thing came back down to 161 I don't you know I Wow while I think medium to longer term it's well it certainly is bullish along with Bitcoin you know shorter term I kind of be looking for a little bit of a pullback here we do see daily so still still got plenty of room to roll but lower timeframes are really looking extended oh you know overextended and tired so 12 hour down to 4 hour yeah both these guys you know still riding up to 21 but man I I do feel I do feel like it's certainly possible to make another stab a temp down in low to 60 region not I wouldn't be as bullish on this one in fact this one I wouldn't be bullish on it until we actually see check should really see just the prior high being taken out at 289 and a half then I'd be looking for that next leg up to you know more accurately speaking and you know deep into the 300s but there will be points of interest before that obviously we do have let's go back to the daily for a second here we do have two about $300 it's a point of interest then above that we have about three what is this three 20 and then above that that then we can talk about you know 360 to $400 but for right now I'm still looking constructive all you know owner high timeframes but lower timeframes quite tired so I do I would be cautious here let's go check out cz coin where is he where's my good old cz I trust you cz yeah making us way up towards our target of 35 and a half bucks not bad what do I think now do I think that we get some more continuation here we do us we were actually headed down on the daily Stokes funnily enough but we're right at resistance so this this is a pretty easy one to trade if thirty five and a half dollars breaks on maybe even like a four-hour double time frame let's go over here and see what it's saying yeah I've been on a 4-hour I'd say that okay anywhere above they're gonna be looking for the next leg towards 38 bucks yeah bout about 38 bucks looks looks about right although we might expand that 38 to 40 dollars I would say would it be about right I mean this one is looking constructive this one is looking good on the lower timeframes the higher time frame is not as much actually funnily enough three-day three-day looks three day looks good it's just the daily looks a little bit droopy three day to day both fine weekly fine yeah I do think that this one is is bullish and does and does push for new highs actually let's see what else we got let's go look at link actually I've added a link to the to the playlist just because link has been your perennial winner I don't know anything about this I think it might link chains or something like that but if you put it right over here daily still constructive we were bullish on it yes now it's still be bullish on it today 12-hour looking fine to me just round off the red 10 simple all higher time frames still looking like they want a little bit more continuation here that's two day three day both just both just want more is what it looks like weekly Stokes this is where I start get a little more bullish on this one or more suppose you could say ads they just crawl their way upwards and onwards I mean very very powerful this one's literally going parabolic right now powerful powerful link powerful link e link and for hours just a nice little flag we do have a mesh mood to beat able to be taken off this and we could do something like this and apply this area right over here and if we do get the next leg up I'd be looking at oh my god I'm gonna turn into like a Lynx maximalist but nice psychological luck so night a nice light Claude to look nice lol no that's sorry can't speak again I I really don't feel like I slept well last night so I do apologize about some of my slurred words but thirty thousand searches what I'd be looking at night except this water cuz I'm damn thirsty ah-ooh highly professional with that beef burp over there so yeah I would still be bullish on that one car Johnny Oh still bad bad close on the daily if this thing pops back up to 10 20 that's gonna be resistance now not a fan of the way that this one's looking at way though that a lot of alter looking the second that car Johnny or takes out 980 to the downside and we will see likely 860 area retested once again it's a higher eight hundredths to lower and I know just what I would say but overall you know just know they just looking like another lower high in the in the overall series of many lower highs not a big fan of what this one's doing right now especially the last daily total clothes boy weight that a kind of switch around or this one is if we could actually close a daily back above this this blue box territory right here ooh okay there comes let's see BMV where ever looked at that one GBC we looked at that z cash Z cash hitting art 105 target 106 target not bad hey there you go sometimes that technical analysis works the magical crystal balls spinning they're spinning their webs towards 106 and there you go target hit I do think that this one probably has it maybe a little bit more to go let's go back to the daily Dan mm-hmm no I I don't like being long into this area right here I was gonna say that that I think this one has more you know more room to go I'd have to pull back from saying that no I disagree with myself that just could I had a conversation with myself and I disagree now yeah you know I do think that's anywhere between about 106 and 110 it's gonna be the top of this run right here and then we're gonna consolidate a little bit lower but we are gonna be having the Golden Cross on this one relatively soon maybe I do change my mind that what I can say a little more a little more steadily is that if you do see this thing break above 111 and close it daily above there we're gonna see much much higher than that if that were to happen I'd say one 150 to 160 would be the next target and we'll reassess after that but so that this one is starting to really look like it wants to turn around and and weakly looking good month you look good in daily looking good actually well daily looking like you know a little bit of resistance but higher time for it's fine be cash what's he doing laggard right now certainly laggard ins in this market full-on rejection right at our horizontal at 4:45 probably coming back down to 408 410 region I do you think that this one has downside of the more media time frames Tron cash um a little bit of a rejection here after our first target was hit at 30 34 and a half cent or sorry three spot four or five seven but I do think that we're just coming back down here to create a little bit of a base and I do you still consider this an overall constructed behavior I do you think this one's bullish actually still looking at weekly weekly is okay even if weekly came back down to three three spot one cent I would be a buyer there I actually kind of like that three day looks like it's just coming back down to support same thing with two day right here in fact a little bit more so in daily right over here you know kind of like this setup and I do you think that I still think that we actually hit our target of not point out three five eight three five nine whatever the you want to call looks like it wants some more neo wants them down probably back down to 13 and a quarter EOS quits Yas doing EOS looking a little bit droop droopy droop as well uh say 686 82 683 what else we got x RP x RP actually I think it's actually finally initiative the breakout yeah there we go I think that x RP probably does come back down to test like 30 F sorry 43 cents but I'm bullish on this one man this one's broken out to the upside we have a golden cross right over here the green 50 and the purple 200 we're above all major moving averages and resolve this a sunny this Sariah symmetrical trongo to the upside this does have a measure move all the way up towards 52 and a half to 53 cents I you know I like what I'm seeing here I do you think that ripple has some room to run after a little bit of a pullback in the lower timeframes we see looks weakly looks good week looks fine what about Manero Manero cash doing uh do we have some new highs I think we know not quite but damn close narrow looking looking a little bit on the stronger side I do you think this one wants continuation here I do you think that this looks overall constructive and and I and I do think healthy so yeah you know next next targets gonna be somewhere around 150 no region looking at 12 hour with 12 hours saying if we can get it to load 12 hours a little bit top e here if this one does pull back target would be 92 spot eh you'll notice that's pulling back if we take out the low the prior twelve hour at ninety five and a half bucks stellar is still flagging out still flocking out with ripple with ripple my nipples doing its thing I do it did hit our 13 cents target hey not bad know that know that already got hit days ago that's that's not mean I started my next target is 13 and a half cent and then 15 cent my do you still think it's constructive do you still think it's flagging out but taking his time obviously with ripple moving I do think that this one does kind of fall when it's footsteps if it comes back down to 12 spot 3 8 probably actually if I were trading this I might even consider buying to bounce him let's see what else we got 4 out of 4 hour time frame yeah 4 hours a little bit more droopy probably comes back down to 12 and a half maybe and that's pretty much it what about traditional market spy spy still flagging out I really don't have any strong opinion on spy right now it's not you know I think the easiest way to trade this is just watching the weekly but I don't feel like I've had a good a good grip on traditional markets this past week and we do see that there is a very obvious trade here but it's gonna take a little bit of patience do we take out the higher the low of this doji dildo on the on the weekly prior so whether it's 291 a spot for to the upside or 287 spot a 2 to the downside those are gonna be the big triggers if we do take it out to the upside first I'd be looking for a move to the prior hive at around 295 and probably beyond that be considered extremely strong if we do check out the low then I'd be looking for a move back down to about 284 283 which is what I was looking for to happen last week but this action being very recently in this region as all these movement averages are given a time to kind of you know a time to kind of catch up start looking better actually starting look a lot better so um you know I kind of I kind of sit back from making any sort of decisions there what's up hey what's up Jay good to meet you as well man and good to meet all the new people here a pleasure as always to welcome to people in this lovely cave there's plenty of room for everyone nice and comfortable there's it's there there's there's also there's all sorts of things all sorts of surprises in the secret ta room anyways yeah so you know tradition markets I do think that it's worth waiting on you know just seeing the resolution of this range right here whichever way that one breaks that's that's gonna be your next year you're next you're next nice little direction and we do have to be aware of the monthly close and in the next 10 sorry 12 days or so I'm not close like this was gonna be pretty damn good this is that I'm still gonna hold off on saying anything you know crazy just yet but traditional markets could be setting up there I mean that's that's been such a whip man that has been such a whipsaw and very difficult to get if you've been trading traditional Marx and especially spy on top of that I tip my hat's off to you I did not like trading spy because there's so many games played especially with the especially with the stock that has I mean basically an ETF that has you know by Bleakley expirations there's a lot of games are gonna be played there anyways looking at Bitcoin once again I don't think that we talk about the fear and greed index we do see that we're at and it weren't more extreme greed levels around an 83 this is a little bit more of a top yesh area so you know again is it is the time to be more conservative in this region I would say that's you know it certainly wouldn't hurt although I do think that it has a little bit of room to get higher towards 85 to 90 I think that that's where this this next top gets put in but in 83 I mean it's just a couple of ticks below that so mm-hmm I think I'd still be kind of holding out what the former trend still you know still let it being a friend it hasn't proven you wrong just yet it's gotten damn close but it hasn't done it just yet and again the higher time for him still do you take presidents and I do want to remind myself that the daily the two day the well the weekly and the three-day all looking fund me and of course the monthly as well so higher time frames still bullish lower timeframes do we see this pullback get a little more nasty I think I'll just have to leave you off with exactly what I started this this you know this guy with and it is this simple right here we have three we have three trend lines that matter we have this one in the upside at about you could say maybe um you could say maybe 9350 we'll call it 93 50 right here we have this rising trend line right here diagonal coming in right around 90 150 and then we have this yellow 20 my x-men Truman average coming in right around here which you probably could make decisions off of although the obvious official way is gonna be this horizontal right here at about 89 89 2080 930 whichever one of those breaks first I mean is gonna be your next big macro direct or not now your macro direction but your but your short-term to medium-term timeframe direction if we do break 93 it's actually 93 25 to the upside close like a 4-hour dole above there I would be looking for that next egg like to be taken towards 97 to 98 by the same token if we do break this rising trend line right here that's gonna be your first warning signal but not a signal in and of itself although a scalp attempt perhaps down to this 8950 issue agen if this area breaks however then I would be looking for the flush down to about 85 region where I'd be looking for a bounce there and I would be looking to be a buyer there and that's kind of what I'm holding out for if that does if that does 10:00 or happen to happen I suppose to use a redundant word but yeah you know that essentially what I'm looking at right over here no more compeiied in that all the all the rest is just mental masturbation as far as trades go that's that's basically help you base my next trade off of spend a nap sleep unspeak with you on this lovely little Tuesday a nice little Taco Tuesday in progress I'll be signing off now but I do believe that we'll have time for a stream later I'm not sure if I'll have time for a stream but I think I should have a time for a stream Witter do you have to take care of a few things first but if all goes to plan I should be on I should be on at the regular time maybe a little bit later to do to do the ceremony so with all that said I do want to wish you all in this lovely little Tuesday and I will see you as soon


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