Bitcoin Give Way To LITECOIN (Extremely Powerful)! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin Give Way To LITECOIN (Extremely Powerful)! June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well tell everyone happy Wednesday welcome back to us no Kraus magical well well well welcome back once again it's a lovely little hump day over here from healthy good filming today actually and a little bit of the colder weather as well so I'm pretty happy about that got the blackout curtain so I was able to get a good night of sleep and it's made all the difference so I do want to wish you well in this nice little hump day that's beautiful Wednesday as you get through as you get halfway through your week but again that means absolutely nothing your crypto currency traders so that means there isn't there is no sleep there is no weekend it's 24/7 market it's electric it never sleeps it never it's never down bitch my my mom my mom just died Bitcoin never dies long-long bitcoins short the bankers there you go anyways of course as always want to be wishing the want to be where she well want to be what she the best the best the have the happiest we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin Bitcoin is started struggle its way along and with that said let's initiate the good old teleportation and I'll see you in the live scene and there she is Bitcoin and all of her massive glory and you can see that Bitcoin has regained the yellow 21x pension moon average and also the red temple which actually have actually have initiated a bearish cross on these too but this is probably gonna be probably be throwing a lot of people for a loop right now as Bitcoin it's just kind of been you know slugging its way along for the past week or so you know within this range and nothing's really changed of course these blue boxes that we've been that we've been kind of monitoring for the past week unchanged and realistically where most people get this wrong is they'll try to interpret what's going on with within the lower timeframes within this whole whole grand scheme right here but looking at this right here you can see very openly and very honestly and very clearly that they coins not done anything major it hasn't broken the range as of just yet so what is the overall general bias what do you you know what are you supposed to think in times like these neutral you're supposed to be neutral and I wanted very adamant about saying that because so many people are trying to force trades within this range and there's really been no major directional trades to be to have been made yeah of course trading supporting distance which in my opinion it's the bread and butter the game is has been quite Krakow for the past week or so I mean just by just buying this blue box and selling this blue box pretty damn simple it's not sexy you're not gonna you know you're not gonna see too many people talking about it hey it works ma'am and myself haven't been trading actually all that much myself just cuz I've been focused on the other things right now but I've just been keeping it flat and realistically that is all I intend to do now if I did have to lean away here I would actually be leaning a little bit to the upside in the more media terms as we were speaking about yesterday you know likely to bounce off the four sorry after for our children next bench we would average this purple children purple tone in the moving average right over here and Bitcoin you know just being resilient within this range yes we do seem like we're gaining a little bit momentum to the upside it is start and look a little bit more like look a little bit like Rio cumulation here but again maybe perhaps the best thing to say is that it's a little bit too early to say and more importantly you don't need to be taking trades in here if you're not the only come to which of you know of which I hope have a been extremely direct in saying that I do not and that's completely fine I'm happy to sit back and wait and pounce on the next obvious trade the next the next easy trade so to speak and you know in exchange for not point out my hair and in rubbing my my peen war with sandpaper right now looking at this price action trying to figure out what's going on and again it's just this simple you can do all of the mental masturbation that you want until they actually break one of these blue boxes there's no major there's there there are no major changes to be made in just one second as I as I figure out where I've quit something over here I believe it's somewhere in there but if not it's in my backpack sorry about that a little bit of a little bit of a technical difficulty over there but overall you know we are gonna see lower timeframes swishing back up to bullish as well and so if I did have to lean away here I would actually say I would actually say to the upside would you see for our Stokes warning to cross back up to see outside but more importantly to me is the 12 hour and the 12 hour showing momentum being gained and also just regaining the red 10 symbol and the green 50s potential moon average and and if we to regain the yellow 21 on this next take I would be bullish off that and I do think that we break this blue box to the upside if that were to happen but remember we are still about 5 hours and 32 minutes away from confirming that so a lot can happen between now and that time so a little bit to you know again just a little bit too early but we do see 12 hours folks headed upwards and onwards we do you see daily Stokes having a fresh crust across the upside and heading upwards as well so I really don't like to try to get those two when I see them confluent with each other and we also see lower to like kind of what I look as the ambassador of the lower timeframes of the medium timeframes the 4-hour also crossing back up and more importantly looking at moving averages we do see that it's regain all these guys right over here so I would say if I did have to lean to a direction or side of direction I would be leaning into the upside breaking this break from this blue box the upside if that does happen you the next area of interest is technically gonna be I mean technically it's right here it's gonna be right around about 30 80 2025 right right here now this is obviously a little bit too yes it's this guy right here it's obviously gonna be a little bit too close for liking an actual change of behavior in my opinion do you think that bitcoin if it breaks to the upside of this blue box we don't we don't just get here we get actually higher but I would be looking for a short-term pullback within that region what's more likely to happen is that we actually do have a little bit of a mesh mood we may not som like this and not to exact but it but for our purposes it will work well it what kind of forces up into about the 85 point of this region and again you know while I do think that we'd have a short-term pullback there on the very low timeframes if Bitcoin does get back to this region it's free skies back up to this 8850 or like 80 788 50s region over time so keep in mind how all of these lower timeframes interrelate to the medium of the higher time frames just because with you know with this they're getting taken out yeah there's gonna be trades the lower timeframes in between for little scalps but overall the general feeling of this is gonna be a it's gonna be one massive period of riah cumulation which likely over time would actually be the impetus for leading Bitcoin on into the mid 9,000 to 10,000 so again I I want to be very reserved and how I kind of resent these sorts of things because while that is the case for the Bulls and what I would be looking for and technically what kind of should I say this right now should I say that I'm leaning towards that I don't know if I should say that just because it's higher time frames I still like not how our time comes I still not looking too good like like two day three day weekly but if that does happen it certainly opens up the road for the Bulls now about the same tone if we do break this this blue box territory to the downside that's gonna imply a lot more nasty things because something that very few people are talking about right now is the death cross on the 4:00 hour which you know typically speaking I don't put too much weight on the lower timeframes especially on simple moving average crosses but the reason why I put weight on some wound average crosses is mainly because they have carry on over into some of that matters significantly more to me which is a exponential moving average cross and you can see of the past history of the for our death and golden cross the blue represented by the fifty simple and the white represented by the two hundred simple has had some pretty damn good history for Bitcoin even on the simple side but during periods of consolidation and trend change it will give it will give bad signals like you saw right over here it's tell me you know it's telling you to be a buyer technically speaking you actually do you know get get a decent rate in from about 3700 to 4,000 at that time that's you know more than a 10% move based off those numbers but you do see that you know soon after that date you be the death cross once again and it was until we got that second going across where you actually got the bullish momentum and that's to be expected during long during long periods of trends so even though Bitcoin does have the death cross technically right now I actually don't look for it to really play out right now what um what uh what I view it as is kind of like a warning signal and if if and when we do get the death cross along the for our Exponential's which is actually nowhere near happening right now then yes I would be a little bit more ready for some for some prolonged downside low 7,000 becomes legit become becomes a significant and immediate target like 71 is 7200 just in this region right around here and then what kind of reassess if and when we do get there and talk about lower targets after that if it's appropriate but for right now Bitcoin you know firing off a warning symbol saying that momentum is weighing that moment is you know it's certainly been lost but but but but depending upon how Bitcoin kind of reacts on the lower timeframes and again first and foremost looking at the blue boxes here that that takes over all presidents so bitcoins gonna get you know bitcoins gonna get a legitimate chance here and and I do think that it is certainly worth mentioning that Bitcoin has regained at the tornadic sorry the tone it simple rather well which I would put a lot of weight on as you know as well so that would be from the higher top of our site that that would be from the for out perspective let me get these bad guys back on let's get these disgusting symbols out of my face once again discussing you did gross get out of there and yeah that would be suggesting that you know the momentum is waning so does that also mean that we can't have another run-up we can't have another run-up but it would be a cautionary signal if you've seen in the past that has been a damn good indication of the overall trend you know finding that fine you know finding the sunna pinpoint and essentially wanting to you know firing up a flare saying hey caution while this one can have another move up you know i wouldn't i wouldn't be getting too aggressive here so that's my big point and remember it takes a long time for it to play out more importantly you know when we were looking at the past prior death crosses and golden crosses you know in the interim during the consolidation period that's that was represented by about two to three months right two to three months which is a significant amount of time so we're just getting our first signal right here but I would I wouldn't be saying in the next few months that is going to that uh that that likely is going to incite a pretty nasty pullback but again these sorts of things have been quite tricky recently and the worst thing that you can do in a very irrational market is be a rational player saying it's not up enough already I don't think it can go up any more that'd be irrational would be weird and well unfortunately fam well that's not typically not not been my experience with how these things work so yeah now speaking of that we spoken a lot to the Bulls case right here and and yes it does it does to Zubat deserve its due diligence and of course more importantly we've said from the get well not from the get-go but but ever since we got into this like early June area right over here that this privilege shown in exponential moving average as long as make points writing that that baby to the upside there is zero reason to be to be looking for downside traits we can talk about mental masturbation to the downside like seven thousand seven 172 hundred you know and even lower than that into the mid to low 6000 but until this area breaks I mean that's just your first gatekeeper and still standing strong so overall these sorts of things need to be really really heavily considered so you don't get swap swapped are swept up by the feet by the perma bowls and the perma bears the perma bowls who are always saying Bitcoin bitcoins never been better bitcoins going to ten billion today and you better you better buy an hour cry or a permit Barris you say Bitcoin bitcoin is a scam it's a point it's a Ponzi market or whatever the they say and it is and if you're if you're buying now you're stupid because we're going down to $1 and me and then even negatives after that so so off all right usually very you know but both are wrong and I'd say if if if if whoever out there is calling this a head and shoulders they are drastically wrong they are wrong they're wrong them if you're looking at this as the head and shoulders I would strongly suggest that this is well that you're just wrong with that this is not a head and shoulders the reason for that being is that the overall structure is wrong and more importantly this right shoulder or what would be the right shoulder / verbally speaking have dragged on for a little bit too too long and we do want to see some symmetry within these sort of things if they are actually gonna play out and of course more importantly what the head and shoulders don't tell you sorry the head and shoulders highly esteemed analysis don't tell you is that in overall trends when you're talking about a very strong trend counter trend patterns actually have a very low degree of playing out especially the head and shoulders which has been documented has been measured in encrypted her insulin now do you believe it's below 40 percents it's definitely below 40 percent and I think it might be even below 30 percent hit rate if my memory serves me correctly it's somewhere around twenty three to twenty four percent for counter trends so we're talking about macro trend which is to the upside we're getting a bearish head and shoulders or what would be a bearish heaven shoulders yes that is typically a set up for a very very low hit if it was if it was with wit there was with macro trend aka to the downside then yes it would be around 60 to 70% which is pretty you know pretty good but for right now again IQ don't put that much weight on it or not or not any weight at all on a potential head and shoulders here we also just don't have an well-defined neckline which which certainly should you know which is kind of like a centerfold piece of something like this and and again you know the second that Bitcoin gets back above you know 8400 and sherea yeah about 8400 than that then that whole idea goes completely out the window and the way that our kind of all centers are situated right now we got that daily so it's pointed back up we got daily RSI looking constructive within this region but you can see that you can see very clearly it's actually never made it down into the bearish control zone it's just been also in between the bullish control zone and the neutral zone which does tell me that it's a bullish consolidation here not only that but we do have some hidden bullish divergence now that I see on the on the daily our side we do have this point in this point getting a lower low but price action making well the price action actually price actually did make a lower low so fair enough I do you stand corrected on that there is no hidden bullish divergence there no which do not count because while wicks aren't even captured by the RSI so holy when you see people using wits for RSI Jesus Christ run the other direction it's not even included in the formula it's only the closest so again that is typically why I focused more on closes than anything else but Bitcoin closed a decent two-day Dillo right over here we do see two days Stokes getting right back down to the edge of the bullish control zone just like we said now this would this is some that we talked about all the way since well not all the way since middle of March but probably somewhere over here in May that this trend line had been you know this trend line was forming got broken and once we brokered we come back down into the lower end of the Bush control zone which is right around here and that's exactly what we're finding right now and I do believe that you're gonna see a little bit of you know a little bit of counter trend um we're sorry counter counter momentum being gained to that just by the Fed just by the narration that typically a lot of bolts would be programmed is to buy off that area just you know just to buy that fact let's see what else we have three day three days interesting we are so beloved we are still being held below the ten simple that's obviously the biggest point of interest right now for the three day but the second that Bitcoin gets back above there and regains it then you know what have to have to – two boys once again in this dotted trendline I mean it's not eternal and I've had in here for the ages men we've been doing mental masturbation on this one for for like over a year now and you can see that it's actually held up pretty damn well once Bitcoin regain it right over here I've been basing off that one two three and and and having some nice bollocks off that area so you know again it's pretty obvious support within this region pretty obvious resistance obviously you know right where the tents implodes let's see what our also to say here we do see would you see three days folks getting below this critical zone so when we get to the higher time frames I would say that this is what makes me really back away from making a direct statement just cuz I don't like how the three day and when we look at the weekly both of those do not agree do not agree with the rest of timeframes said I'd actually be looking at them with bearish goggles but but the other time frames I would say you know if I was just looking at them I would say we're likely to move up probably to 85 86 hundred so again you know keeping an eye on this yes we have broken officially below this dotted Trent or the the dotted critical zone which has called some pretty nasty bearish Momentum's in the past so looking at some like this I do not like what I see not only that but it is worth mentioning here and this is the beauty of the Joule it gives you so much insight on what's going on and the jewel is actually coming down to a support so well the three day Stokes are are actually signaling would actually be sealing some selling momentum obviously the three day jewel is actually coming down to support so which one do i poke more weight on we'll hell you're right I put more weight on the jewel somewhat it's the one that I have you know an actual hand can help in and helping create I do think the actual Cody and obviously I'm not you know not a coder myself but overall I you know I can verify this indicator myself I can say that this this is designed to act odds as you know adds a little bit of a support here so I would be looking for a bounce here but typically what happens if you get the jeweled up down Soph this guy and then it'll get stuck between the pink and the white and then and then we have a legitimate chance to break the white and that's when all hell can really break loose so this would actually be suggesting that more importantly than anything is that big ones gonna spend its time in this region for a little bit more before actually having resolution and letting the floodgates open I mean if it if it were to move to the upside here though however like a like legitimate breakout to the upside then that's gonna that that'll actually take on a new meeting and it'll actually just slip around up to straight-up boss but right now it's kind of been decision phase so to speak but in a bounteous areas as well and of course on all the higher time frames as far as Exponential's go we do have a bullish polishin we do have the gold across between the green and the purple right over here we are above just about every major moving average especially the twenty one which to me that's kind of like my guideline and my whole rules I'm never I'm not not like looking for shorts as long as we're above the twenty-one and have the golden cross and vice versa for death cross and also for full transparency I do have the same positions open that I had yesterday I'm basically flat on all fronts hello friends it's a brain pronto private pran title but basically just just getting flat on though friends and yeah you know again just holding these positions because I don't really have too much time to be actually training right now so I don't want to be stuck in the lower timeframes all the big events and again your trades there in the past you know in the past company in the past week actually you know straight in the range quite simple but I don't really have time to to kind of focus on those if them if something were to go to if something were to go wrong what I really am waiting for is an X is an X actual breakout which it's not a look a little bit more and more to the upside so so looking at three day you know we have the same thing as a 2-day golden cross right over here above the 21 you know same thing with the day we have a golden cross and almost a full-on Bullock's positive these movement averages we are gonna see that purple children X pension would average cross the upside of the blue 3/7 X 21 average probably on the next few ticks probably probably by end of week I'd imagine that will be confirmed will have all lower peers trade about higher peers that'll be interpreted as very good to use a technical term so again that would still tell me from a longer-term time for perspective even if Bitcoin did go down even a big coin did go down to the 7,000 or six or sixty two hundred or sixty thread or whatever it ends up being actually would be a buyer it's not until Vic one actually starts to great about 5500 to 5800 of scheria where it start to really back off and say I think something else is going on here and I switch around my overall general bias to neutral not even bearish at that point I'd switched to bearish if we actually broke below about 4300 looking for you know attest to the prior lows and new and likely new lows after that but again I'm not I'm really not leaning towards any of that should happen again though here's the thing and here's why I really have a difficult time committing to the bullish side right now it's the wheat is a three day in the weekly though the weekly also has stoves crossing down which this is the first time that we've seen since February of this year which that basically called deem low and the bullish meant to be gained thus far from our current 2019 lows to where we are right now so to me again just another another signal that does make me does make it does make it difficult to get bullish in here or maintain Bush that's not only that but we could get rejected on it first week did a little below the top tone tube and so what is this possibly setting up for perhaps possibly setting up for a little bit more upside on the lower timeframes but then Bitcoin does get stifled and and we end up playing out some more depth you know some more downside down to the lower seven thousands we do see the Red Tent symbol coming in right around sixty nine hundred and that's gonna be rising up to about seventy one hundred maybe seventy two hundred on the next tick but keep in mind that it's litecoin that's been the one to watch and like what holy like one's at 138 what the oh my god as you can see I have not checked this out today I was gonna say well litecoin probably you know probably probably what Bitcoin does Wow powerful missus like coin and look she's pushing the upper colored band once again so I said my next like major target was gonna be somewhere right around 145 to 150 US region looks like we're gonna get there a lot sooner rather than later daily is gonna be turning outside the top 200 band as well looking good to me man looking good to me I think this one gets more continuation be been bullish on this one this one this one was the obvious bullish one right this one was the one that I was most comfortable with talking about although I don't trade it myself and what I would have to say about missus light point is holy you beautiful bitch you you beautiful bitch you are so powerful you are so strong you're so independent and my god you might just save this market right now well maybe not saying this market but leave this market and I do you think that this one has more to go and I do you think that mrs. litecoin for for all the that people give it as far as trucks go one of the best one of the best if not the best chart in cryptocurrencies right now definitely the best out of them out of the top caps and in like I said I do think that it has a little bit more to go all time frames looking good to me and what's I'm just curious what the money looks like here yeah monthly just routed off the twenty simple on the trophy bands funnily enough we actually do have a similar set up on Bitcoin right the coin came back down to that same medium band right around the low seven thousand so again low seven thousands does a kind of count that we've already tested that area perhaps you could say that you certainly could say that so I'm originally I was saying 71 to 72 hundred we got down to about 74 hundred you know on this month you so far is that close enough I mean when you look at it from a higher time to perspective there is gonna be a degree of air over a long period of time and when we're talking when we're looking at this in a year's time from now it's really gonna look like it's kind of already happened you're gonna like the you know say that that's already happened so that would help round out the bullish the bullish case a little bit more we do see on the monthly that's Bitcoin you know it has a lot of room here has a lot of room we just read has created our first higher high I mean we have to first set an even a local high before you start talking about a major downtrend so are we gonna to start a major downtrend from here probably not this month probably not this month if anything if this month were to come back down it would just be a very obvious buy anywhere anywhere around lo 6,000 to up or 5,000 would be a obvious buy it also means that we could come down around there instant you know I'm scared scare the out of everyone but still would be pretty damn good so you know like I said patience on the bigger levels from a longer term timeframe perspective will have to you monitor these sorts of things just because right now it's obviously not too apparent or it's it's it's it's not you like relevant but but but over time yes it does matter anyways going back to this is like went holy I I completed completely I didn't even look at this wandering this morning so yeah I'm making a new monthly high as well yeah okay so like when bullish is again targeted 145 to 150 for the first like you know major Minoo major area of interest I suppose you could say we got up to about 142 so pretty close pretty damn close from a weekly perspective people are gonna be looking at 172 as well so let's just mark these off now just while we're here so we got 172 let's actually get the wick of that one just in case we do seal we do like to see a lot of that as well in this region and looking like I already had a kind of a trend line within this region but I want to get it right around this pin it yes about 140 Jesus there's two men there's too many you know what we can do we can get rid of everything here just redo this one together right so we get this wing high right here that's gonna be an obvious point of interest of course but that's way higher than where we currently you're looking at should be right here about one forty six and a half to one fifty and a half and we have let's just mark off this guy right here nicely done there you go and maybe even go one one deeper baby there you go yeah so overall we could actually even fit in one guy right here that this is an obvious breakout but it does match up with this with this with this project prior Pitt private yeah oh my god I can't speak sorry yeah prior pivot so yeah overall I do you think that likely probably a little bit more to go here um it's damn close to be fair though I mean 140 to close enough to 146 and a half so yeah overall I do like what I see and I do you think that this this does implied good things for the general market just because the general market does does you know the general market typically goes together so like when being bullish and breaking out here probably does add to the Cape to the bullish case for Bitcoin so again if I did have to lean one way would lean to the upside although the three-day and the weekly are do certainly bother me do you certainly bother me but again I'd run with it and tell you know and tell it told not again it's C it's a lower blue box that would make me bearish there are morning signals there there are certainly things staring us in the face but like I said I'd still I guess cautiously go with it I suppose but at you know at full transparency like I said as well I have no positions open so I'm not not looking to train this right now I'm just full I'm basically just holding my account value which I'm completely happy with right now let's go to mr. Peter aw what's he doing 248 and a quarter looks very similar mr. Bitcoin actually same sort of here blue box territory the upside is 250 and a quarter to two fifty two and a half and to the downside anything below 237 is a problem let's look at the the daily 20 pounds actual getting kind of tight here so it's suggesting consolidation weekly – weekly just I mean this again looks ugly as it may it makes it a lot more difficult is what it really does but overall you know I guess yes I give the nod they're difficult one card Johnny oh break in a breaking out and doing what we doing what we said was likely and I do you believe that do we have resolution all in this triangle we do hey not bad although it's not full and resolution just yet I don't see volume confirmation on this we could what what could very easily happen if this one stalls here is that we designed up redrawing it like this but I would say this is an overall good thing does suggest to me that we will likely be reaching all of our targets like I said 1150 was the first one 1200 1300 and then what's really happening on this one and pretty much most all to South extended lows right here somebody guess that pretty much all all to look some some variation of this and we'll be moving up and put in lows right now BMD what's being be doing BMB ooh be and be very very positive so is this what could happen on Bitcoin perhaps perhaps this is and you know BMB very similar size to Bitcoin as well so perhaps we do see something like this and you know and then and that kind of destroys all of my all of my what's it called my apprehensions with those higher time frames but uh but yeah being be acting very well here of course it is gonna be building some bearish divergence on the weekly which gonna be problems at some point in time but for right now daily wants to move up daily wants move up to 34 and a half and probably beyond that probably towards 35 and a core z cash woodsey cash doing probably worse this wait why – probably more sway back towards 88 or yeah about 88 89 is raging probably probably my own I mean it looks very similar to like might as well be cash what's be cash doin slug actually sluggish here I would not be bullish on boo – but then again do I think that be cash it's not gonna move all the rest of market does unlikely right pretty damn unlikely it's certainly is the laggard side of the equation let's see what do we have here daily Stokes wanting to cross back to the upside but struggling and definitely struggling Tron cash was Tron cash doing same sort of thing but probably probably does move back up towards three-spot – to a – region and you know I think that most these things are gonna go the way of light point really again weekly really bothers me if I was looking at a weekly of this on any other any other asset I'd be bearish as will not bearish this but I mean the thing is Tron actually had a breakout she had a pretty damn big breakout out of the nine point two nine five region right over here and I would and as long as that gets respected this is to be considered the low so to speak so again looks ugly as but that's just how this how some of these things trade neo catching wind of the yellow 21 again I'm not a big fan of this but it's it's just recently in these news I think it's getting reacquainted I I do I do think it's getting really I did EOS with EOS doing um um yes what gym are you gonna cross those Stokes the upside and on that's not just yet a little bit of a lager here let's see what the wee-fee looks like yeah weekly not not so powerful as well needs to maintain this level and he's to maintain six dollars but if the Marcus anything to go off of you're probably will see it move back up to 685 reason what's rippled me nipples doing ripple me nipples a little bit on the laggard side of the equation as well let's see how the weekly looks yeah weekly weekly I don't like I mean week Lisa points actually all the way down at 36 and half cent not a strong opinion here but again probably follows the rest of market probably puts in a low here it probably does work its way back up towards 42 cents you know again I'm not doing anything crazy right now I'm just basically he's going with the market manera looks like it wants to pop back up probably back towards the the 90-plus region stellar rumens same thing as you know as same thing as ripple kind of put it in a bowl flag here as long as it holds the 11th spot $0.08 region and I do you think that we can make a mesh move on this baby as well let's actually just do it really really quickly a very very crude way of doing it but it would be I'm gonna guess that appoints up to around 90 since almost there are 18 cents but that kind of does match up with our lows of 2018 from here so yes I do you think that over time teller gets around there let's go to have Trisha marks really quick traditional markets I've been a little bit of a hidden nor next Wow hidden our blue box territory and getting rejected from there but kind of to be expected I do think that we probably pop back down and fill out the lower end of this region now probably pop back down to fill the gap somewhere down around 286 region so I would be looking for a little bit of downside today but overall I would I be bearish on traditional marks right here no I wouldn't be bearish from tradition marks right here it's only the monthly that you know it's only the monthly that really kind of rubs me the wrong way know that you need to rub me the right way but it's at a song I think that's about I think it's song time you know as far as monthly four four four spots go I mean that's gonna easily change around my whole my whole thought process on it but we're selling the twelfth day of the month of June so it's very early to be to be calling this one one way the other I would say that it is quite likely that based off the weekly that this area does get bought if we pop back down to about 286 to 283 region sorry 284 to 286 actually would be looking forward to getting bought back around there and then and the games will begin once again so I really don't want to commit to one side but I didn't have to say something that's starting to take on a little bit more of a different meaning depending upon how these next couple weeks go so again I don't I really don't want to call before the monthly and I just I don't feel again I don't feel too confident this one what I did feel confident on was us getting into resistance right here that was the obvious call now you know I think the next obvious calls that we come back down be about 286 maybe even 284 and then what kind of reassess from there take it one step at a time so back onto mr. Bitcoin Bitcoin are you gonna follow through are you gonna pull a mrs. light coin are you gonna follow that beautiful bitch she's got yoga pants on she's walking around campus beautiful why not we could wine up in all kinds of crazy places right now but but well just have to wait and see find out next time on Dragon Balls so yeah you know again if to synthesize everything down nothing more than these blue boxes do weed which-which blue box did we take out first if we take out the people on the upside above eighty 180 150 that I'm looking for more upside toward about eighty six hundred and probably beyond probably posted missus litecoin by the same token if we do take out this 200 X ventral or this blue bus to the downside below about 70 76 76 50 and rising then yes I would be looking for the downside to be initiated target's would be so many 170 200 but after looking at what mrs. litecoins has been doing she's been leading this market looking at Bitcoin you know being resilient us area it's starting to look a little bit more and more likely accumulation yes the for our death cross is a warning signal but it does not a complete signal in my opinion it's not it's not a signal that I'd be taken right here right now I want to see something very specific a very specific set up from that from that perspective um you spoke about before and we're not seeing it just yet but it is a warning signal that it that it can easily happen probably over the next month or two so keep those in mind I'm gonna be signing off now I'll be back home I know some more live stream analysis I will be getting my camera and my and my main microphone back today but it won't be until after it won't be until late night tonight so it won't be until after the live stream so unfortunately just one more day one more day of this nonsense disgusting blue Yeti microphone just absolutely terrible discussing get out of my face and no camera which is probably good for you because I've I've altima spaghetti hair going on right now but again massive thank you for for tuning in wanna wish you Oh on this on this nice little hump day Wednesday and I'll see you at sooner take care


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