Bitcoin GEARING UP (What To Watch!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin GEARING UP (What To Watch!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crown skatopia waking up for a very early morning over here in Helsinki Finland it's a nice lovely Wednesday very bright and sunny outside but to pray for me a little bit in fact we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin however because Bitcoin being resilient in the area that we spoke about yesterday night during the livestream really showing the path and really showing the strength what we're looking at right now so it was also with all that said I do believe that there's gonna be some pretty damn that massive opportunistic plays coming probably probably before the end of week so with all that said I do want to wish you well do you want to wish you the best the best the haps of the Happy's and also most importantly welcome all the new people here my god it's been absolute adventure and I just want to say hey pleasure to meet you pleasure to have you all in here and and well with all that said let's waste no more time getting the live scene right here right now initiate that good old teleportation and I'll see you there and there she is Bitcoin and all of her massive glory holding it high high and tight has someone said the other night and it's me this is still looking you know still looking finds quote-unquote we did hold up above the critical area that we spoke about yesterday Lazar just make sure that I'm actually recording okay good recording and Michael's working very very happy about that anyways um you know we did hold above the critical air that we talked about last night which was very important of course going down to our lower timeframes right over here on the we can do this on a four hour we do see that this trend line while getting one to three test did hold up each and every time and we've been riding this this trend line the whole way through so to me that's completely fine and just really mapping this out once again as a react you Malaysian pattern and in the form of likely and ascending triangle so this is sending triangle right over here still holding true and you can pretty much govern this by the for our yellow 21x pension average as well as long as bitcoin remains above there I do look for this to act you know at first and foremost as an descending trunk which would imply you know a bullish we accumulation powder which would imply an upwards break of course I've seen every pattern break out every possible way they could ever think of so you know it's it's while it's more statistically likely I do want to say I always do you want to keep an open you know open eyes news but this right here this price session right here a very good sign we get these these Wix to the downside being bought back up above you know just defending a major moving average like this and also a trendline those are bull wicks is what they're called and I'd say that that does certainly offer up the opportunity that we at the very least come back up and test around 93 50 ninety four hundred regions somewhere at the top of this triangle right here we do see for our Stokes wanting to cross back up to the upside they are we to the downside we do see three our Stokes pretty much there as well and to our Stokes have just crossed back up to the up side as well so that I do like the array of all those timeframes kind of agreeing with each other and those have been pretty damn accurate to get in the price action especially for the last four to five months and we do see that not only that but it's kind of paired up with Bitcoin regaining these movement averages to me that is likely to lead on to at the very least you know testing of this region right over here probably like the debt in the next day or two or whatever it might be and then overall you know because of this isn't it something trongo because it is more Sicily likely to break out to the upside let's go see what the measurement kind of look like and I guess we can do it right here on the bit Mexico shard why not do something like this very crude way of doing it but it does work and let's pull this guy out when in doubt pull it out as the saying goes and if we just raise this to raise the roof town if you can't figure it out there we go and we do see that we do have a measure move right in this territory right around here right around about ninety eight hundred ninety seven fifty to ninety eight hundred overall so that would be initiated if we do actually close above the top resistance trendline right around ascetically 9375 but I'd say a little bit more conservatively speaking ninety four hundred what would work out a little bit better so if Bitcoin could close a two hour and especially a four hour Dole above this area then yes I would be looking for that next leap towards the 9800 ish level I know a lot of people are calling you know divergences and whatnot with you know with within this range but I don't see it just yet in fact I think the people who are looking for a major massive move to the downside are kind of on the wrong side of this inhabit on the wrong side of this for quite some time this is still to be considered you know this is still be considered bullish until we get any some sort of like major and massive and in-your-face indication that that you know the trend is reversing it for right now the trend is your friend in has been your trend for the or sorry has been your friend also your trend for the past five to six months now so it's a very very very very strong trend and now do you think that it's still appropriate to be following it especially based off these lower I'm friends right here but it's not just especially based off these little time frames hold on let me just dial this one back for a second let's go over here to the daily and go back and see what he's doing so the daily we have a lot of things to be aware of here we have a full-on bullish plane of all the Exponential's we have the Red Tent symbol above the yellow 21 above the green 50 above the cyan 89 above the purple 200 above these above the blue 3 7-7 exponential so all lorry periods training above higher periods and we just had you know a bullish cross right over here and a bullish cross right over here just sending in that more long-term trend identification to the upside doesn't again doesn't mean that we can't have very nasty pull backs you know to the tune of 30 to 40 percent which I do believe Bitcoin will get actually I do believe that Bitcoin will have some pretty nasty draw downs but for right now this luxury bullish in this current and this current trajectory of the price action looking at daily we do see a you know a little bit of a pullback yesterday but that really just came back down and tested you know our horizontal is right around 80 900 which we did talk about you know early in the day and not only that but we do see on our daily also does that daily stoke still headed upwards and onwards now they will be getting into the more critical zone here obviously and that does offer up a little bit of a little bit of cause for concern but still they're still gaining momentum to the upside and I would not fight those it's completely fine for them to be up there and stay up there for a long time during training moves more importantly it's the daily RSI which does make me a believer here and so it's been very constructive within this region and to me this is just constructing a case right now it looks good it doesn't just look good it looks great actually – maybe we will we will build some bearish evidence at some point in time but for right now you know not not quite in there in fact the only way that the only way that I kind of confirm this is bearish divergence the only way right now and I do believe that this is you know this is both discomforts both the aggressive and the conservative ways is waiting for a tick below the low of yesterday's daily dildo if we do that below 89 about 89 20 yesterday depending upon your exchange then yes I do think that Bitcoin would probably reverse back down to the lowest out of this range perhaps even further than that but for right now I'm really not leaning towards that happening I do think that we get continuations here first and foremost daily RSI it like I said it's constructive and is kind of riding this exponential to the upside not only that but we did get a nice beautiful breakout out of this falling channel on the RSI right over here which seen to be kind of constructing itself once again so you know have to plan out a little bit of divergence and pop them back down you know to test to test our 21 yet you know getting picked back up and basically creating that you know if what appears be either a flag or an ascending triangle both bullish really Malaysian patterns but like I always say I've seen every pound and breakout every possible which way means very little to me but overall and the contents of the price action coming off of a nice move like this probably leads to some more upward momentum as well checking out 12-hour right over here 12-hour just pop in back pop pop and down to the to the to the read 10 simple bouncing off that quite well so far not really not not really too much I'll say about this one 12-hour RSI picking up the exponential here again though you know pretty much reset itself in the way that I look at it the way in kind of kind of what I want to see here is I want to see it pop back up to that prior high of 94 region and that would likely you know that that's gonna be confirmed with the lower timeframes initiating that next leg let's go over here to the two day the two day total timeframe again to day to day timeframe looks fine to me we are still we're still turning to the upside not only that but we do see two days Stokes having a fresh cross back up to the upside this the the two day Stokes trading with the same side of the macro trend in this case you know to the upside the cross to the upside have been incredibly good and incredibly powerful so we just crossed up right over here on the about a couple ticks ago the last time we had a cross up was well right over here technically on the 21st of May when was that that was in this segment right over here the time before that was right over here in May May 5th which was this price action leading up to this moved and the time before that was this guy right over here on the 14th of March which was you know all the way back on over here at about $4,000 of which I'm still holding a position from that region actually little bit lower than that right around 39 30 also 51 50 based off those more long-term higher timeframe trends and whatnot due in part to the to the two days Stokes anyway so we are above all major movement averages here we are we also see the same sort of splayed out attempt that we saw in the daily you know all all lower peers trading above higher periods again setting in that more long-term bias remember though just because a long term bias would be bullish it doesn't mean that we can't have these very nasty pull backs we will have some very nasty pull back to the like I said to the tune of 30 to 40-percent but they're gonna be buys it's the big is you know scale is gonna be the big change so yeah looking at two-day RSI again we will be loading some bearish divergence here no doubt about that but for right now still training we don't have a local top and just yet need to set in a local top and then get continuation then we call bearish divergence and then we look for you know probably about a 500 to a thousand dollar moved down but for right now still training to the upside and and can for quite some time looking at three day right over here what's three day looking like three days Stokes having a fresh cross up to the episode as well same thing on these guys been extremely resilient within this region and we do you see three day three day RSI kind of struggle its way through here a little bit of hidden bullish evidence between this point in this point but not really too much else to say about it other than that we do also have more importantly the three day jewel getting caught up by these support right over here so the light blue likely to bounce off this region and I'd imagine what you know ideally what I want to see is I want to see Bitcoin actually bounce off this region on the light blue and it just gets carried up and walked up into the more critical regions right over here where it gets towards these dotted red lines for my alerts which in the past few cut if you make a zone here and you kind of line up these areas and take these signals you will notice that this thing you know typically does signal when you get that signal about 30 to 40 percent retracements like you saw right over here like you saw right over here like you saw right over here like you saw right over here and you get you get the idea so anywhere between about 30 to 40 percent on those guys and and that is well quite quite powerful but that also would that also would suggest that this thing gets walked up first so that would suggest some up you know a lot more upwards movements remember this is a three-day total timeframe so three days three days of price action represented in each and every one tick so it take like you know a month to two months again in this region even if we shot up straight from here but it just shows that even you know before that next major retracement I do want to see some sort of a signal like that and and really it's gonna be the the this has been the best time for me to kind of judge it off of and I'm and I'm just gonna be generally bullish as long as were as long as we're not within this region on the light blue also there as we've seen in the past I I you know I I just think it's time to you know it's probably probably bullish it's gonna be my default answer so yeah you know again maybe keeping eyes on it but it's just not it's just not a consideration right now it's it's too far away from happening it would take it take about a month of straight up for that thing to even get into the area that would make it an actionable short to begin with and right now looks fine ha I'll just put it that way three day of course we do have the Golden Cross we are above the the white joint it's simple the white twin had simple just got crossed by the yellow 21x pension average which has been a damn good cross actually in the history of Bitcoin you see them across the downside right over here Bitcoin gets absolutely shrekt cream pod all the way down well the time before that of them actually crossing back up to the upside was well quite literally right after the turn around in 2015 calling the price action right around tree fitty and bitcoin going all the way up for the next three years pretty much just straight up so this one does seem to be pretty damn powerful to me and we just got the bullish cross the upside here while bitcoins essentially above all major moving averages and all trends you know all you know all training timeframes are bullish essentially in an uptrend up to a monthly which a monthly is kind of like half bullish in a way because we have a higher high but we do not have a higher low and we need a higher low in order to make an uptrend so at some point in time we will get that pullback but even looking at a monthly band it would suggest that this is sorry not just men but also females and also people who do not identify as a gender and gender fluid people and also in also unicorns and koala bears and pandas if you're one of those I hope you feel included because know what I don't maybe it's disrespectful yeah looking at the monthly right over here remember in order to set in a higher lobe we need to first set in a local high and then take out that high to the downside yet continuation and then put in the higher lows so even that as a consideration would literally take at the like a bare minimum bare minimum from this date three months it's gonna take a while it's what I'm trying to say and the monthly right here you know to me this is likely to get more continuation this is good this is this what we're looking at is good we have our first higher high and over a year and a half worth the price action we see monthly so it's pointing back up to the upside plenty of room to roll there we see monthly RSI regaining the exponential very very good at some point this RSI will come back down to two to retest the exponential again gonna Bly CLE be another major buying opportunity but for all these things you know all you know all these things how to look at all the higher time frames in macro timeframes they are bullish again you know does that mean that the lower timeframe just gonna go like straight up like a erect penis II Angelina Jolie well maybe not I don't know why her name just popped into my mind because maybe because I saw on Twitter like a post of Angelina Jolie from like 1980 and then I realized holy I'm old what the man uh it feels like just yesterday you're hearing her name all in the on the news like Britney Spears – what the what happened to these people where are they Christina Aguilera is she even where who is she now no one knows anyways looking at weekly for a second same thing right over here all Larry periods training above higher periods and more important we do have continuation off of yesterday's complete buyback that this is strength right here when you see something like that not only that but I do believe that we're gonna start to test the upper troll injure balance again and guess where that is is that around 9800 does that also match up with the measure move on the lower time things that we looked at right over here that's so strange huh anyways uh off you know off my own autistic rants I do have pause about that and if you are new to this channel and you are in any med be coming here by the likes of by by the likes of I've been on tech I want to say hey welcome pleasure to meet you also apologize and and explain my colorful language hate my language is never intended to offend I know that can be maybe a little bit on the more colorful side like I just said but it's never intended to offend so so you know I you know I understand that some people are not to be cool with it that's all well and good just I guess we can just leave it here but I but you know but but you know fair enough everyone's entitled to their own opinions and I'm a strong believer in that but again I just saw I just want to make sure hey you know yes I do use some maybe maybe more harsher languages at some point sometimes it's never intended to offend anyone you know ever only just only just for well just just just those means of expressing myself I mean you know when recording these videos for for long for prolonged periods of time the best way to do it is just by not filtering anything that I'd say and so sometimes little butterflies can come out and you just never know so yeah anyway so with regards to what we're looking at right over here on the weekly we do see top tronie been coming in right around that 9800 level which if you remember at the beginning of the stream we did talk about the measure moves on the lower timeframes – 9800 as well basically based off of the basically based on basically baits re based off of the this ascending trunk right here and then also if you remember this cup and handle right here did have a measure move up as well and then also this mass of a sentient raga wrote over here also had its own measure move towards that same area so we have three things pointing towards the same area again this guy right over here actually gonna be pointing a little bit higher towards maybe 10,000 and then the cup and handle right over here that we saw in the lower timeframes also gonna be pointed up towards our sorry we already hit that one sorry I do pause about that one know that that one's already been met but we do have these two guys still pointed up here one towards 10,000 one towards about 9800 so that would be the next zone so to speak that's gonna be the next zone in my opinion and I wonder if that matches up with a fib I should already know this I've done this a million times but so let's check it out let's see yeah we do have the three a to fib from the ultimate high to the ultimate low so far coming in right around ninety 450 now we have had a go-to reaction or not a good reaction off that just just so far bitcoins selling down from about 9500 to eighty nine hundred so about a five hundred dollar move site that is a five percent move but is that what you'd expect from a major fib from literally over a year and a half worth of price action probably not I'd products pecked more what does what does really make sense to me here is the point five you see you see this point five retracement right around eleven thousand four hundred that exactly matches up with our prior highs right over here in March 2018 on this double top around this region which was in my opinion the that's probably one of the biggest areas to go in forwards here if and when Bitcoin does get above that area I would expect it to actually rip but getting above that area is gonna be quite the bitch to begin with and putting on the bowing profile right over here you do see that the last of the mohicans for these higher value nodes are kiman and round right right around this right around this knot point five region so we do see that anything above that region is basically met with pretty much from low markets and market summits all the way through and I would say that that probably does it that does imply that we can really really rip through this area so the last of the last of the big reasons is for BIC one in my opinion is gonna be around eleven thousand four hundred yes you will have you love some points of interest right around thirteen thousand as well thirteen thousand three hundred sixteen thousand but they're not gonna be as important as these ones that we're dealing with right here to put this into perspective look at the volume profile here and you do see that we were extremely thick in the 3000 level also in the four thousand and seven thousand level well Bitcoin was moving at a snail's pace during those times you know I'm sure I'm sure you remember if you've been around this he ran out on these fears for even just the last even just the last year so they couldn't move been extremely extremely slow like molasses through these areas and that's because we have these massive high value notes well when do we when we lose all these above this region that's when that that that's when you can rip once again you basically at the opposite effect so yeah I'm just some of that I wanted to briefly mention because if and when Bitcoin does get above that area I would expect some pretty momentous movements anyways so the cons to kind of synthesize down what I've been saying for this video it's pretty much the same as the last video in a of yesterday and essentially this area right here still your actionable area about 89 30 region and this area right over here so your actual region for the upside 93 93 75 if we break up 1993 75 to the upside I would be looking for a move ultimately towards around that ninety eight hundred to 10,000 region if we break this guy to the downside then I'd be looking for a move at the very least to about 8,500 and then we'll reassess if and when that does happen but for right now I would take the you know I certainly stand on the on the side of the bulls right now crown runs with Bulls what is what I want to be called no just kidding crown sits with bulls or or a crown crown doesn't join any gangs and crown also refers to himself in the third person which sounds absolutely retarded and I mean retarded in the scientific sense not in the mean in the in the sauce in the social justice warrior sense looking at over here on Bitcoin CMI's we do see just a massive gap up so far you know I'm still looking fine to me we do have a little bit it looks a little more top e in this one actually in fact a lot more top e have we taken off the low of yesterday we have not we just came back and retested it that's okay but I would say that an early warning signal that Bitcoin is gonna break down to the lower 8500 Ashe region is if we do actually take out the low of yesterday officially about 89 85 we just take below there then yes probably do you come back down to about 8500 right over here so do you keep that in mind it's probably this one probably does tell you sooner than spa charts cuz I'd rather wait for it close on spot charts but yeah if you use this one tick below I'd be looking for a move back down around to your fill the gap and I'd probably be you know and I would be a buyer anywhere around 8,500 most likely again it's not financial ass or not venture advisor if the SCS listening go yourself but also leave me first yeah thank you so yeah looking at daily Stokes whatever here plenty of room to roll and I do like this one in fact just writing this trendline to the well kind of to the downside of catching the lows operating pretty damn well we do see daily RSI again gonna be the building some divergence here no doubt about that but for right now still you know this is not considered a local high just yet it is suspect no doubt about that but if until we should take out the low the Pryor dildo mm-hmm I wouldn't front run it just yet look looking at daily Jul this one could get a little bit menacing here I don't want to call it just yet before before it actually happens but could look a little bit menacing what else we got well I do want to check out GBC how did GBC close the day yesterday down actually yeah a little bit of a downwards action in fact I would consider this a full-on gap-fill for GBC hitting our target down around 11 and a quarter actually perfectly so we're seeing divergence between GBC and spa charts and also CMAs and GBC has not made new highs and it has actually come back down and filled that gap where if we have not seen the spot charts do that is this one going to be the lead indicator once again that we saw during 2018 and does this imply that we're gonna head back down to about 8500 maybe maybe but again this one hasn't I I think I think it might be more of a topic of conversation that this one's actually decoupling from our spot charts just because they're closer and closer that we get to something like backdoor an etf is the time of doom for something like gbtc which trades OTC and probably not gonna be too relevant when you know if and when Bitcoin does get those more legitimate and avenues of trading available so yeah you know I would say that this one you can make you make the argument for both ways right I guess we'll just have to wait and see and of course the price action levels that I'd be looking for much more important than what you know the much then what GBC is you know telling telling right over here let's go check out the underlying market dynamics right now let's see what the crypto fear and greed index looks like we're taking out an 82 right now that it's extreme greed we are getting some comfortable we are getting comfortable in this extremely greedy area but just like the extremely fearful area during the bear market you could get comfortable in there you could stay there and you could say there for like a month at times it was usually a time to not be so aggressive not be so aggressive so we do have some underlying Marc dynamic suggesting that this is a little more of a cautionary of caution um so I I do think that's worth worth mentioning I just realize that you can't actually see that let me just scroll my face down my ugly rat face and there you are right there yeah we're really getting up to you like you know more than yearly highs in this region we I mean it's never it's never been this higher never gone higher baby can't go higher room but yeah overall would say that this is an area of a little bit more caution from the macro perspective I suppose you could say but remember it can state you know just like in the fearful bear markets of the you know of 2018 we stayed and we say in the more fearful areas for you know months at a time this one just getting in here right now is an early warning signal but not necessarily a warning like a full-on warning signal in and of itself looking at Long's and shorts we do see an imbalance between the two and actually growing in favor of the shorts now so we do have decent amount of shorts on the table 25,000 open shorts versus twenty three and a half thousand open Long's we got about okay a lot of these guts are hedged actually I'm glad that I look to this right here two and a half thousand these guys are head so we really have twenty two thousand twenty two and a half thousand open naked shorts there's actually more Longson shorts on the table right now if you're if you're incorporating that by about it by about a margin of thousand and Long's are paying a bigger rate here so I'd be a little bit more on the bear status boats as well and and let's go back on a Bitcoin house Bitcoin dune are you operating well or you're operating good are you Sappho are you safe yeah still kind of turbulence chugging its way along on the lower timeframes I suppose the hourly is kind of that's it's fine I'd put more weight on the two hour three or four which although Stokes are either turning or in the process of turning and that does offer up the potential for that move that the next move up into the 9350 9400 region anyways what else did I want to talk about let's go check out the other top check winds how about how about missus like when she's been operating rather well I believe yeah filling out her own triangle right over here and in fact we could we could adjust this so it's a little bit more like this now do I think that this is the right way to represent this triangle actually no I would be more lenient with it and still incorporated this horizontal right here at about 120 let's call it 128 you know as long as that one holds I still give the nod to the bowls here but this one is starting to look a little bit a little bit more menacing I suppose you could say daily really do not want it I mean the daily makes it easy for wanna trade right sorry my nose is itching got some of those allergies and oh by the way I really want to reach out to all the people who who came to who came to me with some information on how to like sleep well that sounds so much so weird but like how to set up your how to set up how to set your your owns like sleep space so that it's completely dark that was really helpful massive thank you I hope I've gotten back to everyone who reached out to me and and just at the very least with it with that thank you note because it was really really helpful and I you know again this is why I love this community I don't know these things I don't have time to I don't have time to look at these things because you know I'm looking at magic and money so someone who comes to me and you know and offers up that that sort of valuable piece of information that's that's what community is all about man we all come from different walks of life and different you know different backgrounds and we all have something unique to offer we really do I strong I really strongly believe that daily right over here we do see daily Stokes wanting to cross back up see upside remember that this trend line has been holding this bitch through not only that but we do have a nice you know a nice hammer dildo on the bottom right over here above all major moving averages I do think that this one does get continuation here actually I do you think that it tries to make the next leg up our next targets gonna be right around 148 to 150 region and for all intents purposes I do think that that one does get hid the only way that I kind of switch around that idea is if we took out 128 to the downside if we take out 128 to the downside be looking for a move back down to the low 120 s but for right now missus like coin operating well operating good and looking at higher time frames they are certainly still bullish I mean the weekly right over here is very very very very powerful and again targets to the upside gonna be around 148 to 150 for this one a little bit more long-term to medium term would be 170 region which we should be able to match up map out from the from the volume profile as well yeah let's get it right over me right on over here mind if this needs so just give me a second but oh it's coming ah sorry about that highly unprofessional but the show must go on okay so yeah that's missus like one right there I think overall good three Dame let's get rid of this really annoying three days just kind of trying to flag out right now again I give it the benefit that doubt although I can understand that that kind of said a lot of people off but looking at three-day RSI still consolidating which is what it should say two days same thing here same thing here so again low the actually the lower timeframes are really gonna be the the areas of action so as long as it remains above 128 at the very you know at the very least but you can even make a decision you'd even make a decision here I suppose at 1:30 and a half as long as it holds those areas generally good generally looking for some more up let's see what else we got let's check out B&B token where's where where cz coin there he is thirty five and a quarter so hit our target from yesterday I do you think that this one does does carry up onwards onwards no from here as well again I don't know what you call this formation I mean we had it we had this ending Bharani and wedge right over here then basically creating a either a cup and handle or an ascending Truong right here again I don't really care for patterns but this one bullish as well probably does break this region right around thirty five and a quarter and make our legs towards our next target around thirty eight to forty dollars which are do you think that it hits overall this one's been extremely constructive one of the better charts encrypt occurrence and if not one of the best looking at weekly again very very very very very good the second that it takes out thirty six spot three six I'd be looking for that move towards about 39 to 40 bucks you know right right from that origin Wow again one of the best charts for sure and cryptocurrencies looking over all good here daily Stokes already been down right now while price axe has been basically basically being constructive I do like that I do like that signature what about twelve hour 12 hour looking good as well twelve hour looking like you look and like it wants to make a move actually let's go check out mr. Peter ol what's what's her other leader doing over here come on glorious leader mister vitalic the beetle ik beuter all what do we have here probably does make another run towards to Sony four-and-a-half on lower timeframes not as strong as the other majors certainly not as strong as the other majors but probably does catch one of them you know to me this still looks like some sort of some sort of a bullish consolidation here whether you want to call it a flag or whatever bullish triangle bush rectangle whatever wants to be it doesn't matter to me I only care about supporting resistance and this one Barry cut-and-dry the second that you get back above 276 region I'll be looking for this guy to take the next leg towards our $300 target then I think it was like 360 or 400 dollars after that so it's something like that check out the weekly for a second it weekly still looks okay to me it's it's not it's not beautiful but from the wee-fee perspective you know as long as it's kind of a thing to say but as long as it remains above 230 it's it's it's it's bullish but again that is a weekly so it takes more time weekly stoke still it's still good to the upside fine by me lower timeframes how they looking yeah for our again it's it's not it's not as confidence inducing as you know as the other majors but it is okay now do you think that it catches wind of the of the strength of the general market and probably at the very least comes back up in test this region here as we spoke about at 2 24 and a half then we'll reassess from there but if I had to lead in one way I'd probably be to the it would be to the upside of sorry for further upside let's go check out let's go check out Trisha Marcus I didn't look at them yet I look at them yes say no I did not another up move Jesus crisis the this this one flagging out taking that next leg up do you believe that we have new highs on the weekly i'm bulletyme I'm bullish I'm bullish we spoke about this yesterday that as soon as we were going to take out that 291 and a half region I would be looking for a move towards 295 how high did we get we got to 294 I think that we still would likely have some upside here what's up perky Shrek or is that hopefully I got that name right it's very difficult to see on my screen I do apologize if I did say wrong I'm not intending to to be distressful in that way but I do want to say hey welcome – good to meet you so yeah you know this one I do you think you know probably probably crawls back up – actually – 94 which should have been the target for me I don't know why I said – 95 did I say – 95 do we get up there oh no we haven't gotten up there yeah – 94 is the appropriate target John Kenney good to meet you man good to be in here I think I got that name even right yeah do you do you think that you know kind of already hit that yeah – 94 we up to 93 and a half on that last one see ya pretty close I don't have a strong opinion on this right now but based off the weekly I would have to be bullish just based off that we do see weekly stoves crossing or wanting to cross back up to the upside we do see leafy RSI being constructive for gaining the exponential I would lean to the upside here it is this thing make new highs from here probably probably this is so insane I I don't think I've I don't think I've really ever seen a monthly like this on traditional markets where we literally dump basically got a fake out and then it gets bought back up the next month that's incredibly powerful that's really bullsh holy the second that we take out the high of last month at about 290 about at 295 yeah that's oh that was I which we came about a buck and a half short on that last rally temp yesterday night then I'm bullish my mega bullish looking for another another leg another three and the end of three hundreds longer-term Wow monthly Stokes pointing back upwards and onwards defending the same area from the last ten years since this since November 2008 so our 2009 Wow powerful powerful spas and again we do see a correlation between spies and our site traditional markets and Bitcoin if we do put on the good old correlation indicator let's see the correlation oh no that's not what I want to do coefficient let's see where's buy board there he is there you are my beautiful Bali pour apply that and what do we have yes so looking at weekly and the this purple down here this is basically a correlation coefficient between Bitcoin and whatever looking on screen which is right now to the major indices index for traditional markets spies or FBX whatever you want to call and we are positively correlated not super positive correlate but we are certainly positively correlated what about the monthly monthly is negatively correlated but I think that's gonna be a little bit too lagging let's see how the three days looking like three days gonna be negative as well today today's gonna be negative Daly's gonna be a little bit positive but it's we see that its operating awesome because this is a little bit more of a lagging indicator I do you think that it's more appropriate to look at some like the weekly and yeah they do have that positive correlation so strengthen strengthen traditional markets still benefiting Bitcoin as well direct you know direct indicator right they're telling you that again I know that crip the crypto eric has hate to hear something like that but it's you know that's it's what it's showing him don't don't fight the trend let's go check out what's what's what's good old link over here our new our new joiner a new joiner of the charts happy to have link-length powerful link very powerful and what do we have on the daily a little bit of a pull back would I still be bullish on this thing is a real question and to do that I think I'd actually need to go down to the lower timeframes still flacking out in this territory I think that that's fine I think that's completely fine I'd be using the four-hour 21 X pension wound average I'm bullish as long as it rides it as long as it rides out I am bullish and I do think that it moves back up towards 20 to 500 looks fine to me in fact for our Stokes had just been resetting and coming down for the last few ticks well price section is stagnant it's just allowing it to reset that's fine by me 12 hour 12 hours still okay I would say that I would change my bias on this if we do take out 19,000 to the downside even just a tick below and then I'd be looking for for more nasty retracement down to this region around 16 500 but I'm not leaning towards that happening I think that this one's flagging out getting ready for the next move higher for right now I'd you know I I do think it's constructive lower timeframes probably will probably work their way back up towards 22,000 stone shoes so yeah Cardoni a–what's Cardona you're doing salvaging itself but in the overall I mean it's it's it's it's pretty much drooping pretty hard here we do see weekly continuation we do have continuation actually officially officially there as well I do think that this one may you know comes back down towards the towards the low 900 region like 922 eight to nine hundred even I really don't like the weekly here really bad I would change my mind I suppose if we could get back above ten thirty if we could get back above ten thirty I would maybe change my mind for the medium term but it looks bad what else we got GBC we look to that B&B look to that see cash what are we looking at see cash powerful Z cash Golden Cross confirmed above all major major moving averages I'm bullish on this one man I'm bullish on this one we hit our first target at 106 and my next target is gonna be right here around 135 it looks like she put this in to keep me accountable and let's do something like this yeah somewhat somewhere right around to hear about 134 135 do I think that I cut it like there today no I don't think that it's there today but do you think that it's you know the the medium to hire time frames have no initiated that path you know probably sometime over the next couple weeks or whatever it ends up being weekly is gonna be looking pretty damn good in fact weekly agreeing with that around 1:30 so 130 to 135 will call its next blog that I'm looking for on this woman be cash what's be cash oohing a laggard very much a lacquered right now actually struck a struggling to hold on to this area but I do you think that you know the rest of the market kind of props it up and you know it pops back up shorter term time frames to 425 and longer term probably pops back up to of like 440 or sorry medium term longer term again it's it's not it's not the most confidence inducing a chart of all time especially with the rest of mark you're looking on the stronger side Truong cash looks like it wants to move back up towards what is this not point out three four five cent in overall this is just a bullish riku Malaysian here it's what it looks like to me as well I think a lot of these things are getting ready for moves right now just had a bull cross of the red temple the yellow 21 overall good man weekly is looking fine as well we feel looks like we wants to take a leap towards three spot eights and again I think that this one's bottomed out this is your bonhomie information and we're getting ready to move higher neo cash what's Neo cash doing mmm again not as good as not as good as the rest of them but okay we do have some obvious bearish divergence here but do you think that this mostly played out we did have a pretty nasty downwards movement of about to the tune of about eleven and a half percent so that I think that's mostly played out here again not the strongest one in the bunch but you know lower timeframes probably do test back up towards 14 and a quarter if the rest of market moves up here that this thing this thing will make new highs with it about fifteen dollars but again I it's it's not it's not a leader by any means just following the rest of marks so the rest of the market needs to move up for that one to to do well EOS kind of same thing here as well lost its loss its role as market leader was doing damn well over here but not so much anymore and very similar to neo actually very very very very similar to neo in fact a little bit more weak a little bit more on the weaker side I would say let's go to a for our for our does looks like wants to pop back up towards seven dollars seven you know seven and two cents maybe yeah it's gonna depend on the readout you know on the you know the rest of the mark does the rest the market want to really you know make new legs and this thing you'll probably find like 780 once again but for right now on the weaker side ripple ripple my nipples cash and what do we have same thing actually looking like it wants to take a look take a little bit of a move up here probably tests back towards $0.44 region overall I do think that ripple is kind of getting ready for a move here as well we just had a bullish cross at the Red Tent simple the yellow 21 we are kind of operating in this nice flag or sending trunk whatever you want to call it I mean basically be heading to meet we had a symmetrical triangle breakout to the episode we come back down and retest the breakout so far it's holding but realistically because we haven't really seen volume confirmation on this what this really is is it's what it what it's really gonna morph into is something like this like in a like an ascending triangle which would basically be implied the same sorts of things you know a bullish pattern probably duh you know still it still it does have a measure move pointing us towards like 50 to 53 cents so ripple being out they're gonna be happy about that but a nice break back above this area about 45 cents so again overall you know you know looking at looking on the better side I would say Manero what's Manero doing on the stronger side yeah I hate not batman arrow i would still be sticking with the target of about 115 region i do believe that that's gonna be the next the next major area stellar what stellar doing 12 and a half cent it looks like and kind of a kind of kind of a subsidiary of ripple is what it looks like i do think that it gave you another chance to buy down at 12 and a quarter cent as we spoke about yesterday but this flag a little bit on the weaker side compared to the rest of the market we do i mean you know if i want to plot it out it's very obviously some length of this right we have this guy right over here and this guy right over here there is a measure move to be made off this one as you can see and that's pointing us all the way up towards about 17 and a half cents so if we actually can break above this region right over here about 13 cents if you can break back above that area i would be i would be pretty bullish on this one but so this one again not a market leader just kind of following the rest of the market and not as strong nor weak let's go check out i do want to check out the dollar index for a second as well dollar index getting a massive up right here again we've been speaking about this for a while the dollar index kind of contra de bitcoin in a sense and dollar dollar index kind of rounding off this region is interesting to me i know a lot of people wanted to get bearish and this one nope this was the time to get bullish on this one i wasn't covering this one too much for the past for the past week or so so i yeah for the past like week or two or so but i do this one still you know have some upside here and probably does pop back up towards 98 well we already had our target at 97 spot six seven but I would say probably a little bit more actually over time anyway so with all that said I do want to get back on over to mr. Bitcoin and start to wrap this bitch up as we do have 91 69 great number just absolutely beautiful number let's go down and really really make this simple right here needs to be no more complicated in this four-hour I would still give the nod to the Bulls I would still have a bullish bias here but of course my trading activities are not dependent upon my mind activities my opinions what I'm trying to say I don't trade my opinion out I trade technical analysis hey I will get their bearish is not the right word I would be looking for a flush to the downside if we can either close a four-hour dildo below 90 about 90 90 if we can do that close the four out double blow there then yes I look for a move down to about eighty five hundred eighty six hundred or if we even just take below the low of yesterday at about eighty nine thirtyish region right around here if we take below the low of yesterday that confirm some bearish divergence and then we and then I'll be looking for that move to about eighty five hundred by the same token I'm not really leaning towards that I'm leaning towards the upside here if Bitcoin does break now I do think that Bitcoin probably does work its way back up towards 9390 350 but the real fireworks begin or the real the you know the real trick the main attraction begins if we can actually break above and confirm at the very least a two-hour but preferably a four-hour dildo above 93 93 75 you want to be super exact but 93 50 would be fine I'd be looking for a move fulfilling this get or that this area right over here around 9800 also matched up with our troll in two bands at the top of the trolling demands and we'll reassess from there but for right now bitcoins still looking constructive still looking very resilient within this area if you and if you did take these vibes off this area yesterday night hey not bad not bad gave you multiple times to scalp it and now actually getting a little bit of a training move on the lower timeframe so with all that said I do want to but she well I want to I you know I want to make sure you the best the best the haps of the happiest as we do say on this lovely hump day Wednesday I'll be back on later with some more livestream analysis and look forward to seeing you there if not well wishing you well anyways and take care


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