Bitcoin BULL Explosion Incoming?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

Bitcoin BULL Explosion Incoming?! July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

well well well welcome back to crowns crypto cave also in the witness protection plan yeah that's always one I wish you a very happy what is it Tuesday yeah Tuesday early evening I am still severely jet-lagged I'm still very very very very very much under slept but you know it I think it's time for just a quick update I'm gonna keep I'm gonna be keeping these these evening videos a little bit on the shorter side just focusing on more short-term and medium-term type price action keep the weekends for the long-term price action and keep the livestreams for more more more more more gist I suppose well talking I suppose anyways as always we got plenty to talk about with Bitcoin since the since this morning stream because Bitcoin has been kind of edging towards the top side of the range that we spoke about so with all that in mind I do want to wish you well do you wanna wish you the best the best that happens the Happy's that we say and you'll notice that I'm still streaming on my mobile computer still streaming with about 15% of my set up or whatever really what what what I really want to have going on right now I told that my I'm told that my main computer will come tonight in about a couple hours so hopefully if you keep the fingers crossed otherwise my god man I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm just probably probably buy a new computer man anyways with all of that said let's get a live scene right now and as always wish you the best the best and let's initiate that good old teleportation and I'll see you in the live scene and that's not Bitcoin that's my gerbic positions anyways I suppose I suppose we could talk about this for a second I am so holding all my Long's I have no reason to like oh these we spoke about this during the morning video as long as we made above about twelve thousand one hundred pivot I I don't I don't see any need to de-risk even if we got below there I wouldn't I wouldn't necessarily I wouldn't necessarily like take positions off I wouldn't go back to neutral just I'll just de-risk a little bit anyways on to the actual charts running over here and I do see that's daily on bitstamp looking pretty damn good and we are about one hour away from the daily dual closed about an hour and 12 minutes so what does that mean and why is this and why did I kind of pick this time well the reason why I'm picking this time is that a lot of the time you will see if that's not redundant enough a lot of the time you'll see a lot of price action about an hour to an hour and a half before the Daily Double close and what that typically is is it's both the Bulls and the Bears posturing to take control of that daily little clothes now I would say that this show that bulls are pretty much in full control right now from the higher time frame perspective we do see Bitcoin above all major moving averages we do see daily also just pointed back up we do see daily Stokes crossing back up to the upside again defending against the bearish control zone we do see that each and every time that we've actually gotten a bullish crossed for the past six months ever since the macro trend switched around to the upside those those upwards crosses have been extremely powerful just like the bearish crosses in the bear market during 2018 we're extremely powerful as well now it's kind of you know the script is flipped right and with Bitcoin approaching kind of this last sort of swing high right here or local high you could say and actually taking out this prior local high in the early morning hours that to me says that we're likely to see this one half fall through so we have momentum also does it go to a chick antenna is all sort of saying that price section is likely to fall through to the upside we also do see daily RSI actually taking out the exponential to the upside as well so this is actually a two-way a two-way view of looking at it and and I like both these things so first and foremost with the RSI we do see just also interim between the bullish control zone in the neutral zone this is why I've been saying that this consolidation is likely a bullish consolidation likely to be resolved the upside but we're also noticing something else now too as well we're seeing not only the daily Stokes crossed back up to the upside right here as of the seventh so it's a couple of but a couple days ago but if we go on over to our RSI we've seen that this is actually confirming above the exponential as well happen on the 8th so to me that is a big deal because we're seeing these things confluence with each other and not only that but the RSI showing that we have plenty room the Stokes also showing that we have plenty of room so both from a training and also a ranging perspective things are looking good as we approach the top side of the overall price action range and we've seen a similar set up to this actually multiple times over the past four or five six months the last time that we saw was riding over here when we saw it daily Stokes cross the upside from a little bit deeper into the credit or sorry a little bit deeper into the bearish control zone right here on the 10th of June and we do see a similar reaction on the RSI few days or sorry one day later on the 11th you actually have to keep my what the is going on here man actually have to you actually have to keep my my my my phone alive right now because I am waiting I am awaiting that call hopefully but looking at the RSI right here taking out the exponential about a day or two later on the 11th or 12th so leading up for a major massive move all the way from about $88,000 price for Bitcoin all the way to you know almost $14,000 price per Bitcoin and of course the time before that the actual before that we had a similar setup was right here on the 1st of May and that was when that was when those folks were crossing up and then we saw very similar reaction on the RSI the RSI taking out the exponential right here working its way up into the bullish control zone and that was a massive girthy green dildo going up all the way from about $6,000 price per Bitcoin all the way to almost $9,000 so $3,000 move here about a four-hour sorry $6,000 move here and what are we looking at right here right now well we don't necessarily know just yet but I would say that historically speaking this does lend it for you know overall good things anyways I am seeing on the lower timeframes we're kind of coming down we just we just actually took down about a hundred bucks about a hundred dollars on you know at you know at today's current price range completely fine you just see that we have actually just come back down and retest the yellow 21 so let's actually spend some time here and actually before we get into that I just we're actually saying this is perfectly a hand in hand right now just everyone join hands and watch the price action in singing Kumbaya to each other because what we're looking at right now is these dips are being bought up extremely fast so if you've been watching this price action for the past I mean if you've been watching it for the past six months but especially even the past the past half day you've seen all these wicks come down to this region and get bought up almost immediately and that is a damn good indication that swell the trend is still your friend and the trend is very much to the upside so what is it telling us basically tell me that it's it's kind of in beat EFD mode I mean the bolts and algas are on the bus and they're getting more and more aggressive as time goes on I mean that's essentially what you get with you know with with rising bottoms right you're just getting more aggressive buying but this is even getting you know more and more and more intense as we look at it on onwards and over and over right here so you just saw another quick wake down about a hundred or moved a hundred or moved down top to bottom on this a little bit more than a hundred dollar moves actually on this current hourly dildo but just coming back down and test them the read ten simple and then boom right back on up just gets backbone and bought back on up or really really fast and well that is typically a good sign so I do think it's worth talking about this just because you know we're seeing we're seeing all you know all the core layers between all these different timeframes really line up with each other now I'm gonna put on the drawing tools and kind of go over the arrange that we were speaking on during this morning's video and you will notice this lower blue box territory right here gathering all these wicks perfectly I mean the first one down on that you know in the first initial dump I was like she'll sleep for this one but I did but I was awakened I believe that we wash this one together on this dump right here testing the test on the low side of this blue box territory right around 12 150 ish region and then we just had one more recently a wick wick back down to about 12 300 ish or 12 200 this region down around here and I'll just getting bought back hung up so to me this is actually kind of just wedging itself up into this region and this is you know really really to be interpreted as a bullish and salvation like I said I would de-risk and I would kind of switch around a little bit if we do actually take out this the the lower end of this blue box territory 12150 to the downside I don't think that's what's happening here though this this looks good to me this this is this is powerful prized section powerful Bitcoin powerful girthy green Dilys and my god these very smart bears who are starting this bitch well get ready for the shish kabobs because they are very very fun as all the bulls know from 2018 so it's it's your turn now baby and of course as always don't want to be in the ballgame don't also don't want to be in the bear game want to be in the trader game at least from my perspective because both games get you know both both games get rekt I mean more often than not price section is just ranging and in well priced section also changes as well I mean we're basically in a war we're looking at a war zone where we have the Bulls on one side and the Bears on the other side you can join you you've now been recruited to the bull and bear war the thing is is you're a mercenary and you can literally pick and switch on to any side of any god-given time and and well when when one side looks like they're winning you should go probably best to go on with them but we probably do have you know there's probably like some counter thinkers you know around to you thing man I feel bad for those I feel bad for those bears or liked in 2018 I feel bad for those for those poor bulls I think I'm gonna be up higher too well the thing is that they don't give a about you man you know it's like everyone's own will only talk in their own book anyways right and I really hope that I don't do that myself but I know that it's just our intrinsic human nature programming that you know when I'm long I'm gonna natural I'm probably gonna be representing my thoughts to this bush although there's certainly been examples where you know I've been long and I haven't been bullish or I've been short and I haven't really been bearish but you know overall hey what's up hey what's up mark good to meet you mark welcome to K my friend and pleasure to meet you but but you know at the end of the day my point is it's that the games both games got rekt try to getting someone to be in and in most those games I don't give a about you to begin with they're just you know just in it for themselves is it becomes more of an identity rather than like a legitimate analysis like people like if you join the perma book or the perma bear gang it's it's an identity thing it's like an ego thing rather than an actual like oh I've looked at I've looked at my tentacle house I've looked at you know I've looked at my indicators here and it's telling me to go long no it's usually more of an idea it's like they're you know anyways I'm getting off on a chance so let's get it and see if I go on to the tangible so we're right in the middle of these two ranges right here I do think that we break this to the upside I do think that we give a test to this blue box territory here twelve eight and probably do you break it to the upside this looking constructor to me it's kind of you know it's kind of shaping itself into be a little bit of a consolidation triangle coming off a nice move to the upside so to me this is you know that this is likely to have continuation looking at our our the also do we do see actually ours our early Stokes back up in all words so this is why during the mornings video I was saying that we were likely to get a pullback so we've seen the hourly and two hour and three hour and for our all coming down and we actually still did you see the two hour Stokes coming down but that's what I was looking for a pullback during the mornings video and why I said it was likely to come back down to this region now I think that you know you can see them slowly but truly gets smoothed out and then over time they get reset and as long as Bitcoin holds this region right here I'd say that this is extremely likely to get you know sorry picked up to the upside and also of course I do think it's appropriate to look at the 12 hour right here the 12 hour is a very easy way to trade actually the 12 hour right here offers up a very very very very very simplistic view but it's completely valid and this is you know this is this this is one one way to do it and we do see the low of this prior 12 hour total right here that is a pivot on the market now you do see and it's kind of lining up with this with this with its local high right here so I do like the confluence is there so that tells me that hey if I wanted to play a you know a position like perhaps a more long-term position I could be using this as a pivot to manage risk on and again it's not it doesn't guarantee that this is 100 percent guaranteed you know to to work out there's no such thing as that but what it is guaranteed to do it's not guaranteed to do anything but what it does offer up is a good is a good way to kind of manage risk on as you know I know that the second that we go below there it's extremely like that we go much much much much much lower well not much lower but I'd say 11,500 extremely likely after that so about a 500 600 or move and then we kind of reassess from there but even then I wouldn't get bearish off that the only way that I get bearish on Bitcoin is if we actually break back down below the yellow 21 I spent from damage on the daily right here so right now you can see that this 21 exponential moving average has been just governing price action all the way up even with these very aggressive moves to the downside I mean it's it's still you know it still gets picked up up in and we still do create some higher lows along this area so to me that is very obvious and in clear signals that the bolts and hubs are still on the buy side and they have been on the buy side for quite some time so a lot of people talking about you know Bitcoin to 285 or no bit coin and 7000 no Bitcoin to 3000 and go yourself as well you know while you're at it well I'd say that's that's that's demeaning but also you know it's good for your health as well now isn't it so but not for your financial health if that's actually what its gonna happen so my point is is that when we look at something like this you know to me this is a clear and obvious signal that the big market movers are still on the buy side and the trend is still still your friend in the trend is still very much the upside media medium-term timeframe targets gonna be actually right around this kind of prior local high right here right around 13,000 actually which we got we pretty much hit during the early morning hours at 12:00 8:50 and a little bit more longer term I think 14,000 so any most certainly very much in the cards and here's the thing we're gonna be setting in a two of us to date a little time frame later tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time as well which is again just an hour actually so I'm really really liking this time frame now and and so in just about an hour we both set this one in stone if we if we close this to this two day total anywhere above 12 100 or even above 12,000 I'm bullish and I'm looking for this move to continue on price target from a true day total time frame perspective which again that's gonna you know it's gonna check his time it's not gonna happen in the snap of a Nicholas smart is fingers right there but I'd say about 14,000 very very very but very likely and then probably beyond after that this is kind of you know its own little sloppy flag it's like a sloppy joe flag we can't make a measure move off this I'm curious what it actually suggests right here this would be a very very very very very crude way of doing it actually so does 14,000 so yeah I do think that 14,000 still very much still very much on the table to go over to a daily we do see that this is kind of you know it's kind of a very ugly cup and here I you know a pattern trader would which would scold me for saying that but I don't even care about patent ready to begin with but I have noticed out on cryptocurrencies we got these more sloppy and ugly patterns that seem to play out and that's just well it's just we're dealing with crypto we're dealing with cryptocurrencies where we're bad bad boys we're hanging out in mommy's baseman and well we create these sloppy patterns because we don't give a about those traditional patterns well anyways looking at this right here you know could you make a measure about this again I'm a I'm doing assumptions which is extremely extremely bad this is not good technical analysis do not listen but do not don't listen but to what about say but if I I have noticed that this has worked out in the past and you know realistically what's a potential target going forward to about fourteen thousand six hundred fourteen thousand five hundred US region more long a little bit more long-term to be fair but yeah do you think that bitcoin is is kind of shaping up here all higher time firms looking good me for continuation daily has already gotten continuation above this hammer tilde right here if you want to call it that and more importantly this that past week's dildo was a clear and obvious signal as well we only came down to the nine expansion which is now represented by them by the yellow moving average right here and to me err sorry not to me but in in traditional marks my mentor would use this on the weekly and daily to judge strength of trend and when you're in a strong trend you'll typically only come down to that area it'll get picked up and this is a very this is very very obvious right here just like we had an example right here and right here and what we just kind of rose up or you know around it in in March as well but you do see that Bitcoin you know tested basically just graze in it and then immediately getting picked up that is that is telling us what the big buyers are sorry what the big market movers the people who actually move this market or doing the people with big pockets I'm talking about you know hundreds of millions you know in some cases even a billion dollars so looking at this you know looking fine to me of course it is worth mentioning that we are kind of grazing or sorry we're actually above the top troll in your ban right now now aren't we no we're not we're we're a few bucks below it it's twelve five ninety actually officially so my point is is that hey when I'm looking at something like this I do want to be aware of this because the fact is that were damn close to the top charlie banner when we kind of you know spend some time within this region it's very very very very very lucky that we actually do start pushing it now technically speaking you do actually want to see a weekly double closure above the top twenty band and if that does happen it would suggest that we're actually just beginning a trend to the upside which would set in a more longer-term time frame targets you know much higher again I'm sound like a perma Belov per Mobile's and it's it's true I mean I honestly it's true I've been a permeable in a bull market so you know cook me up and eat me baby it eats umbehr me too I like bears oh man they're like little fluffy Winnie the Pooh's except they will literally kill you and not give a they'll eat you asshole first – is what I hear so not a good thing anyways but I do have something in common with bears I really like salmon so you know you got to take you gotta take what you like and discard wish don't like right anyways uh looking at this right here you know again looks to me like it wants to trend the upside we do have a few warning signals we do have weekly Stokes coming down yes and that hasn't been you know good news for the Bulls in the past especially coming out of this region but I would go with the trend until you know until told otherwise just because regardless of those of those all sinners they can they can get up and stay high and they can and they can be high for a very long time it's not until we get a full on reversal dildo formation on heavy volume and preferably heavy volatility especially on like a weekly or something which which we can't actually even well actually yes we can populate volatility on a weekly it's still relatively on the lower side you know is when I start to tall like a legitimate reversal you know like a reversal taught you know talking about forty forty percent move to the downside perhaps kana is similar and also you know probably gonna become fluent with the three-day Jul as well which I've been covering up a lot I don't want to do the full-on explanation here just cuz I don't want to bore people and and and you probably know but looking at three-day jewel right here you know we do see that it's kind of just being walked up if we get the light blue oscillator into this critical zone here outlined by the red dotted trend lines that's where it start to look for you know major massive pull backs as we've seen in the past actually accurately getting it pretty much each and every time for bitcoins history if we backtester right here you'll see that all of these signals match up and sorry the actual signal itself is when we get come on baby it's when we get the light blue oscillator into the critical zone outlined by these red dotted trend lines get red and red flash in the background and then get a negative slope on the saw so there and then we see price action have these pretty nasty dumb so you know again I'll just do I'll just do one right here I don't wanna go through all them but just just trust or look at or don't don't trust verify look at the older videos where I have the patience to go through all them but I can tell that my patients been really really worn down recently probably due to the lack of sleep and also just due to their frustrations of not having access to my main computers and whatnot I feel like I probably I probably haven't treated some people that I in a way that I want to be treated or sorry in a way that I should have treated them so you know if you do feel like I've been a little bit short towards you or a little bit or a little bit brief you know my messages on something like discord I do apologize about that it's it's there no excuse really for something like that but man it is just a again I just again no I shouldn't even say anything there's no excuse anyways um with regards to this you know three days structure looks good to me it does look like we're you know just like so looks like we're can resolve in a consolidation right here we do see three day RSI actually breaking back above the exponential right here it's building divergence you know it's there's gonna be some pretty nasty bearish divergence here but but until we actually set it in until we get that next local high still technically not it's still it's not but it's not playable just like the three day jewel yeah it's getting up there but until we actually at this light blue all sorta into that critical zone I'm not taking any one of those signals so again you know overall that should you let the try and be your friend let it guide love it let it governor you I think well I just I'll briefly talk about this as well the good old super guppy you know just from a little more long-term training idea and remember this is now we're talking about more long-term type stuff so you know shorter term timeframes we're gonna have we're gonna kind of the ebbs and flows of the market as you know as you know as you naturally expect looking at the super cup right here which is basically just conglomeration of a ton of moving averages we do see that when this thing you know Teta takes on a color it stays that color for quite some time so green over here for a while then red for a while then green for a while then red for a while then green for a long time then red for a long time during 2018 we actually relatively recently just turned green for the you know in the last couple months so I would say that this you know probably probably gives us so at least like a year of green I shouldn't I really shouldn't say stuff like that you know you you shouldn't make you you shouldn't make assumptions like that but historically speaking that has been the reactions so so again you know that's that's kind of what I'm looking at from from from this perspective anyways taking this guy off and let's get back to the lower timeframes just because I do want to focus more on like medium and lower timeframe on this on this video and let's put these these babies back on here's her for our for our just looks like a nice consolidation exceeds being walked up above the yellow to our side not the yellow but but the red 10 simple and this is again showing you that the depth of Boston August is this market are getting more and more aggressive if we put on the trend if we put on the drawing tools you see that you know we're just the the two areas of action are these two blue boxes here so let me actually adjust this right now well well we can actually bring it from there and let's extend it maybe out here extend for stamina that's just kidding and in this guy right here so anything within this blue box anything you know all sitting between this blue box territory is just consolidation can you play the consolidation yeah I mean we saw an example during this morning's video we saw that wake down here I didn't I didn't buy myself I didn't want I didn't want you like I said I'm already holding these positions I don't have any real reason to any real reason to around with that oh my god I'm looking at my camera right now it really does look like I'm in the witness protection program need one of those voice modifiers I swear it's not what it looks like anyway anyways we're right in the Middle East you guys right now so I don't really think it's worth taking a trade here but the next trade that I would be looking at is anywhere you know any any breakage above this blue box territory right here then I'd be looking for the next move short term towards 13 for a little bit more medium term towards about 14,000 and then you know once we get there I'd be looking for pullbacks from boat for actually from both those reasons but especially from 14,000 they're very likely will be some sellers there but overall I do think that it does get continuation onwards and upwards over time just like to the downside here even if we broke back down below 12,000 150 I'm not looking for a full on flooding a price section I only get I only got only looked towards like legitimate bearish targets in the four digits once again if we break back down below ten thousand seven hundred that is the magical number in fact it's not even ten thousand seven hundred anymore it's ten thousand eight hundred now because it got him we just rose this bitch up another $100 it's like make that wall 10 feet higher just kidding I said someone left a comment on a video hit that like I've been getting political my video I hope I don't get political in my video I'm not a political person I don't I don't care about politics again my my life's philosophy is 100 percent personal autonomy not to be reliant on who's king of the world I don't don't want to let that affect my life you know again it's it's it's like never anyways we won't get into it so looking at this right here you know you can see that we're right between these levels so reading between two lines what do we see on our Arnim also there's a good old chicken 10 DS we do see for hours so session coming down so three hour and four hours still down in all in all so two hours well although to our is looking a little bit weaker and getting to the edge of the bullish control zone so typically you do see defense plate around there but then we go to our medium timeframe it's right in medium time frames are still well actually technically up six hour getting a little bit weak but still but still up eight we're gonna be up 10 our are gonna be up 12 our gonna be up daily gonna be up today gonna be crossing to the upside and confirming tonight what could this mean look at this what could that mean look at that could that mean could that mean that we might have some more upside to go oh this is getting crazy and looking at this right here I do like this setup especially from other two days anyways go back down to the four hour and let's look at our four hour also – so yes our four hour Stokes are way up here but that's I don't have a problem with that I actually like it when the Stokes stay high during strong training moves they're gonna do that I mean I really really laugh so hard when people say broke though broke those Stokes know people don't use this sucks please our side bro RSI really really high right now you know what that means we can't be going higher we got it go down alright good luck with that but looking at the RSI right here a little bit better for training um I would say the RSI is actually very constructive in the our side is likely likely has a lot more room here the RSI wants to bring up higher is what it looks like to me it's running up above the exponential and looking constructive I like what I see and I do you think that this does give another try at the very least to 13,000 or sorry twelve thousand eight and probably beyond actually be just ticked above twelve thousand six so sick right now powerful Bitcoin show me those dirty green dildos now I want to see how big and think you can get man keep me updated on a continued progress bro I'm gonna see how I'm gonna see how thick this baby gets ten twelve thousand six twenty twenty-nine thirty holy boy man are these bulls are these Bulls coming back in the market can't could it be could it be holy moly is that a dream dobot oh you got to keep it interesting you know you got to keep it in scene because if you're gonna be looking at management money pixels on your computer screen all day long better have fun with it otherwise you're gonna go crazy and I feel like maybe I have been going crazy a little bit recently and that's why I've been losing my mind anyways um okay so for our RSI training oscillator is looking fine to me momentum oscillators a little bit you know you know a little bit you know a little bit up there but I said I actually like that I think that's a good signal when you're a strong training move it must go check out see Emmy futures what a seme future is looking like do we see any sort of differences here not really not not not really what about on the daily do we see any differences here mmm not we did we already got a new daily on the CME's and looks fine to me again you know you can you could you could manage a very easy trade off the CMEs as well just use the low side of this wick right here so look at my phone what's going on there and in if we do take below the low of this total right here at twelve thousand three hundred thirty then yes you know I'd be looking for a move probably back down here towards you know I'm if since like eleven five but for now the directions up and looking at daily soaks we just crossed the upside that said this has been confirmed and so you can't say that we're defending actually at the neutral zone right here so I do like that daily are side getting regaining the exponential as well this looks constructive to me it looks like it wants to go and and I do you think there's quite powerful price action looking at the weekly I mean look at this won't see me is this this is good that's really good that's that's a good set up right there you know it we have a little bit of a top you total right here gets bought back on up right here on a what do you wanna call this Jesus Christ I'll do a hammer dildo whatever you call it's and it's and it's it's it's bull which is what it is and now we have follow-through so it's confirmed and yeah you know we do see weekly stuff is coming down but so bro I put more weight on the one that counts for your P&L it's doin that I put more weight on don't get me wrong no higher time frames are building up major massive diver and says I will be looking for a pullback a major pullback on Bitcoin when those do you actually line up but it hasn't necessarily happened just yet let's go see how GBC operated for the day 1635 closure and we have we basically look the same as spot actually so not really not really anything not really I think should look at here on G V DC yeah I don't really I don't have strong opinion on that but actually now that now that I kind of have it brought up let's actually go back to the daily um troll under balance we do see that the top of the troll under balance is coming in right around 12 9:50 so yeah I would say that if Bitcoin does take back up to 12 950 13,000 s region I probably do look for the first the first pass to be knocked down on a lower timeframe and then the games will begin so if this next Daly does close above this above this level here at about 13,000 we'll call it to be a little more conservative then I then then that's when the trend you know really does start to begin to in my in my opinion even though you know the trends never changed but when I'm talking about sorry momentum is the better word momentum really starts began once again which are momentum oscillators are agreeing with that so if we can actually put closed price action above that region that would you know that that would be the duopoly if that's even a word of what I'd be looking for with regards to this okay let's go check out the other top ship coins I'd like I said I do want to keep this on a short aside let's go check out gold actually I know a lot of people interested in gold let me take off the tro under bands here and let me just give it a fresh look what are you looking at on gold gold looks like it's being riku minted along the yellow 20 – when Truman averaged to me and I do think that we have a lot of correlations between gold and and Bitcoin we can actually bring up the correlation coefficient really quick the correlation coefficient where are you ball a boy where are you beautiful bastard there you are and come on let's actually see what the correlation is and quite quite strong so Bitcoin looking good here probably gonna correlate with Bitcoin or sorry with correlate with gold getting picked up here and I do think that gold works its way back towards whatever this region is here let me let me actually populate this yeah I think that gold works way back towards like 14 14 14 15 ish region where basically is kind of putting in a nice little consolidation after the first major break out of like a five or six year accumulation phase you know going all the way back on over here I still think this is overall good I still think that overall you know it does reach higher towards you know 15 15 10 15 15 ish region but it's gonna take his time man gold moves like molasses Bitcoin moves like a madman who's on speed crack and a Jeffrey from get him to the Greek Soho so you know it's like pick your poison right of course all of the New Age Millennials love the bitcoins for that reason my I myself you know agree with that I think it's a lot more fun there's a lot more volatility is a lot more opportunity but gold you know kind of operates in a similar vein kind of kind of anyways I do think that gold probably follows Bitcoin here I think that bitcoin is actually leading funnily enough so if you if you are trading gold you probably have a you have the DeLorean trade and you know in the back pocket essentially where a Bitcoin gets to move first and then gold is probably gonna follow through so I'd say first target probably to be right here at about 1406 second target gonna be somewhere right around about 14 15 14 16 this is again a gold spot versus dollar on a random okay let's go check out link link getting down to my next target towards I think my next target is 23,000 Satoshi's and did we get oh we actually we actually up to 23 500 so I do I look for a bounce I probably do you look forward balance here it might it might make him another little stab down to about 23,000 but anywhere within this region I do think it gets a nice bounce off of I still like link from a more long-term perspective but looking at the weekly it's very obviously that you know we've initiated the pullback we've initiated the reversal and targets are now being met to the downside so I'd give it some time I think you know it's it's basically been you know moving while most things are not so it's overall you know still good but gonna you know gonna be trading sideways and down for a while I'd imagine as I look at my phone no still not still not important but getting close I feel like with each and every like taking beat whatever the that I'm a robot whatever noise at my phones making uh it's my my computer comes closer but it still just messages on discordant anyways uh card Anya what's card on your doing card doneö headed out to the abyss once again and of course this basically represents most all coins charts that are just you know straight up if they get one massive girthy green dildo pump and then dump it on your face baby distribution all the way down and of course you know I don't want to pick on cut on it too much under there's a lot of people who like it but there's someone just represents most all coins and you know some some look worse some look a little bit better but looking at the Dominus charts still bullish on this one man it's looking good to me and if the coin does move up here you're gonna see this one explode more I mean I think that we just got a breakout here we're literally about to break out on the Bitcoin dominance chart I have a measure moot pointed up towards about 6969 great number sixty nine to seven years region daily looks good week weekly looks good month we've also looks even better so I I think that alternate are about to get clean pied a little bit more here it's gonna be a boo cake ceremony and if you've watched enough anime you already know what happens next so when it comes down to this I would suggest that's if you're in all coins in your training versus Bitcoin be careful let's go check out be and be what's being be doing and now we're gonna look at them versus a dollar so for the most part things are looking ok versus the dollar I'm sure that card owner looks okay versus the dollar as well but versus Bitcoin most things are not looking too healthy BM bcz coin just just being accumulated all for the thirty-two uh you know if the thirty-two marker horizontal right here also can fluid with the green fifty exponential moving average so again you know I do think that this one does get picked up here but it's it's a little bit on the sluggish side so it's not leading right now it's kind of following but if we can actually break above thirty three and a half bucks I'd have a target of thirty five and a half and I'd only look for a downside target if we broke below thirty two dollars and my downside target at that point would be somewhere here is region right around about thirty dollars even and then we'll and then we reassess Z cash what's he looking like Zika shucks you coming down huh so all coins actually kind of looking droopy this year so far we haven't looked at all of them just yet but Zika Shack she looks like wants come down to you about ninety five dollars what else do we have we do see we do see daily also it's like sheeps pointing back down actually let me take off the correlation coefficient what's be cash doing be cash is still stolen above the green fifty so I do think that be cash probably works way towards for forty five and then probably a little bit more long-term 480 490 what about Tron cash Tron cash actually up as well so the raid is going well yes and yes it did hit our first target about three spot 5 so 3 and a half cent target hit and I do you think that this one does actually get another leg up towards about three eight three nine region somewhere right around here I think that it's constructive I do think that it's just it's in this it's in the sloppy way that a lot of these things do it but it is okay we do see daily soaps have plenty of room we do see we do see daily above all major moving average we do see daily above are exponential on the RSI and this and this is just Austin it again between the bullish and the bearish our side the bullish and neutrals control zone let's look at the Neo what's what's good old neo doing neo down a little bit on the day as well but just hold holding above the Tencent the red ten symbol I think this one's flagging out kind of you know probably does work its way back towards nineteen and a half dollars if Bitcoin moves up you're gonna see all coin to move up versus dollar Bitcoin moves down you're gonna see them also move down as well most likely except for a few outliers here and there EOS with EOS doing a little bit of a laggard as well um I'm gonna have to redraw this because it's wrong and yeah it's yeah that's definitely wrong we're doing something like this is what it looks like to me we're doing some like this I really just like diagonal trend start to avoid them when I can on my diagonal racist but this looks this does look right I think it's just getting reunited along this region right here you see all these nice wicks so I kind of remain like cautiously it's like a like a like a like a sloth bullish as long as we remain above this trend line which is 570s region if we do break below five Sony I'd be looking for a move down to about five five and a quarter but do you think that it kind of just round its way up and works back towards short-term target like six fortyish region and then probably back up towards here again if they couldn't moves up you're gonna see mostly things move up you already you already know that I'm not telling you anything that you don't know mister ripples me nipples did hit our first target of about no it did not oh it did not my first target was gonna be about forty three cent I think I think we're gonna do the same thing as he else here though kind of like grind down this area but ultimately kind of pull through with Bitcoin if Bitcoin just switch around what about Manero cash what commit now we're doing um still no but hold still holding above all major movement averages so I do I do give him the benefit of the doubt you know even here again it's just it's it's more it's just it's just a lot easier to say that's gonna do whatever Bitcoin does cuz that's well for the most part the truth you know next major breakout above one seventeen and a quarter then I'd be targeted move I think it's like one thirtyish region one 140 actually almost 140 by the same token I'm not bearish till we break back down below eighty three and a half stellar sheller rumens ten cents looks like he's getting rejected once again looks like he wants to make another run towards this this bottom trend line right here at about nine or nine nine spot it's then doesn't look good definitely one of the definitely one of the weaker ones in this market as you can see weekly is resting on the on the white turn it simple which I have a rule that I even though it does look that I would not get bearish when you know when you're above a major movement amateur like that or enemy major moving average like that what about litecoin cash litecoin cash let's go to the daily I'm gonna guess it's probably holding the fifty oh my god told him to fifty it looks actually exactly like BM B doesn't it so yeah you know a very easy way to try this as long as we're above the 50 which is 118 or sorry 117 yeah about 117 and a half yeah okay if we drew break back above 120 what is this 124 123 and a half 124 I'd be looking for a move towards 133 ish region 135 if that were to happen mr. B Terrell what's mr. bjur I'll join looking good here mr. buuder all kind of falling through with Bitcoin it looks like and he'll we are approaching this next resistance I do think that this is a bullish consolidation below a major you know a major resistance any sort of a break above 320 and I'll be looking for a first target of 332 and 333 and then probably higher over time you know 360 obviously but really $400 is is kind of my more long-term target right now what else do we have I think that pretty much does it let's do we want to look at the dollar index really quick yeah sure why not while we're here dollar index is bullish right here I do think that it works let's weigh a little bit higher it is right at resistance at 97 spot four or five or sorry spot for four but this looks like a fake out and everyone's getting really bearish on the dollar so it kind of makes me think kind of a counter trade here is to actually be bullish on this we do see momentum assert it's a good old mommy-o so it is pointed up here and we do see daily RSI breaking above the neutral zone actually kind of breaking out here I kind of like what I see actually so back on a Bitcoin Bitcoin twelve thousand six hundred and thirty five and a half powerful Bitcoin very powerful Bitcoin I have to make sure that the crown bot is still not shooting his green dildos all scroll screen oh let's oh oh let's actually look at the expected moves chart again shout out to bali port for this one the genius behind it all and we do see the first range of expected moves the first a deviation the most likely the 68% are sorriness Lussier percentile about sixty percent likelihood would be between 13,500 hi and we almost got to the low this range at eleven thousand eight hundred but even that i think is a little bit on the lower side I'm curious what the thirty would look like on this I want to see the edge of the I want to see I want to see that yes this is where I want to see it at basically twelve thousand base get the low of our day this this would actually make more sense here I keep on going back and forth with with do I want to use a 30 or fifteen because sometimes I swear the the the thirty gets away better than other times I swear that the fifteen gets away better I think the fifteen gets it I think the fifteen gets it better more often let's go in the middle this kind of meet in the middle of twenty twenty a little bit a little bit a little bit okay tops I would still be around that thirteen 413-545-9400 break below 12150 and I'm looking for a move down to 11650 I'm not leaning towards that happen I'm long and I don't think that that happens but if that did happen I would de-risk below there by the same token I don't get bearish and Toby actually break below about ten thousand eight hundred the daily twenty one and even then it's like I don't necessarily look exactly 485 how did I be looking for maybe like ninety five hundred first and then ninety two and then maybe eighty five and then for the upside which things a lot more likely here if we break back above about twelve eight twelve nine I'd probably be looking for a move and in this next territory towards thirteen thirteen 313 for which I think is is a lot more like looking at the higher time frames we are bullish here so I think you know over the next do you know over the next day two days three days whatever ends up being uh you know I don't know but I do think that we work our way up towards there anyways I'm gonna leave you off with that I want to wish you a happy birthday green dildo Tuesday night or if your or if red dildos – perhaps rain perhaps some red dolls as well but I don't I don't like Christmas I want just green dildos right now so with that said as always wish you the best the best just wish you well from a of lis early evening over here in Chicago Illinois take care and see you soon


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