Bitcoin BTC Pumps!? Davincij15 To Reveal “Next Big” Cryptocurrency!? (Price + Trading + News 2019)

Bitcoin BTC Pumps!? Davincij15 To Reveal “Next Big” Cryptocurrency!? (Price + Trading + News 2019)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape we got another killer video for you guys
full of information today we’re gonna be looking at the Bitcoin breakout and why
bitcoin is at a very important level right now we’re also be looking at
DaVinci j15 set to reveal his new favorite all coin as well as tons of
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instead of 100 absolutely insane in less than one hour now moving on and talking
about Bitcoin because like I said we broke a very important pattern we are
seeing a breakout right now and well we are facing a very important level of
resistance so if we look at the chart something we’ve been following for some
time and again I’m sorry this does get a little bit repetitive but I know several
people do like seeing the technical analysis and what’s going on with the
charts so we’ve been trading in this wedge for a very long period of time for
very long I mean at least a couple of days well before the new year around
27th of December it looks like on my chart is where we started so a few days
back a few weeks back we started trading within this way
and we also noticed that we were potentially using the redline of the
yellow line up here as the resistance trading in an ascending triangle which
is a bullish pattern now the last few days I’ve mentioned that I thought
bitcoin was looking a little more bullish in the short term rather than in
the big picture we obviously are still in a bear market and we would need to
break several several resistive resistances before I think in the long
run we are going to finally see the bull run coming soon as of right now we are
still in a bear market but this is a very positive sign one of the few
bullish signs that we’ve seen Bitcoin to have one of the few bullish patterns
we’ve seen Bitcoin have in the last few months in the whole of 2018 basically we
had one previously over here and now we’re seeing one we saw potentially the
ascending triangle again which more often than not is a bullish pattern does
see am bullish break now well we see this huge spike that came a huge
breakout that came only a few hours before I recorded this video which again
was sort of predicted we all talked about Bitcoin being a little more
bullish in the short term but this this range we’ve been in was very
unpredictable the volume is very very low and you see the one massive volume
spike being the weekend we usually see low volumes and we see these things
happen a little easier than we would throughout the week usually a Sunday or
Monday is the perfect opportunity for a breakout for a spike because of how low
the volume is now what have we reached if you guys remember it over here the
neckline of the inverse head and shoulder pattern that we’ve also been
looking at for some time and that we’ve been in but potentially forming for
weeks now the reason we don’t know the reason I mentioned this before the
reason we don’t jump in and start you know buying in before we see a confirmed
breakout because in order for us to see the breakout we would have to you know
complete the neckline which it looks like we’re trying to do and then start
moving our way upwards have that upward have the upward breakout see prices hit
you know potentially some very high targets and that could be very very cool
for Bitcoin in the short term but as of right now all we’ve done is get close to
completing the power but we have not seen the breakout so instead of trying
to predict the breakout let’s say over here predicting it to close
predicting it to go up which works sometimes but you are also going to get
it wrong oh you’re gonna get it wrong sometimes as well so you’re gonna look
really smart sometimes and a really dumb sometimes
and overall that’s not the best way to make money in terms of trading but we’re
at a very crucial level right now like I said a very important point over here
going to see if we do see a breakout above this pattern above this inverse
Head & Shoulders neckline it’s gonna take some time obviously not gonna
happen in this video hopefully by tomorrow maybe we’ll have some sort of
indication with what’s happening but I also wouldn’t be surprised knowing
Bitcoin if it just started to trade sideways again so we’re gonna wait and
see what happens on the bright side though we did see a little bit of
bullish momentum like I said $200 roughly enter the market to see Bitcoin
have a nice move up now in order to look bugs an offer to look for the market to
look bullish this analyst says that we need to see Bitcoin rise above 4500
dollars so if you look back again that would be above that neckline meaning we
wouldn’t have broken out and hopefully seen the upper targets making a higher
high which is something that we have not done in a very very long time with
Bitcoin making a higher high so far we’ve just been making lower highs
making a higher high would be very very cool to see happen so again he says he
needs to break above 4500 dollars also mentioning that crypto is in still in
the early phase and everything is still very volatile and very difficult to
predict simply because the people either one completely forgot about it you know
they heard about the end of 2017 they didn’t get in they completely forgot
about it or the opposite people have a very bad taste of crypto in their mouth
and they wish they could forget about it and they wish they didn’t get it because
they bought it at the highs of 2017 it is very very few people I believe that
had the had the strong hands that weren’t weak hands had the strong hands
had the willpower had the vision to see where things could go and truly proved
to be smart investors so if you are still holding your crypto stand you did
not sell obviously I’m not a financial adviser and I’m not telling you what to
do but I would like to congratulate you for being able to hold through all this
and showing that you do know a little bit about what investing is all about
actually a little more than a little bit about
what investing is all about and how it’s a long-term game and how any investment
should be looked at that way and if you invest for the right reasons if you
invest with the technology behind it and where you could you can see it
potentially going then you understand that you might have to hold through some
volatility you might have to hold through a bear market because of how
early are how early on it is still in this market if we do look at the overall
market cap right here we see Bitcoin up five percent aetherium slowing down a
little bit only up 0.53 percent in the last 24 hours still housing having its
lead above X our peak on Quinn mark cap though if we know the people who know X
are peas true market cap which is shown in other exchanges it isn’t being hidden
by corn market cap that XRP still is comfortably set at the number 2 spot
before since we’re looking at koi market cap we’ll give it to a theory and for
now doesn’t really matter the price I think is what most people worry about I
don’t think people care about who’s 2 to 3 if the price doesn’t change either way
we are seeing aetherium on here still at number 2 but a green day overall
especially given what happened recently with a Bitcoin shooting up we’re seeing
a lot of old coins fall we are seeing some that have crazy pumps of 40% Odom I
don’t know what this crypto project is it’s up 40% I’m assuming we might be at
a pumpin dope we also see this point being one of the biggest movers a lot
showing a ton of volatility again not a project that I’m invested in now hollow
like coin Neo Raven coin are some more popular ones that are seeing some very
very good gains as well in the double digits Raven coin
almost in the double digits Nano another one of my favorites up almost 8 and a
half percent and overall it’s a beautiful day to be looking at your
block folio compared to yesterday because it’s probably up unless
unfortunately you were invested in mobile go which is which is not up it is
down 16 percent or if you invest it in repo or if you invested in dental
yesterday it did have a nice run before that so we’ll let dental coin slab
overall like I said majority of crypto is in the green 90% seem to be in the
green and that’s a good day overall for investors if we look at Cardinal though
good news one of the most popular Kryptos out there with one of the
largest communities they have become particularly visible on Japanese TVs now
I don’t have a clue what this is doing but a da did recently
or Cardona did recently appear on to national jab jab Japanese TV shows which
is again I have no idea what they were about I have no idea what’s going on
with it but it is cool to see that Cardno is getting some exposure on TV
also finance has support has announced support for the upcoming Constantinople
aetherium hard fork so if you guys are interested in claiming that or how
that’s gonna work make sure you do go on to finance read their official support
newsletter and how it’s going to work what you have to do so that you can be
up to date well that they did however confirm that they’re going to be
supporting it which is I don’t think a surprise to anyone given how big
etherium is and how you know committed by Nets is to these type of thing I
don’t think anyone surprised about it but I figured I would update you guys
either way now DaVinci j15 I know there’s people who love them there’s
people who hate him and that all comes with being a public figure in any space
whatsoever personally I’ve talked to him a little bit and we are planning to get
up on the channel for an interview very very soon and the topic is going to be
big so I cannot wait for you guys to see that video as of right now though in the
video again with mmm crypto which I’m going to link down below they have had a
series of mmm crypto and DaVinci j15 series and basically they just go over a
ton of different topics now this is DaVinci j-15 talking about the next big
thing his next big old coin pick now although we did not get it announced
officially in this video they did say that he’s going to be revealing it he
believes Tuesday on his channel so that’s a perfect time if you’re not
subscribed yet to DaVinci j15 which I’ll leave a link down in the comments
section as well for you to go and subscribe to his YouTube channel and
wait for the video I’m assuming is gonna happen either Tuesday or Wednesday to be
uploaded and we can all see because I don’t know what it is either his next
big all point pick now I’m gonna be curious to see if this awkward has a
huge pump because of him talking about it or not we’re gonna have to wait and
see with what happens and lastly talking about exchanges going down well Bitcoin
shorts first of all are down over 20% in just three days speculations ahead of
the BitFenix January 7th May now there is going to be a bit Phenix
maintenance there’s also going to be an ether Phenix maintenance going on and
combine these to have maybe a little over 1% of the total crypto trade trade
volume so I don’t expect to see as big of a move as let’s say when bit Mex went
down for maintenance or in the same finance we’re gonna go down for
maintenance I don’t think we’re gonna see the same type of effect with that
with BitFenix or Ethan X however we could see a little bit more volatility
again not to the extent I think some people are comparing it to bit Mex and
something like that I don’t think it’s going to be to that extent but it could
cause as always a little bit more volatility now let’s move on and do it
the random giveaway winner for a video from this week for you guys let’s see
who wins the random giveaway I believe this video was the back to was
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and you are liking the channel and you are checking back in to see if you do
win a future giveaway guys thank you so much for watching and Happy New Year
Danny sorry I do not read it happy new year
I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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