Bitcoin (BTC) Price on the Move!! Plus Ethereum (ETH) Update! & Basic Attention Token (BAT) Update!

Bitcoin (BTC) Price on the Move!! Plus Ethereum (ETH) Update! & Basic Attention Token (BAT) Update!

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for a video on cryptocurrency every day my name's Austin and like always let's check out where we stand in the crypto market starting with Bitcoin as you can see the price of Bitcoin is beginning to recover off of those weekly lows that we saw about a day day and a half ago and while total market cap continues to stay the same hovering in between 110 and 113 billion dollar market cap so no significant change here the price of Bitcoin is back down to 3400 let's zoom in on the price of Bitcoin this is the price of Bitcoin seven-day chart and this is that 2% pullback that we saw about a day and a half ago of course days before that we were trying we were attempting to break past the 3,500 resistance level break passive and sustained past it we couldn't do it the market pulled back and the price of Bitcoin bounced off of 3,400 now for those of you that subscribe to this channel you know that I'm a long term bullish on the future of Bitcoin but in the short term this is a little bit of a bearish indicator because what this what this tells me is that there was a clear lack of buying power at 3,500 and right now at the moment even 3400 saying that the whales are not interested in buying Bitcoin at such a quote-unquote high price so while long term I'm bullish to me this indicates and I'm sure I mean I hope that we'll we'll consolidate and we'll retest the 3,500 resistance again to me what this says is short term wise we might have further down to go let me know what you think by the end of this video I want a clue you in on a theorem update there's a lot of contention in the etherium camp right now and one quote from one developer says the issue is going to be resolved by us making an effing decision a lot of contention I'll clue you in on this aetherium update at the end of this video before we get to the other news I do want to clue you in on one more altcoin pretty stagnant market today except if we scroll down to some of these mid-cap coins basic attention touken basic attention token having a hell of a day yesterday it had a hell of a day and it seems while it's continuing it's a little surge why his basic attention token rising in market cap so much a lot of people are guessing what was it just added a coin base is that the reason no it was added to coinbase weeks ago and certain regions but the only reason I could find is also coming from coin base we've launched a new coin base earned page where you can earn basic attention tokens and earn up to ten dollars worth of bat today by completing educational lessons and interactive tasks I did this they send me an email I earn ten bucks if you guys want to take advantage so I'll put if you complete it they'll put 10 bucks of basic attention token right in your account coining base account and seven of those ten bucks came from downloading brave browser and I already had great browser so all you have to do is click the button it verifies that you do indeed have brave bot browser and they'll give you ten bucks I'll give you seven bucks worth or in the other three by answering a little quiz pretty cool this is the only reason that I could find that basic attention token would would surge so much but let's get real because on this channel we will always keep it real and I don't know if I'm just jaded by this bear market but to me this seems more like manipulation than actual honest people buying in let me explain and honestly nobody cares about manipulation when it's in favor of your coin but to me it just doesn't seem realistic that so many people who had a coin base account had no clue of basic attention token A's and after completing these quizzes and getting free basic attention token they foe mode in and they just kept buying basic attention tokens because they finally learned what it is to me it doesn't seem to like it there's that many new people in the space right now everybody pretty much knows the basic attention token is to me this I mean I'm just guessing it seems like a marketing ploy from basic attention token to get some hype into their coin now that there's some educational material behind it let me know what you think in the comments and if thus far you've gotten any value from today's video feel free to give it a like just help me grow as a channel only if you've received value let's keep going so we have a new statement out of JPMorgan and we've heard statements out of fidelity and Goldman Sachs and a lot of big players this one coming out of JP Morgan and just like my thought process process is a long term bullish indicator they're saying what will it take for a Bitcoin resurgence of interest on Wall Street a JP Morgan's global marketing strategist' Nicholas somebody says that Bitcoin could make a resurgence on Wall Street according to an article published just yesterday by CNBC let's check this out the stability that we are seeing right now in crypto current in the cryptocurrency market is setting the stage for more participation by institutional investors in future so they're saying this this stagnation as I call it in crypto currencies you know oftentimes I expressed this interest in stagnation they're saying from a Wall Street investor perspective this is what they want to see more because it suggests some stability in the market and the JP Morgan strategist predicts that firms will show a renewed interest in crypto currencies as stability in the market grows and as bitcoins underlying blockchain technology grows more important so as blockchain grows more important that'll add to the renewed interest he added that a bitcoins resurgence could be many years away as regulators are a bit slow to realize the potential of the cryptocurrency I feel this is a nice honest perspective from a JP Morgan strategist and I agree in the aspect that when we I think over the next few years we'll see those institutions start to come in but it will not be all at once maybe in a few years there'll be a parabolic institutional foam owing in but for the next few years I think it'll be slow and steady what we need to see this market recover a little more in sustain and build and that's coming out of JP Morgan as well very interesting I like that these next two stories they came out yesterday you might have already know so we'll be quick but Zika Z cash the privacy coin inflation bug that could have created infinite tokens I'll be quick on this because I know a lot of you guys have already learned this but this was discovered 11 months ago and this would have been horrible for Zee cash if this would have been disclosed immediately when it happened and nothing happened if you own Z cash no need to sell z cash is fine but if this one's been caught somebody could have created infinite tokens for Z cash this is what scares me about privacy coins or just all coins in general this is why this markets so speculative and please z cash still has a great use case it's still adopted by you know handful of merchants sneek ash still has a future but it scares me because this is an article we saw in December of last year where Bitcoin private confirms an addition of two million secretly pre mind coins now this happened the Z cash incident that did tap and that was saved in time thank God sucks that were just finding out about it now but you know with low cap coins like this I just assume or I don't assume but I the risk comes with low cap coins and sometimes I just assume with higher cap coins like Z cash alright other people all our other developers because I'm not a developer they've checked it out it's probably fine you know wild wild west out there be careful guys important to diversify that's what's going on that's what's going on with Z cash that's why Z cash is a little bit down today finance I'll quickly clue you in finance an exchange point is now in the top ten the first exchange coin in a long time if ever is now in the top ten and it's because Finance has a new Launchpad project as you know BitTorrent token launched its ICA ICO off of Finance and you needed by Nance coin or Tron coin to buy into BitTorrent token they have a new one haven't really done the research on this it's an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency called fetch AI that's the next one being launched off the finance launchpad whether you like by Nance or not this gives a finance another use case and it's one of the few coins I mean they've still lost value but they've sustained they've sustained a lot of their market cap other winds out there they're interesting good on you if you low by Nance little the second from last piece of news contention coming out of an ethereal again and I assume there's contention in all altcoins we're just hearing a lot about it from aetherium and to be clear this is not about the hard fork constantinople hard fork that supposedly will be going out at the end of this month february 27th it's not about that just really quick what the hard fork is going to update optimization and upgrade the five things for the constantinople a constantinople upgrade that are coming the end of february is first update is bitwise shifting this will allow developers to make some operations more efficient so at efficiency to aetherium number two deals with state channels which allow with the are IAM to better scale and future so scaling that's the hard fork another update allows smart contracts to check the code of other smart contracts more efficiently so less processing power in the constantinople upgrade and the last one and probably the most contentious two more another one is okay so much like similar to how tos currently implements multi level transactions another part of the upgrade efficiency upgrade will allow several actions to be taken on each transaction so adding efficiency and then probably the most contentious part of the constantinople hard work is the block reward adjustment taking down from three aetherium per block to two I believe that's the hard fork that's already happening you know about it and if you want just a brief sum up of what will happen in the end of this month I'll leave that link in the description below but this is the new piece of information that's coming out of aetherium aetherium developers delay ASIC resistance proof of work out their algorithm decision until the third party audit do you know the significance of a –scent ASIC resistance in proof-of-work crypto currencies ASIC mining the rig's Manero is ASIC resistance as well and the benefits of having a crypto currency be a sakra system ASIC resistant is it leads to less centralization of mining because I mean you still have mining from GPUs and other things but if you're a sick resistance ideally you have less centralization and it's debated right now whether aetherium should go into that or not go into that let me clue you in and the team wants to wait until the algorithm is audited by a third party a developer explained that the audit is an attempt to establish how effective the algorithm would be in leveling the playing field for different kinds of hardware used to mine crypto including GPUs field programmable gate arrays and Asics so they're going to go to a third party audit to explain to them or to test how effective would it be for their cryptocurrency if they became a sick resistance what mining would they need to do to be the most effective they're putting it off to a third party which honestly is smart to get to get a second third party opinion and the audit the what will they ought to do the audit should give developers enough confidence to make a decision and there is a timeline while there's no set date on this audit yet it's supposed to happen sometime in March or April so this will have an after the Constantinople hardwork if that goes through which I think it will and there's a direct quote a little contentious I guess this debate on ASIC resistance has been going on for several months and a lot of people are wondering how it is going to be resolved and one person answered in the question how will this ever be resolved at one developer answered it's resolved by us making an effing decision yikes hey I get it I mean honestly you don't wanna be going back on things like this once the decision is made ideally it should be the best for the crypto currency and move the crypto forward so you know I'm no developer so I guess my opinion you would be I would like my crypto currencies to be as the little decentralized as we can the only downside if you make your cryptocurrency ASIC resistant I think you're always gonna have to be upgrading and upgrading and upgrading monaro doesn't upgrade every six months I believe to make sure their cryptocurrency among other things as ASIC resistent nothing wrong with that in my opinion if you're more decentralized let me know what you think in the comments team feel free to subscribe if you want to be part of our daily crypto videos I have one last piece of news for you and this is something that we really haven't seen a lot in the last six months major Swiss Stock Exchange 6 to launch new blockchain powered digital Exchange so in the last 6 12 months we've been seeing exchanges stock exchanges start selling or not selling start trading digital assets putting digital assets on their platform or on a similar platform a new platform of them.this they're using blockchain technology to power their stock platform and this is big for a few reasons because they'll integrate blockchain in their exchange and this six Swiss exchange sees roughly five point one eight billion dollars in daily turnover and as a market cap laser a capitalization of one point six seven trillion so obviously a lot of revenue in traditional finance goes through this exchange and they're going to test and ideally switch to blockchain integration why would they do this well in a direct quote the fact is it takes two days at the the system that they presently have it takes two days for the buyer of a stock to become the owner the trade itself only takes a fraction of a second but after the payment but after the payments have to be settled in titles titles transferred if we put it all on our digital exchange so once they integrate blockchain then the whole process only takes a few seconds this makes the markets more efficient but at the same time also takes a lot of the risk out of the system this is something I think I think before a lot more exchanges add cryptocurrencies to their exchange I think we'll see a lot more traditional finance exchanges and platforms integrate blockchain into their system and why wouldn't they like like these guys said it's faster cheaper and it's more secure this will be one of the steps going forward into just making cryptocurrency everyday life I like that alright let me ask you one last question have you followed us on Twitter yet if you haven't why not that's the first place we'll stay up to date with you on everything going on in the crypto space but having said that guys that was the video today I'll see you on Twitter linked in the description below and I'll see you tomorrow


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