Bitcoin BTC Golden Cross Indicating BIG Move Soon! Price Predictions Today Ripple XRP Ethereum ETH

Bitcoin BTC Golden Cross Indicating BIG Move Soon! Price Predictions Today Ripple XRP Ethereum ETH

Oh baby here hope you’re all enjoying your date say I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin aetherium and ripple price predictions as well as covering all coins That have popped if you guys are part of our premium group, we’ve had an amazing Week we had no trades that hit stop-loss all of our trades take profit or we close that break-even I think we ended this week with over a hundred percent in gains We’re gonna talk about why we see a ton of these altcoins like Tron for example Popping over the next few months if you don’t know Tron is up 207 percent right now in weekly transaction volume following their hard fork and their upgrade to their system now we’re gonna talk about some other news like stellar being added to coin base as well as the SCC and etherium and I’m super excited to go through these price predictions as well with you guys because a lot of these coins are showing different signs of different movements I’m gonna talk about why I’m Seeing certain things with Ripa for example against Bitcoin and why I think we’ll see a pop there But then other coins like aetherium Just don’t look as good and I’m gonna talk about all of that with our technical analysis and taking live audience questions Make sure to LIKE this video if you guys haven’t already and let’s just dive right into this Bitcoin Technical analysis as you can see right now we are currently outside of this pennant that initially formed that we broke out of which was a very positive sign you can see we started to Consolidate down around this area here between four thousand two hundred and thirty eight hundred you can see right now We’re right on top of that exponential moving average. That’s that teal line right over there So right now we’re seeing a lot of neutral indicators with Bitcoin If you look at the RSI as well, very neutral RSI You can even argue. This is a head and shoulder pattern But when I’m looking at RS eyes and analysts I’ve been analyzing Bitcoin for almost 10 years now being in this market What I’ll tell you right now is what we’re watching for is this level right here of 60 and 40? because 60 Anything above that would be considered bullish anything in the middle between 40 and 60 would be considered neutral and so we’re seeing this neutral RSI Neutral EMA momentum, right? The momentum is what you you look at the EMA for momentum So we’re neutral right now. But what I’m very confident about is this one hundred and fifty day moving Average support now what’s cool is if you know what a golden crosses It’s typically when a lower moving average like a 50-day moving average crosses above a higher moving average like a 200-day moving average however Right now we’re seeing a minor golden cross as we’re seeing the 50-day moving average cross Above the 100 day moving average and in the past if you guys have been keeping up with their live streams We’ve seen this happen to other coins like aetherium and ripple and we’ve actually seen the price movements in correlation with the Golden Cross even with the 50 and the 100 day moving average being used and the reason I want you guys to Understand that this is still a significant deal is because the cryptocurrency market is different than stocks Forex commodities Futures options all these markets have been around for decades and decades and decades are not like the cryptocurrency market If you guys have been in other markets say I in the chat or in the comment But coming from traditional markets what I’ll tell you right now is this markets way more fast paced Indicators don’t work the same there’s different levels and you just have to understand Cryptocurrency trading is not just like forex trading however it’s similar and so you have to be able to speed things up like Formations in this market typically happen faster than in other markets and why is that the case? Well, all these other markets are trillion-dollar markets while cryptocurrencies are still in the billions, right? And so that’s why we’re gonna see a lot more action a lot more speed and a different type of manipulation and a different type of you know you correlation with indicators that were traditionally used Decades and decades and decades in these traditional markets. And so I think this is a pretty big deai A lot of people are pretty bearish on Bitcoin right now A lot of people are saying that they’re expecting it to crash down And what I’ll tell you right now is I’m not gonna say I’m 100% Confident we’re gonna see upside action if you guys are part of our premium hoop We do have a signal out for a long right now for Bitcoin And the reason I put that signal out is I’m looking at the fundamentals more than just the technicals right now Especially with all of this neutral action and consolidation because it’s hard to really get a grasp of what’s happening when you have all this consolidation and neutral action But what I will tell you is we have strong support here with the 50 and the 100 a moving average It’s a very very good positive thing here. We also have the support from this previous descending resistance level so we have these true to strong factors of support and We were to set targets right now for Bitcoin right now anything to the upside I would expect to go to around 4200 before seeing any resistance and this is gonna be the crucial point in which if we can go and test that level once again Here around 4200 and we don’t see this huge sell-off that we saw that last time we tested it It’s gonna be a very positive thing for Bitcoin because now we’re gonna start to head back towards that 200-day moving average Which has not been in the picture for quite some time now and so anything to the downside in my opinion I don’t think we’ll break these moving average support levels. And the reason I say that is Not only are we seeing this Golden Cross occur here? but it’s really starting to become a point in which this market is seeing fundamentals that are totally beyond what we saw in 2017 when this mark was at $20,000 Bitcoin and what I mean by that is if you look at total cryptocurrency market cap and pull up this technical analysis you can see we’re seeing higher volume whether it’s by volume or cell volume is regardless of the Fact that we’re seeing more volume coming into this market. We’re seeing a bullish RSI uptrend here You can see we’re testing that 60 remember that 60 that I told you guys about We’re still testing that level right now a total cryptocurrency market cap, and we’re more near the bullish side than the bearish side So that’s also very positive here for this market. So looking at other Fundamentals. I’ll tell you right now if we pull up the confirmed transactions per day here This may look a little scary to some of you guys here You can see we see this huge drop down at 212 thousand transactions per second from 300,000 However, we want to see a healthy correction here. Why because you can see as we’ve seen this in the past go up It’s always had its point of correction before continuing its uptrend just like technical analysis We want to see a correction and I think going down to two hundred twelve thousand transactions is not a big deal This is actually a pretty awesome support level that we hit and if we were to see any further downside from 200 Transaction two hundred thousand transactions per second. I would be a little bit more concerned But in my opinion we’re gonna start to see this go up as it already has back up to two hundred eighty-five thousand transactions per second so still very positive in the fundamentals here when looking at confirmed transactions per day and what’s also cool about What we’re seeing right now, and I want to talk about this because I think this is extremely important Let’s see we have on the livestream James fiag Oh Bobby Patrick in the house So what we’re starting to see as well as Bitcoin Dominance is starting to drop but what most people are not talking about is the fact that you can see this consistent gradual uptrend in this last one here where it says others and we’re starting to see It tests these higher levels in which we saw at a peak in at the top. It was around 26% Dominance with other crypto currencies outside the top 10 and now we’re starting to approach that 21 to 25 percent level again It’s starting to rise up and we’re starting to see these alt coins pop if you guys are part of our premium group on Discord if not, the link is in the description below You can see how much profits we made this week alone with all coins All of the ones here that are highlighted are just distractions I don’t want you guys to get distracted be against here 17 percent 5% 17 percent 3 percent 60 percent 3 percent This was probably in the last three days that we sent these out right I set this trance signal out today to our group So you can see every single day 21 percent 15 percent And we can go on and on if we go to our crypto chat here you can actually go down here and just read people Saying this sold my rvn 780 Thank You night. Thanks, man. Excellent signals BCD going off nine is just showing off now So every single day look at this and I am on fire again RV and this is on a daily basis We’re seeing altcoin opportunities. If you guys are not part of that premium group are the way you are missing now. I’m telling you It’s a money-back guarantee If you guys don’t want to stay in the group you don’t have to but get into the group check out these trades that were sending because Every single day there’s opportunity this market One of our members is 45% up in his portfolio this month and he just joined last month So I’m telling you guys right now just because we’re starting to see some of these Quote-unquote crypto analysts say that we’re gonna see downside in this market. The fundamentals are showing the complete opposite It’s showing that we’re seeing more action with altcoins we’re seeing more action with confirmed transactions per day with Bitcoin and we’re starting to see the maturation of regulations one huge article that we have here is SEC chief confirms analysis that aetherium isn’t ASIC In Syria says Jake clan has formally confirmed that aetherium and other similar decentralized cryptocurrency Assets are not securities, even if they were initially sold through an illegal Securities offering why is this a big deal? Well as we go into this article you in Syria says this increased regulatory clarity could help further spur institutional adoption It’s questions Surrounding crypto currencies legal statuses have been identified as one of the several roadblocks to convincing more institutions to become more active in the crypto space and as you go down to this article, it’s a very interesting article talking about the Regulations that need to be clarified in order for us to see more volume So there’s market for us to eventually go back towards that higher billion dollar range into the trillions You know our goal right now in my opinion is to get this market to a trillion dollars and the only way that’s gonna happen is Progression with regulations and also progressions with the technology and the D applications, right? So one awesome thing I see here And the reason we sent out a trade alert today for Tron and I hope you guys are in our premium Ooh because if you guys are not you guys are not getting these alerts but Tron is showing some very very very good things here fundamentally here. You can see here such Tron D apps are soaring Tron Rises 207 % in weekly Transaction volume you go into this article read this check this out guys less than two weeks after trans major upgrade EF development and usage on the Tron blockchain are exploding moreover Tron depp’s acquired 33 thousand new users last week signaling a 64 percent growth when you look at that compared to aetherium and these other d applications I think they have EEO Sears as well. You could see Tron is just wiping them out of the park And so if you guys like Tron like this video and show some support Let’s see we have on live right now Andre beartrap Bobby crypto in the house twat ends in the house Bear trap says we haven’t seen the bottom yet don’t buy the hype all I have to say well at the end of the day this isn’t height and You know what? I love about that. Comment. Bear. Trap Warren Buffett once said when the greedy are greedy Be fearful When the fearful are fearful be greedy, right? And so you seem like you have a lot of fear I’m to be greedy while you can be fearful buddy, because at the end of the day the hype was in 2017 the hype isn’t now I’m not hyping anything out And the reason I say that is we’re talking about confirmed transactions per day we’re talking about Regulatory news. We’re talking about fundamental analysis here So when we go into fundamentals, you have to understand that that’s not hype and at the end of the day the hype was in 2017 right now We’re looking at actual fundamentals when I pulled up the total cryptocurrency market cap volume what you guys saw here is an increase in overall Cryptocurrency market volume right is that hype words that legitimate facts put in the chat? Because obviously you don’t understand the difference And so what I’m telling you here is that we’re seeing fundamentals showing positive and even with a lot of these people expecting downside I just don’t believe we’re gonna start to see that and let’s pull up etherium and ripples technical analysis because we’re seeing something different With all of these coins right now. And so I think it’s important to kind of go through and talk about what’s happening here So when we’re looking at aetherium, you can see we have this penat We’re back inside of this formation, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing however It’s gonna give us a little bit more confidence as we start to see more price action over the next few days You can see we’ve also got a neutral RSI here So let’s not go too far into the RSI, but let’s talk about what we have here in terms of support We’ve got this 50 and 100 day moving average support here right around that 125 level. We’re below the EMA So with Bitcoin we were on the EMA which was neutral, but with aetherium were below the EMA However, you’ve got the 50-day in the 108 moving average right there by your side. No matter what so we’re good there right now Here’s the thing. We’ve got strong resistance around 140 US dollars right now So here’s what I’d be looking for right now with aetherium if we see any sort of price action to the upside Let’s wait until we break 142 expect us to go back towards 170 right? Because that’s really that next strong resistance level It’s around that 170 mark and that’s not just facade. That’s actually a Resistance and a previous support level that has acted here in the past multiple times here You can see we’ve got four points of contact here One two, three and four and so that’s really that target from 140 So right now if you would ask me what’s the best trade I would say nothing why because we just don’t have confirmation of a breakout word or or or breakdown and so if theorems looking a lot more neutral in comparison to these other coins but when we pull up XRP we’re seeing something a little bit different and If you guys are also a part of our premium group once again We have an X R P signal that’s still active right now. And why is that signal still active? Well, let’s talk about the fundamentals and technicals of what we’re seeing here Why do I believe that we’ll see small breakout here with aetherium student. Well looking at this on the USD chart against ripple We’re approaching the apex of this pennant very positive right now with the RSI. We’re not seeing neutral or sy here we’re seeing a very bullish RSI and when I say very bullish this is very bullish right here this uptrend here of support on the RSI especially while in the neutral zone very very bullish here and then looking here into Price action and momentum and where we’re headed there We’re right on top of that EMA. Matter of fact, we just jumped above that EMA so if you guys understand how to utilize the exponential moving average and mine is set on On nine if you guys are looking for the length of where I’m at here with this I’ll pull it up here. You can see if we put the input here the lengths at nine But what I love about the EMA is it really can show you price action momentum? I’ll give you an example here. You can see when we were below the EMA here when we finally popped above it Look what ended up happening as soon as we got above that ended up taking us over 29% to the upside a matter of fact, it probably went over 30% if we actually count this wicks here so that’s a very very strong indicator of momentum of price action and Direction and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here at the EMA here. We’re just now starting to go above that We’ve got that 50-day moving average here acting as support then we’ve got that 108 moving average here Which will potentially act as resistance you can see it kind of acting the resistance here and you’ve got this other descending resistance level so there’s a very strong resistant resistance level here the USD chart, but I actually Like looking at this chart because it gives me more confidence in not trading this chart but trading this chart here Which is the XRP BTC chart right? Because look you’ve got strong so your odds that the odds that this is gonna see further upside than the BTC pairing is Quite low, but when you look at the BTC, but the fact that the fundamentals quite you know, they kind of look good Right, we’ve got that bullish uptrend with the RSI. You know, we’ve got that bullish momentum above the EMA. That’s good It’s showing that we’re seeing some bullish accident action. I just wouldn’t trade this chart I trade this chart here and I’ll tell you why so we’re looking at this XR PBT see chart here. I’m sorry This looks a little bit sloppy here. Let me clear these drawing tools or else. I’ll just redraw it. It’s not a big deal Let’s see here. What we’ve got. So with the XR PBT see chart Quite different here. So so here’s the tryna to show you. So we’ve got this very strong support level This is why I put out a signal for ripple recently. And if you guys don’t think my signals are accurate Let’s just look at the results over the last week when we pull up our crypto signals Once again, check this out 3% 16 percent 3 percent 17 percent 5 percent 17 percent 21 percent 15 percent this was all today I mean we can just go on and on and on and on we can go into our chat read all of our member Testimonials every single this is all today. Excellent signals. Look at that XR P trailing take profit to break-even We’re just constantly in profits and I’m gonna tell you why it’s just understanding the fundamentals of technical analysis What do we have here when we’ve got this major support level? Why do I call this a major support level? You’ve got more than four points of contact on that support level in the past Right and previous price action is indicative of potential future price action And so the other very bullish part here is we popped above that EMA similar to what we saw in the USD chart But what I really really like here is this bullish RSI? So we talked about that 40 level being a bearish zone and anything above 40 going into neutral We are just now going from that dead zone into this neutral zone We found support here right around 40 as well So we’re not going back down And in my opinion we’re gonna start to see this uptrend here with this RSI as we saw similarly with the USD chart and this is just a little bit behind that and so you can see we’re starting to see a little bit more by Volume come in and then the coolest part about this is the fact that you’ve got this known resistance level here right around that 10,000 Satoshi mark, so we’re sitting around. I’m sorry. That might be a million Satoshi’s So we’re around 80 1000 Satoshi’s right now. And so that one hundred thousand Satoshi level is really where we’re gonna start to see resistance that’s twenty thousand Satoshi’s of Potential upside versus downside. So this is just trading 101 for you guys I mean if we were to set up a long position here, how do you trade? Well, you want to have less downside and more upside right? It’s all about risk to reward ratio Let’s say 50% of your trades are Accurate you can still be Extremely profitable with that ratio because you managed your risk properly and all of your losses were a lot less than your games, right? So that’s the trading mindset. So I see a huge opportunity here over the next few days if not weeks With the XR P to Bitcoin chart, what do you guys think in the live chat? Let us know here Bobby says fax overhype Guerrera says name. What’s up? Bobby says no, hype now bartha’s name What’s up, man? Chris says tron action is from Tron bet Yes, they’ve got several D applications that are pretty popular on their on their platform actually lists all of them here So you can see here. That’s one of the ones that you mentioned you you can see it says Epic dragons crazy draw dogs and Tron go or their most popular dips, and if you guys play those by the way I didn’t guys play crypto kitties that’s bill on aetherium. It’s a little bit different Somebody said no As if it’s Embarrassing to do that. So let’s go ahead and pull up the XR or the eth BTC chart I don’t think we went through that that’s gonna be the final chart to kind of go through here So a whole different ballgame here as well. You can see we initially saw that Golden Cross We’ve got this major resistance here as well That’s currently acting as that support level and we’re also right there at that 50-day moving average We’re still below this EMA And so what I would do and remove this right here what I would do right now with the theory and a Bitcoin chart is I would just wait to see what’s Happen here at this 50-day moving average there’s just no reason to rush into this trade and we know this is a very Strong support level and so as long as we can hold this support level and we’ve got all this Upside to this target here of around 4. It looks to be yeah four million satoshis from around 3.4 million Satoshi’s and so that’s a huge huge potential upside here for the etherium to Bitcoin chart as well And then we’ve also got a pretty good RSI here. It’s not as bullish, but you can see here we’ve still got this uptrend and we’re still in that neutral zone not heading down below 40 yet as Long as we can maintain that and not go below 40, then I’m gonna stay bullish here for aetherium as well but like I said the best opportunities I see right now is that XRP BTC chart and then some of these Altcoins more than just these major coins I’m seeing all that opportunity here in this market being the fact that we’re starting to see a lot of these altcoins come into fruition and and starting to pop and so, you know I’d love to get your guy’s opinion on that and then maybe we can do a couple Requests here as well. So while we go through the rest of this news if you guys want to request any coins I’d love to look at some coins. We’ve got Big Chief bars Edward Edward Park in the house. What’s up, Edward? good to have you on so Awesome. Use here stellar lumens excellent being added to coin base. Is that gonna be a big deal? No It’s not a coin being added to an exchange does not represent a potential pop in that coin, you know If that makes sense, you know, we’ve seen Bitcoin cash. We’ve seen all these coins get on coin base and nothing happens I mean Sometimes it crashes after it gets on these exchanges And the reason it’s like that is because if somebody wants to buy xlm right now They’re gonna go figure it out Right if they’re on coin basic and buy Bitcoin transfer to buy a Nance and get their xlm. And so Just because it gets added to an exchange doesn’t really do anything So I want you guys to be clear on that and I just wanted to mention that but yes It is being added to the exchange and other than that That’s pretty much all of the news for today. So Make sure to LIKE this video if you guys enjoyed the video if you guys are not a part of our premium group We’re freakin killing it right now The link is in the description, but just get in if you guys don’t enjoy it. You can always opt out It’s not a big deal. And other than that, let’s see if we have any other requests here. So people are asking for the B&B Technical analysis. I know by Nance coin just seems like it’s not gonna stop but here’s what I’ll tell you right now I’ve had a couple of our members send me a VIP request and say hey You know check out the B&B chart cuz we also have a VIP chat Which we actually closed that we were pretty much sold out on that So you guys can only join the regular group if you guys are already a part of our VIP you can obviously get that 24/7 access to Myself in the analyst to get requests and charts done and a lot of you guys have been asking about the B&B coin and whether or not it’s gonna continue to go up and what I’ll tell you right now is At this point there’s so many other opportunities right now with these alt coins that I just wouldn’t want to trade something that’s this risky because at the end of the day We’re gonna crash down. That’s just the point We’ve seen this happen way too much RSI here completely overbought I understand the B&B coin is an amazing coin I’m the one that made a video a year ago saying that the number one coin I go on my youtube channel right now and Type in the most undervalued coin of 2018 and I made a video a year ago And I said the B&B coin is the most undervalued Koide of 2018 And the reason I said that I’ve been in this market for over 10 years now, I advise over half a dozen blockchain companies I think I know a little bit about blockchain and crypto currencies, right so It’s like it’s just obvious. It’s the largest exchange in the world. It has the most intrinsic value being the fact that they’re Incentivizing their users to utilize our coin therefore the users want to use it. You know, it just makes sense That’s why one of the other coins my next if you were to ask me this Here’s a better question instead of saying oh B&B, right? It’s like one of my mentors told me this He said if you tell your neighbor that you have a great idea and they agree with you then it’s already too late to implement that idea and the reason that’s You know that that’s a saying is because it’s like what somebody said earlier it’s like hype right? It’s like you don’t to follow the hype once the hi party is hyped right You buy the hyper sell the news you ever heard that and so You have to be ahead of the 8-ball. You have to be ahead of the game. You have to see things Before they happen, right? That’s why I put out that Tron signal today, right because we know Things are starting to happen here for Tron They just they you know in insanely quadruple If not, you know even more, you know, whatever with their weekly transactional volume therefore that as a fundamental aspect of Tron could now affect the technicals which is the price right and so my next B&B I guess you can say quote-unquote for this year if you’re dashing. What’s the most undervalued coin of 2019? That’s the better question. By the way, I would say let’s see Let’s see if any of you If any of you guys can guess it because I’ve been talking about this coin actually and I’ve also put out a long-term alert on our discord premium group before this coin and I don’t put out long-term alerts too much right because there’s different types of traders three types of Traders day traders swing traders and long-term investors day traders. They don’t hold positions overnight suite traders They hold positions overnight up to two weeks and then long-term investors They put their money in they hope for the best over the next year And those are the ones that just don’t have as much time to do it But the end of the day doesn’t take that much time as a swing trade a day trade if you’re a part of our discord Group when everything is on your stinking mobile phone And I’m the one telling you guys want again and when I get out where to say your stop Lots where to set up you Take profit, right? So Here’s the coin Nobody said it yet. Somebody said XRP Hassan said XRP lost said silica GG 10 says B&B Olivia Greer says XRP nope. Nope JRM O’Brien you actually just won a book send me a message on Instagram. I send you one of my favorite books It’s actually let me see if I have it on my desk. Nope. Wait, I might it’s called principals by Ray Dalio He owns the largest hedge fund in the world. He actually lost less than 1% the 2008 crisis while all the other hedge funds lost 70 80 percent and so you read his book principles talks about a lot of great things, but you said the right answer. It’s the BTT token hands down The BitTorrent token is my next big move in my opinion And the reason I say that it’s the next big movement my opinion and this is a newly added coin here This just got added to by dance and other cryptocurrency exchanges. Look at that. It’s already going up That’s awesome because we already have an alert for an entry at 20 So if you guys are part of our premium group that entry just actually came in and I’m expecting this to double if not triple Over the next few months. The reason I say that is if you guys don’t understand bit torn between Already existing platform with millions of users, right? And these users have been seeding downloads for years and years and years and not getting a rewarded for they were just doing it out of the goodness of their heart, you know one of my One of my mentors actually exited their financial company for a hundred million dollars Very very very highly respected mentor vines name is Adam. Actually Adam specifically told me that he actually understands the whole BitTorrent like community and he’s actually been a part of it and he says they have one of the Strongest communities it was so crazy. Let me tell you the story. So I was walking into this It was one of my masterminds right? So I I’m here in Hollywood, California. And I throw these masterminds We did it a thirty million dollar mansion in Hollywood Hills We had eight nine figure business owners celebrities nationally acclaimed television stars actors producers sing singers songwriters Everyone was there. It was a 9 a.m. To 10 p.m Event and then we had speakers every 30 minutes and I’m just chilling at this event. My buddy Adam comes he you know all this company for over a hundred million dollars It was all financial education was back in the stock days, and it wasn’t it had nothing to do with crypto But you know it comes up to me. He’s a hain’t I am he’s like, what’s up, man? He’s like so what’s the next big crypto currency? I’m like the BitTorrent token and he starts laughing he’s like, what do you mean bit toys like bit like the you talked about that place where people just pirate all of my Because he he actually happy he like produces content He’s like you talking about the application where they just hired all of my stuff He’s like that doesn’t make sense and I start talking. I’m like, oh really? I start asking him questions, right because the quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life That’s another thing one of my mentors told me He said the quality of your questions will also give you the quality of your answers Which your and the answers are the what become your life, right? So Ask good questions. I asked him question. I was like, you know, I was like well Are you familiar with bit Tony? He’s like yeah, I’m familiar with it. I was like, well how many users they have? He’s like they have millions of users. I’m like ok Well, what’s the best coin right now? You know if you were to say like what’s been the highest-performing coin since the big crash the b-and-b coin, right? Why because there’s so many users on Finance Well, he goes on and he starts to convince himself about why the BTT token actually does make sense He’s like wait You’re right. He’s like they actually do have a pretty strong community like those guys love pirating stuff. Like there’s people on that There’s people that just love doing that’s why they have so many Seating doubt like Cedars, right cuz like to seed something you’re giving away your bandwidth for free Like why didn’t you want to do that? And and so he started convincing himself in front of me? This is not just some random guy. This guy exited his company for 100 million dollars just quite smart I mean his two cents matters just a little bit to me at least and so he starts to convince himself in front of me He’s like, you know what? You’re right. He’s like they do have a pretty solid community He’s like well, what about the intrud and he starts to ask himself questions. I like what about the intrinsic value? He’s like, well the intrinsic values their seating downloads. I’m like Exactly. I’m like, it just makes sense and he’s like damn naive he’s like thanks for Telling me that I’m really glad I asked you and so I don’t know if he’s invested in it or not But what the point is, you know, you have to have foresight in this market. You can’t just go off of hindsight And so if you guys are still worried about the BnB coin, then you’re just you’re living in the past You got to start living in the future start finding out. What’s the next project, right? cuz if everyone’s already there it’s a little too late and so You can see we’re starting to see a decrease in volume here with the BnB coin as well We saw these two peak volume phases already with by volume. It’s starting to form a double top here as well So if we were to do technical analysis, not just like sit here and you know I just give me giving my two cents. There’s also technical indicators here showing that we’re gonna see a drop soon You know There’s not many assets that can stay in this overbought range here the RSI for too long before seeing some correction If you would ask me, where’s that correction gonna come down to I mean, let’s say it comes down to right here, right? I mean this would be a way better entry point here at that 50-day moving average, then it would be up here. And so Don’t lose your money don’t get in and lose 30% wait for that 30% drop and then get back in obviously The BNB coin is amazing. But there it is. This shot says BitTorrent coin. Really? Yeah. Yes, sir Yes, sir, the bit torn. Really? Yes. They’ve got millions of users You know, the funny thing about BitTorrent is it’s not really that popular in the u.s. Nobody like you USA hates pirating, right? And so, you know, it’s interesting that that’s the coin But that’s what we need to start seeing in order to see more Transactional volume this market. We need to start seeing these platforms. Come on board and Put their coins into the market create token Economic systems that make sense that have intrinsic value and can build up intrinsic value And so the only companies I can do that are the ones that have existing user bases and have a token economy That makes sense You know one thing that I do for these companies that I advise, you know I advise warbly I advise monarch I advise you know, and these are pretty big companies they’ve raised millions of dollars, you know, one thing I help them with this token economics understanding the the you know, The fact that not every is to have a token only some BTT goes up or down but let’s say it crash I don’t think it’s gonna crash. I mean end of the day, you know, just like technical analysis past Results indicate future results and you know not to be cocky but my humble and accurate opinion has been pretty accurate in the past I mean it have used the platform in the past And so Jerome reef says BTT Eli says d gtx christmas says LTC No, these are all coins that already saw their run ups, you know And when i’m talking about what’s the next BnB i’m talking? What’s the next coin? It’s gonna double triple quadruple in the next few months. Not just go up 20 percent 15 percent 50 percent like we’re talking What’s the next big big big coin right not big big coin? But what’s the next big move? What coin is gonna make the next big move? Do you guys remember – and the BTT coin got listed we’re on coin market cap And we did highest volume of transactions per day It was like number four already just because of its initial launch and people starting to get to use it and stuff. So Pretty pretty interesting. What’s your prediction for BTT? You know the it’s hard to do technical now the good question Comps it’s hard to do technical analysis on BTT since it was just listed on in exchange, right? And so we have to give it a little bit more time And so, you know, that’s why I you know What I predict if you guys are part of our premium premium group, the link is in description below You guys have the exact stop-loss the exact take profit and the exact entry for that trade But I’ll tell you guys so our stop loss in my opinion. I don’t see the BTT token going anything below sixteen Satoshis, you know, that’s really the limit. I just I couldn’t see it going below sixteen satoshis and so being at twenty sit Oh, she’s right now I mean, you’re pretty good. You know, you’re good to go You don’t got an issue getting in there risky reward is there don’t worry. Um so Yeah, if you guys want breakdowns of all of my trades once again I post every single trade that I’d make and I’d make trades every single day Ask our members every single day if you guys are following us on Instagram every single day We’re posting profits If you guys are in the free discordant, there’s also a free part of our district link is in the description below as well Tons of free resources they’re available to you guys if you guys are not about not a part of that definitely get into that because you’ll really really start Seeing things ahead of time and not having to watch Every single YouTube video or go through every single read an article to get an understanding of what’s going on You know, we just let’s go straight to the point. That’s you know, that’s how I am so Let’s wrap the stream up soon. I do want to talk about a couple different things. So we did put up a alert for Tron today And I think that it would be fair for me to at least talk a little bit about it because we did talk about it In this video and we saw the fundamentals that we just talked about as well being very positive for your for Tron Although price action is showing the complete opposite We’re seeing price action to the downside pull up the USD chart really quick and see how that’s looking here. So very similar we don’t want to look at the USD chart because obviously if you guys have been watching us for a while or if you guys Understand cryptocurrency market, you know if you’re a little bit more advanced you know that there’s no point of looking at USD charts against all coins unless you’re you know margin trading that altcoin and you want To look at the USD chart, but you know at the end of the day what really matters here in terms You know as an investor is what is the Satoshi value of this asset? because the Satoshi values dropping I might as well hold Bitcoin, right so Looking here what I like about this is the fact that you can see here. We’ve double bottom here in RSI We found resistance twice already double top that that resistance of 40 and what’s interesting is the same way that coins can’t stay up Here the coins also can’t stay down here and so with all the fundamental news that we’re seeing here with Tron and The fact that we’re seeing the price action at these oversold levels That’s what’s giving me the confidence that we’ll start to see price action the upside first target gonna be right around that 670 Satoshi mark second target around 760 and then the next target 860 and these are just based on past levels and we’re also kind of forming a a formation here as well I mean we could even look at this is almost like a Rounding bottom or a cup and handle depending on how we look at it. However, this has been a little bit overextended If you guys are part of a disc or group, by the way Here’s a little bit of some help with entering this trade as well. If you don’t want to enter the trade just yet Just because obviously we haven’t popped above that EMA. Yes, there’s no confirmation Of any bullish price action, but there’s fundamental confirmation. But at the end of the day, I would say You know this this is a pretty strong support level right here You can see we’ve found support and resistance here once twice three times four times five times six times seven times we can go on and on so we’re pretty much at The support level. This is pretty much a scalp trade, right? And that’s why I wanted to point this one out. And so Things are looking very positive here Especially with the positive news that we discussed you if you guys were watching the livestream here with this article So if you guys are enjoying this live stream so far like this video I know I was out for about a week and a half I was hosting our penthouse mastermind that took a lot of energy out of me and There’s still a lot more work that I need to do on that part but I made sure to post my trades every day and that was my priority and I’m very glad I did because Had had any trade really go to the downside this whole week and so things have been very very good and so Thank you guys so much for tuning and I think we’re gonna be wrapping this up Josie more big shout out to you, brother Thanks for all the help man Jimmy Leto says how’s a DA looking Bitcoin technical analysis says a da so I’m guessing we’ll have to pull up a TA since it Got requested twice in like one minute. So let’s look at car data What’s happening here with car da know we’ll do some technical analysis here Very very interesting here So we’ve got this known resistance level here that we’re sitting around that 1,200 mark you can see we’ve found resistance here multiple times in the past and then you can see here as well We’re finding resistance or around that 60 as well So I’d be a little bit careful right now with car dotto until we can break above that 63 level an RSI Because then we have all of this here as upside potential for us to have profits But right now we have all this downside and so there’s way more downside than upside here in terms of RSI and where we’re looking at Heading but at the end of the day we all we are gonna potentially see a breakout because we’re above the EMA as you can See here, we’re above that 15 and at 100 a moving average and On top of that. We’re potentially gonna break past through that 63 into that bullish zone. So I would say looking at cardona It’s just not a setup I would send a trade alert for you know, because I’d rather set, you know I’d rather put my money right now in Tron Or I’d rather put my money in some of the other alerts I may have I think we posted three trades today I’d rather put my money than some of our other alerts like quantum which we posted today as well You know, those are showing a lot more potential upside and downside and that’s really the game here, right? It’s like yeah, you can get into B & B right now just because all the hype is there you can get into card I know cuz it kind of looks good Or you can go into Tron confident and say ho yo, I’m going in this and I know there’s no downside here It’s at a really strong support level and we’ve got all the subside. We’ve got all the fundamentals We’ve got all of this extra on Your side for you to potentially see your money turn into more right versus Oh Let me just get into this trade because I like card on on 88 As my favorite letter and then DS my second favorite letter, so I have to trade this coin, you know, it’s like come on Get rational get logical here. Take your emotions out Robert says 100 lisen you grow out your beard if we hit a hundred and fifty likes I’ll tattoo Bitcoin on my forehead But it has to be before the end of this video I don’t know where that came out from, but I was like, let me just say it You know, I was like, I think that’s gonna get 150 What are we at right now? Damn? It just started soared everyone from like 30 to 45 like in a minute Okay, let’s not hit 150 Now it’s going higher. That’s funny. Oh man So I’m gonna see you guys on the discord I’ve got some more trades and I’m looking at I’m actually gonna do a little bit more technical analysis as I end this stream because I’m looking at a couple more coins. I’m just really excited about this all coin marquee. I mean, we’ve been killing it right now So if you guys are not part of our group highly recommend you guys get on there if you’re not Trying to get into the paid group. By the way. There’s a free version you guys can get into the free group I highly recommend that too We’ve got tons of resources here What I would look at if I were you guys is just stay in the crypto chat here because if you guys just stay in the chat me some people even post some of the signals that I post on the crypto chat So you guys will see some of the signals but more importantly it’s just a constant Discussion and so highly recommend you guys engage in the discussion this is all free here crypto chat for extract stock chat other chat and what I love about the discord is there’s a mobile a Desktop a web. There’s there’s a version of it on every platform right matter of fact when I have premium members sign up. I Highly recommend them to only use their phone to trade I’m like listen, you don’t want to spend time trading you want to spend the least amount of time possible So download finance download the empty for application because we also send out Forex and stocks signals and then download the discord app And that’s all you need to turn your push Notifications on you’ll get all of my trades you’ll get all of my analysts trades You’ll get all of the crypto chat there for you to just stay engaged stay in the community few have questions if you want to look at a chart if you Look at a coin and you might make a trade here there, you know, you just put it in the chat Somebody’s gonna engage with you and so highly recommend you just get into that Um, the only thing that’s not for years, obviously the VIP But that there’s no more spots open for that and then the signals obviously that’s not for free means takes up a lot of our time to do that and then the premium Education here once you do get into our paid group We’ve got over 30 hours of video content and stuff And this is all advanced knowledge advanced content for you guys to understand how to set up trailing take profits Trailing stop losses how to set up your risk properly how to put your trades in how to automate them how to use spots But then if you guys are just part of a free group we also have a lot of training here not 30 hours worth of information but a lot of quick tips here as well and this Also could really help a lot of you guys So that’s why I say, you know, just get in to the discord at a minimum So you guys can get the content get the knowledge and if you guys want to make that investment, like I said Feel free. We’ve been killing it and with that being said I’m gonna wrap this baby up if you guys enjoyed this like the video and Subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already and I would like for that person who guessed the BTT coin correctly to send me a message on Instagram and I’ll be sending you that book To your home address. I think your name was Junior-m O’Brien, he says don’t have Instagram But I will make one sounds good. You probably can’t make one right now because Facebook’s servers are down. So that’s unfortunate maybe you have to do it tomorrow if anything just Hit me up on discord that would also work. So thank you guys so much and Maybe we’ll do another book giveaway right now, too. Let’s do a second book giveaway So if you guys want to win a book, let’s just recap what we talked about today What’s the most hyped coin right now that we were talking about like the coin that everyone is trying to get into that is already Crazy high and whoever answers that right will win a book on the YouTube or twitch or Facebook or Twitter live stream chat So whoever says it Third on my screen will win the book. So let’s see. What is that coin that we were talking about? Let’s see Jay. Orihime says let me get another book drawn Johnny Says xlm. Nope Quinn Barry, he got it But he wasn’t the third but he was the first so Quinn send me a message B & B 2 hype right now Yes, it was a great vestment a year ago. That’s why I made a video about it And I said, it’s the most under cone I mean, I wouldn’t make a bold statement like that on a title for no reason But I did and so it’s too late to get it B and B The B TT token though is my next big play in my opinion. And with that being said, let’s wrap this stream up Thank you guys so much for tuning in and until our next one, which should be on Friday Let’s get back on our Monday Wednesday Friday schedule. Let’s cross our fingers on that But I’ll see you guys in the disk or time there 24/7 and thank you guys for tuning and hope you guys enjoyed this video Man, a ton of people are seeing B & B now after he said it Joseph Brandon, Wes Ehsan That’s nice Justin LeClair. Oscar rivera in the house Anthony now is Jimmy Leto now are F Dusty’s still here. What’s up, man? You’ve been with us for like a year the Kato Li GG ten comps that looks like such a powerful username. That’s funny. Yes I said it first, but I said it was in my screen. So that’s why I said that because that happens all the time So thank you guys so much for tuning you’d hope you guys enjoyed this livestream and I am out See you on the disk or


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  • Bitcoin BTC is at a critical point with a minor golden cross forming with the 50D/100D MA. There is pressure with daily transactions falling drastically which can take things the other way.

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  • I remember the first video you said bnb best coin of 2018. I was new.. and saw another video from a “hip youtuber” saying “an exchange coin will never make you rich.” So I only bought 75.. and put most of my cash in flashy alts. Long story short. Listen to your experienced, community based TA’s.

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  • Golden Cross is a myth and nonsense just because it happened by chance. We already had several goldencross and nothing but nothing has happened, a black cat does not have to mean any misfortune pure superstition. If so your understanding for Bitcoin look like then I would sell everything as long as it still works. Where did you teach all chart analysis? At Youtube probably there are enough such types. Drawing strokes is one thing, but the right conclusions draw another. What strikes me all of you is that you always change the chart times 4h, sometimes 4 days it just has to fit. At Bitfinex, I see above all that it goes except for a few rashes sideways and that for some weeks high and low are about 80 $ apart and that for Bitcoin strange change and there is talk of volatility, I laugh to death.

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