Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKING OUT! Heading toward’s $4000 – Our New Target! 🎯

And on guys Nike malla, baby, can I hope you’re all enjoying your day today? I’m super excited to talk about Bitcoin breaking out Possibly heading towards the 4000 level and a new target is gonna be set here during this this video what’s interesting is Bitcoin did exactly what we talked about in our last video two days ago about falling into the end of this This wedge that was forming and finally breaking out of that wedge. It’s exactly what we predicted in our last video We actually dropped right down to that 3400 level and I know in that video I predicted that it was around 33 50 to 3,400 now is exactly where we found that bottom and and this is once again a Higher low because this is the the second higher low that was formed. This was the first low that was formed And so this is also a very positive thing here. Let’s go ahead and draw this out. We’ve got this a new ascending support level forming now Obviously, we’ve only tapped or tapped this level twice And so we’re obviously gonna want to test it a little bit more and not solidify that as a support but it’s very positive in the Regards of us hoping for a positive bull market in 2019 because this could be very similar to what happened in 2008 during the recession if you guys remember Us talking about the 2008 recess and we talked about how you know after 2008 it took about a year and a half For us to finally find the bottom in which we then started to rise back up and then eventually after ten years we’ve seen highs far beyond where that 2008 high was so That compares to Bitcoin in the fact that we saw become go to 20,000 but is it gonna go past? $20,000 any time in the future on in my opinion is yes as we build more intrinsic value This being a limited asset class, you know The fundamentals are still there If you weren’t watching our last video as well transactions or at all times all time highs right now You know as you start seeing like BitTorrent for example, add the ability for you to now, you know gain BTT tokens For seeding there downloads people are gonna want to use those BTT tokens and transfer them into big And other coins and then eventually Fiat, right? So it’s it’s it’s encouraging the use of Bitcoin and once the intrinsic value Can really be put at a constant and normal level with the market is when we’ll start to see that positive Price movement over the long term and it’s really what we want to see in an asset class that we have hope in right we don’t want to see parabolic levels that we can’t justify and so I think these levels are very Justifiable for Bitcoin where it’s at right now. The other cool thing is the fact that you know us being at 3,500 you know, that’s still pretty high from where Bitcoin was several years ago So it you know, a lot of things are looking positive to you and what I want you guys to realize is what we’re watching right now so we can go ahead and delete this Resistance from that falling wedge that we were watching initially now, there are some very very important resistant levels to start watching here Really the level in which you want to pay attention to is right around that 3,800 uh, you know, not only did we find resistance along this descending resistance level once or twice or three times but this has been a constant level of resistance since November of 2018 so Almost a year that this level has a fought against Bitcoin for us to break past this would be a very very bullish sign for Bitcoin in the medium to long term which Spans about three to twelve months and that’s a very positive thing And so other than that, I want you to pay attention to this bold red line here It’s a little bit more Bold than the other moving averages above it because this actually shows the 50-day moving average and it’s also where we’re finding resistance so for us to break past 3,800 not only really break breaking past this long forming descending resistance level that was here since November of 2018 But we’re also gonna be able to go above that 50-day moving average. That’s a huge deal The other thing is and this is a indicator of momentum and that’s that light blue line here in the back Which is the exponential moving average the EMA? we’ve finally went above the EMA and it’s been since January of 2019 that we’ve been uh, you know above that and now finally I’m sorry below that and now we’re finally above that So that’s very very positive for momentum. I mean as you can see with volume, we haven’t seen volume this significant since December of 2018 so it’s been quite a while that We’ve seen this type of volume. So very very positive thing you know the last time we saw volume like this it ended up in a pretty Significant run up if we were to calculate this, you know We went up about 36% So if this volume can give us the same amount of momentum And you know, let’s say we see thirty six. Let’s say 30% to be conservative That’s just enough to break us out of this descending resistance level and you can see here right now It’s only really gonna take about 15% Run up from that bottom that was formed for us to see higher highs and some clear sunlight finally, right? I feel like a weatherman covering this – and I’d like to imply that reference as well So what’s really cool about this chart that I want you guys to also pay attention to as we look at litecoin, for example On the USD evaluation we can kind of get a little bit of a glimpse of you know Where bitcoin is gonna be headed based upon using litecoin as a reference and what’s different about what happened at? What’s happening with like coin is we saw far? significant more of a far more significant volume here in comparison to Bitcoin matter of fact We haven’t seen volume up this high in a very very long time over a year And so that’s a very big deal for a light coin. You know, we’ve been above that 50-day moving average We’re now heading towards that 200-day moving average and you can see we’re also now above that EMA So one thing I watch in order to just get a full-on Picture of what’s gonna happen in this market is watch where litecoin find it finds its resistance let’s see if we can finally break past that 45 dollar level in order for us to even assume any sort of higher price levels, but you know the other cool thing I like about this is we’ve This ascending resistance level three times already, and we’ve already got this Ascending support level for me putting us in a positive channel. And so that’s a very good Thing for litecoin and could also make us assume that bitcoin may follow that path as it starts to rise up So moving back onto bitcoin. What’s up, super interesting here is if we pull up these other two indicators There’s some very very clear Patterns forming here. So one pattern I want you to watch is Understanding the RSI which is the relative strength index It’s a indicator that shows you whether an asset class is overbought or oversold right now One thing that people don’t usually know is when we start to head towards that Sixty to seventy level in RSI. That’s actually a bullish level for us to be in now We’ve found resistance at this level multiple times already. We have not yet broken that resistance. So we’ve already seen two strong resistance levels hold for Bitcoin And so it’s almost like we’re reaching this ultimatum in order for us to assume that we’re most likely gonna soon break out of this bear market if we’re able to break through these Resistance levels. So would you be going along with Bitcoin right now? I say that the upside potential versus downside potential is not there until we break past these resistance levels We also have these support levels for me here, too and it’s the same thing the same way that 60 to 70 is bullish anything between 30 and 40 is Considered bearish and so you can see we’ve pretty much found some support along those levels as well So we’re really just bouncing back and forth within this neutral ground And what’s also cool is if we pull up the MACD you can start to see some Significant buyers coming in something. We haven’t yet seen with these histograms in the past since we saw this initial reversal and so It’s just gonna be able to pull this fast length MACD here all the way towards this by sidewards very likely why because you can also see we’ve got this MACD crossover forming here Also a very positive thing for Bitcoin, but at the end of the day, we’re just still fighting around these levels It’s something we’ve been through already. You can see here very similar to what we’re seeing here So it’s you know, MACD is probably not the best indicator right now to look at other than you know the type of price action that we’re seeing so you know one thing I want you guys to actually leave in the comments below is what is your thoughts on Bitcoin has 3000 been the final bottom are we gonna start to see some clear skies? Or are we gonna go and drop down to the two thousand and one thousand dollar level? You know for me personally, what I would say is I’m liking what I’m seeing here. I’m liking this increase in volume I’m liking the fact that we are forming these really consistent patterns down here Why because that’s a point of possible consolidation, right? the the reason that you know I saw a message on our discord and recently of one of our users saying That they like forex markets because it’s a lot more stable and consistent crypto And the reason it’s like that is because it’s a trillion dollar market. So I only have 10 minutes for this video Thank you guys so much for watching like the video if you guys enjoyed this love all of you and expect the live stream Really soon, make sure to leave your thoughts about Bitcoin in the comments below. And with that being said, thank you guys for watching


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  • Bitcoin ($BTC) followed exactly what I predicted in my last livestream and found a lower high at $3,400 before breaking out of the falling wedge heading toward's $4,000.

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  • I don't know. I guess it depends on the stock market. I believe a lot of investors in the stock market (individuals) will see a quick turnaround opportunity to pull their money out of stocks and put them directly into cryptocurrency.

  • if bitcoin breaks 3100 it will just be a liquidity grab, the amount of buy orders in the 2000s will shoot it right back up

  • Great video as always Naeem! I agree, very excited for crypto in the medium and long term again. I think it will be a slight uptrend, but a lot of sideways chop for the next 6-9 months before the next parabolic run up. under 3k ever again seems unlikely.

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