BITCOIN BROKE OUT!!! What's Next? BEARS Call for 80% DUMP!? Why They Are WRONG!!

BITCOIN BROKE OUT!!! What's Next? BEARS Call for 80% DUMP!? Why They Are WRONG!!

fleet through the dip you still haven't bought Bitcoin II know it's gonna drop below five K and then we're all in yeah well good luck with that driving we're done here what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so it's Monday back on the grind yes I know we had a beautiful four-day weekend over here in the US some people had even more time off right but that being said it is Monday but you know what we will take it because we are starting the week off with a beautiful green Green Day yeah we have Bitcoin at eleven thousand nine hundred dollars up about six percent aetherium doing quite well a lot of the other top alt coins are seeing some nice green so we were talking about this yesterday we said there was probably going to be a massive breakout now it wasn't you know a crazy crazy breakout I actually was hoping we would have went a little bit higher but currently we are sort of consolidating sideways so are we going to go sideways and see another Bart Simpson pattern well we're gonna talk about that in just a second because we do have this sort of resistance that I want to go over but then you hear people coming out saying oh you know we're gonna go down to 8k or 6k or 4k right there's been some really 80% pullback has been thrown around so I want to address that today realistically I know that I can tend to come across very bullish on this channel because I do believe in the space overall but I want to realistically look into this is it possible we're gonna get into the charts we're gonna talk about that but I do have some very interesting things I wanted to talk about also even what Deutsche Bank laying off 18,000 people so we're gonna talk about that we're gonna get into the charts if that sounds good to you well you know what to do and also today is the ledger nano ass giveaway that we do every single Monday that'll be at the end of the video if you're new to the channel well basically all you got to do is drop a comment on any video throughout the course of the week and you are eligible and if you're not subscribed what are you waiting for we do this every single day even on Sundays let's give the charts a quick refresh live Bitcoin once again leading the pack Bitcoin is up five point three seven percent Bitcoin dominance sixty two point nine percent and look if we actually switch it to the Bitcoin comparative look at this guy's lot of alt coins in the red again today a lot of alt coins in the red so once again you are noticing that the interest is still on Bitcoin now you know I'm not trying to be like mr. Bitcoin maximalist over here you guys know I do hold a small portion of all in my portfolio but currently I mean Bitcoin is just the coin to be watching right now so yeah we'll have to see what's going on but the good thing that I want to talk about though is if we give this a quick refresh and we have a look over here I'm sorry you could see that we actually did have why is it not refreshing what's wrong what's going on with this website okay is the website down guys is on chain effects down or what's going on here alright that was weird well anyway guys I can't show you what I wanted to show you which was that the real volume was up but hey I guess the websites down so anyway getting to the charts because it's really weird I hope they fixed that anyway so right here you can see we were looking for a potential breakout now I told you guys Bitcoin usually doesn't get to the end of the the wedge it usually never finishes the pattern it's usually very impatient and tends to break out sooner which is exactly what happened and the reason that we've thought that this was definitely gonna happen was number one we were getting close to the edge but the second thing I wanted to point out is look at this decreasing volume that we had right I mean obviously it spiked right here but clearly when you have decreasing volume tighter and tighter coiling right you usually have that massive breakout now look we didn't go any higher than around $12,000 which I guess that was that psychological level but really we need to get into this 12,000 65 dollar range all the way up to this 12,000 454 dollar range that to me is what I think we need to break above so if Bitcoin can somehow get above and maybe land here with some resistance then I think that would definitely be bullish and I think we would be going a lot higher but just looking at the overall trend you can see we're still hugging this trendline that pretty much started all the way back here on April 25th you know give or take we've gone above it we've gone below it but ultimately we have respected the trend and even down here you could see where it became resistance once we got above it it became support resistance etc and currently we're on the upside and we are seeing support so I still do consider this to be positive another way you can look at it is we're sitting on top of the ascending broadening wedge that we started back here which was around I guess you could say like May 12th so that is something positive to be looking at and once again like I said if you omit this and this you'll notice that we're basically still in this upwards trend so even if we bounce around here maybe we come down maybe we touch 11300 possibly or we could go all the way up to you know twelve thousand six hundred dollars you know maybe this week at some point so I think as long as we stay in this channel I think everything is still looking good it's still looking like it's gonna go to the upside if we break out of this and you know we continue to go lower well then we will have to obviously change our tune a little bit but right now things are looking I would say bullish but having a look at what's going on here you could see we were trapped between this channel now I'm currently looking at the weekly candles and this week right here you could see we were trapped between the $9,800 almost $9,900 level that we spoke about that was that 10k level where we had the Darth Maul candles way back in 2017 and then we had to get above this $11,700 level which i feel like a broken record I have said that so many times on the channel but currently we are above the $11,700 level we're sitting at around eleven eight five two according to Polonia so that being said if we can stay at least above the $8,700 level then I think this is good even if we consolidate sideways that would be alright because in a sense I feel like we we almost have sort of entered a little bit of a you know accumulation phase right obviously having a look you guys know the trend is your friend until the end we all say this currently there's no reason to be bearish on these charts super guppy still full on green you can see we're above all the major moving averages and if you still believe that we are going to continue this parabolic trend well I mean you can see clearly I mean look at Bitcoin I mean Bitcoin is just hitting a wall right here it just doesn't know what to do you see what I'm saying it wants to continue this trend and you can see that we're getting closer and closer so I mean guys buy like July 11th which is just in a few days I mean we're gonna be at this point what we're gonna know if we're gonna be breaking out of this parabolic uptrend or if we're gonna continue it and I think it's gonna be a really important day so I do think that the next few days are very critical for Bitcoin very crucial and I still think we will go to the upside but we may go to the downside and I want to entertain that why not let's look at both sides let's be objective here right so tone days right now I want to just let everybody know I don't have a problem with tone days as a person right I think he's a totally cool guy you know he's all about Bitcoin he's a Bitcoin maximalist I I hold a lot of bitcoins so we're cool dude but he is very bearish right he says there might not be trading Bitcoin show today I don't feel like bringing my laptop etc but he says Bitcoin USD never went above my resistance zone of 12250 to 12,500 hence no bullish trend change I now wait for a buy opportunity at sub 9k or down into the 5 to 6 K region right so that's the first thing and then on top of it we have Peter Brant saying if current parabolic phase is violated we could expect either an 80% correction of 7 month advance or much smaller correction with definition of new parabola with shallower slope ok Bitcoin note formation of possible two-week head and shoulders are headed head and shoulder failure right so he is saying that we could potentially see an 80% correction now I just want to show you guys historically if you look right here and this is just from the 2015 to 2017 bull market I'm not even gonna touch any of the other dates right you can see right here the most that we had was this 41.3% pull back in November of 2015 and you know the recent one that we just had was 30 and a half percent actually was a little higher than that it was like it was like 30 point like 6 4% but whatever 30.5 close enough so my point is we've already had the correction that we were looking for ok now let me just give you a reason why I don't think we're gonna go that low first one is this simple this right here 21 exponential moving average that's it and I know you're like that's it that's that's that's your reason well that's one of my reasons but look at this ok you could see right here and this is on the weekly chart ok you can see as soon as we broke above it on April 1st we literally never fell below it and you could see that once we do fall below this we are we are basically full-on bear mode whereas once we got above it you know going all the way back to I mean they don't even have it back that far I probably should have pulled this up on the BLX but anyway long story short you can see that once we're above it it pretty much puts on like full-on bull mode and then when we get below it well we're basically four bear mode well we're above it again and guys currently if we were to fall down to it and kiss it and touch it right we would go down to seven thousand eight hundred and sixty one dollars so is that possible I mean it's possible if you think we're gonna fall directly down right now but keep in mind that these averages move with the price so you know there's no way that we're gonna I mean come on how much of them fall would that be guys you know what I'm saying like from where we're at right now that would be okay that would be a 30% but from the all-time high you're talking not the all-time high but for the high of this year you're talking a 43% pullback now I had been speaking about a 30% pullback on the channel for quite some time and we already put that in we put that in from the top here down to here right so that was the pullback we were looking for so that's number one number two is actually I guess a little bit more fundamental but look at this if you go over here to blockchain comm and you look at the mining difficulty rate it is literally the highest that it has been since August of last year probably even longer than that I don't know how do you go back all time let's see all time yeah there you go it's the highest it's ever been at all time there you go so we are at the highest we have ever been and number two we have the hash rate it's not actually it dropped a little bit but as you can see this chart does oscillate so we're practically at the all-time high also for hash rates so what does this mean well this means that miners are confident you're not seeing miners turning off their you know a six they're actually turning them on they're buying more they're providing more security for the network they are turn you know buying more miners like my point I'm trying to make is why would these guys do this especially some oh gee miners that have been in the game for a long time if they didn't think that the price was going to increase would you really be throwing all of this money and time and effort into mining and securing the network if you honestly didn't think the price was going to go up I think that the miners have a very good idea about what's going on and I think that that is just one big sign moving forward you could see right here this is an article that came out and this is in reference to what brian kelly had said on CNBC they were talking about how bitcoin mining was unprofitable you know when 2018 had that terrible bear market especially at the end of november that was just horrendous but they said there's sort of an insider word that miners have begun hoarding right brian kelly said and this is to quote him he said I talked to a lot of miners around the world a lot of them have said they have sold enough Bitcoin to get us through the next year or so and we are going to hoard Bitcoin at this point in time we are not going to sell it and the supply of Bitcoin will get cut in half so like he says just real simple economics lots of demand hitting the supply it says lots of demand hitting a little supply price goes higher right I mean supply and demand that's like literally 101 market economics now talking about this guy that was on Bloomberg Bloomberg the other day this is Mark Mobius now he's a well known investor whatever I mean I I'm not that familiar with the guy personally but apparently he's very well known and respected right so he came out and he actually used to be a Bitcoin critic apparently but now he started to change his tune and he actually told Bloomberg's daybreak you're a podcast that he believes bitcoin is here to stay he said there's definitely a desire among people around the world to be able to transfer money easily and confidently so that is really the backing to Bitcoin and other currencies of that type so he says I believe it's going to be alive and well in fact I can actually play a little bit of this clip right here this isn't from the same the same day this is something totally different but you could see they basically asked him like are you so are you gonna buy are you thinking about buying or what's going on right now and this is pretty much what he had to say in response to that I realized that it is something we have to account for the reason why I'm not a buyer is that I don't know what the real value is and unless it's so widely held and accepted then that's a different story but look at the end of the day there are many people who do believe in it and if it continues and grows then I would probably have to be buyer and be involved in this so basically he goes on that will actually that's where it ends then they talk about other stuff but there was a section in there too which he goes on to talk about illicit activities and you know obviously he doesn't clearly he doesn't grasp crypto currencies we're not using it like on the dark web obviously everybody knows bitcoin is only pseudo anonymous you could still trace the addresses right but you know that being said you know you could obviously tell this dude he's an older dude he's obviously more I mean the name of the thing is place the place to be as in stocks and gold but you could see that even you know these old-timers are coming around and noticing the value of Bitcoin and crypto currencies another thing I wanted to point out too is that according to Zero Hedge JP Morgan said that the emergence of a new bond asset class denominated in crypto assets like Bitcoin has become a possibility following the approval of two European companies so some have said that institutions prefer to invest with long term strategies so if you guys think that this is institutionally driven well then there's a good chance that these guys are looking to invest long term and they're not looking to be like day traders right like a lot of these products that are coming out from backed and fidelity there are places where people want to basically just have their money sit right they want to have their money grow over time or at least that's what they're hoping is gonna happen so this probably will add a lot of stability to the overall space and actually might decrease the volatility a little bit which I know is not great for traders but it's a lot better when you're looking for actually using something as a currency if that is what you think that we'll end up using it for right so he goes on as well this is the BCB CEO oliver vaughn Landsberg sadi said the 2013 bubble was driven by technocrats and darkweb trawlers and the 2017 rally was led by the whims of speculative retail investors 20 19 s growth belongs to finance to financial institutions who are diversifying stale portfolios and have finally the professional machinery to do so so as institutional infrastructure improves and the inflow of institutional capital is sustained throughout the upcoming months Bitcoin is likely to be the main beneficiary of the shift in the trend and also guys according to a widely circulated report last week a number of firms are launching new derivative products tied to Bitcoin structured products and bond-like derivatives are being conjured up to attract sophisticated investors products such as reverse convertibles our structured offerings that generally consist of high yield short term note of the issuer so basically these are very risky these are very risky they're you know it's like it's like leveraged trading right but the point is is it's not so much of what they're offering and I think you need to look at the fact that they're actually looking to offer this so this is only something that you see in mature markets so this is definitely giving the validity to the fact that I mean you can't speak for all the tokens in the ecosystem but you can speak for Bitcoin alone that Bitcoin is definitely maturing right and and it's being widely accepted so that is really positive news guys lots of good news coming out okay before we get on though I have to talk about Tron's so let me trying to sound down on this so this has been floating around it says police raids at Tron's office in Beijing additionally there are many angry people gathered there who are saying things like Tron is a scam so this is this is what was going out all over this morning which is interesting because Tron is actually up today so given that this news came out Tron is up like 6% today so although it's mainly just following Bitcoin but for the most part so it's really actually only up like one percent compared to Bitcoin but anyway long story short you can see that this was put out so everyone's freaking out there's police raiding the place right so you know guys that's it Power Lunch is canceled throw in the towel we're not doing it no I'm kidding actually this is a fake article from what is this thing called coin coins just coin Jazeera the realest news in crypto it's total joke guys but anyway so I you know I was on Twitter and my buddy bit boy over here he said fake news is going around about Tron police raid there was no raid police went to trans Beijing office due to protest a protest stemming from a Ponzi scheme or scammers used the truant community to fund their scam so he says blaming Tron is like blaming Bitcoin for bit connect so essentially it's not it's not Tron that was doing it it was just some people who decided to start some kind of a Ponzi scam of some sort and target the Tron community so I think that there's a bit of a mixed message in fact he does point out that there is an article down here from crypto briefing oh by the way cement tree yes I've heard about this guys we're gonna talk about this I'm gonna let you know about that we're gonna I don't have time today but we're gonna go into that tomorrow I do want to let you guys know about that but um yeah anyway that's for another day but guys I want to say thank you so much for everybody that's supported yesterday with mines calm I so real quick do you guys know why my images are blurry for some reason because if I go to the main page for example and like like look at Krypto larks like look how clean his is and mine is uploading blurry so I don't know maybe there's something I'm missing here but um yeah anyway I want to say thank you so much for everyone that you know subscribe subscribing to me and I decided I wanted to do a little something number one I want to test out this boost thing okay so I want to boost this and then you got to do your transaction confirm ok boosted cool yeah I want to see how you boost posts and I want to see if it actually works I do have some tokens thank you guys you guys gave me some tokens yes I have two dollars and 84 cents in my wallet you can laugh at me okay but the reason is because I actually bought some tokens this morning I'm gonna tell you why in just a second but you know moving on having a look at this guy's you can see um well thank you so much for the tokens that you guys have sent me but this is what I'm gonna do because I really do want to promote promote this not like it's sponsored I want to I want to actually promote a decentralized platform I want to use this damn thing so what I've decided to do and you know you can you can laugh and say this is gimmicky or whatever guys but I really want to do this so for that for the first 1000 people that subscribed to me I will I will subscribe to you back I will follow the first 1000 people back I didn't start doing it yet but I'm gonna do it and the reason I'm gonna do this is because I want to encourage people to actually use this thing so I bought some tokens I bought about $300 worth of tokens this morning and I'm gonna use them on the platform so if I like your content I'm gonna send you tokens I'm gonna I'm gonna send you tokens the same way that you guys are sending me tokens and I really want to help this ecosystem and also if you use my referral link I they give me I think it's two tokens or was it for taupe is it does this mean it's for if you get a new subscriber well if that's the case then you know I'll gladly hook you back up with your tokens I'll give you the tokens right back how's that sound guys because I really want to encourage that ecosystem but here's the interesting thing I was scrolling down here right and uh where was it where the heck was it yes so off chain tokens are stored on mines on change dope tokens are stored on a theorems public blockchain and are accessible from the outside of the minds platform right but I haven't seen Minds trading on any exchanges so here's what I'm thinking you know if you come over here and you have a look right so I was I was looking into this so nine months ago it says that they raised six million dollars in a Series A funding from Medici Ventures overstocks venture arm overstock CEO Patrick Byrne will join the minds board of directors right so that's interesting so they're investing you have Patrick Byrne that's getting interested in it also if you notice this was about three months ago was it three months ago what is it thirty thirteen weeks ago whatever so Bill Otteman founder and CEO of mines he goes on Anthony pomp Leon owes off the chain right then I'm scrolling down here and who do I see on the advisory board Max Keiser and you guys know he's he's a little crazy Max Keiser but I am a fan of this guy so he seems to have a belief in it and then lo and behold if you come over here you can actually see that he was on they were on the Kaiser report actually I'll play like a couple seconds of this real quick right so you're compensating people for their work yeah and in addition no ridiculous algorithms that limit people's reach so our news feeds 100% organic so you'll always reach all of your followers I mean it's insane that they thought that that was okay at all to do so like anyway it's a long video guys I'll drop it below but you could see like they're they're going for that organic approach I don't know about you but I hate the algorithms like on Instagram I don't even get any of the posts from half the people that I want to follow anymore because like I'll look at one post like say I'll watch like one clip of like a baseball game or something like a football clip and like next thing you know that's all I'm seeing in my feed so I'm really happy that they're doing that and I personally think this is a better system than steam it and finally getting to my last point I I know I'm rambling on I don't wanna ramble on much longer so basically this is just what I'm thinking I you know don't quote me on this I have no proof but if you look at what these other platforms have done with basic attention token right it was you know I don't remember if basic attention was originally just constrained to just the platform and then it went on exchanges I don't 100% remember but if you look at what happened with basic attention token you look at steam it right there token got traded on exchanges mines token is not traded on exchanges so and you're seeing all this interest from all these guys so what does that tell you hmm I don't know I could be making this up but I would say that at some point I would just assume these would be publicly traded so um yeah I mean currently you buy them for a dollar 25 on here that's like their set price so I don't know guys I mean I'm not saying what to do what not to do but I mean I'm gonna buy I mean I have bought some and I'm gonna use them on the tote on the platform but I don't know I wouldn't be surprised if these guys if there's a surprise listing at some point just saying if it doesn't happen don't kill the messenger but that's just my speculation so I know I've ranted on that was a very long rant my apologies but seriously thank you so much guys you rock I appreciate it really I do thank you that's why I want to give back to you guys okay so also the etherium killer is already here and its name is Bai Nance while this article came out pissed a lot of people off including cz himself basically they were saying that finance is you know taking down eath pairs and all this other stuff they said wrong buying in Singapore in Jersey all recently listed eath finance also added eath pairs recently also don't forget that finance really that well I mean currently doesn't compete with aetherium because it doesn't have smart contract capability now they are doing a hard floor coming up so does that mean that they're gonna implement smart contracts I don't know that would be something for you to just speculate on but um you know he's they've basically said that they're not trying to compete with aetherium but I will say one thing all of these by Nance ayios that are getting added do not have eath pairings right there's nomadic to eath or harmony to eath right so orell is either I haven't checked Elrond but I would assume there's not an Elrond to eath maybe there is maybe there is I don't know but anyway yeah so that was basically that situation also you got to love the via finance scams that that are underneath cz like as if cz doesn't know that this is clearly a scam so I think that is kind of funny but you know what's not funny is that the Deutsche Bank is taking an axe to 18,000 jobs and winding down its investment banking arms as it basically say it's painting a bleak picture of traditional finance at the time of crypto basically exploding so you can see right here pop Leon oh he says deutsche bank plans to fire almost 20,000 employees Bitcoin has no employees to fire DB is built for the oneworld and Bitcoin is built for the new world and Maddie Spann he proposed that DB's move represents a broader policy failure he went on to say this is the effect of prolonged zero interest rate policy central banks are making it impossible for investment banks to turn a profit even the riskiest bonds are yielding less than 2% how can they be expected to make money from that now think about that realistically if you're making less than 2% annually and the dollar good old US dollar is depreciating annually between 2 & 3 percent well you're still losing 1% or you're breaking even that doesn't seem like a good investment right so yeah that wouldn't be surprised to us see more money moving moving into crypto and yeah I think the biggest news of the day is definitely that we have Anna Mae coming to the blockchain block Punk partnered with studio arts and film director sci-fi to bring a 10 minute film that will be on the blockchain set in a dream world where it combines with the real world in paradox so yeah keep your eyes on that guys and that being said it is time for the ledger nano s giveaway that we do every single Monday on the channel so obviously we had 7 videos last week so we are going to go over to our random number picker and we're gonna do 1 through 7 so generate 2 so that is Tuesday's video which is best price to buy Bitcoin the next wave is coming don't want to miss out so uh let's get out of here and copy this go over here let's see what we got here guys alright 500 600 alright o 584 unique comments not bad not bad so drumroll please for the winner I want to win a ledger nano yeah well is it is it what car is that how you say say your name well you won buddy so you know what to do all you got to do is go to the official telegram group above it's totally free to join the link is here or you if you're looking on a mobile phone it's there either way also I always put the link in the description to you it'll say telegram crypto zombies telegram or you could just shoot me an email you know in my About section okay um no I will not reach out to you first all right email me get a hold of me you know I'm an official admin there's a lot of scammers out there that try to impersonate me so that being said congratulations to the winner and it is Monday back on the grind let's have a look how are we doing how is Bitcoin doing where are we at yeah so we're having a little bit of a pull back a little bit of a tough time here so I would really like to have gotten above into this range you know getting above 12,500 would have been really good I think that was tone days but he was saying – so will this will this resistance now become support possibly we'll have to keep our eyes on it but you know guys trend is your friend until the end no reason to you know freak out just yet until we have a move that gives us a reason to freak out right so that being said I want to say thank you so much for coming back to the channel everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys Rock also like I said you know if you want to follow me on minds I will follow the first thousand people back and you know if you use the referral link I'll give you your four tokens if you can I guess prove that you used it somehow I don't know I'll just give it to you anyway and yeah but that's only for the first thousand people okay actually I don't have enough tokens to give it to everybody that joins so let me just vote your stuff let me just up vote it and we'll work it out like that okay I just I'm just trying to do it there's also a thing down here you can add rewards so that's cool so let me know if you guys want rewards to be added or something like that and we can maybe do that like you guys can do tokens for rewards uh but a half half hour phone call with with k-dub I don't know I don't know so that's retarded but anyway hey well maybe maybe it's not I don't know just let me know what kind of things you'd like okay so that being said that is it for today guys that is it I'm done I've been rambling on for too long this is a good old fashioned long video where we're almost at 30 minutes so thank you so much for joining appreciate you coming back to the channel you rocky the reason that I do this every single day my name is Kate uh this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out


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