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and a on has hit our first target and we are holding on to that as well so again
a good day of trading tons of profit being made and I’m super happy with the
result now let’s get started with some news so the fifth buy Nance B&B coin
burn has reduced the supply by 1.64 million now the total supply of the
token now sits at around a hundred and ninety two point five million B&B now
this isn’t anything crazy because obviously this
isn’t going to affect the price any huge amount that’s not what the coin burn is
set up for but holding BnB does provide a lot of value other than the coin burn
which I said again the coin burn isn’t going to drive the price up instantly a
lot of people thought that at first it’s a very small amount given how much
currently given what the total supply is but B&B does offer some great benefits
of hold including reduced trading fees and a lot of other stuff it’s being
accepted in a lot of places as well so definitely a cryptocurrency that I like
to hold some up I definitely have some on Finance have some BnB obviously again
baiance be my favorite exchange I hold some B and B and on our financial
advisor but I know a lot of people do enjoy holding it as well now some more
bullish news well Bitcoin bull mic Novogratz and Goldman Sachs a huge huge
huge company announced their investment in big go souls reports show that both
parties have contributed around fifteen million dollars in tube it goes Series B
funding round so again even though price might not be reflecting it instantly we
are seeing a ton of things actually happen in the cryptocurrency space we
talked about fidelity not too long ago and just a lot of people entering the
space a lot of money entering the space and things are looking more and more
bullish in time like I said the price might not reflect it instantly but trust
me in one year in two years we are going to look back and notice what an impact
these big things again backed in a ton of other bullish news and a lot of other
bullish news we are going to see the impact that these really had now onto
some bad news because unfortunately I do want to keep you guys safe and I want to
keep you guys updated on what to watch out for so first of all a Norwegian man
was murdered after cashing out a large Bitcoin sum now this is absolutely
terrible apparently this happened Monday morning
15th of October at the man’s apartment in I’m not even gonna try to pronounce
his name but apparently a 24 year old man super young was brutally murdered
shortly after completing in person cash for Bitcoin exchange this was according
to the Norwegian local news so guys one of the reasons I don’t like to disclose
the amount of crypto car see I have and one of the reasons I know
a lot of people don’t like to disclose how much cryptocurrency they have which
is again a reason you don’t go around you usually people don’t go around
talking about finances talking about how much money is in the bank with
cryptocurrency again that risk is there people know that people know how much
money is being made or how much money has been made previously and so they are
targeting people to you know go up and unfortunately in this case they murder
them we’ve heard a lot of people just get robbed we’ve heard a lot of you know
houses broken into very important to stay safe with it it’s not something to
go around bragging if you’ve made a ton of gains with Bitcoin I’ve told the
story before when I was in Brazil where I’m from Bob Sayles with my family and
one of them made a joke out loud about the fact that I got into cryptocurrency
early and they had paid off and I just looked at them with the biggest eyes
again I’m Brazilian I can admit that we have some issues when it comes to
security not everyone is super friendly there even though most of us are we do
have an issue with crime so I looked at them and I just stare at them with huge
eyes and I was like what are you doing I don’t want to get mugged here that were
in the middle of the supermarket walking out middle the street not something you
should be bragging about and another thing is about neo which I saw and a lot
of people asked me about this and I wanted to clear this up from the
official neo Twitter they said attention there is an increasing foot saying neo
is going to fork and this is completely false guys so if you have heard which
has got a lot of traction I actually saw a lot about it talking about neo forking
this is not true so please take care of your assets and be safe do not again
make sure you’re safe with your money don’t go putting your money in random
wallets that claim to give you free stuff always do your research always
know what you are actually investing in and the neo official Twitter the
official Twitter feed for neo with 317 thousand followers that’s how you know
this stuff is legit they posted three hours ago wanting you guys to be safe
and so if any of you guys were asking about that if any of you guys had any
questions hopefully this does clear that up now moving on Bitcoin has no
volatility again bitcoin is back to being
stable point after the short move that we had where we had that sell-off and
then we completed the BART coming back up which people we’re thinking is this
the final breakout it looked like we were just completing the BART at least
that’s what’s going on as of right now and now it’s back to consolidating and
if the volatility is reaching again 2018 lows like it had done previously before
we actually did the BART formation the big picture you guys can see right here
we were trading very very sideways for a very long period of time no volatility
compared to everything we had seen going on previously all the swings all of a
sudden things started to consolidate and people were expecting big moves to come
and I think people are still expecting that right now like I said we had the
BART formation which people thought might have been the initial breakout
move turns out it didn’t move as much as people thought it was going to so I
don’t think that was the breakout that people were hoping for and I still think
we do have a breakout looking to form but a Bitcoin breakout according to an
analyst is only a matter of time so something to keep in mind again we’ve
been talking about a ton a ton of bullish news happening recently with
Batman fidelity we’re talking about you know investments we talked about
developments with something huge in the space the projects that are focusing on
developments and creating the best best best returns also I just realized
Halloween coin is up 768 percent as pretty funny at the top loser is
eclipsed down 99.9 6% that’s rough loss too it’s realized that in the middle in
the middle of talking but either way the breakout looks like it is coming now
does this necessarily state a breakout could mean you know we could be good we
could be going up it could be going down we still have mixed opinions in the
crypto space as to will we hit new lows personally the longer we stay in this
consolidation the more it’s looking likely for us to break upwards because
of all the positive news that is coming because of all the things that are
happening in this space I think a lot of people predict us to break below 6k and
we’ve held above that and it seems like we are continuing to hold above that
right now I’m not dismissing the possibility cryptocurrency trading on
this looking at the technical and now so something you have to do day by day and
things could change at any moment right any
all the Sun things might turn bearish or things might turn bullish that’s just
part of the game it’s important to know what you’re doing when it comes to that
but again I want to know what your guys thoughts are do you think we are
consolidating and we’ll have or obviously we are consolidating but do
you think we are going to have a breakout soon do you think we’re going
to break up words do you think we are going to break down words let me know
your guys’s thoughts in the comments down below right now I’d love to see
what all of you guys are thinking well according to another analyst um he’s
saying that we think the crypto market is in the beginning of a bull market now
the equity markets looks like they’re in the beginning of a bear market I was
actually watching the news say now again take it with a grain of salt it’s just
the news but they were talking about the equity markets they were talking about
stocks being down the VIX which is the fear index has gone up a lot of you know
Japan’s tanked England’s tanks a lot of currents a lot of a lot of the equity
markets are tanking right now Jeff Bezos fun story Jeff Bezos lost 7.5 billion
dollars of his net worth since he holds obviously a ton Amazon stocks a majority
of his net worth 7.5 billion dollars was lost in warren buffett i believe it was
around 3.5 billion from his net worth was lost in just the span of you know
the last few days because of the overall equity markets going down and he thinks
so he thinks there in the beginning of a bear market and that crypto is in the
beginning of a bull market this was from the fund manager Marquess OCO he is
predicting that it could be the next booming market again after fidelities
entrance into the crypto sphere and all the things that have been going on
recently looks like we might be seeing a Bitcoin bull run very very soon and
again I wanted to ask you guys like I said previously to let me know in the
comments if you think this is going to drive the price up or do you think it’s
going to drive the price down will all this good news then get destroyed and
people will get rekt by the market actually going down I would love to hear
your guys’s thoughts either way let’s take a look at the market looks like we
might have a little more red than green today in the market we’re at 210 billion
dollars in market again not much has changed we’re add to
on a 211 billion yesterday Bitcoin dominance up 0.1 percent I think it was
fifty three point eight percent yesterday if I’m not mistaken so the
biggest gainers Raven coin polymath Pig VIX crypto comm topple is up as well
eternal token Z cash and so on and shortly after like I said looks like we
have some more red in the market than green today after let’s say 2025 crypto
currencies in the green we are down to the ones in the red and there’s a lot
more in the red 0x having some big losses after that huge run up from the
coin base listing it is expected especially with the market not doing
anything that we will be seeing 0x go down horizon one that we traded in the
trailer group and managed to catch this nice run up over here of course the
trade has been closed it has come down as well so like I said it’s technically
a red day in the market we lost a billion dollars in value in market cap
which is means absolutely nothing if you guys can just see right here what’s
going on this pretty much sums it up look at the big point chart you can
pretty much sum up what the market is doing bitcoins down 0.07% in the last 24
hours so it has done absolutely nothing now take a look at some ripple XRP news
because there has been a lot of it currently at almost 46 cents they have
added some big part of so number one via Americas they have added that to the
list of companies using X rapid and they’ve partnered with money net int to
an enhanced decentralized payment processes so again some nice
partnerships from them over here and of course they have five more additions to
further expand the global ripple Network so they are constantly in work they’re
on another exchange the Bill Gates Foundation onto ripple and coil again I
would highly recommend you guys taking a look at everything that’s going on
ripple has been in the news a ton recently and for good reason again happy
I picked it up when it was at roughly you know 20-something cents 26 cents I
believe was one of the prices where I bought some at at the lows because
prices look too tempting for what it is they have been doing the developments of
the partnership those are going to continue to pay off
as we go now Tron actually join forces with Internet servants giant Badu for
cloud computing resources they do from China so Tron is a project focused on
creating a decentralized version of the Internet they have now partnered with a
biggest internet search provider in China called bay-do they will four they
will join forces to share cloud computing resources as per a tweet from
Tron of course there was a tweet from John that actually went on to give the
information because we know that is how Tron likes to roll justice on a Tron do
like to make announcements of announcements and then announcements on
Twitter so that’s how they work with that but again a very big company it
congratulations to Tron for that partnership hopefully we will see that
pay off as well now nano is down almost four and a half
percent down to two dogs at one cent don’t worry I’m still bullish on that
and well nano be XRP in a recent finance deposit speed test so take that what do
you we’ll take that how you will but deposit time for nano was three seconds
Stella lumens was five seconds Ikon was six Skye coin was Ted ripple was ten or
XRP was 10 nano number one over here just saying again you guys know Nano is
one of my favorite crypto currencies if you want to pick some up it is on
Finance I’m not telling you to do it because I’m not a financial adviser but
if you do your own research and you like it finance I have a link for it in the
description for you guys to sign up if you are crazy and you don’t have a
finance account yet because it is the best exchange out there that’s gonna be
it for the news today guys hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget
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