Bitcoin BLASTING Through (DIRTY 2020 Target Revealed?!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Analysis


34 thoughts on “Bitcoin BLASTING Through (DIRTY 2020 Target Revealed?!) June 2019 Price Prediction, News & Analysis”

  • 35:50 LTC
    36:55 BNB
    38:05 ETH
    39:21 ADA
    40:47 ZEC
    41:15 BCH
    41:36 TRX
    42:05 NEO
    42:28 EOS
    42:50 XRP
    43:09 XMR
    43:21 XLM

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  • Damn dude. Watching this 12 hours later, and wicked down to 8850 and 4 hr candled low 8900 range. So in point. Killer TA 😍

  • Demetrius Lozano says:

    Lovely video, thank you for putting out such helpful and encouraging videos, bitcoin have been having good rise this days and I was curious on how to make good profits from bitcoin, also everyone was expecting bitcoin to hover up to 9,000 and it has been three months I started investing and buying some crypto coins and I have lost almost all my portfolio because of my naivety towards the digital market, I never lost hope on bitcoins as a beginner so followed some YT tutorials not until I stumbled on DAI videos where a commenter gave feedbacks and good review on Mr. Gérard Barrientos as a good trade analyst and trade expert, so without hesitation I contacted him for his good work, crypto insights and signals analysis, and thankfully its 2 weeks now trading with his techniques and I have made from 1 btc to 3 btc and that is the most amazing part of trading with the help of an expert because winning is always certain. So If you need help recovering your lose or you're a newbie I advise you to reach him via [email protected] or on WhatsApp +447427159640

  • Damn..the skills on this guy..been here couple weeks now..blowing me I love all the billshit around all the serious shit🙏🏻 ₿ig up!

  • Thanks for all your help. My trading has been so much better since the cave! Wish I found the cave when I very first got in crypto. But better later than never. CAVIAN FOREVR👍👍

  • Caldwell Jackson says:

    This is so fascinating and so much fun watching this play out watching your play by play daily. Thank you again Eric for your excellent work!

  • Mind the Gap, that's what they announce on the tube in London taaaan, great week again Krown, since you've been part of my daily routine luck has been in for hodlers 😊

  • Thanx for what you do! I listen to your filthy mouth everyday at work but can't comment>keep it up man I really appreciate your perspective

  • You've thought me well!! Hit several Long Targets and analysis on my own chart, saw heavy resistance at 9175-9375, made some good 💰 by my standards, thanks for everything!!! 😁

  • “Computer do not update. DO NOT UPDATE NOW!”

    Lol hahaha
    No doubt you have “recorded” with mic or camera OFF before.

    But has it ever done a update/restart while your Recording??

  • I love these long term analysis videos! Very impressive work Krown! After making some good money with the help of your daily analysis, I am now moseying on over to your education products 🤑Hoping to 10x my happiness with plenty of girthy green candlesticks 😜

  • Inverted Quasimodo says:

    Dear Krown, as usual my gratitude goes to you. Thanks a million for what you do. I have a question on these long term white dotted lines that you speak of. You obviously plot these with the "log" view enabled, and when you go back to the non-log version of the chart the prices of those white dotted lines are completely different, and in fact we are still below that line on the non-log version of the chart. I have heard you in the past say that log vs non-log makes no difference, but how does that impact your analysis in this particular case? Thanks a ton brother

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