Bitcoin and Digital Currency DNotes - background noise in greece

Bitcoin and Digital Currency DNotes – background noise in greece

executive brief the eurozone the collection of countries which use the euro is in crisis again many across Europe are beginning to question the wisdom behind the single currency with some states at risk of falling out of it all together but the intentions which underpinned the EU's introduction of an international currency that bound together its member states were positive a unitary currency removes the need for conversion fees and mitigates the impact of variable exchange rates thus making large-scale trade cheaper and removing prohibitive costs that prevent small-scale international transactions but the presence of a central issuing authority and the inability of eurozone countries to make their own structural adjustments to their currencies in response to their individual economic circumstances has hampered the bloc's ability to respond to economic difficulties digital currencies offer a way out of this dilemma and can provide both immediate and long-term relief for those most affected by the ongoing state of crisis the people and those indebted nations read the full story below


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