Bitcoin and Crypto Market EXPLOSION! - Late Night AMA

Bitcoin and Crypto Market EXPLOSION! – Late Night AMA

all right it's time for a late-night session of Bitcoin and crypto news thanks for tuning in guys like I promise I'm gonna do a lot more of these late night AMAs and today is definitely a good time because not only is BTC above 8300 something I've we've been waiting for but the all coins exploded today we had an explosion a bit coin and crypto market everything went up so if you're not feeling it today then I don't know what is go get your blood moving so today is definitely exciting day so we'll take some time have a few drinks with you guys and also just do a general chat no news today or this session let's just look at a chart let's look at some let's do a lot more Q&A and let's maybe I know some of you guys asked me or at least one person that asked me to kind of look over some of these page two coins maybe we'll be able to do that today alright man so thanks for thanks for tuning in guys always appreciate your support my gigantic much my big gigantic Jameson bottle is still here so let's have let's have a few drinks and though my kids are hard crying oh man alright one second guys one second alright I'm back I just left on purpose to build some excitement no I'm just kidding I'm sorry it happens at night my kids were yelling at me all right guys let's get started let's have some fun let's have some drinks eighty-three seventeen you know you recently I've been having this effect where whenever I livestream things that just starts skyrocket let's see we were really close of touching of I eighty four hundred today we might hit it again of course today a lot more people are excited about altcoins so let's take a look at that too but let me pour myself a drink real quick and then this morning those of you guys that watch my morning session you'll know that I talked about a huge breakout happening okay that's about to come and basically I looked at BTC looked at this wedge that we were in right and compared it to a previous wedge it looks kind of similar with declining volume right and we certainly did break out take a look at that we broke out right I said we're gonna break up to the upside because the momentum is just driving us upwards of of course it was a chance to break out downwards but we broke out upside and now we are between this range okay between the 8,400 and 8200 I said 8200 what's gonna be the first resistant that we really need to break you saw that over here we had trouble holding above three times okay three consecutive times where we couldn't hold above we went down right and that's when actually all coins start pumping up and now look at it we pumped up again so now we are in this range if we could break 8400 we can hit it and break it through the short squeezes or just influx of money coming in man BTC is set the next range is about 8800 once we break up here it could be a quick rise to 8800 and now be deftly very very exciting so BTC is definitely looking very very strong right now the entire market is looking strong and yeah I don't I mean we probably will see if we'll a few pull backs the reason why I'm so bullish and so worried about pull backs at this point is because of the fact that we just had a cup of them actually a pretty big once okay we just had this one where we dropped and this was only a few days ago we dropped from 7500 down to 6800 we continued on right and and just yesterday we saw that yeah we were at 83 8400 and we dropped to about 7600 so we already saw two of these dips so today for BBC actually it's pretty mild and I would say that you know we might have another one once we get up to you know in this range maybe we hit 888 hundred we could drop down to you know 8400 something like that so that is what's looking like right now and take a look on the 4-hour chart for stochastic RSI I mean we barely scratch the surface as you know we're not overbought at all on the four-hour chart in fact we're just starting to go up so the next leg up is about to start you can see it just started going up RSI hardly moved there's a lot more to go so man I'm excited to wait for it I mean BBC today has been quiet but I warn you guys this all coin rally could be short-lived because that money could be flowing into Bitcoin pretty soon we'll see like I said right now I'm having effect 83 40 so we're we're starting to inch up already and then once we once we got up to 8800 then of course afterwards you're talking about 10k like right around the corner okay full mole is building and it's gonna bill faster and faster and faster not only just FOMO because we have a lot of things coming right fidelity is right around the corner etrade Ameritrade right around the corner back right around the corner these are all these are all financial services or instruments that is gonna be drawing in a ton of money true thank you for that all right so besides BDC of course today what else is there pretty much everything we are at two hundred and sixty three billion dollars this morning we already had a run up and will was at 250 billion so we went up almost 14 billion from this morning and almost all that is outside a BDC and that's because BBC Dominus has now dropped even further to 55% we were as high as 60% now we have dropped at 55% and the reason why well you could see VDC didn't go up much today but take a look the ones that have been lagging the ones I've been saying that has absolutely no momentum and has made no gains against PDC guess what they decided to pump up what was the last time you guys remember our youth areum went up 21% is I can't remember the last time that has happened that's it's been so long okay look at stellar one of the worst performing big caps coins in the last three months that really has not moved one big is up almost 30% today cardano's 16% tron one of the worst also one of the worst movers out of all the coins the last three months up 17% okay the list goes on and on and on so this is why this is why sometimes it's uh you know you need patience okay this is why I talk about 50/25/25 rule right whenever we go through once and I said all coins will have the term but right now that momentum is BDC but those of you guys to have 29% big cast when fighting small cash right now obviously today was a very good day for you but it always rotates in a roll bit rotate back to be DC as well I mean just take a look at some of these I mean numb up 46% like what what is that but be chained one of our favorite projects 24% finally starting to make some big moves you got basic tension token 14% on Todd you kind of slowed 10% but you got a lot of these that are huge movers Ole Miss go 25% what else is there Nano 16% Rayven coin 26% I mean the list goes on and on and on I mean if you're holding something that is an up look at Virg words just started pumping like crazy it's real shocking a Burgess still this high up 41% did you bite a favor and among a lot of other a lot of others 30% I mean man today is just such a good day it's just like you can't you know you you forget that these days like how many of these kind of days that we had in 2017 right we had so many of these kind of days come in 2017 and we have basically none of these days in 2018 right we had a lot of dips we had some opt in dips I shouldn't say that beginning of the year 2018 we'd had some of that but last half at I was 18 up until it like the very first quarter 2019 absolutely nothing nothing but downs and downs and downs and now is starting to come full circle now everyone is reaping the rewards okay the ones that have been accumulating buying the dips cost averaging right now I'm starting to get out I'm starting to get a lot more comments people that are thinking me saying you know what I bought a lot I bought a lot of BDC in 3000 so I bought card I know one of my insiders just made a huge Chunkin change cardano's at 10 cents he told me that he bought he actually converted some of his other coins to Cardinal at 4 cents so he made two and a half times within the last few months okay so this is what I've been saying is tried and true you just you just have to buy into it because simply cost averaging buying the dips right and holding it works a lot you know it only works I should say astrick only works if you're holding on to good projects not just like any coin out there Bitcoin Bowl asked thoughts on Neil I'm not I'm not a big fan of Neil they got a big influx 100 million today to to develop the ecosystem they're taps but I don't know I think they're behind I think they're behind their technology just not as good you know they're they're visiting fault tolerance right that they use it's not bad compared to delegated for mistake but still you know the whole blockchain concept it's not as modular it's not there's not that much interoperability and we're still waiting for Neal to repointed oh so I don't know I'm not I'm kind of neutral on Neal at this point and a lot of projects there focus solely on Neal is struggling because of that like one of the ones decentralized protocol that I used to like loop ring right they made their name because they're competing with zero acts but they primarily focused on Neal and they're really struggling right now because of it I always said that I like ontology better technology seems to be better they're there the dogged proof of stake has more nodes in there like a hundred something so it seems like it's more decentralized they're making them a lot more partnerships Paxos just announced that there will be coming on to ontology so it just seems like ontology just just just has more momentum it has more going for it right now AJ thanks for tuning in Rollo Cheers Lamborghini about to make record profits yeah yeah that's true you know I gotta make a point because I tweeted out all right first of all make sure you guys hit the likes subscribe to the channel really appreciate and need your support and also you go get some good information right I've been pretty accurate within the last week two weeks a month some of the stuff I've been telling has been really accurate on the spot and also some of you guys have Zuko fans who are also this project unstoppable domains that just released this is a sponsored review however this is a good one I really believe in named services Ford for crypto like a domain name for your wallet and for website check out this video is I think I think you guys will be impressed alright let's take a look at what else is there you David it's never too late to rejoin man those of you guys that are that used to be insiders or you're thinking about it you should definitely join I write a lot of good stuff in there and got a private chat it's pretty loose in there alright let's take a look at some of the other charts like a thorium for example right Jorge thank you for that I'm Bieksa Bundy I mean look at look at you throwing them okay it was it was just caught in this slice would thank you hey appreciate the support guys I love these super chats and also don't forget about bat tips those of you guys there aren't using brave you should definitely look into it and basic attention token which is why I love it take a look at e3 ammo' a lot of people is a big ether and believer take a look at this it was in this it was just caught in this wedge and it wasn't really breaking out and all of a sudden today happened and boom it just broke out in a big way and right now where it's at it's at a level where where last was in September of 2018 now it still has a long ways to go so this is the question Kandice all coin rally continue for a lot of these all coins that really has no momentum behind it and heathyr name happens to be one of them it literally had no momentum it was really trailing behind BTC so take a look at it one month performance ethereum now caught up not only it caught up from this one day now it surpassed it because e30 'm was lagging behind BTC by like 30 percent this morning when I checked now because of this huge 27% day now it has caught up so the question is is this go continue now there's rumors about uterine futures coming out there may help it sustain this momentum but we don't know and I don't know if it's one of those things like outside it today bees we have seen mini pump days where all coins kind of skyrocketing and all of a sudden day died down right so I don't know if that is go continue with the thorium if this momentum can just carry on with it if it can it could be explosive because you tharam is one of the you know the biggest losers of 2018 okay I mean take a look at how far it has fallen and it just keeps falling and falling and falling if this continues okay we can see thorium back up to the 400s okay turn him back up to five six hundred in 2018 2017 most of the time was he thrown I'm hovering in the four hundred five hundred remember it broke through three hundreds and just started hovering around there and then once we got below I mean it was it was bad for you thorium but so we'll see we'll see on the 4-hour chart though it's kind of hard to use charts at this point because everything has gone up so much so on a 4-hour perspective you're looking at look at take a look at those volumes just nuts it is extremely overbought right now okay the RSI itself is not peaked I mean we've seen it as high as 92 before and right now is 84 so could maybe there's a little bit left stochastic RSI is at a hundred of course this could hover here for a while but short-term you know if you're just looking at from a from a charting perspective it is overbought okay but the momentum the money the FOMO that's falling that's flowing in could definitely carry it much higher all right let's look let's look at a macro perspective let's look at add a chart day chart also shows that there there really you therm is really overbought at this point but what about if we expand that out what have we go to the week chart while week chart does show that stochastic is high because of the movement that we have seen but look at the our side RSI is not overbought so if this continues let's say we have a few more dips and ups and dips and ups right we could definitely see more gains for ether amove enough that much so it's it's barely grazed 66 so from a macro perspective you thorium definitely has a lot more room to grow let's look at the month the month it just just got started I mean look at it it was hovering at 0-0 and it just started coming up and then also our side just started coming up so obviously from a macro perspective this is kind of showing you that ether tiem is trying to is basically out out of the crypto winter into the bull market right but again I don't know if it can sustain this that's the big question at this point okay so we'll just have to see this next this next you know this this week and then the next week let's see what happens with you thorium right dump coming well we'll see what we'll see if the dump is coming because right now right now it just doesn't seem like it where's Bitcoin at pick coins so 8300 we just had two pretty significant drops or BTC so we'll see we'll see if we're gonna have like just a minor correction or a big one because we do have a lot of supports and these supports have held very well these two in red are really bottom supports and we were just there like basically a week ago it wasn't even that long ago but you could see that 6,700 held pretty well couple times 6900 also held a couple times and then now what we're seeing is 7500 definitely held we we hit 7600 a couple times right even as you know you've been last yesterday I think now we are going up so now if we do retrace you know 79 hundreds probably go be the support and if we continue higher I mean every resistance we're breaking is basically becoming a new support and that's what we want to see and that's awesome vention thank you for that I guess the bear market is little bear markets over we're in the bull market we're not actually now we're today is kind of like a fuel the Bull Run okay Bull Run is when everything goes up 10 15 20 30 % but we're just at a start of it okay we're at the very very start of it so if you look at BBC let's go on a month range and take a look at that you know we were down down on down we dip down hard and now we are coming back up and you could see kind of like you thorium so casick is finally moving up right our size moving up but from a macro perspective this is still very very very low and this is what we're waiting for okay we're waiting for BDC to start really rallying hard right and and who knows at this point as fast as things have moved right man we could see 10k right around a corner and that's what foam will truly hit but you got a you got to think if things are moving this quickly cannot retrace down or can I you know dump down pretty fast – it could it definitely could but what i've been saying is the fundamentals is driving this okay it is what's pushing us up it's not because of chart saying that we need to go up no it's because the fundamentals is pushing us up we hear about option we're about here about instrument services that's gonna allow big money to come in we're hearing about retailers that's a cepting crypto we're we're hearing about basically everything that is coming within the second half of 2009 teen that is why that is why I'm so excited that is why I think we're goin't in you upwards even though we we come that back down we do have dips and that's natural but I do think we're gonna continue higher alright Brandon thank you for that that's I'm Monaco I like Monaco I actually like Monaco a lot let's take a look at them let's go to today all right so this is monocle for a day you know it made good gains for the last three months I though it kind of stalled out here so you could see Monaco's more like a there's a kind I'm not like a channel right now it's not even really in a wedge or anything so let's do this so I would say that that's kind of where it is right now it's actually one of the ones that hasn't moved that much today so you could see well actually let's go to a four hour yeah if you go to four hour it is topping out a little bit but our sigh is still not high so it could still go up I guess right now what's important is in a short-term perspective is if Monaco can break above this that that's gonna be key if it could break above and and start moving up then you go see more moves but right now that is the question because it's kind of like right up against or close to this upper channel resistance so it could also start dipping down so you just gotta wait but in terms of the premise of Monaco being able to offer a debit card for people to use I like it I like it a lot and they're making traction there in Singapore to go open up the debit card and us pretty soon they partner a bank with that and also in Europe so overall I do like Tony Mann you lay in bed too early what else that I'm a big fan of that I've told you guys that for a long time in partnerships it has is tremendous take a look at it it was in this descending wedge and then BOOM just like kind of like eternium today it's just a game-changer in terms of a chart perspective you know this is why charts work until they don't okay because when you got a large amount of people that's buying okay that's putting money in it's just gonna blow some of this out of the water just like right now right logic would think that oh you know that would kind of hover in this ascending triangle for a little bit before breaking out no it just broke out and kind of like ether them this is kind of like a really this is a really good thing to build up right let's see if it can sustain me chain is a project I really believe in long term they have let you know I'm just go search me chain partnerships there's a page that lists before you and and I mean it is damn impressive okay take a look at these companies that have a partnership and take a look at the revenue twenty twenty twenty two point four billion thirty seven point seven billion sixty seven billion I mean take a look at these three point three billion dmg Bell which is kind of like a part-owner two point four billion and that list goes on and on and on me chain is involved with a lot of companies maybe they're not fully into B chain yet but we have her BMW now higher and all these other guys are starting to really look into reaching even Deloitte Deloitte that has their own blocking group have declared that they are moving all their clients from ethereum to V chain Thor okay so be chain definitely definitely one day you don't want to skip out on it has been week recently hasn't had that momentum so hopefully today kind of starts it driving it up because I do think it belongs in the top ten that's how much I believe in it and right now it's only twenty five so it definitely has a long long way to go and that's very positive for a be chain holder I suffer from crypto account refresh syndrome I do too I think everyone I think everyone is is feeling that because I check my I check my phone like every two seconds it's definitely not not a good thing not a good thing still decent time to be cost averaging yes I mean it's hard to hear and it you know I I believe I know that psychologically this is really really hard to compute because everyone's shortage you know focus on short-term but you gotta realize where we are today okay let's just put things perspective we are two hundred sixty three billion okay this is roughly 1/3 1/3 to 1/4 of where we were at all-time highs which is 820 billion and I'm pretty confident within this next cycle this next 3 to 4 cycle that everything will be much higher than our all-time highs in 2017 so just think about that if we ended the 3-year cycle at 5 6 10 10 trillion dollars okay think about how much more things will move it will be astronomical okay in terms of the prices that we see at that point BTC will probably be at 200,000 XRP could be back two three four five dollars at that point right even though it's not supposed to but it could you throw him could be at hovering at like three thousand dollars at that point and litecoin could be at I don't know five thousand I you know I'm just making I'm just throwing out guesses here and you know I've showed you guys some of you guys have been watching me you know I've showed you guys let me go back to the be the BLX chart interval I don't need that all right so many guys have walked me for a while know that I'm will go to the munch heart here I've been showing this a lot okay so take a look because people just can't they can't compute this take a look at the three previous bull runs that we had all right now this is early well when I say it's early its 2011 and 2011 to me it's just like yesterday it really wasn't that long ago Bitcoin went from seven cents to 17 cents you know at peak it was at 50,000 percent in terms of gains okay then the next one same thing 52,000 percent gains it went from $2 to $1,100 okay then we had a bear run right and then we went from a hundred and seventy three dollars to roughly nineteen thousand nine hundred twelve thousand percent gain there's no reason to think we can't see similar gains this time around so when I say BTC at two hundred thousand you might scoff at that but if we have a twelve thousand percent gain that puts pgc at three hundred seventy eight thousand dollars so think about that and we're moving really fast look at that I mean take a look the last bull run we had was pretty slow right you could see it should be something like this but we're seeing something like this now so I don't know maybe john mcafee is right maybe we are gonna move to a million dollars faster than anyone anticipate let's just you know I'm assuming that we stretch this out for the next three to four years right even we go down to five thousand percent let's say we're nowhere close to twelve down five thousand percent that still puts PDC at 167 $151,000 guys right think about when BDCs at 161 thousand dollars do you really care if you bought BTC at four thousand or 6,000 or eight thousand or ten thousand when it's a hundred and sixty one thousand dollars no it's just gonna really be around there and think about when BBC is at 161 thousand dollars we're dolts the alts they're gonna be ten twenty a hundred percent higher not a hundred percent 100x higher than where they are now us as long as they're the good ones the ones that have a lot of promise like finance coin – coin at that point could be 200 or 300 dollars you know who knows it's probably it could be a higher net yields could be at I don't know six hundred dollars at that point right so you know who knows where things will be then so to answer the question of people is it too late to buy no but doesn't mean you go all-in doesn't mean like you just put everything in right now you still play the same game okay the game has never changed in terms of how you invest your strategy rule number one you never invest more than what you to lose that is rule number one if you're taking money out okay you're taking it on your credit card your tea now loaned hopefully god forbid you're not taking out like a second mortgage or something that means you can't afford it don't do that okay we have money on this side right you want to diversify you know and if you happen to lose it you're okay so that's no rule number one rule number two is Sproul your buys okay you have five thousand ten down to fifty thousand a hundred dollars and to play with spread out four ways five ways ten ways don't go all-in so in case you're wrong you could always cost average right and then basically your cost averaging and buying the dips that's pretty much it and oh I forgot the final rule which is the most important and you just hold all basically everyone that is a crypto millionaire multi millionaire billionaire they didn't do it through trading okay trust me on that they did it simply by buying a whole wing that is the strategy so think about that as you're moving forward all right let's go back to BBC man I'm waiting for BBC to break 8400 it's just not coming come on come on it needs to go it was so close so close look at that we got as high as 83-79 but we're inching closer and closer and closer and we're still at 264 billion so maybe for today we topped out but Asia Asia should be filming right now because there are wide awake so I'm surprised they haven't dumped more gasoline in the fire right now and the Lambo factories shut down what car you buy Ferrari I like Ferrari I actually like Ferraris buttering a Lambos to be honest 100% honest but Lambos definitely you can't beat the looks where's Sean going well I was just criticizing Justin because he has a lot of bad press alright recently I that Justin just need to shut up and code okay that's where Tron is going if he could perform he could come out the Sun Network and he'd get BDT fully integrated into BitTorrent and get people to start use a lot utilizing it Tron will do well in the future they're in position to do so not only are they a big cap they're one of the very handful companies to have enterprise protocol that is out and working so basically they have a really really good shot and obviously they have the funds to do so as well to continue to operate and and and not worry about financial problems right so they're in a really really good position we just got to see if they can perform semmen I exercise one do I pull out that's what she said or that's what he said in terms of in terms of taking a profit there is no right or wrong there's no right or wrong to it you just have to figure out if you think things are going up too much you made too much you want to take them off the table go ahead and do so there's no no one ever gets burned taking profits make sure you guys smashed up the like subscribe to the channel really appreciate it and also I don't want my Twitter page up yeah make sure you guys follow me on Twitter too it's cryptos or underscore us it's it's gonna be exciting I tweeted out a lot of stuff don't don't miss out BTC 12,000 by end of weekend no I don't think so unless we hit 10,000 tomorrow then I will believe it and who knows maybe it will maybe it will what the next step for us is we need to break up up to eighty four hundred and really there's not much resistance from eighty four hundred to 8800 I checked I went back pretty far and there was really nothing so you know scrolling back you can see that there's a couple points where 8480 800 was kind of like a resistance but outside of that there's a few small ones like right here 8500 yeah 8700 but they were smaller resistance so we'll see but once we break above and this has been pretty true every time we break above a resistance it kind of becomes a new support so every time we go up it's getting better and better so let's see we break 8400 and we go to 8800 let's see where the shorts are right now we can have a short squeeze so look at look at shorts it's still pretty high it's not all-time high but it is pretty high and you could definitely see this a massive short squeeze that can really drive this down a lot of people get liquidated and that's where price starts going up big time let's take a look at nulls no I know a lot of nulls followers they want to know what's going on and today is definitely a good day because I've been showing that nulls has been this declining price channel and this is not a good thing and take a look it broke out of it in a really bad way it broke out of it to the downside but because of today right and the last last few days it started going up right so there's a few times that it looked like it wanted to break one dollar and that's go be like the ultimate ultimate resistance because that's ultimately proto c thank you for that really appreciate it you could see from about one dollar just fell off a cliff and we've been hanging here for too long but those of you guys that picked it up cheap for about 37 cents 40 cents your double from that but right now we're climbing up or clawing up this is what we want to see once we hit here in the 90s okay and it's right around the corner can we break that dollar now I think once we break this dollar and we can hold above it that's when we can see truly some real momentum behind nulls but right now it's still kind of early you can see volume kind of tapering out which is not a good sign for now but at least we have broken out at this channel going upwards in a very positive manner and the reason why I believe in nulls and the reason why I introduced nulls in the first place is because they're one of the only ones out there it's a generation 3 protocol right that's a very modular and it makes it easy for developers to get in ok and and it is damn cheap compared to his competitors Ripple I'm see what's your opinion I'm pun D and square I don't know man thanks for a super chat but I'm not a fan of pun D I'm not a fan of pani because of this where's Pandya all right so they're 52 so the promise beyond pandey is to obviously get out terminals get merchants to start utilizing cryptocurrency now it's a great concept in general okay but it's hard they haven't shipped that many years last time I checked they shook out 5,000 units I don't know if that increase in 10,000 terminals or not this is worldwide so 10,000 sounds like a lot worldwide it's not and I'm assuming I'm just assuming they shipped out more I don't know if they did but that's the premise and it's a good premise except the fact that you got a lot of other players in the game like cash that's going to be competing with them and we know Jack Dorsey is go all-in he already said the cash app is gonna have lightning you know all the terminals dongles that Square has there go open he's go open up to crypto okay crypto septons pretty soon and once that happens I don't know how Bundy actually competes at that point that's the problem okay so that's always been my problem that's why I've always been Neutron Pondy but we'll see maybe I'm wrong okay maybe they can dominate the market but right now as you can see in the chart I mean it is pretty much flatlined okay for two last I don't know since since last three months most all coins in last three months you see something like this they have not they have been pretty flat take a look something like this right they broke out of here maybe over here a little bit it couldn't hold it broke out here over a little bit but Bundy's not moving right now alright so until until it actually really breaks upwards you know I don't know even from a char perspective it just doesn't look that pretty at this point well I've crashed what George is it crashing no it is not crashing one frosties and Fries well when Wendy's starts the septum Bitcoin I will consider it otherwise no thanks Facebook also a lot of people don't like Facebook it's because people don't trust Zuckerberg and their data being sold and a whole bunch of other stuff censorship but you know Facebook has billions of users and once they introduce a Facebook coin it's gonna be very big for the community okay and they're starting to talk to vendors and so forth in terms of accepting it you know they're probably talking to exchange in terms of you know getting people to buy it and changing it and so forth it's gonna bring a lot to the space Chasez nulls lower vine concerning buyer wait yes it is concerning I just just talked about that so the declining volume is a concern so so let's wait I would say wait but let's take a look again see it is kind of tapering down so that's kind of concerning and also stochastic is pretty high our size not so I would say take a look this is a lot of consecutive days that the nulls has been going upwards right so one two three four five six seven seven straight days basically a week it's it's bound to come down a little bit so if you go get into nulls I would say wait for that dip it could be slight could be very slight dip but I would say wait for that and see where it's going her Winklevoss twins were kicking with Zuckerberg ad consensus I doubt that and I don't know why Zeca Berg would be a consensus but I doubt it but it's one of those things that that the winklevosses you know they kind of just I don't want to say lucked into it but they kind of did because the settlement you know they sued Facebook so Facebook's settle by giving him 60 million dollars and at that point it was enough and that's kind of embarrassing because they try to reach su Facebook because they said they claimed afterwards was enough but anyways they took a large chunk of that 60 million and bought Bitcoin with it and I believe they've bought 10,000 bitcoins and today that is what made them billionaires okay they were rich to begin with but now they are Bitcoin billionaires and it's all because of Zuck giving that 60 million to them now they haven't surpassed Zuckerberg wealth but maybe one day maybe one day when Facebook isn't as popular and Bitcoin reaches 1 million dollars then man the the Winklevoss twins could be looking at a hundred billion dollars each just from their Bitcoin wealth so that is pretty substantial power to achieve this market is for those who have balls of steel yes Stephen keeps asking me to look at dent not a big fan of dents and they paid a lot of people to like shil them on YouTube with comments and stuff so not a fan of that but they did go up in a big way today 25% they are trying to decentralize or disrupt the wireless carriers and and it seems like they're making strides I've been hearing that they have been making strides but I think they're still at the mercy of the wireless carriers I don't think they're ever going to replace them and that's what they're trying to do so long term I just don't know I just don't see it I just don't see it um like there's no name but thanks for a super chat thanks for your for for your streams got in 2008 team mess with the alts okay down 80% how bad cost average now I'm only down 25% day I go black I would be in my mini being it's okay thank you for that thanks for sharing so this kind of says you know a lot of people a lot of people has been taking an opportunity they didn't just get mad and exit and I'm trying to blame other people right a lot of people start listening to me and just kind of just you know realize that we're down to 80% 90% they started cost averaging a lot of these good projects right and now with the run-up a lot of them are close to being green again which is truly fast think about that we were encrypted winter for how long a year-and-a-half and within the first five months of this year we have almost come back completely for those of you guys that have been cost averaging and buying a dish right it is extremely fast and we are only getting started this is just the beginning of the bull market so it is definitely fantastic I love to hear stories like that you don't really hear about it encrypt a winter but now you're starting to hear a lot more and I love hearing that she told us he said BTC 30% retracing coming well that's what people have been saying at 6,000 and it hasn't happened and now we're at 8300 so there could be a retrace I mean there's no doubt nothing goes up forever there will be times where it goes down but we just want them to long we just had a big one here and one here so we haven't had much gain since then so I don't see us having another 30% retrace from here maybe we start skyrocketing maybe we skyrocket all the way up to 10,000 somehow within the next few days then I can yeah I could see we who we could to retrace from there but right now the market is driven driven by formal and fundamental and short squeezes and those are creating a market for thank you again for that dent on done two different things I know that dental coin is for dentist dentists disrupting the wireless industry the rule says saw your Alton just buy top 15 coins not financial advice yes and just so I restate I know you guys know that nothing I say it's financial wise my opinion but but yeah I'm just said I'm more stating you know stuff that I've learned for a while now because I used to play in the stock market and I burnt and burned through a lot okay and I've been burned in the crypto market too and and that's all I'm doing just sharing my experiences now in terms of alt right there is a lot to that in terms of what you know being the top 15 the big caps definitely had the momentum right now a lot of small caps do not but that doesn't mean that they don't have gains so I like to show a coin codex like the last month now things have changed vastly today because a lot of the alts catch caught up but as you can see it's very hard to outperform btc-e tharam was down about 30% he or even with the pump with you know ripple litecoin and all these and finance right look at it nothing is outperforming BTC in the top 15 and you scroll down in the mid caps low caps look at it very very little is outperforming BTC so that's the thing that's why I say 50/25/25 rule some things and this is obviously dual pump sometimes when all coin I guess all point days come like today you go definitely make money from it you go see some good gains right but don't give up my BDC and the big caps if you're looking at the big caps compared to some of the mid calves and small caps they definitely have more momentum because that's why they're a big cap he's a lot more people invested in them they have a lot more attention and generally they have more momentum behind it so so just just play it smart basically play a smart hole dole and it's gonna lead to life-changing wealth bottom line info Matic sorry you're late I talked about V chain I talked about V chain almost every session so you should know you should know my stance by now B chain is a very very promising project and I even have this up list of partnerships that is the reason why I believe in B chain because they have some of the largest partnerships in the world and very little crypto projects can stand up to it it feels like the old days it does and it's good it's a good feeling right it's a good feeling to have these days it's a reminder remember in 2017 we had a lot of days like this almost like every single day toward the second half toward the end a tail end of 2017 2018 everything was exploding left and right constantly right and now we're starting to get a taste of it right we had a little taste over here with BDC I'm just showing BGC I mean we're pretty sideways for a while up and down and this was when people were still kind of unsure of things right but then we got the signal this this finger pointing upwards and I do think that the whales did this on purpose and then you could see we start going up but people didn't really believe it but then after this happened right people started noticing paying attention and then of course we were sideways for a while and then things really changed at this point that's when you could see the big difference it's a big curve upwards right now okay like a kind of a parabolic curve not not a hockey stick but it's a good size curve so now people are really starting to notice and things are really moving quick so a game big super chat thank you appreciate it it's like I came a little late gonna have to rewatch up yeah some good content looks like Els is gonna have a nice bump us actually has been has been lagging today actually they're not they're only up some percent today right compared to like Earth and stellar which are just going nuts so he else is actually looking like yeah they could because a lot of these pumps come in they come in like streaks right they rotate almost so let's take a look at Yi osios was in an ascending triangle and it broke down to down side not good now it's starting to go up it didn't really pump that much which is interesting all the other big caps have been pumping a lot where is it it's right at this resistance right now where it was in September so if it breaks above this you could see that there's really really nothing up until this point so really a between 692 722 let's just say $7 right and if it could break above that then it's kind of golden right so yields one of the I still remember today where yields like went from like five dollars to like twenty dollars like over here yeah I remember this where Yost was like five dollars and what all the way up here like boom I like man Ellis a run right who knows if it's go do that this time but if you're looking at a four-hour chart our size a little but i but stochastics is still not at the top so it could be seeing more gains from here chase adler best best stable coin moving forward anything but tether ok paxos is good the circle one u.s. DC is good basically anything that's not not tether it's good these all the other ones are from companies in the US and I trust them a lot more once we reach 10k that's equal formally yeah that's one true form what happens that's one true form all will happen you know say 8 6 85 not at coordinated BitFenix I guess yeah I shouldn't look at but finish peas but Phoenix is not a good place to be looking at at let's look at let's go buy Nance no it's not 650 671 you also be the first crypto to hit its all-time I know that that belongs to buy Nance coin by Nance coin did a long time ago so by Nance coin is one that I've said everyone should hold on to it this growth from December 4 dollars to $27 is absolutely amazing and it is at all-time highs the very first coin from 2017 to hit all-time highs all the other ones are nowhere close and by next point has did it so and that's because buying answers just just rockin it's just killing it and they can do no wrong and it's pretty obvious that the market is really really watching what they're doing yesterday when they had that the outage right the market pretty much stopped right other exchange was still trading but the overall market pretty much froze it didn't go up it didn't go down the volume was low people were just waiting for – to come online and take a look after today when it came online at first I'm like yeah it's really slow and then all of a sudden boom what happened all coins started going up tremendously so alright guys I think that is pretty much it about an hour so it's thanks for tuning in this is good a lot of you guys gave super chats and really appreciate it those of you guys that aren't following me make sure you do so you don't miss out on my future videos and let's see what happens let's see what happens I know BBC was starting to go down a little bit but we're still hovering around 8300 I mean this morning we were having a really hard time pepper surpassing 8200 we kept going down to 8,000 81 or 8200 so as long as we hold above this resistance right here does green resistance which is about 82 17 as long as we can hold above that that's gonna be golden because that means that we'll beat a new support and then we will be on our way up so so let's see what happens tomorrow let's see if the altcoin rally can continue and let's see BBC start moving once again because I still believe BDC is really go be the driving factor in terms of us moving up and seeing more gains alright thanks for tuning in guys I know I'm gonna do a lot more of these in the future so make sure you smash up the likes and tune in tomorrow if you can at 11:00 a.m. Central Standard Time alright take care bye bye


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